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10 Best Baby Books in Malaysia For Their Early Years | Best of Baby 2023

Books are essential for our baby growth. Whether it’s a book about the alphabet, animals, musical books, drawing books, they’re a great instrument to stimulate the baby’s brain development. Moreover, getting our baby to read books can also help reduce their screen time on digital devices. With an extensive variety of baby books available in the market, which then is the best baby book in Malaysia? In our Best of Baby series, we have curated the latest 10 Best Baby Books in Malaysia, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget. For the ultimate guides, also check out our best baby toy and baby rattle recommendations!

This article was last updated on 11 January 2023

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10 Best Baby Books in Malaysia

1. Cocomelon First Nursery Rhymes Sound Book

Cocomelon First Nursery Rhymes Sound Book

Learn, play and sing 

Featuring multiple songs, lyrics and adorable scenes, this Cocomelon First Nursery Rhymes Sound Book is great to stimulate sensory development and simulates activity with singing. Each song can also be interactive, as they’re also teaching kids about cleaning, objects, animals, buses, and many more. Plus, it’s a full English language musical book, so you can help your child to recognize some English words from their early days. 

The book itself has buttons and sound effects that your kids can interact with too, which can be helpful to always stimulate a baby’s sense of curiosity. 

Why buy this:
  • Learn, play and sing along
  • With scenes, lyrics and interactive buttons
  • 5 tune-starters and 5 sound effects
  • With buttons to activate the music and sound effect
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2. Mideer Finger Paint Book

Mideer Finger Paint Book

Stimulate creativity with finger painting

Finger painting is mainly known for improving creativity, which is also true, but it’s more than just that. By touching and feeling the squishy texture of the pain and experimenting with various colours and patterns, babies can also learn a lot about shapes and colours, as well as improving their touching senses. And if you’re looking for one, this Mideer Finger Paint Pain can be a great way to start. 

Featuring 30 pictures, with each showing different types of learnable animals and objects, this book offers a fun way for babies to learn about many things. You can guide them to show the right colours for each object, or let them explore with their own creativity. However, note that the book doesn’t include the finger paints, so you’ll have to buy them separately. 

Why buy this:
  • For finger painting
  • 30 picture about various animals and objects
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3. Peek-a-Boo I See You!

Peek-a-Boo I See You!

Play peekaboo game with a book

Suitable for 6 months old babies to toddler, this peek-a-boo book is great to stimulate baby’s senses and strengthen visual tracking. Each page shows a different animal and his friend ‘hiding’ behind the cover, which allows babies to play peek a boos and guess what’s behind the cover. The bold patterns and contrasting colours of this book are also designed to develop eye movement. And especially for babies under one years old, this book is great to attract them to play during tummy time. 

Why buy this:
  • Play peekaboo game with a book
  • Learn different animal and their friends
  • Good for tummy time
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4. Vtech Musical Rhymes Book Baby Early Learning Book Music Book

Vtech Musical Rhymes Book Baby Early Learning Book Music Book

More than 40 songs and classic rhymes

Another musical book worth considering is this one from Vtech. Featuring more than 40 songs, melodies, and phrases, as well as 6 classic nursery rhymes, this is a complete musical book to stimulate your baby’s listening senses. Every time the page is turned, the song will automatically start, which is intended to encourage babies’ motor skill and learn about cause and effect. 

Apart from that, all parts of the book are made from plastic that are easy to clean with just a simple wipe of a towel.


Why buy this:
  • More than 40 songs and 6 classic nursery rhymes
  • Sing automatically every time the page is turned
Check price on Shopee and Lazada > 

5. Melissa & Doug Poke-a-Dot First Colors Book

Melissa & Doug Poke-a-Dot First Colors Book

A fun way to introduce colours

This Melissa & Doug Poke-a-Dot- First Colors Book is great for babies to learn about colours. Comes in a sturdy form, this 10-page book features images of fruits and animals on each page, as well as a button that ‘speaks’ the colour of the object onced pressed. Thus, you can let your baby guess the name of the colour before pressing the button. This book is also great especially for babies who are still learning to speak their first words. 

