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7 Most Trusted Property Defects Checking Companies in Singapore

Even the most perfect-looking home may have its own set of defects that can easily slip past the untrained eye. That’s why many homeowners, even the most meticulous ones, opt to hire professional defect inspectors to do a comprehensive and detailed audit of their new home before moving in. Letting your home undergo a thorough defects checking process and reporting any faults promptly to HDB, your private contractor, or anyone who’s responsible, will allow you to fully benefit from your home’s Defect Liability Period. In this article, we’ve put together some of the well-known and most trusted property defects checking companies in Singapore to help you identify the weak spots in your new home that need either some serios rectification or quick fix before your move.

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Note that it’s always recommended to have your property checked immediately within seven days of acquiring your keys. Don’t do any revamps or move in before having it audited as it can be difficult to point out who’s liable for any flaw that’s been spotted during your stay. Most defect checks range from $200 to $400 for BTOs and condos. But actual cost will depend on the size of your home. If you hire an ID firm, defect checking is likely included in their service packages.

This article was last updated on 08 June 2023.

Table of Contents:

  1. SG DefectScan
  2. Absolute Inspection
  3. Advance Inspection
  4. Apex Building Surveyors
  5. Ark Interior
  6. Lacasa Consultancy and Assessment
  7. YHH Plus Enterprise

1. SG DefectScan

SG DefectScan

Experienced property inspectors at reasonable prices

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, a real estate investor, or simply someone looking to ensure the quality of your living space, it is crucial to have a reliable and trustworthy partner for property inspections. That said, you can check out SG DefectScan, one of the leading defects inspection companies in Singapore. With their team of highly qualified inspectors, all equipped with certifications, skillsets, and more than 50 years of combined experience, SG DefectScan is the go-to choice for homeowners seeking peace of mind when it comes to their properties.

SGDefectScan - Most Trusted Property Defects Checking Companies in Singapore

Above all, the best thing about engaging with SG DefectScan is how they absolutely hate wasting your time. Some inspection companies may charge you for long hours with unreasonably high prices and yet provides subpar output. But with SG DefectScan and their strategic manpower deployment, the property inspection can be done within just a couple of hours. And all at reasonable prices, too! 

Usually, the initial inspection will take only 2-3 hours, then the inspectors would run through the defects at the end for 15 minutes. This streamlined approach ensures that the inspection is smoothly completed, and that you, the owner, have a comprehensive understanding of the defects identified. All packages come with a comprehensive report in accordance to the template required by the Developer or BSC without inflated costs and unnecessary delays. They are not affiliated with any renovation contractors, so rest assured that the report that you will get is accurate. 

Round-the-clock WhatsApp consultation for hassle-free services

As they truly value their clients’ time, SG DefectScan is the sole property defect-checking company in Singapore that offers 24/7 consultation services via WhatsApp for all existing customers. This way, you could easily get peace of mind if you notice that there is an existing issue on your property. With SG DefectScan, you can have peace of mind knowing that professional advice is just a message away. This round-the-clock consultation services cover inspecting properties of all phases including New, Resale, Post-Renovation, Pre-Purchase, and Rental

Furthermore, when you choose SG DefectScan, you can be confident that your peace of mind extends far beyond your initial engagement with them. Their team of skilled experts goes the extra mile to educate and empower homeowners during every consultation, ensuring they become self-sufficient when it comes to addressing future defects. As a testament to their commitment, SG DefectScan even provides a lifetime offsite warranty, demonstrating their confidence in the quality of their work. With their dedication, it comes as no surprise that they have received over 2000 compliments and a high customer satisfaction rate, which you can all see on their social media platforms and Google reviews

Check out SG Defectscan >
📍22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76, Midview City, S573969
📞 +65 8776 6987| WhatsApp
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2. Absolute Inspection

Absolute Inspection Defects Checking Singapore
Source: Absolute Inspection

This Singapore-based company specialising in workmanship defects inspection for both old and new properties has already conducted over 18,000 inspections islandwide as of writing. They cover building inspection projects in all of the island’s 28 districts, so you can hire them wherever your property may be in Singapore. Considered as a reputable defects checking/inspection company in Singapore, they are trusted by experts in the building and construction industry including government officials, engineers, property developers, architects, construction firms and interior designers. Their roster of clients includes Evia Real Estate, Indoor, HMS Construction, Ngai Chin Construction and more.

As mentioned, they conduct inspections for both old and new properties, whether residential commercial or even international properties. These include resale, rental and renovated properties. Their inspection service covers three important areas: architecture, mechanical (plumbing), and electrical systems. They base their inspections on BCA’s quality standards, so homeowners can be sure that they can move into a home of high-quality building standards.

Absolute Inspection’s other specialised services include Dispute Resolution on Construction and Renovation Workmanship, BCA Periodic Inspection of Buildings, Waterproofing and Plumbing Troubleshooting and Solutions, and Mould Inspection and Remediation.

