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9 Best Dishwashers in Malaysia for a Clutter-free Sink | Best of Home 2023

When you’re too busy dealing with life, the smallest of household chores can be a pain. And when you can’t stand a dirty sink, that pain becomes agony. In that case, you might need a dishwasher to save you from screaming at your partner. Dishwashers offer the ultimate convenience when it comes to keeping our plates squeaky clean. Simply pop the dishes onto the washer, set to your desired mode, and leave it as it is! What’s also great is that dishwashers come in multiple types to suit your kitchen, whether you want them on the countertop or integrated below. With an extensive variety of dishwashers available in the market, which then is the best dishwasher in Malaysia? In our Best of Home series, we have curated the latest 9 Best Dishwashers in Malaysia, providing quality recommendations to suit your kitchen needs and budget.

This article was last updated on 19 January 2023

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9 Best Dishwashers in Malaysia

1. T0shiba DW-14F2(BS) Free Standing Dishwasher

TOSHIBA DW-14F2(BS)-MY Free Standing Dishwasher Best Dishwashers Malaysia

3-stage hygiene combination for intensive cleaning

Forget about that stubborn dirt and grease on your plates, as the Toshiba DW-14F2(BS) boasts a combination of three-stage hygiene technology in washing the dishes. First, the dirty dishes will be subjected to a 70°C hot water wash, ensuring that oils decompose faster and stains are wiped off on every surface. After washing, the dishes will be sterilised via Toshiba’s UV LED Sterilizer technology to eliminate bacteria in the most effective way. And lastly, the environment inside the dishwasher is said to be maintained 99.99% bacteria-free at all times by performing an antibacterial treatment in the filter regularly. 


Whether you’re a family of 10 or just like to eat on multiple plates on one meal (like for Korean side dishes!), the TOSHIBA DW-14F2(BS) is sure to handle any large load. And if you need more space, this dishwasher comes with a sliding tray that can also move sideways. This means that you can move the tray when you want to fit tall glasses, ladles, and such onto your washer. 

Sometimes, we can’t simply afford to wait for the dishwasher to become full before running it. So, we really love its Dual Zone feature, which allows you to select specific settings depending on the size of your load. With this, the water projection will always be directed to the area where the dirty plates are. The best part is, you will save a bit more power! 

Why buy this: 
  • 11L water consumption
  • Self-cleaning feature for easier maintenance
  • 8 program settings are available
  • With LED display
  • Up to 14 tableware sets capacity
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2. Giselle KEA0205


Giselle KEA0205 Best Dishwashers Malaysia

Best value for money 

As Asians, we may not be as accustomed to dishwashers even though they are loaded with benefits. So, if you are just checking the waters and not willing to spend too much, we highly recommend the Giselle KEA0205. Aside from being more budget-friendly, this Giselle dishwasher is deemed to be one of the strongest tabletop dishwashers in Malaysia. It can clean your dishes with up to 72°C of hot water, so not only will it kill bacteria and viruses, but also aid in the hot air drying of the plates

Moreover, this dishwasher only consumes 6.0L of water in one cycle. Hence, you will be able to save more water on it as compared to when you handwash your dishes. Though do note that the dishwasher is much smaller than the others, so it is not that recommend to larger households.

Small and compact

The Giselle KEA0205 features a transparent window, so you can watch your dishes being cleaned. But of course, we don’t have that much time to do that. Also, since the dishwasher is small and compact, you can simply stow it on top of your kitchen countertop and let it do its job. After 38 mins of operation, you can check how every grease on your plates is wiped off clean.

Why buy this: 
  • Affordable dishwasher with drying option
  • 6 to 8 tableware sets capacity
  • Quick washing
  • Upgraded digital touch screen 
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3. Electrolux ESF6010BW Compact Dishwasher 

Electrolux ESF6010BW Compact Dishwasher Best Dishwashers Malaysia

Washing versatility

Featuring a total of 6 programmes, the Electrolux ESF6010BW Compact Dishwasher has everything you need to clean your dishes. Choose from Eco, Intensive, Normal, 30min, Glass, and Soak modes – you’ll be spoilt for options even though this dishwasher is more suitable for smaller homes.

Furthermore, we like how this dishwasher comes with a Child-lock protection feature to ensure our little one’s safety at all times. The Electrolux ESF6010BW is a stand-alone dishwasher, so it is not entirely possible that your child will not try to experiment on it.

Why buy this: 
  • Thermo Efficient System to save on energy
  • 2.24L water consumption
  • Residual heat drying
  • Compact dishwasher with 8 place settings
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4. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Dishwasher

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Dishwasher Best Dishwashers Malaysia

Smart and stylish

Just like all Xiaomi appliances, the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Dishwasher is the best option when you’re trying to embrace minimalism in your home. This dishwasher is smart-connected, so you can control it remotely and via voice command! Just make sure that you have the Mi Home App on your phone, and you can already check the status of your dishwasher even if you’re not at home. In addition, the app will remind you if your dishwasher is in need of more water and the likes.

