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17 Best Dining Tables in Singapore for Modern Homes | Best of Home 2021

Every beautiful home needs a modern dining table. On top of having your daily meals, the dining table is also often the go-to communal space for family and friends to gather around and socialize. While the design aspect is one of the primary factors when choosing your desired dining table, excellent and durable material is also an essential consideration. With an extensive variety of dining tables available in the market, which then is the best dining table in Singapore? In our Best of Home series, we have curated the latest 17 Best Dining Tables in Singapore, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget. To best complement your tables, check out our curated selection of dining chairs.

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This article is part of our Home Buying Guides series. Click here to read more Buying Guides


This article is part of our Best of Home series. Click here to read more Best of Home articles.

This article was last updated on 28 May 2021.

Table of contents 

17 Best Dining Tables in Singapore

1. Dix Ceramic Tri-Style Dining Table

Dix Ceramic Tri-Style Dining Table

Unravelling the appeal of defined angles, the DIX Ceramic Dining Series is finished with a sophisticated Italian ceramic design and luxurious black marble effect. What makes an impact is its multi-purpose ceramic and marble top which is non-absorbent, easy-to-clean, heat & flame resistant, versatile, and abrasion-resistant. Moreover, it is perfectly matched by a sturdy carbon steel and 4 chamfered leg designs which exemplify its modern-looking design. 

This ceramic dining series comes in a wide array of sizes and designs: 1.4m, 1.6m, 1.8m, and 3 tabletop colours and designs: Marble White, Concrete Grey, & Onyx Black.

Why buy it:
  • Beautiful multi-functional ceramic table 
  • Flame/heat resistant
  • Anti-scratch
  • Water-resistant
  • Sophisticated and modern-looking
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2. Ralph Dining Table 1.5m – Black, Cocoa

Hipvan Ralph Dining TableSleek and modern

If you’re a fan of furniture with clean designs, the Ralph Dining Table may be the one to complete your modern kitchen space. It may look small for you, but your entire family of six can fit comfortably. Yes, they will be quite cosy but that’s important in keeping connections alive, isn’t it?

When it comes to aesthetics, the sunburst wood veneered top and dynamic centred leg is enough to catch anyone’s attention. 

Quality, sturdy materials

This dining table is more affordable and accessible than its competitors, but in no way does it look cheap. Made from Malaysian oak, commonly known as Rubberwood, the Ralph Dining Table offers good stability and durability. Moreover, you can help the environment in a way since the rubber trees have already served their purpose before obtaining the wood. 

Why buy this:
  • MDF Veneer tabletop
  • Clean and modern design
  • 6-person capacity 
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3. Leland Dining Table 1.6m

Hipvan Leland Dining Table

Acacia dining table

Manufactured with strong and sturdy solid acacia wood, the Leland Dining Table is a good investment for your dining and kitchen area. It is water-resistant so you do not have to worry much about your kids spilling water on the furniture. But of course, wipe spillages immediately to be sure.

Also, the wood material is difficult to scratch. Hence, this table is guaranteed to exhibit its excellent craftsmanship and beauty for years. Just make sure to treat it with the utmost care! For instance, hot beverages are an absolute no-no when you do not have a coaster on. 

Classic look

We highly suggest this dining table if you have a Nordic-style home. Although the natural wooden tone of the Leland can easily adapt to whatever interior style you want. If you live in a smaller apartment, no worries since this table can fit just fine, with its recommended seating capacity for 4 to 6 people.

Why buy this:
  • Made from solid acacia wood with natural stain in uneven distress finishing
  • Sturdy and long-lasting material
  • Classic minimalist design – best for small dining areas 
  • Natural wood tone 
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4. Cadencia Dining Table 1.6m

HipVan Cadencia Dining Table

Unique dark wood herringbone design

For a dining table that’s both eye-catching and long-lasting, check out the Cadencia Dining Table. The first thing that you’ll notice is the classic herringbone pattern on top of a dark brown finish, which is a design you do not usually see with dining tables. Also, the cast-iron legs are powder-coated in brass that looks super fancy, but actually very sturdy. It’s perfect if you want to add a timeless vintage look to your home.

Extremely durable

Since the Cadencia is also made from solid acacia wood, you know that it will last you for a long time. Treat it like a prized possession and this table will be your family’s dining companion for years.

