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13 Best Baby Books in Singapore | Best of Baby 2023

Reading can help the baby soak up all of the words you’re saying and enhance language abilities, in addition to being a fantastic way to spend close-up face time with your little one. The more time you spent reading and discussing age-appropriate baby books with your youngsters, the more prepared they were to begin reading when they started kindergarten. Starting your baby’s first library, on the other hand, might be overwhelming. With an extensive selection of baby books in the market, which then is the best in Singapore? In our Best of Baby Series, we introduce the 13 Best Baby Books in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your baby’s needs.

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This article was last updated on 05 January 2023.

Table of contents 

13 Best Baby Books in Singapore (2023)

1. The Wonderful Things You Will Be

The Wonderful Things You Will Be baby books singapore

A sweet love song for your baby, complete with adorable illustrations

Martin’s writing, which is sweet but not sugary, will entice everyone as it supports parental hopes for children while beautifully trying to retain little readers at its core. The Wonderful Things You Will Be would make a lovely bedtime read! The story’s beautiful message is that a child may be anything they wish to be. There is no pressure put on them, so their future is an empty canvas just waiting to be coloured. The book, written in the second person, highlights your little one’s individuality and the amazing qualities they can give the world.

What drew us in was how the author praises dreams, acceptance, and the love that every parent has for their children. This is a fascinating read with warm and lively pictures you and your youngster will undoubtedly enjoy.

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2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Catterpillar baby books singapore

A silly yet charming story for young readers

Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a popular children’s classic that infants and toddlers appreciate. It teaches children the days of the week, what food the caterpillar eats, and even a little counting lesson. Moreover, it gives a subtle hint that eating nutritious foods (like leafy greens and vegetables) is good for them while eating too much sweet food might give them a stomachache like the caterpillar.

This book also has repeated wording, which is beneficial to young children learning to read. With its colourful graphics, this funny yet endearing story will appeal to both parents and children!

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3. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See

Brown Bear What Do You See baby books singapore

Lyrical text with colourful and vibrant animal graphics

Little ones like having their favorite books read to them again and over. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle is one of those timeless and highly popular classics seen in many homes. Its lyrical writing and colourful, vibrant animals on each page captivate young readers. We also love it because of how it creates an engaging mood for children, like adding some singsong texts which creates an unforgettable image of these adorable animals.

Additionally, this book can also be used to introduce children to different colours. As you read each page, you can point to an animal and ask your youngster to name its colour. Simple exercises like these can help your child’s vocabulary, listening skills, and ability to recognise text terms, all while enjoying the book together!

You can also find other books written by Eric Carle at My Very First Library which are good add ons for your nursery library.

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4. Indestructibles Baby Books

indestructibles baby book singapore

Indestructibles is a great series for introducing young children to reading. With its many infant stories including bright and appealing illustrations, this book collection is trusted to soothe your small ones through storytime. Moreover, the books are designed for how newborns “read,” so they are rip-proof, waterproof, non-toxic, and lightweight. If you’re looking for books where babies can page through their own, this series is the top pick.

What we like: Baby, Let’s Eat! This book in the series explores new tastes and colours, presenting a rainbow of delectable foods in a style suitable for a baby to nibble on. The book, with its colourful illustrations and minimal text, is great for expectant parents, baby showers, or as a welcome-home present for a newborn.

You can also read more wonderful Indestructibles stories, like Baby, Let’s See the Colors, and Baby Babble, which we’re sure your little one will like.

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5. On the Night You Were Born 

On the night you were born baby book singapore

On the Night You Were Born, a book written by Nancy Tillman, is a fantastic addition to your family library. Its lyrical words contribute to its reputation as a modern classic. The lovely story combines colourful pictures with a comforting message of unconditional love that begins on the night your child was born. Also, this book illustrates events marking the first day of a baby’s life, like the moon keeping up till dawn and polar bears dancing. It’s no wonder that it’s a New York Times and Publishers Weekly best-seller since it’s uplifting for both children and adults!

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6. Baby Signs Baby Book 

Baby Signs baby book singapore

Baby Signs is a baby book that you should consider if you wish to educate your child early communicative techniques. This board book of thirteen essential signs teaches kids as young as six months to use simple gestures to convey their needs, wants, feelings, and frustrations. And we love how it illustrates important signs that your infant or toddler can quickly learn. Babies want to communicate even if they can’t speak, and with Baby Signs, it’s as simple as waving hello or goodbye!