Since this dishwasher is small and compact, it is more ideal for smaller homes with 3-4 household members. 

Why buy this: 
  • Minimal water usage – up to 5.3L only in one cycle
  • 6 washing modes for versatility 
  • Up to 4 sets capacity
  • Intelligent app control (maintenance, scheduled cleaning, etc.)
  • Budget-friendly
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5. Beko Free Standing Dishwasher DFN28R22W

Beko Free Standing Dish Washer DFN28R22W Best Dishwashers Malaysia

AquaIntense technology for your dirtiest dishes 

Equipped with the AquaIntense technology, it is almost sure that all dishes will come out of the Beko Free Standing Dishwasher DFN28R22W spotless. This technology provides intense water pressure to expertly clean all your dirtiest dishes, so even after you ate a greasy burger or cooked a burnt steak, the Beko Dishwasher has your back. And don’t worry if you have surprise guests over as you can wash your dishes 3x faster with this reliable kitchen appliance. 

Furthermore, we like how the dishwasher’s upper rack is height-adjustable, making it much easier to organise dishes inside. It is also spacious enough to carry up to 14 tableware sets in one washing cycle.

Why buy this: 
  • More affordable dishwasher for a freestanding type
  • A++ Energy Efficient Class 
  • With sliding cutlery basket to make more room in the lower rack
  • 8 washing programmes are available
  • 9.5L water consumption per cycle
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6. Bosch Free Standing SKS62E32EU 

Bosch Free Standing SKS62E32EU 

Highly efficient

The Bosch Free Standing SKS62E32EU is a dishwasher that guarantees exceptionally quiet operation, high cleaning efficiency, and low electricity consumption. On top of that, water consumption is targeted as well, letting you save on water and be more eco-friendly in a simpler way. Plus, a fail-safe leak protection!

What’s also great is that this dishwasher takes extra care of your delicate glasses and precious fine china. Since soft water may cause glass corrosion, the Bosch Free Standing SKS62E32EU ensures that the water hardness inside the dishwasher is always maintained at the required range.

Why buy this: 
  • 6 place settings
  • With built-in rotary speed sensor to adjust dishwasher settings based on load
  • Time-delay function for scheduled washings
  • A+ Energy Efficiency Class
  • 10-year Rust-Through Warranty
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7. Elba Italy Edw-B1462D(Ss)

Elba Italy Edw-B1462D(Ss)


Spacious dishwasher 

Another one of the best dishwashers in Malaysia is the Elba Italy Edw-B1462D(Ss). With a 14 place setting, this dishwasher is ideal for a large family. If you’re in a hurry, you can run the dishwasher even if it is not yet full – just set into the half load setting. In that way, you will be able to save on water and electricity. Moreover, we like how it allows for a delayed start on the cleaning. Thus, you can just set the dishwasher to operate an hour before you get home to ensure that all your plates are freshly cleaned.

Why buy this: 
  • 6 washing programmes
  • A+ Energy Efficiency
  • With rinse aid indicator
  • Up to 24 hours delayed function
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8. Toshiba Table Top Dishwasher DW-08T1(S)-MY

Toshiba Table Top Dishwasher DW-08T1(S)-MY

Small yet powerful 

If you want a more affordable Toshiba dishwasher, then we suggest that you check out the Toshiba Table Top Dishwasher DW-08T1(S). Designed for kitchen countertops, this compact dishwasher is recommended for a smaller household as it can only cater to an 8 place setting. As compared to the Toshiba DW-14F2(BS), this dishwasher is more petite. But despite the size, it boasts the same 3-stage hygiene combination that eliminates any stain and grease on your dishes. It also has a sliding tray that can be adjusted sideways for added space.

Why buy this: 
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • 8L water consumption
  • With leak protection system
  • 7 washing programmes 
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9. Electrolux Free Standing Dishwasher ESF5206LOW

Electrolux Free Standing Dishwasher ESF5206LOW


Air dry technology

Lastly, we have the Electrolux Free Standing Dishwasher ESF5206LOW. It is one of the most energy-efficient dishwashers in Malaysia, with an A+ rating and power consumption of only 1.03 kWh/cycle. Also, what makes this dishwasher stand out is that it boasts the Air dry technology that lets your dishes dry in the most natural way. In other words, the dishwasher automatically opens its door right before the washing cycle ends, therefore maximising drying and minimising energy consumption.

Why buy this: 
  • 5 programmes
  • Inverter system
  • 13 tableware sets capacity
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Which is the best brand for dishwashers in Malaysia?

With your comfort and the ultimate convenience in mind, Toshiba is one of the best brands for dishwashers in Malaysia. Toshiba offers plenty of dishwashers so you will surely find one that caters to your budget and household need.

Where to buy dishwashers in Malaysia?

You used to only be able to buy dishwashers in Malaysia in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee and Lazada are my go-to’s for home products. They are also great places to compare the price of dishwashers in Malaysia. 


We hope that our guide on the 9 Best Dishwashers in Malaysia will help you to buy the best dishwasher in Malaysia. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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