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Wedding Ring Singapore Michael Trio

Know what she likes

Before planning up an elaborate proposal, it is important to consider your future spouse’s personality and what she likes. Is she a private person? Would she want her friends and family to be there? Or would she enjoy the wows of a public proposal? The idea here is to create a meaningful and memorable experience for her. 

Do not over-complicate things, for that may cause more things to go wrong on that day! You also don’t want to be overly stressed out. If you are having trouble putting the pieces together, get help from your close friends, or enlist the help of a professional proposal planner. 

Ask your future in-laws

Before you proceed to pop the question, it would be a good gesture to ask your future-in-laws for ‘permission’. Do also pay attention to the timing of your proposal and avoid times when your future spouse is feeling stressed. It would be great to have both discussed about marriage prior as well, so you know she is ready to settle down. 

Catch it on camera

Do make plans to catch the moment on camera, fiancé’s reaction will be priceless. You both will also want to remember and relive the moment in years to come. 

I do recommend a professional photographer or videographer to help, but you can also ask your close friends to help, or set up a tripod if you prefer not to have anyone around. 

Wedding Ring Singapore Michael Trio

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