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2023 Washing Machine Singapore Buying Guide + Best Washing Machine to Buy

If there is one invention I cannot live without, it is the washing machine. Washing machines save us so much precious time and the arduous toll of washing our laundry by hand. But as with buying a fridge or buying a television, it can be quite tricky to pick the best washing machine in Singapore suited for your use. In this issue, we introduce our 2023 Washing Machine Singapore Buying Guide, which will help you navigate through the many brands and models out there to find the best washing machines in Singapore for your home. 

This article was last updated on 26 September 2023.

Washing Machine Singapore Buying Guide

Front Load Washing Machine in Singapore

In a front-load washing machine, the drum rotates and tumbles the clothes to clean them. They are the most water and energy-efficient and will wash your clothes the cleanest. Most of them have a built-in heater to heat water. Some machines can even do antibacterial air wash.  One downside is that you cannot add clothes mid-wash, but Samsung has an AddWash function that solves that problem. 

1. EuropAce 10 Kg Front Load Washing Machine (EFW 9102Y)

Europace - Best Washing Machines in Singapore (2024 Edition)

Innovative laundry companion equipped with a steam prewash function

The EuropAce 10 Kg Front Load Washing Machine (EFW 9102Y) is not just your ordinary washing machine; it is designed to make your laundry day more efficient. This is mainly because of the washing machine’s innovative steam prewash function, employing the power of steam to effectively break down and lift away stains, dirt, and grime from your clothes even before the initial washing cycle begins. This steam technology also excels at banishing trapped odours from fabrics, ensuring that your laundry emerges with a delightful, fresh scent. With the EFW 9102Y, your clothes receive meticulous care in a time-saving manner, consistently delivering a perfect wash every time.

 Furthermore, you will know that this washing machine is in for the long haul with its BLDC inverter motor, making it super-efficient and built to last. Additionally, this washing machine proudly wears its 4-tick water-saving efficiency badge. Meaning, it is not wasteful and is smart about how it uses water. 

Power, precision, and convenience combined

When it comes to functionality, the EuropAce 10 Kg Front Load Washing Machine (EFW 9102Y) features 15 preset programs that cater to different fabrics and levels of dirtiness. Meanwhile, you have 5 options for spin speeds, from a gentle no-spin to a turbo 1400 rpm spin that practically dries your clothes while still in the machine. Plus, 5 water pressure selections to adapt and conquer. The washing machine also has an auto-restart feature that restarts the machine automatically when you encounter power failure. What’s more, the washing machine offers a 24-hour delay start. You set the time and just like magic, the washing machine starts on its own.

Engineered for delicate treatment

But what really sets this washing machine apart is how it treats your clothes. Its stainless steel honeycomb drum is not just for show; it is designed for optimal gentle fabric care. You do not have to stress about your clothes getting ruined. On top of that, you also do not have to worry about your washing machine damaging your floors as the EuropAce 10 Kg Front Load Washing Machine (EFW 9102Y) is equipped with anti-shock technology. 

In a nutshell, the EuropAce 10 Kg Front Load Washing Machine (EFW 9102Y) is not just a washing machine. It is a partner in your laundry journey that takes care of business while you focus on everything else. Laundry day? More like laundry luxury.

Why we love this washing machine from Europace:
  • Equipped with intelligent functions such as a 3D steam pre-wash feature 
  • Time-saving washing cycles 
  • Efficient and durable BLDC inverter motor
  • Stainless steel honeycomb drum for delicate care
  • Stable operation with anti-shock tech
  • Auto-restarts after power failure and 24-hour delay start feature
Shop EuropAce >

2. Beko 8kg Front Load Freestanding Washing Machine WCV8746X0

beko WCV8746X0 washing machine

Automated full cleaning & stain treatment for effortless, spotless laundry

With Beko’s WCV8746X0 washing machine and its 15 programmes and 4 functions, your laundry will come out smelling fresh and looking good as new with minimal effort on your end. This smart washing machine is equipped with SteamCure, which carries out steam-infused stain treatment that softens up dirt and stains for easier removal. What we like about this feature is that in addition to removing laundry pre-treatment from the to-do list, it also helps reduce wrinkles on clothing, minimizing the need for ironing and making your workload lighter during laundry day.