Why buy this:
  • Learn to recognize and speak the colour name
  • Sturdy design
  • 10-page colourful book
Check price on Shopee and Lazada > 

6. HDY Newborn Baby Soft Cloth Cartoon Book

HDY Newborn Baby Soft Cloth Cartoon Book(1)

Safe soft cloth book with various themes available

This cloth book is great to encourage your child to read, and it’s suitable from newborns to toddler age. Aside from being colourful and informative, it’s made from excellent polyester material that’s resistant to tear and safe for high-temperature disinfection. Thus, not only can you avoid damages if you buy a paper book, but also can keep them hygienic all the time. 

There are plenty of themes to choose from this brand including Vision, Daily Life, Fruits, Animals, Transportation and so many more. And you can buy them in a bundle of six or eight books for an interesting price!

Why buy this:
  • Polyester material that’s resistance to tear
  • A lot of themes to choose from
  • Safe for high-temperature disinfection
Check price on Shopee > 

7. Kidztime Dinosaur Unicorn Touch & Feel Book

Kidztime Dinosaur Unicorn Touch & Feel Book

Encouraging babies to touch and feel 

Featuring 24 pages of scratch-tastic activities, this book is filled with so many great characters. Each page of the book also has a textured design, which allows the baby to touch and feel the images, thus helping to develop their sensory development. Aside from that, there are also some challenging games on some parts of the book that babies can play with a pen or a pencil to help develop their creativity and hand-to-eye coordination. 

Why buy this:
  • Textured design to help your babies touch and feel
  • Challenging game with a pen to develop hand-to-eye coordination
Check price on Shopee and Lazada > 

8. LeapFrog LeapStart Alphabet Book

LeapFrog LeapStart Alphabet Book

A fun way to introduce alphabets

Introducing your baby to the alphabet is a great start to teach them how to properly talk, or speak English since the early days. So, make sure this LeapFrog LeapStart Alphabet Book is their first introduction to ABCs. Each page of the book contains letters A to Z, with each of them can play and sing the letter sound in three different musical styles. Thus, it’s also great to boost your baby’s sensory and hearing development. 

In addition, there’s also more than 25 interactive reward stickers that can be given to each page when your child is able to master the spelling. 

Why buy this:
  • Good for learning alphabets
  • Each page sings how the letter sounds
  • With over 25 interactive reward stickers
Check price on Shopee and Lazada > 

9. Baby Soft Cloth Book Educational Cartoon Animal Tail

Baby Soft Cloth Book Educational Cartoon Animal Tail

With 3D tails on each page

Another must-have soft cloth book for your child is this one with an educational cartoon animal tail. Yes, each page of the book contains a tail design that’s elongated out of the book, so your baby can learn to guess the type of the animal before opening the book. There are multiple themes you can choose from, including farm, ocean, forest, flying, as well as marine animals. And, like other soft cloth books, it’s machine washable and safe for high-temperature disinfection. 

Why buy this:
  • Each page contains 3D tail
  • Designed to stimulate babies vision growth
Check price on Shopee > 

10. The Little Bookworm

The Little Bookworm

Bright, bold and colourful illustations

A masterpiece from BBW, The Little Bookworm book is great for babies to explore their creative mind with bright, colourful illustrations. Each page of the book contains a hole that has been ‘eaten’ by worms, which tells a story how worms love to eat books so much. There’s also some illustrations of other objects including animals, buses, planes, and many more. 

Why buy this:
  • Bright, bold and colourful illustrations
  • The story of a worm who love to eat book
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If you’re looking for baby musical book, V-tech is a great brand to consider.

Where to buy a baby book in Malaysia?

You used to only be able to buy a baby book in Malaysia in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Lazada and Shopee are my go-to for baby and parenting products. It is also a great place to compare the price of baby books in Malaysia. 


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Baby Books in Malaysia will help you to buy the best baby book in Malaysia. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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