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Top 10 Wedding Proposal Ideas for your Marriage in Singapore

A wedding proposal. Filled with surprise, happiness, eagerness, excitement and love. I think this is the most amazing part of your romance story¬†when the guy makes the move and takes the leap into a ‘together-ever-after’ life.¬†Here are¬†top 10 ways to propose¬†to your girlfriend and soon-to-be finance. Every proposal is unique and should represent your romance, and the things you’ve both loved to do together, so I’ve done up ideas according to the personality of your relationship!

Top 10 Wedding Proposal Ideas for your Marriage

#10 For the techy, artsy-fartsy and dancers

If you totally artsy, or if your girlfriend truly appreciates art, try something like this!

Tip: Try to do this on a wall that you know the artwork stays permanent so you could always revisit it- could be your new home if it’s feasible! Or plan out a flash mob dance with your dancer friends-

#9 Billboards & Signs

Grab some signs, write up her favourite messages, tell a story and pop your question <3

#8 Go for the Unforgettable

If you both love traveling to the maximum, go to the best sights or her favourite landmark in the world and pop the question- Eiffel Tower, The Grand Canyon, or the Seven Wonders of the World.  The breathtaking scenery will set the perfect backdrop and atmosphere for you. Another idea is to take your proposal to the skies- propose on a plane like Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer!

#7 Pet-lover

If you both love dogs, get the cutest puppy in the world for her. Give her a puppy, complete with an engagement ring tied to its collar. Buy a puppy so cute and cuddly she’ll have to say yes!

#6 Message in a Bottle by the Beach

If your girlfriend loves sunsets and beaches, find a romantic beach- Sentosa works, Bali & Phuket are popular destinations or explore further to Hawaii. Put a message in a bottle and plant in the waves or bury it in the sand. Plan for her to find it, then you can plan more elaborate stuff- candlelight dinner by the beach, & you could add in sparklers and fireworks even!

#5 Chick-flick style

If you both love¬†food, bring her out to a romantic dinner- with all her favourite dishes. If you’re a cook, that’s even better- whip up a romantic meal. Decide for a home or restaurant setting depending on what she likes! Set up your cameras. Steal her phone. Change your name to “Will you marry me?” & give her a call. Watch her smile. Or if you both are lovers of the internet and social media, you could invite her to a ‘proposal’ event on FB or do a groupon/deal website styled proposal heehee – it’s a deal of a lifetime. Check it out¬†here.

#4 Jack in the box

If your girlfriend adores surprises, it’ll be awesome to spring a big surprise on her- jack in the box style. Send her a huge delivery box to her workplace (if she likes the attention) or home (if she’s a more private person), by Fedex or DHL, just make it look real. What’s inside? You. Of course donned in a tux, flowers and ring in hand, and a loving speech of how “life could never be better without you so marry me.”

#3 For the thrill seekers

Love is a rollercoaster ride. (Matt &) I have this huge dream of wanting to visit the top 10 theme parks in the world.¬†Love theme parks and adrenalin thrills? Take it to the extreme- bring your girlfriend to a theme park you’ve both always wanted to visit, and when you’re both screaming down a rollercoaster, scream out “WILL YOU MARRY ME” at the top of your voice! Most theme parks have videography and cameras installed, so you can document the perfect moment all down. When you guys end off the rollercoaster ride, have the stage all prepared- ring, flowers, friends and family. If you both have more guts, you can even explore skydiving and bungee jumping! What a better way to say “take a leap of faith with me and let’s get married.” :)¬†Or if your girlfriend loves fairytales, take it with¬†Disney. Here’s also a list of the¬†top 10 theme parks in the world, or¬†top 5 in Asia¬†(since it’s nearer haha).

#2 For the sentimental

Take a walk down memory lane. Walk through all the milestones in your relationship- your first kiss, your usual hangouts, places that trigger amazing memories of your relationship together. Add on a scavenger hunt, and add in notes/love letters accompanied with a rose in those places for her to discover, and end it off by popping the question at her favourite place. Whether it’s a tall skyscraper, a romantic restaurant or a Ferris wheel, this place will be your symbol of happiness.

#1 For Movie Addicts

For couples who’ve loved spending most of their dating moments in the¬†theaters¬†catching blockbusters and romance films, it’s only apt that you spring the¬†greatest¬†surprise on her before a movie. The element of surprise here will be your greatest glory. Invite her out on a movie date, just like any other day, and film a proposal video to be aired during the trailers. It’ll be amazing, you can even hide your friends in the dark and once the surprise reveals itself, they can spring out with congratulations and happy faces. Check it out.

We hope that with these ideas, you can start planning for your special moment. 

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