Included in the 15 programmes of this washer is an amazing technology called StainExpert Programme, meant to provide spot treatment for those stubborn stains that usually need white vinegar or lemon juice to scrub off. It is designed to remove up to 24 stains, such as coffee, ketchup, makeup, blood, and more.

Genius motor design for high efficiency, durability, and convenience

It’s always great to discover an appliance that takes costs, the environment, and your peace of mind into account. This freestanding washer is equipped with a durable ProSmart Inverter Motor, a brushless motor that works efficiently, giving you a maximum spin speed of 1200 rpm, all while saving energy to lower your electricity consumption. With this motor, you can clean up 2kg of your laundry in just 14 minutes, and a full load of laundry only takes a quick 28 mins! The washer is also very water efficient with 4 ticks rating, consuming no more than 6 litres of water per kg wash.

What’s even better is that the motor operates quietly at 50 db, even if you load it with its maximum capacity of 8kg. Even if you have last-minute laundry to do in the middle of the night, you can go right ahead without worrying about disturbing anyone. 

Safe and smart technology for seamless operation

Beko took automation on another level with this washing machine. Not only are the cleaning programmes customized to treat stains and automated, but Beko also has downloadable programmes for certain garments or toys (e.g., curtains, plush toys, lingerie, etc.), and all these can be operated through bluetooth! 

The Beko WCV8746X0 is also equipped with a child lock, overflow safety, unbalanced load control, and automatic water adjustment for a safe and smooth operation.

Why buy this:
  • Max 8kg capacity with 1200 rpm maximum spin speed
  • SteamCure Technology for steam-infused stain treatment
  • StainExpert Programme for removal of 24 different stubborn stains
  • Quiet operation of 50db
  • Register for warranty here
Beko promo code:
Use promo code TWV20 on CASA’s website for a 20% discount on all Beko products storewide
Check price on CASA >

3. Samsung WW90M74FNOR 9 KG QuickDrive™ Front Load Washer (4 Ticks)

Samsung WW90M74FNOR 9 KG QuickDrive™ Front Load Washer (4 Ticks)Samsung WW90M74FNOR 9 KG QuickDrive™ Front Load Washer (4 Ticks) washing machine singapore

Why buy this washing machine:

  • Samsung QuickDrive™ reduces washing time by up to 50% and energy consumption by up to 20% without compromising on cleaning performance. 
  • Quick and powerful wash by Q-Drum™: A main drum and backplate that rotates independently moving your clothes in a dynamic action
  • AddWash™ Door allows you to add forgotten clothes 
  • QRator: An AI-powered laundry assistant that will recommend you the optimal cycle based on the type of fabric, color and soil level of your wash load
  • EcoBubble™ Technology froths detergent before the cycle, generating bubbles that penetrate fabrics and remove dirt up to 40X faster than conventional detergent. You can wash clothes as effectively in cool water as you would in warm, saving energy up to 70%. There is a Bubble Soak function for even more stubborn stains
  • SuperSpeed can complete your wash in only 39 minutes. (Speed Spray coupled with Swirl+ pattern and accelerated spin speed)
  • Eco Drum Clean+ cycle can auto clean your washing machine 
  • Hygiene Steam Cycle can be used to sanitize clothes: removes ingrained dirt and up to 99.99% of bacteria and inactivates allergens 
  • Digital inverter technology uses strong magnets for quieter and powerful performance but consumes less energy than a universal motor. Eliminating the use of brushes in the motor increases durability, which is backed by an 11-year warranty. 
  • See all specifications here
Check Price on Shopee >
Check Price on Lazada > 
Check out Samsung Singapore’s Official Shopee Store >

Top Load Washing Machine in Singapore

1. LG TH2110DSAW 10 Kg TurboWash3D™ Top Load Washer (3 Ticks)  LG TH2110DSAW 10 Kg TurboWash3D™ Top Load Washer (3 Ticks)  

For our new home, Matt and I bought a Samsung WD80J6410AW 8/6 KG Ecobubble Front Load Washer Dryer. We do our bedsheets at home, but for duvets and curtains, we will bring it to the laundromat. It is very reliable and serves us well. This model is on discount on Shopee. There is also a model with the AddWash function. 

