Advertising Proposal

Hello! At The Wedding Vow, we aim to support vendors like yourself to feature your company, market your brand and promote your product or service on our website. We have advertising spaces that are dedicated to helping your company attain a greater reach!

Our business goal is not to simply sell advertising space, but we would like to understand more about your needs as a vendor so that we can help to fulfill them.
Are you looking to:

A) increase your brand exposure or
B) increase awareness about your product / service,
C) get more sales?

Kindly let us know the following so we can make suitable recommendations:

1) What is your budget? 
2) What is your objective?

Based on both your needs and budget, we will propose and recommend a package according to your needs and requests. Our aim is to offer something that can benefit your company & brand at the best possible value we can offer. We also love to have conversations to exchange business ideas and more!

If you are keen to get featured on TWV, kindly email us at for our advertising rates and packages. All questions are welcomed.

Due to overwhelming requests, kindly allow us 1-2 working days to respond.

A) Are you looking to increase your brand exposure? 

We have the following spaces available for you to showcase your brand:

1. Featured as our Preferred Vendor

To ease the vendor decision making process for engaged couples, we feature our recommended vendors here. We limit our feature to only 1-3 vendors for each category. Your logo + direct link to your site + button linking to your advertorial will be featured on this page. *Recommended for visibility and association with other recommended vendors

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2. Sidebar Ad on Homepage &/or Blogposts

Grand Hyatt Sidebar Ad Example of Grand Hyatt’s sidebar ad 

Your logo / image will be displayed on our sidebar panel on our homepage &/or blogposts. It will be directly linked to your website or landing page of your choosing. An enticing image will ensure a higher click through rate direct to your site. *Highly recommended due to high visibility.

[button link=”” color=”blue” target=”blank”]See Example on Homepage[/button] [button link=”” color=”blue” target=”blank”]See Example on Blogpost[/button]

3. Leaderboard Banner Ad 

A banner ad will be displayed in all or selected blog posts. *Highly recommended for mobile visibility

[button link=”” color=”blue” target=”blank”]See Example[/button] HL Assurance Example of a leaderboard banner ad

4. Directory Listing

Get listed in our wedding directory, and have readers who are looking for your service find you easily. Be featured as “TWV’s Choice” for higher visibility.

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B) Are you looking to increase awareness of your product and services? 

Through content marketing, we will promote your brand and services to our readers.

1. Dedicated Blogpost Advertorial

A dedicated blogpost offering a detailed review on your product / service, to offer readers and potential customers deeper insights on what an experience with your company will entail. *Highly recommended due to persuasive marketing element

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2. Blogpost Editorial

Our editorial team will work with you to come up with a dedicated editorial article featuring your your company’s brand / product / services. Using an editorial fashion, we will promote your relevance with regards to the wedding topic addressed. *Recommended if you are looking for a dedicated space e.g. Top 10 Things to Note when Choosing a Wedding Photographer => Promote a wedding photographer

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3. Editorial Feature

Our editorial team will incorporate your company’s brand / product / services in a space within our editorial article. This feature space will include your company logo, link, a write up and contact information. *Recommended if you are looking to be listed in Top 10 lists, which are highly searchable. 

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4. Guest Posting

If you have a piece of exclusive content to share, we would love to feature it in a dedicated blogpost article as a featured guest post.

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5. “Behind the Scenes” Interview Series

At TWV, we love to share stories! In our Behind the Scenes series, we share interviews to share your experience. Your company / brand and photos will be included in the article.

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6. Contributions – Real Weddings, Love Story, Styled Shoot 

If you have any of the above to share with our readers, we would love to feature your content on our blog! Do submit your content here, and feel free to share any more ideas you might have!

C) Are you looking to get more sales / clients? 

1. Wedding/Honeymoon Promotions

Due to overwhelming requests from our readers, we are building a dedicated space on our website to feature exclusive vendor promotions that couples can enjoy. Your promotion will also be featured on your directory listing. This promotion listing will entice readers to check out your portfolio, try out your products and services, as well as build brand awareness for you!

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2. Social Media Shoutout & Campaigns

Promote your wedding deal via our new social media Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels! Our channels are recently launched in May 2016.

[button link=”” color=”blue” target=”blank”]Facebook[/button] [button link=”” color=”blue” target=”blank”]Instagram[/button] [button link=”” color=”blue” target=”blank”]Twitter[/button]

If you are keen to get featured on TWV, kindly email us here for our advertising rates and packages.