Check out Absolute Inspection > 
Address: Hougang Ave 10, Block 415,
Singapore 530415
Tel: +65 9151 2312
Contact form

3. Advance Inspection

Advance Inspection Defects Checking Singapore
Source: Advance Inspection

Known for their positive reputation, Advance Inspection keeps their company up to date with the latest inspection technologies and techniques adhering to the quality standards of BCA and the building and construction industry in general. Their service entails a series of three thorough property inspections. After the initial defects check, they will come up with a detailed report of their findings which they will submit to the client or the property developer. In the next date of defects checking, they invite the client along with the property developer to check on defective works. And lastly, the final inspection aims to thoroughly evaluate the property after the rectification works have been accomplished.

Since they provide a comprehensive image documentation, there’s a slim chance you’ll miss out on any defect. Plus, you can stay organised with all the necessary paperwork related to your new home. They provide an electronic version of their full image report too.

Check out their growing list of inspected projects that include HDB and DBSS properties, EC and Condos, as well as landed and commercial properties.

Check out Advance Inspection > 
Address: 19, Thomson Hills Drive,
Singapore 574763
Tel: +65 8748 0988
Contact form

4. Apex Building Surveyors

Apex Building Surveyors Defects Checking Singapore
Source: Apex Building Surveyors

Founded in 2007, APEX Building Surveyors specialises in providing customised and pocket-friendly services in terms of building surveying, building forensic and pathology and project management. Their clients include residential home owners, commercial property owners, project developers, contractors, property investors, law firms, and Management Corporation Strata Titles (MCSTs).

Apex Building Surveyors’ general detailed building survey includes the inspection and identification of possible defects in the finishes such as the plaster walls, ceiling boards, timber strip floorings, marble floor tiles, fixtures, built-in furniture and more.

They have a variety of building inspection services that focus on a particular area or purpose. For example, they conduct pre and post condition surveys for properties prior and after construction. They also do pre-purchase inspection and surveys of residential, commercial and industrial buildings as based on the Sales and Purchase Agreement. Meanwhile, their building defects management service provides proposed recommendations, methodologies and cost calculations of the advised rectifications.

See their complete roster of clients to get to know their company more.

Check out Apex Building Surveyors > 
Address: 153 Bukit Batok Street 11, #04-292,
Singapore 650153
Tel: +65 6520 0521
Contact form

5. Ark Interior

Ark Interior Defect Checking Singapore
Source: Ark Interior

Ark Interior is an interior design firm housing talented and creative professionals. They are the minds behind a collection of some stunning interiors in Singapore. As part of fulfilling their mission to help homeowners fall in love with the space of their dreams, they do essential steps in making sure that every home is flawless. That said, they also offer defects checking in Singapore as one of their services.  Professionally trained by BCA, their defects inspection team helps in identifying hidden defects that need rectification. All these are reflected in the unbiased data that they include in their report. If you’re seeking to renovate your newly acquired property but it still needs to undergo a thorough survey prior to that, Ark Interior could be your one-stop solution. See their defects inspection rates to get a rough estimate of the possible costs.

Check out Ark Interior > 
Address: 62 Ubi Road 1 #10-17 Oxley BizHub, 2,
Singapore 408734
Tel: +65 6644 2395
Contact form

6. Lacasa Consultancy and Assessment

Lacasa Consultancy and Assessment
Source: Lacasa Consultancy and Assessment

Consistent with their tagline, their defects inspection services truly enhance one’s home quality as they don’t let any flaw slip past their meticulous survey. Aside from detailed inspections, they also provide repair and maintenance works, which makes them a one-stop solution for homeowners. Whether you need thorough property inspection for your new home or you simply want to determine your existing home’s current condition, their deep technical knowledge in construction will prove to be reliable all throughout the process.

Their comprehensive defects check package includes a series of three inspections. In the initial inspection, they come up with a list of identified defects and submit it to your contractor or developer. In the second inspection, they show the contractor or developer the highlighted defects of the property. And finally, the homeowner joins the third inspection to see whether the flaws have been repaired satisfactorily.

Check out Lacasa Consultancy and Assessment > 
Address: Rivervale Link, Singapore 545119
Tel: (+65) 91850327
Contact form

7. YHH Plus Enterprise

YHH Plus Enterprise
Source: YHH Plus Enterprise

Providing professional property inspection services for all types of property including landed properties, executive condos, condos, HDB and more, the team comprising YHH Plus Enterprise has been properly trained and certified under BCA’s quality standards and requirements. They specialise in identifying property defects within three main areas including architecture, mechanical, and electrical.

Aside from defects checking services in Singapore, they also supply and install customised curtains and blinds as well as flooring solutions to residential, commercial and public areas in Singapore.

Check out YHH Plus Enterprise > 
Address: 58, Ripley Crescent
Singapore 556234
Tel: +65 6638 0940
Contact form

I hope that this article has helped you to pick the right property defects checking company in Singapore, whether you need one for your new home or existing property. Please share this with your family and friends who might be seeking their services too!

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