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7. Where is My Baby’s Belly Button? 

Where is My Baby's Belly Button baby book singapore

Where is My Baby’s Belly Button? baby book is one of our top recommendations for a fun and interactive book for youngsters aged one to three. This fascinating flap book unveils the various parts of a baby’s body, giving in an engaging yet informative game for your little one. The playful text and bright, patterned graphics will keep them enthralled as they look for different parts of the body! To top it all off, it has a large and sturdy form that is ideal for sharing between parents and children. With this book, you will undoubtedly spend quality time with your children as they learn!

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8. Melissa & Doug Soft Activity Baby Book – The Wonderful World of Peekaboo! 

The Wonderful World of Peekaboo

If you want a baby book that will endure through both storytime and playtime, the Melissa & Doug Soft Activity Baby Book – The Wonderful World of Peekaboo! is the best choice. Melissa & Doug K’s Kids cloth books are jam-packed with low-tech, high-impact novelties and are tough enough to withstand the washing machine! It’s a baby-friendly educational lift-the-flap book-inspired with 5 peekaboo creatures, a wonderful storyline, and beautiful artwork. It is simple to read and enjoyable, and it enables babies to develop hand-eye coordination and motor abilities while also stimulating their creativity!

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9. Peek-A Who?

Peek-a who

Peek-A-Who? is a sturdy board book that will satisfy your baby’s and toddler’s curiosity. Nina Laden, the author, and illustrator, gave lots of hints for the youngest reader. Each overlying page’s artwork is themed to match the answer, and the solution to every riddle always rhymes with boo. Its illustrations are bright and colourful, with simple rhyming stories scaled just right for your baby’s little hands.

If your baby likes this one, check out the others in the series, including Peek-a-Zoo and Peek-a-Choo-Choo.

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10. Press Here Baby Book

press here

As more and more books demand batteries, this new book is a fantastic find. The ecstatic read-along of this deceptively simple book will make those fancy phone and iPad games look a lot less appealing. Press Here features a variety of pushbuttons and instructions that keep you guessing about what will happen next! Hervé Tullet, the artist, utilised a primary colour palette and a bold brush to urge readers to play along, sharing their surprise and joy as the dots transform from page to page. It’s a great read-along for toddlers, with an opportunity to practice counting, patterning, and following instructions. And, like the top mobile phone apps, this is a game that your family will want to play again and again!

Press Here is the longest-running picture book on the New York Times bestseller list. It can now take on the challenge of being played with and chewed on by your beloved little one thanks to its new board book version. So, this is ideal for an engaging and enjoyable learning experience with your youngster.

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11. My Many Colored Days

My Many Colored Days

My Many Colored Days, written by Dr. Seuss, is a sturdy board book with a unique and engaging concept that allows young babies or children to get fully interested. Through the use of colours, it helps children in identifying emotions in a positive light. The illustrations are beautiful, expressive drawings that are drenched with emotions. And we love that it’s one of those books that you’ll never get tired of reading as an adult since the wonderfully written story contains a message that we all need to be reminded of from time to time. So, if you want to educate your kids on how to express their emotions healthily from an early age, make sure you have this book on your shelf.

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12. Look, Look!

Look Look

Look, Look! is a good starting point if you’re looking for a fantastic first book for a newborn. Babies are born with limited vision, so you should expose them to books that have crisp, high-contrast images to excite and develop their vision. It contains drawings that are full of high-contrast black and white paper art which are also great eye-catchers for young, newborn babies who are just beginning to look and learn.

We also like how there are minimal words on each page and how the ideas are incredibly simple, making it easy to read swiftly. Plus, the board book makes it easy to flip through fast and can withstand small babies who may be more interested in chewing on the book. This is truly a book that we believe should be in every baby’s library from the start!

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13. Baby Animals Black and White

Baby Animals Black and White

With the colours black, white, and red, this Baby Animals Black and White is another eye-catching board book that we love for your babies from birth to two. Phyllis Limbacher Tildes has created an appealing board book that will thrill and stimulate the little bundling. With each bold illustration of black and white animals, the tale develops without words. It also includes close-up photos of animals such as puppies and panda cubs on each page. With this lovely book, your child will surely enjoy playing the gazing game!

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We hope that our guide on the 13 Best Baby Books in Singapore has helped you pick the best books for your baby’s library. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful!



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