Looking for the perfect photographer to capture your beautiful wedding day memories? Here are our top picks for this year.

To help you budget for your wedding, we share the average cost of weddings in Singapore and the breakdown of each category ‚Äď from banquet to photography.

While most of us panic at the idea of planning a wedding, our fuss-free guide will show you how to get it done in 30 days.

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Wedding Photography

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Turning your Wedding Moments into Artistic Captures, by FSQUARED Photography

FSquared Photography has a unique take on photography. Their artistic aesthetic turns wedding moments into beautiful stills that are canvas-worthy. 

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Wedding Photography & Videography for your Big Day: The AllureWeddings All-Inclusive Plan

Han, founder of AllureWeddings was exposed to weddings since the young age of 13. Read about the newly launched all-inclusive plan that covers all your wedding photography and videography. 

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Weddding Photography Styles

Modern Classic

Like those in your parents’ album, classic photos are reliable and a tad formal. But modern classic puts a new-age spin on things, leading to striking, gorgeous and timeless photos. Photographers who focus on this approach usually have a shot list, and aim to turn the ordinary moments into beautiful captures. Photo by Glen Sin Photography.¬†¬†


This trending photography style has taken popularity in recent years because of its informal storytelling approach. Using a natural ‘documentary’ approach where the photographer follows the couple around, he/she captures the moments that unfold throughout the day in an unobstrusive, candid way. Photos are sincere and natural. Photo by Dapper Pictures.¬†


Similar to photojournalism, lifestyle photography is also about the unposed, but with some direction and styling. A lifestyle photographer will usually set the scene for these candid shots. Natural light and nature-filled compositions are iconic of this style. Photos are approachable and relaxed. Photo by WithMinn Photography. 


Considered to be the vintage art form of photography, not many dabble in it for it requires more time, money and effort in terms of processing and editing. But film photography is stunning, possess greater depth, and has a signature nostalgic effect. Photo by thegaleria.


The dramatic photography approach tend to play a lot on lighting. It takes a heavier approach to editing. The resulting photos have a moody, dark effect to it. Black and white photos can be a variation of the dramatic approach. Photos are intense and rich. Photo by Wabisabi Pictures.  

Fsquared Photography singapore wedding photography into art

Artistic photography, also known as fine-art or illustrative photography, is a mixture of different styles. This approach places a lot of emphasis on lighting, composition and background. It involves creative framing and difficult photo manipulation techniques. Photos are incredibly sensate, unique and gentle. Photo by FSquared Photography. 

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First things first, land on a budget. Actual-day wedding photography on average costs about $1,500 - $2,000. (See our average cost of weddings guide). The eventual quote will depend on the photographer's experience, their popularity (as there will be more brides who want their services), and number of hours required. Try not to cut corners for your wedding photographer, for you want someone who is professional, skilled and reliable.

While it's safer to rely on experienced wedding photographers who have been in the industry for a while, if your budget doesn't allow for it, you can try for newer photographers, but make sure to comb through their portfolio and read through their online reviews to make sure they make the mark. 

Secondly, know what style you like. Use our 'wedding photography styles' guide above and see which catches your eye. Wedding photographers usually have their signature approaches to capturing images, and also different editing styles. Do you like your photos light and airy, bright and natural, dark and moody or desaturated? Knowing your style will help you narrow down your selection of photographers. 

When checking out a wedding photographer, apart from looking at their portfolio of past works, I like to read their 'about me' page. It is important to understand what your photographer's philosophy is and what drives him/her to take wedding photos. It's good to find someone who's passionate and 

As they say, the devil's in the details. When requesting for rates, most photographers will ask for your wedding date and location. Look through all inclusions to make sure the package fits your requirements and if there are any top ups required. Do also ask for the editing timeline and deliverables. It's important to know what you are getting upfront. 

All in all, when finding a wedding photographer, it's important that you both can click. Look for an honest, organised and friendly photographer whom you feel comfortable with, for he/she will be spending the entire wedding day by your side. You can consider getting your pre-wedding photoshoot done by the same photographer so you both can understand each other better. 

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