Why buy this:
  • Made from solid Acacia wood and cast iron accompaniments
  • Long-lasting features (e.g. water-resistant, anti-bacterial)
  • Brass-finished legs for a vintage look
  • Seats 6 people comfortably
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5. Werner Extendable Oval Dining Table 1.5m – Walnut 

HipVan Werner Extendable Oval Dining Table

Kid-friendly feature

Dining with a child can be tough, but not with the Werner Extendable Oval Dining Table. With its built-in butterfly leaf on the pulley-track mechanism, you do not have to worry about your kid spilling food on the whole table. In addition, the extension allows your child to eat more comfortably since his distance from the table can be more adjusted. If you do not  have kids yet, the Werner is still a good dining table since it gives you more space for serving food on the table.

An attractive centrepiece in dining areas

Minimal in design, the Werner can be easily matched into your dining area, even if you have a fun-printed wallpaper. It is very durable, too! 

Not only is it visually appealing, but also attractive in its price. Although this table boasts of an innovative feature, you can still purchase it at a budget-friendly price point

Why buy this:
  • Made from engineered wood with walnut veneer and solid oak legs
  • Up to 6 person capacity
  • Extendable table for extra space
  • Can last for years
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6. Harold Dining Table 

HipVan Harold Dining Table

Stylish and modern

Another dining table that we love is the Harold Dining Table. You can never go wrong with a piece of stylish white furniture. Yes, it can be much harder to clean (cue horror when you spill juice!), but just imagine how instantly it adds sophistication in any room. You’ll probably even feel like a true New Yorker! But the solid wooden frame with au naturel colour finishing is what really sealed the deal for us.

Versatile dining table

At first glance, the Harold may not look like your typical dining table. For starters, it’s white! So, if you don’t want the constant worry of ruining a perfectly crafted white piece of furniture, you may just opt to use it on your patio. Or maybe a new table for your modern office. The possibilities are endless!

Minus the spillage woes, this dining table is actually very easy to maintain. Moreover, it can seat 4 to 6 of your family members comfortably. 

Why buy this:
  • Made from engineered wood and solid oak legs
  • Au naturel finishing
  • Fuss-free maintenance
  • Can withstand wear and tear of daily use
  • 4 to 6 person seating capacity
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7. Mizell Dining Table 1.2m in Walnut with 4 Mizell Chairs in Black

Hipvan Mizell Dining Table

Best for small spaces

Simple and functional, the Mizell Dining Table in Walnut with Mizell Chairs can be the next addition to your home. At an affordable price, you will get to share delicious home-cooked meals with your family of four. There’s still space for two guests, but you need to purchase more chairs. And since the table’s frame is quite petite, you can easily fit this table in small dining areas. Or perhaps as a breakfast table in your kitchen.


Whether you’re a slow-paced eater or a chatty one, you don’t need to worry about

spending too much time on the table as each Mizell Chair is immensely comfortable. At the same time, it comes in style. The neatly curved edges and high backs of the chars call for dining area ergonomics at its finest. The chairs also boast steel legs in chrome finishing – very stylish and modern. HipVan knew that it is complicated to figure out the right combination of dining table and chair that is why their dining sets are carefully curated to help you in the decision process.

Why buy this:
  • Dining table made from engineered wood with walnut veneer
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Ergonomic seating
  • Bent plywood chairs in a stylish design
  • Petite frame
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8. Kay Quartz Top Dining Table

Kay Quartz Top Dining Table Singapore

Elegant quartz stone dining table

A beautiful addition to your dining room, the Kay dining table features an elegant quartz stone tabletop with tapered, powder-coated steel legs. Its sleek profile boasts an elegant and contemporary style, perfect for modern homes. 

What’s great about the quartz stone tabletop is that it is more durable than marble, being scratch, stain and heat resistant while antibacterial and non-porous as well. This simply means that you will get to enjoy the polished white surface for many years without having to worry about spills or stains.

Specifications: W1600 x D800 x H750 mm

Why buy this:
  • Elegant and contemporary style
  • Natural quartz top
  • More durable than marble
  • Scratch, stain and heat resistant
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9. Bloc Teak Wood Dining Table

Bloc teak wood dining tbale

Solid teak wood

If you prefer the looks of natural wood instead of stone, check out Cellini’s Bloc Teak Wood Dining Table. Featuring solid teak wood as its tabletop and black powder-coated steel legs, this table will easily add a rustic vibe to your dining room. The distressed table surface provides a unique feel, while the natural wood grains adds to the authentic style. Whether your interior design follows an industrial or rustic theme, rest assured that this table will fit right in!