Check out Samsung Singapore’s Official Shopee Store >

Best Washing Machines in Singapore

By Type:

By Needs: 

By Features: 


1. Which is the best brand to buy for a washing machine in Singapore?

When it comes to buying electronic appliances, whether a washing machine, a fridge or TV, you can never go wrong with Samsung or LG. They are considered to be the most reliable brands. 

These are the well-known brands of washing machines and their country of origin: 

  • Samsung (South Korea) 
  • LG (South Korea) 
  • Bosch (German brand, slightly more premium and pricey) 
  • Electrolux (Sweden brand) 
  • Panasonic (Japan brand) 
  • Hitachi (Japan brand) 
  • Miele (German brand) 
  • Whirlpool (This is a US brand, same as KitchenAid)
  • Elba (Italy, owned by Fisher & Paykel) 
  • Beko (Turkey)
  • EuropAce (Singapore brand with an international/European flavour) 

The lesser-known (and cheaper) brands include: 

  • Sharp (Japan)
  • Midea (China)
  • Tecno (Singapore) 
  • Kuche (Germany) 

2. How much is a washing machine in Singapore?

The cost of your washing machine depending on the type (top-load or front-load), the brand, model and capacity that you buy. Top-loads are usually cheaper than front-load. A top-load washing machine can start from $300 and go up to $1,000. A front-load washing machine usually starts from $400 and can go up to $1,500 or more.  A dryer starts from $400 and can go up to $1,500 or more, depending on the model and capacity. 

3. How do I choose which washing machine to buy?

1. Size up your space

The first step is to measure how much space you have for your washing machine.

Consider these: 

  • Are you planning to get a separate dryer? 
  • Or are you planning on a 2-in-1 washer-dryer? 
  • Or are you planning to hang your clothes 100% of the time (so you don’t need the dryer function) and a normal washing machine will suffice? 

When measuring your space, allow at least 6” behind the washing machine for water hookups and an inch between the washer and dryer. Measure the doors to your home and yard to make sure a new washing machine can fit through them. 

2. How much washer capacity do you need? 

One very important thing to consider is the washer capacity, which is in kg. A bigger drum contains higher capacity which will allow you to wash more laundry but it also uses more energy and water to operate. Choosing the right capacity for your washing needs will help you to minimize both the upfront cost and running cost.

A set of shirt, pants, underwear, and socks weigh about 1kg. If you wash your clothes frequently in small batches, you can consider a smaller drum (7 – 8 kg). The number of people in your household also matters. If you have 3 persons and below, an 8 kg drum will suffice, but if you have a bigger household, you will need a bigger washing machine. 

Also, consider, will you be washing your bed sheets, duvet or curtains at home or do you prefer to bring it to a laundromat? If you are washing it at home, do opt for at least a washing machine with 8 kg capacity, otherwise, depending on how big, heavy and thick your bedsheets are, you may need to separate them into two cycles. For heavy materials like quilts and curtains, you probably need at least a 10 kg washer. Here is a quick guide on the capacity you need depending on how many people are in your household. 

  • 1 – 2 persons: 7kg
  • 3 persons: 8kg
  • 4 – 5 persons: 9 to 11 kg 
  • Large families (more than 6 persons): 12 kg and above

For our new home, Matt and I bought a Samsung WD80J6410AW 8/6 KG Ecobubble Front Load Washer Dryer. We do our bedsheets at home, but for duvets and curtains, we will bring it to the laundromat. It is very reliable and serves us well. This model is on discount on Shopee. There is also a model with the AddWash function.

3. Do I need a dryer? 

Clothes dryers do run on a lot of energy (though improved technology has come up with energy-efficient models like the Samsung DV90N8289AW 9KG Heat Pump Dryer with 5 Ticks).  There are 4 types of dryers: 

  • 2-in-1 washer-dryer 
  • Vented dryer
  • Condenser dryer
  • Heat pump dryer

If you do not wish to hang dry your clothes at all, get a separate dryer (vented, condenser or heat pump).  But if you do not mind hanging your clothes the majority of the time, and only wish to use a dryer function during times of need (rainy season or urgent cases), you can get a washer-dryer.

