TWV Pregnancy Guide 2023


Chapter 1

I'm Pregnant, What's next?

Hi mama to be, welcome to my pregnancy guidebook! 

First up, I want to wish you congratulations! I remember the excitement and nervousness when the two lines appeared on the result, indicating I’m positive and a baby is on the way! I went to get a confirmation at my GP (who did a blood test to confirm my pregnancy, yours might do a urine test again), and I remember it was so nerve-racking waiting for the results! You can also go to the polyclinic and then ask for a referral letter to KKH, or directly to your OB-GYN if you have one in mind. 

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, you can start officially embarking on your pregnancy journey! 

Now, before you go into full panic mode… don’t worry! This is where my guidebook comes in. 

Through my own personal experience of pregnancy and giving birth twice, I wrote this pregnancy guide with the aim to share my journey and learning with all fellow mums out there.

It was a crazy ride, especially the first time, but the good news is that it does get better over time! Learning and doing something new for the first time can be nerve-wrecking, but you will definitely get better with practice. 

I also want to encourage you that life is all about such incredible first-time experiences, and you are about to embark on one life-changing journey yourself. I honestly think pregnancy and motherhood is one of my biggest teachers in life. 

It will be challenging and difficult but it will also be rewarding and fulfilling at the same time — that’s how I feel, and I hope that you will too in time to come. 

I’ve written a total of 20 chapters in this book. While it might seem like a lot of information, not to worry, I will take you through each step in my upcoming chapters. The goal here is not to get everything read and memorised in one go, but to take it one step at a time. I enjoy hiking, and from it I learned that climbing a mountain or finishing a trek is all about doing it one step at a time. 

In my upcoming chapters, I will share more details, plus my own personal experiences and choices with you. I’d suggest bookmarking our main guidebook page where you can access all the chapters. I will also be sending you follow-up emails with the chapters, to remind you to check it out! 

I tried to be as comprehensive as possible, but at the same time, I tried not overload you with too much. Some of you may be further along in your pregnancy or in earlier stages such as trying to get pregnant, but I do hope the information can still be useful for you. 

In my next chapter, I will share an overview on my entire pregnancy journey. 

If you have any questions, or just want to chat, you can send me an email at, or send me a message here

I also highly encourage you to join our SG Mums Community on telegram – it’s a group I’ve started and you can easily reach me and fellow mums there! One thing I’ve learned is that there is nothing more beautiful than the power of community. You are never alone in your journey and there are tons of mothers out there that have gone through similar experiences with you and they are more than happy to offer help and support anytime you need. 

See you in my next chapter! 

Meanwhile, take care and stay safe. May God bless you with a smooth and enjoyable pregnancy journey!

With Love,
Jocelyn from The Wedding Vow

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Chapter 2

An Overview of my Pregnancy Journey

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