Specifications: W1400 x D800 x H750 mm

Why buy this:
  • Solid teak wood tabletop
  • Rustic or industrial style
  • Black powder-coated steel legs
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10. Bolda Quartz Top Dining Table

Bolda Quartz Top Dining Table

Wood and metal structure

The Bolda Quartz model is one of the most beautiful dining tables in Singapore for good reason. Using a unique production method that bonds metal with walnut veneer for its frame and legs, you can enjoy the captivating charms of wood and the strength of the metal. Additionally, its natural quartz stone tabletop provides a sleek and durable surface.

The dining chairs that come with the set also provide a tasteful blend of pristine wood and strong metal frame. We would highly recommend this for your modern home!

Specifications: W1600 x D800 x H750 mm

Why buy this:
  • Natural beauty of the brown walnut veneer
  • Complementary dining chairs for a gorgeous, uniformed style
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11. Max Glass Dining Table

Max Glass Dining Table Singapore

Tempered black glass with wood

The Max Glass Dining Table boasts a lovely tempered black glass tabletop for a pristine and elegant look, contrasted against its American walnut veneer base and legs. Combining nature with modern design, this sturdy table is also relatively more affordable and a value buy.

Specifications: W1300 x D820 x H750 mm

Why buy this:
  • Tempered black glass with wood
  • Relatively more affordable yet made with quality materials
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12. Zen Dining Table and Chairs Set

Zen Dining Table and Chairs Set

V-shaped table legs

If heavy duty dining tables are not your cup of tea, check out the Zen Dining Table and Chairs Set, one of the more affordable dining tables in Singapore. Simple yet beautiful, its unique v-shaped table legs provide a stable structure, while its adjustable studs allow you to change the table height according to your preferences.

Metal frame

In addition, the matching dining chairs are made with metal frames for added strength, as well as PU leather seats and curved backrest for the extra sitting comfort. 

Why buy this:
  • Affordable
  • Unique v-shaped legs
  • Adjustable leg studs to change table height
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13. Extendable Console Table – White Carrara Marble

Extendable Console Table - White Carrara Marble

Marble table with extendable feature

Should you be looking for an extendable table, check out the Console Table with White Carrara Marble. Made in Italy, this extendable table allows you to host larger groups of guests while keeping your room spacious and when only you and your partner is home. The white Carrara marble also adds to the charming style of the table.

Why buy this:
  • Extendable table
  • White Carrara marble
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14. Marble Stainless Steel Dining Table Joshua

Marble Stainless Steel Dining Table Joshua

White marble and gold stainless steel legs

For fans of the trendy white marble and gold look, be sure to check out the posh Joshua Table. Combining anodized gold stainless steel legs with an Ariston white marble top, this will definitely be the talking point among your guests. You can also opt for matte black stainless steel legs for a more neutral style, while the marble top comes in three beautiful patterns – Ariston (white), Oriental (white) and SilverDrag (black). 

Why buy this:
  • White marble top with gold stainless steel legs
  • Perfect for modern homes
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15. BEIMU Folding Table With Wheels

BEIMU Folding With Wheels


Those looking for a space-saving solution may find the BEIMU folding table pretty useful. Its retractable design is not only unique but also customizable according to your preferences. What’s useful is that it comes with wheels for easy transporting, and you can even use it in various places in your house easily too.

Why buy this:
  • Affordable
  • Retractable and multifunctional
  • Space-saving
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16. UMD Designer Table

UMD Designer

Not your typical table feature, but what’s good about the UMD tables is that they come with several models and size options. Whether you prefer a contemporary marble table or a classic design with wood accents, you can take a look at the various options in the link below.

Why buy this:
  • Various sizes and models
  • Extendable option
Check price on Shopee >

17. Loft Table Marble & Birch Wood

Loft Marble & Birch Wood

Marble top and birch wood legs

Made from real marble and birch wood legs, you can select 3 types of marbles to choose from for your table. The table also comes with varying sizes for various house sizes.

Why buy this:
  • Marble table top
  • Birch wood legs
Check price on Shopee > 


Which brand of dining table is the best in Singapore?

Cellini is a top local brand for quality dining tables in Singapore.

Where to buy a dining table in Singapore?

You used to only be able to buy a dining table in Singapore in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Cellini is my go-to for home furniture products. It is also a great place to compare the price of dining tables in Singapore. 


We hope that our guide on the 17 Best Dining Tables in Singapore will help you to buy the best dining table in Singapore. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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