Matt and I bought the Samsung EcoBubble 8 kg / 6 kg Washer Dryer, which means it can wash an 8kg load and dry a 6kg load. We only activate the drying function if we need the clothes to dry urgently.  From my experience, the dryer function for a 2-in-1 washer-dryer is not 100% effective as compared to a dryer. Your clothes will still be a bit damp (unless you run a 3-hour drying cycle, which is very high on energy usage), but you can air them out indoors to dry. The dryer function will not work well if you have wet towels in the drum (I tend to remove them before activating the drying mode). 

4. Pick your required spin speed

A higher spin speed will allow moisture to be extracted faster, hence your clothes will dry faster as well. A spin speed of 1400 – 1500 rpm will be good enough for everyday laundry purposes. Unless you have a lot of heavy items to wash frequently, then only you will go with a spin speed of 1600 rpm and above. 

5. Water efficiency

water efficiency

You will want to buy a washing machine that is water efficient. The last thing you want is to have your washing machine skyrocket your water bill. It is easy to find a water-efficient washing machine in Singapore, as every washer comes with a water efficiency label. Get a washing machine with at least 2 – 3 ticks, 4 is the best.

It can pay off to spend a little more for a washing machine with one more tick. The water bill savings can offset the slightly higher cost you pay for the washing machine at the start. For example, if an extra tick allows you to save $5 each month on water, that will work up to be $60 per year, and $600 for 10 years, which is the life expectancy of a good washing machine. You will also be using less water which is better for the planet. Find out more information on the water label here. 

6. Features 

The modern washing machines of today are packed with new and improved features to better your lifestyle. Some brands have their own patented technology to improve your washing machine performance. Whether practical or fancy, it is essential to figure out which features are essential to you. Below are features you should know, and the brands that provide it. 


clothes with washing machine singapore

If you have a baby or pet at home, or if you have sensitive skin, you will want your washing machine to be able to eliminate germs, bacteria and allergenic residues such as pollen, animal hair and dust mites.

Bosch has AllergyPlus which claims to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria and germs. LG has LG Steam Technology which uses the power of steam to beat tough stains and reduce allergens while still being gentle on your clothes. Samsung has a magic filter that traps lint, fluff, and particles from clothes yet protect your drainage from getting clogged up.  For this function, check out these washing machines in Singapore: 

High Speed
Samsung QuickDrive™ drum
Samsung QuickDrive™

If you are a busy working adult and need to do your laundry in a flash, get a washing machine with a high-speed function. Samsung’s latest QuickDrive™ technology can reduce your washing time by 50% and energy consumption by 20%, without compromising on cleaning performance. Samsung also has a 15 min Quick Wash function that allows you to clean lightly soiled clothes in just 15 minutes. We use this for towels or bedsheets that have just been used once. Check out Samsung WW90M74FNOR 9 KG Front Load Washer (4 Ticks) for these functions.

Deeper Clean

samsung washing machine singapore deeper clean

If you play sports where you will get dirty often and want a deeper clean for your clothes, you need your washing machine to clean the extra mile for you. Matt and I both play Ultimate Frisbee and sometimes our clothes can get muddy. Samsung’s EcoBubble technology froths detergent with air and water before the cycle begins. It generates cleansing bubbles to penetrate the fabrics, loosen the stains and removes dirt up to 40x faster than conventional dissolved detergent. You can wash your clothes effectively in cool water and this saves up to 70% energy. Check out Samsung WD80K6410OW EcoBubble AddWash Washer Dryer 8/6kg (this is the model we use) or Samsung WW80J54E0BW 8 Kg Ecobuble Front Load Washer for this function. Both machines also have the Bubble Soak technology for intensive stain removal. 

Watch the video below to see how the EcoBubble technology works. 

Low Noise 

washing machine singapore low noise

If you do not want your neighbours to know every time you are washing the laundry, get a quieter machine. For those with babies at home, this is particularly useful.

Bosch EcoSilence Drive™ is an advanced motor that offers maximum efficiency, economy, durability, performance and exceptionally quiet operation. Check out the Bosch WAW28440SG 8 Kg Front Load Washer with this function.

LG also has an Inverter Direct Drive™ technology which uses fewer moving parts, reducing vibrations and enhancing durability. The motors also dissipate less energy, reducing electricity consumption. Check out LG FG1450S3WN 10.5 kg Inverter Direct Drive Twin Load Washing Machine.

