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Knowing the 4Cs

Diamonds are graded and priced based on the 4Cs – cut, carat, colour and clarity. Make sure your diamond comes with an authentic GIA certificate. 

1. Cut determines the diamond’s sparkle effect. JannPaul says a super ideal cut diamond sarkles best. 
2. Carat determines the weight (not size) and is the biggest factor contributing to its price point. Buy shy of the carat mark for example, 0.9, or 1.9, as diamond prices escalates in tiers of carat weight. 
3. Colour: The more colourless a white diamond is, the more rare and valuable it will be. D is fully colourless and Z is noticeably yellow. You usually cannot see the difference with the naked eye for diamonds graded higher than a G, so consider getting G or H. 
4. Clarity: The more clear a diamond is, the more expensive it is. Opt for an S11 or S12 for anything higher won’t be noticed. 

Have a rough budget in mind

Before you start browsing for designs online or in store, set aside a budget for your ring. Ignore the 2-3 months salary “rule” for it is largely a marketing gimmick. Instead, consider your financial situation as well as your girlfriend’s expectation when setting your budget. 

Saving Tips: 

1. Shop online from reputable stores like James Allen – total savings can be up to 30-50%.

2. You can opt for boutique stores, they not only allow you to customise your rings but you also get cheaper prices. 

Wedding Ring Singapore Michael Trio

Engagement Ring Hacks

1. Opt for a halo setting (small diamonds surrounding the main big diamond). It can boost the appearance of your stone and amp up the overall sparkle for a lesser price. 

2. Consider other beautiful gemstones such as sapphire and ruby. They look stunning, are hardy and durable, but can cost lesser compared to diamonds. 

3. Opt for a timeless and classic design – classic round, princess and cushion. 

4. If you are not sure of her ring size, bigger is always safer as it is easier to get it resized. To find her ring size, you can borrow another one of her rings to have it measured. 

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