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10 Best Stores for Baking Supplies in Singapore | Best of Lifestyle 2023

Many people have fled to their kitchens to bake and create during the lockdown. It’s most likely because our obsession with baking has grown into a form of self-care that we badly needed throughout the long, often dull months of isolation. With an extensive selection of baking supplies retailers, which then is the best store in Singapore? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we introduce the 10 Best Stores for Baking Supplies in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

This article was last updated on 6 January 2023.

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10 Best Stores for Baking Supplies in Singapore

1. RedMan by Phoon Huat

redman by phoon huat baking supplies singapore

A diverse range of local and international ingredients

Phoon Huat began as a humble store in 1947 and since then has grown to become a well-known household name in Singapore. They took a move in 2018 to cater to a younger generation of experience-driven clients by launching the flagship RedMan Store. With over 15,000 goods, RedMan houses a diverse range of ingredients and tools from well-known global and local brands. The new concept store is a one-stop shop for both newbie bakers looking for easy-to-make premixes and experts looking for varied ingredients for their distinctive recipes.

The store offers a multi-sensory experience that will make your baking fantasies a reality. Bakers will be spoiled for choice when they walk into the store, with everything from baking pods and baking lessons to in-store interactive activities. Gourmet cooks also can discover a variety of artisan dairy, meat, as well as seafood offerings. While all physical stores are now open, there is a maximum of 10 customers allowed in the store, so you can save time by ordering your stuff from their online stores.

Store Highlights:
  • A diverse range of ingredients from local and international brands
  • Also offers baking lessons and in-store interactive activities
Shop RedMan Shopee >
Check out RedMan Lazada >
Visit RedMan Official Store >

2. Bake with Yen

bake with yen baking supplies singapore

Trusted supplier of baking needs since 1987

Bake with Yen’s extensive selection includes everything from bread and flour to piping nozzles and edible gold. Since 1987, they have been a trusted supplier of high-quality baking supplies, equipment, and confectionary items. Along with the ingredients, you’ll also discover a variety of baking utensils, equipment, and decorating supplies! They’ll make your next baking materials shopping spree a delight with reliable islandwide shipping and great chat support.

We like that their prices are also reasonable. And to spare you the hassle of going down to the store during certain times, the store offers free islandwide delivery for orders over $150.

Store Highlights:
  • Wide range of products with competitive prices
  • Offers island-wide delivery (free for orders above $150)
Visit Bake With Yen SG Official Store >

3. Bake King

bake king baking supplies singapore

A pioneer distributor of baking necessities

Bake King, by name and reputation, is indeed a baking king! Founded in 1952 under Gim Hin Lee Pte Ltd, the brand is a pioneer in producing and distributing baking necessities in Singapore. Food flavours and colours, flours and premixes, cake decorations and toppers, herbs and spices, and sugars and syrups are all available under their brand. So, whether you’re a baking aficionado or a novice baker, this shop has everything an avid baker could possibly need.

Store Highlights: 
  • One-stop-shop for baking supplies
  • Offers some of the best baking courses in Singapore
Shop for baking supplies at Bake King Online Store >

4. United Bakery Supplies

united bakery baking supply singapore

If you’re looking to stock up on baking staples from all over the world, United Bakery Supplies specialises in supplying a range of food from Asia, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. They have approximately 60 products in categories such as cheese, butter, margarine, whipping cream, yeast, and many more! Plus, it’s really a good place to shop if you’re seeking major imported brands like Philadelphia, SCS, or Lurpak. You can either visit the warehouse to see what’s in stock, or you can order online and have your products delivered to your home. 

Store Highlights:
  • Sells baking staples from all around the world
  • Offers free delivery for orders $120 above
  • Has the latest baking ingredients and cake decorations
Visit United Bakery Supplies Official Website >

5. My Bake Store

my bake store baking supply singapore

My Bake Store is undoubtedly the best baking supplies store to check for special events. They cater particularly to the necessities of festive seasons such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, Halloween, and even birthdays! They have almost everything you need for a pleasant holiday, from cookie cutters and cupcake liners to special packaging needs.

Store Highlights:
Shop for supplies at My Bake Store >

6. Sugar Smith Inc

sugar smith inc baking supply singapore

Sugar Smith Inc may have what you’re looking for if you want more premium, exotic ingredients that you can’t find at the supermarkets. This baking supply store has a variety of more luxury ingredients, from Valrhona feves to Muscat grapes concentration paste. They also have some of the most stunning cake boards, like white marbled and pink acrylic ones!

Store Highlights:
  • Sells rare/exotic baking ingredients
  • Largest online baking supplies store selling products sourced from France, Italy, US, Korea and Japan
Shop for exotic ingredients at Sugar Smith >

7. Mold Mart

mold mart

The Carousell fever may have cooled down a little, but that is where this popular baking outlet got its start. Their shop specialises in baking moulds of all kinds. In addition to moulds, they also sell basic baking ingredients and even certain foodstuffs. Overall, if you work a lot with fondant and want to enhance your decorating skills, this is the supplies shop to go.

Store Highlights:
  • Popular Carousell-based store
  • Sells a wide variety of baking moulds
Check out Mold Mart Carousell >

8. Ailin Bakery House

ailin bakery house

The Ailin Bakery House store might be tiny, but it’s brimming with the supplies and ingredients you’ll need for your next bake at home. Aside from the standard baking supplies and tools, they also sell baking kits for making cookies and biscuits. And we like how easy it is to find pineapple jam and fruit gels here to create tarts or crumble! For your convenience, you can either visit the store or just purchase online.

Store Highlights:
  • Features the signature Sarawak pineapple filling
  • Huge range of baking ingredients and tools
Shop for baking needs at Ailin Bakery House >

9. N Supplies

n supplies

Baking in batches needs a huge volume of ingredients, and not everyone knows where to get the massive quantities required to meet orders. Look no farther than the N Supplies store in the heart of Yishun, which has all the baking delights and supplies you’ll ever need, all in extra-large sizes! The shelves are packed with baking ingredients and equipment, as well as gigantic tubs of Nutella and peanut butter for sale. There is also a significant supply of margarine and sugar for bulk purchasers who run home-based businesses. So if you’re planning to run a small pastry business, this is the perfect store for you.

Store Highlights:
  • Best for bulk purchases
  • Features Halal products in extra-large sizes
Visit N Supplies SG Official Website >

10. Wheat SG

wheat sg

Wheat, which discreetly debuted at the end of 2020, is a lifesaver for home bakers looking for another store to buy ingredients for home and even commercial use. Wheat not only stocks a large supply of high-demand goods like sugar, wheat, and milk, but they also offer wholesale items at discounted rates to give extra cost savings. Their wholesale supplies category, which features their iconic 2kg slab of cream cheese, is of great interest to many home bakers.

Store Highlights:
  • Wide variety of high-demand baking ingredients, ready-to-use mixes, and stylish baking equipment
  • Offers wholesale items at discounted rates
Check out Wheat SG Official Store >


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Stores for Baking Supplies in Singapore has helped you to buy the best ingredients in Singapore for your baking needs. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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