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Complimentary Pregnancy goodie bag x financial consultation


信乐 Financial Planning

Besides chasing a flying disc competitively with Matt & Joce occasionally, I also find great joy in helping young families lay down the correct financial strategy to make early arrangements for their little ones at home. Currently, I serve over 300 families & individuals, and I am a specialist in investments & mortgage planning. 

 A 6-figure investor & an advisor to many’s financial portfolios, I take pride in delivering results in investments and improving my client’s mortgage journey by reducing their total loan payable.

I currently manage:
• Over $6 million in expected premiums & assets under advisory in the form of cash, CPF & SRS monies
Over $5 million of housing loan for both private & public housing properties 

My services includes:
• Insurance • Investment • Mortgage financing & refinancing • Will writing

Complimentary pregnancy goodie bag

We are gifting a goodie bag to TWV readers and mums-to-be who sign up for a no-obligation financial consultation with 信乐 (Xin Le).

The goodie bag contains the items below that we have specially curated for you! The first 10 sign-ups will get a special surprise – an additional 2-Pack Hegen Feeding Bottle 2-Pack (worth $46). 

These items helped me (Jocelyn) a lot in my journey as a first-time mum, and we hope they help your motherhood journey to be as smooth as it can be! Each bag is packed with love, so please only sign up to claim it if you are genuinely interested in seeking out advice from XinLe! Thank you. 

You can sign up in the contact form below. Please also note the T&Cs at the bottom of the page!

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Kindly fill in your information below to claim your goodie bag and for a personal consultation with 信乐 (Xin Le). 

sharing my experience

Hi, I’m Joce, founder of The Wedding Vow. 

As a first-time mum, everything is new to me. At times, it can get overwhelming. One of the most important things I’ve learned as a mum is that health is the most important thing you can wish for. Getting good maternity and baby insurance was top priority on my list. I managed to seek the expertise of Gordon (信乐 Financial Planning) who helped me settle all of Baby Ally’s insurance plans. He also helped to set up an investment plan for me to plan ahead for her education.

He is a personal friend, but after getting his assistance, I truly felt that his service was too good to not recommend to my fellow mums, so I reached out to ask him if he could offer his services to our TWV mums. I do not get any commission or referral bonus. My sincere hope is for my TWV mums to understand the importance of planning ahead, and also be able to benefit through his consultation.

He is also kindly offering TWV mums an exclusive goodie bag that you can enjoy. We worked on curating this bag together, and it includes a range of essentials that I believe will be useful to all mums. While redeeming this goodie bag is non-obligatory, I hope that you can sign up only if you are genuinely looking to for an agent to help you with your needs.

To book an appointment with Gordon, simply fill in the form above. 
Kindly allow him a few working days to get back to you. :)

what Gordon's clients say

I engaged Gordon in 2018 to look at my past rejected medical insurance policies by multiple insurance companies. Gordon continuously sought to understand my situation and explained it to his agency, who accepted my application and covered me with a hospitalisation plan. This first engagement with Gordon made me feel assured that he is driven by passion to help people and not by monetary benefits. I introduced him to my parents as they wanted to understand about their past policy purchases, and Gordon willingly met with them and explained the policies in layman terms. He did it despite knowing that there may not be any new policies signed by my parents. Gordon has been very prompt to update me about new policies, especially those that will affect the ones I purchased. Most importantly, the claim process was as easy as meeting a ‘friend’ for a meal to pass him claim receipts and ta-dah, all paperwork done and claims processed. I shared this seamless process to my husband’s family and they decided to purchase policies for the whole family from him all because of his excellent top notch and never-say-no service. He possesses a “got knowledge must share” attitude, which helps people to make informed decisions. This is definitely not seen in a lot of other agents I have met, who would not bother spending time with people if they were not intending to buy anything from them. After my health policies, I continue to engage him for business’ public liability insurance, maternity aka whole life insurance policies. He helped to consolidate it into a summary to see where I am lacking in my financial planning. The goal is to ensure I am self-sufficient and my future children will not become the sandwich generation. Gordon regularly checks in with me and my family, and is always genuine and honest with his opinions. We are able to get honest answers without sugarcoating. During my pregnancy, he was quick to answer my uncertainties . Overall it was a pleasant experience to have Gordon do my financial planning and I recommend him!

- Vicky Faith Kheo, procurement manager at National Youth Council Singapore

offer terms & conditions

This offer is only applicable for mums who sign up for a consultation via this landing page.

Please note that incomplete or inaccurate submissions will not be processedThe Wedding Vow (TWV) and Xin Le reserves the right to disqualify an entry if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the submission has breached any of the promotional conditions. 

While we make efforts to ensure that there are sufficient goodie bags for giveaway, we are unable to guarantee availability. Please sign up as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Redemption for the freebies are strictly limited by availability and are subject to replacement/changes at our discretion and without prior notice. 

By signing up above, you agree to being contacted by TWV, Xin Le and any affiliated partners for follow up emails, promotional and marketing purposes. You are also authorising Xin Le to contact you to arrange a no-obligation 20-minute financial sharing and delivery of goodie bag. 

Redemption of this complimentary goodie bag is limited to one per household. Kindly present your gynae card upon collection.

By filling up the form above, you are agreeable to the above terms & conditions.

TWV & Xin Le’s decision is final.