Samsung’s Digital Inverter™ technology uses strong magnets for quieter and powerful performance but consumes less energy than a universal motor. Eliminating the use of brushes in the motor increases durability, which is backed by an 11-year warranty. Check out Samsung WW90M74FNOR 9 KG QuickDrive™ Front Load Washer (4 Ticks) for this function. 

Add clothes mid-cycle

adding clothes mid cycle

If you are the type like me, who after loading the laundry and starting the cycle left a couple of extra pieces lying around, you need the Samsung AddWash function for your front-load washing machine. The Samsung WW80K54E0UW/SP 8 Kg AddWash Washer or the Samsung WD80K6410OW 8/6 Kg AddWash Washer Dryer allows you to add pieces into the machine mid-cycle. 

Alternatively, you can opt for a top-load washing machine. 

Dry Cleaning

dry cleaning airwash clothes

If you have many sensitive clothes that require dry cleaning, such as woollen coats, cotton jumpers, sweaters and suits, Samsung’s AirWash technology can deodorise and sanitise your clothes with heated air. Samsung Airwash system is known to remove unpleasant smells, microscopic allergens, harmful bacteria, and microbes. You can have fresh-smelling clothes without using any water, detergent or chemical. I found this function particularly useful when I had to dry clean my winter jackets after coming back from a New Zealand trip. To my pleasant surprise, I did not have to spend extra money and time going to the dry cleaners. 

Check out the Samsung WW80J54E0BW 8 Kg Ecobubble Front Load Washer Dryer (3 Ticks) or Samsung WD17N7550KV/FQ Front Load Washer Dryer 17/9kg (4 Ticks).

Check out Samsung Singapore’s Official Shopee Store >
Frequent washing

If you prefer not to wait for a full load before doing laundry, Bosch has an ActiveWater™ function that detects half-loads and cuts water intake by half, allowing you to save water. Check out Bosch WAT24481SG 8 Kg Front Load Washing Machine.

Separate Darks and Whites 

samsung flexwash washing machine singapore

Tired of doing two separate loads and taking 2 hours each time to finish your laundry? Samsung FlexWash™ allows you to separate and do two loads at the same time. Check out Samsung WR24M9940KV Flexwash 21kg Front Load + 3.5 kg Top Load Washer. 

LG also has a Twin Load model that allows you to do two loads simultaneously. You will have to get both parts separately. Check out LG FG1450S3WN 10.5 kg Inverter Direct Drive Twin Load Washing Machine + LG TG2402NTWW 2 Kg Slim Inverter Twin Load Mini Washer. 

Delicate clothes

activ dualwash clothes

Samsung has an Activ DualWash™ function that comes with a sink at the top, allowing you to hand-wash delicate fabrics or treat heavily stained clothes before the actual wash cycle. Check out Samsung WA11J5750SP  11 Kg Active Dualwash Top-Load Washer (3 Ticks).  Samsung also utilizes a diamond drum which has a unique “soft curl” design that washes clothes effectively but with care. 

Multiple wash settings

wash settings

If you have many different types of clothing made of various fabrics and you require your machine to have multiple modes of washing, LG has a 6 Motion Direct Drive technology that moves the wash drum in multiple directions – to scrub, step, tumble, filtrate, swing, and roll. You can choose the setting based on the type of clothes. 

Check out LG FC1408S4W 8kg 6 Motion Inverter Direct Drive Front Load Washing Machine (3 Ticks) for this function. Watch the video below to see it in action. 

Easier Ironing

samsung easy iron function washing machine singapore

If I was to name the chore I dislike the most, it would be ironing. Samsung has an Easy Iron function that shortens the spin-drying time and properly adjusts the speed of the last cycle, preventing clothes from becoming badly creased or wrinkled. This saves you time and effort when it comes to ironing.

Both Samsung WD80K6410OW EcoBubble AddWash Washer Dryer 8/6kg (this is the model we use) and Samsung WW80J54E0BW 8 Kg Ecobuble Front Load Washer has this function. 

Smart Technology

smart technology

This is for the geeks out there who envision a smart home. LG has released an AI Washing Machine that detects, thinks and cares. The AI DD™ smart technology is able to detect the weight and sense the softness of the fabric to choose optimal motion to wash. With LG ThinQ™ technology, you can operate your laundry remotely. it can also connect to Google Assistant. Check out LG FV1285S4W 8.5 KG Front Load Washer 4 Ticks for this function. This model also has Allergen removal. See specs here.

Samsung also has QRator, an AI-powered laundry assistant that will recommend you the optimal cycle based on the type of fabric, colour and soil level of your wash load. Check out Samsung WW90M74FNOR 9 KG QuickDrive™ Front Load Washer (4 Ticks) for this function.

Top load vs front load – Which is better? 

Each has its own pros and cons. Generally, top load washing machines are cheaper with a shorter cycle time. The front-load washing machine is more expensive but yields better cleaning results. The big pro of a front load washing machine is with the right shelving, you can stack a dryer on top of it. This allows you to save space, especially if you are living in a HDB flat or condominium. Top-load washing machines also do not come with drying function, whereas you can find front-load washers with dryer capability. Below is a table summarising the pros and cons of each type:

Top Load
  • More affordable
  • Shorter cycle time
  • Larger capacity (can fit slightly bigger load)
  • Easy to add clothes mid-cycle
  • You do not have to bend/squat down to load your laundry 
  • Less probability of trapped water or residue
  • You can get models with big capacity 
  • Requires more effort to load and unload laundry as you have to carry 
  • Not stackable with a dryer
  • Uses more water
  • Tends to tangle up clothes
Front Load
  • Better cleaning results
  • Space-saving (stackable, or you can get a washer-dryer unit)
  • You do not have the carry up the laundry to load it 
  • Faster spin speed extracts more water from clothes (therefore, shorter drying times) 
  • More program options and features 
  • More expensive upfront but you save on running costs (water usage is lesser)
  • Longer cycle time (up to 3 hours) 
  • Need to squat/bend down to load laundry
  • Cannot add clothes mid-wash (except some models) 

The final verdict: Top vs front load – which should I get? 

I used to use a top load washing machine when at my mum’s place, and now in our home, we use a front-load washing machine. I have used both types of machine and frankly, it really depends on what you need.

Buy a front-load washing machine in Singapore for these reasons: 

  1. Space-saving: If you have space constraints in your home, you will have to stack your washer on top of your dryer. You can only stack a front-load. 
  2. Delicate clothes: If you have a lot of soft clothing made of satin and silk, a front-load washing machine will be gentler on these fabrics 
  3. 2 in 1: Washer-dryers tend to come in front-load design. This is because only the front-load can tumble dry clothes. 

Buy a top-load washing machine in Singapore for these reasons: 

  1. If you are on a tight budget but need a big capacity: While top-load is cheaper that front-load washers, front-load makes up for it by being more water and energy-efficient, which means that the upfront price difference will be negated in the bill savings. That said if you have a big household and need a bigger capacity (like 14 kg and more), top-load washers are the more economical option, such as the Samsung 14 kg Top Load Washer 3 Ticks (WA14N6780CV) and Samsung 16 kg Top Load Washer 3 Ticks (WA16N6780CV). 
  2. If you have very heavy laundry: Top-load generally can fit bigger loads for the same capacity
  3. If you have a very narrow laundry area: Most HDBs and condominiums should have a yard area to accommodate front-load washer, but if you have a very narrow space that does not allow for the front-load washer door to open, get a top-load washing machine instead. 

Can I have the best of both worlds? 

Samsung WR24M9940KV Flexwash 21kg Front Load + 3.5 kg Top Load Washer washing machine singaporeSamsung WR24M9940KV Flexwash 21kg Front Load + 3.5 kg Top Load Washer

Yes, you can! The Samsung WR24M9940KV Flexwash 21kg Front Load + 3.5 kg Top Load Washer gives you the best of both worlds in 1 machine. With a separate top and front load compartments, it allows you to wash your darks and whites separately but at the same time. This model also comes with the AddWash door that allows you to add clothes mid-wash. It also comes with a dryer function, among other features. Check out the model specifications here. 

Where to buy a washing machine in Singapore

You used to only be able to buy a washing machine from stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Lazada and Shopee are my go-to for shopping electronics. If you prefer to see the fridge in-person, you can always pop by to any of the consumer electronics stores like Best Denki, Courts, Harvey Norman and Gain City near you to check it out before purchasing online. 


We hope that our washing machine Singapore buying guide will help you to buy the best washing machine in Singapore for your home. Do also read our Fridge Buying Guide and TV Buying Guide.  Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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