10 Best Shops for Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings in Dubai (2022)
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10 Best Shops for Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings in Dubai (2022)

Picture this: you have finally decided to marry the love of your life and now it is time to pop the much-anticipated question. Now, before you do that, it is important to have your engagement ring prepared first. Fortunately, Dubai is home to a variety of jewellery shops where you can buy an engagement or even a wedding ring. The bonus is, rings here can be a lot cheaper than in other parts of the world! In this article, we have rounded up the 10 Best Shops for Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings in Dubai, providing quality recommendations to suit your needs and budget.

This post was updated on 01 March 2022.

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10 Best Shops for Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings in Dubai

1. James Allen

James Allen Best Shops for Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings in Dubai

Large selection of bespoke diamond rings

Founded in 2006, James Allen has pioneered the way consumers shop for fine jewellery online. Though only more than just a decade at service, James Allen has become the largest online diamond and bridal jewellery retailer in the world, offering the highest quality of conflict free-diamonds and a phenomenal range of jewellery at the best price possible

What we love the most about James Allen is that they offer bespoke diamond rings that are perfect as engagement rings or wedding rings. With them, you’d never thought that designing a ring is really easy and can be done in just 3 steps! We also like how James Allen offers free engraving services for a more personalised piece.

Excellent customer service with a 100% money-back guarantee

Moreover, James Allen has one of the best customer service standards for jewellery companies with their 24/7 customer service. They also offer an Interactive Real-time Diamond Inspection Service, the first of its kind in the industry, which means that customers all over the world can thoroughly examine the diamond ring that they want in 40x Super Zoom Magnification. Ask questions, mark points of interest on the diamond itself, review specs and grading certificates – anything to keep your mind at ease.

On top of the excellent customer service, James Allen also provides a lifetime warranty, free shipping worldwide, 1-year free resizing, hassle-free returns with a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days, no questions asked. With all that, we find James Allen very trustworthy and reliable – you’d definitely find your sparkle here. 

Check out James Allen > 
Website: www.jamesallen.com
Tel: +1-412-314-9060
Email: service@jamesallen.com 
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2. Fergus James Diamonds 

Fergus James Diamonds Best Shops for Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings in Dubai

With its whopping 5 star rating on Google alone, Fergus James Diamonds is undoubtedly one of the best shops for wedding and engagement rings in Dubai. Also known as Dubai’s only British jewellery specialist, every product is made to order and totally customisable to fit your requests. They also source only GIA certified diamonds from reputable suppliers; they don’t have onhand stock, which allows them to provide you with only the best stones possible. Once your ring is done, expect a lifetime of warranty, free resizing and free engraving for a more personal piece. 

Check out Fergus James Diamonds > 
Website: www.fergusjames.com
Tel: +971 52 360 6874
Email: info@fergusjames.com
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3. Dianna Jewellery

Dianna Jewellery Best Shops for Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings in Dubai

Named after a princess, Dianna Jewellery is perfect for that most special lady of your life. With their exquisite designs, expert craftsmanship,  and premium quality jewellery, their pieces will surely make any occasion unforgettable. Dianna Jewellery is actually a family-run business with over 50 years of experience in fine jewellery manufacturing, so you can definitely trust them with something as special as a wedding or engagement ring. We also suggest checking out their Fingerprint Wedding Rings, which are perfect for couples looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind personalised to celebrate their love. 

Check out Dianna Jewellery > 
Website: www.dianajewellery.com
Tel: +971 4 368 8673
Email: info@dianajewellery.com
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4. Liali 

Liali Best Shops for Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings in Dubai

Specialising in bespoke jewellery, Liali helps you make a personalised statement the way mass-produced jewellery cannot. Customising your wedding or engagement ring is super easy to do with them; simply submit your desired design and they will help you bring your dream jewellery to life. From diamonds to gold and platinum rings, everything is crafted with perfection. You may even opt to add a personalised engraving to suit your taste! Liali has over 20 outlets in most of UAE, Oman and  Bahrain landmark locations, so it is also easy to book an in-store appointment with them, though shopping online is more accessible.

Check out Liali > 
Website: www.lialijewellery.com
Tel: +971 56 113 1447
Email: sandeep@lialijewellery.com
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5. La Marquise Jewellery

La Marquise Jewellery Best Shops for Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings in Dubai

When it comes to exquisite, diamond bridal jewellery, La Marquise Jewellery is another great option to consider. La Marquise has now grown into a global chain of retail boutiques located in major shopping malls, five-star hotels and selected duty-frees not only in Dubai, but worldwide. Their diamond ring designs are timeless, the epitome of poise, sophistication, and class; with every piece having been expertly cut, designed, and polished to create a dazzling effect. Plus, their diamonds and gemstones are all ethically sourced! Choose from their extensive collection of rings for different occasions and use, not to mention the anklets, bangles, pendants that they offer. 

Check out La Marquise Jewellery > 
Website: www.lamarquisejewellery.com
Tel: +971 52 453 4551
Email: info@lamarquisejewellery.com
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6. Kanz Jewels

Kanz Jewels Best Shops for Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings in Dubai

Kanz Jewels is deemed as one of Dubai’s most trusted jewellers, offering a wide variety of quality handcrafted jewellery pieces to every customer. ‘Kanz’ is an Arabic word that means “The Treasure”, so not only do they sell ethereal pieces that you can treasure for a lifetime, but also treasures everyone in their impressive clientele. On top of everything else, what truly makes Kanz Jewels stand out,  is that every piece is handpicked and personalised to your taste. Every Kanz piece is a statement piece, unique in its own way and different to the next. Also, Kanz imports a variety of gold jewellery in plenty of countries worldwide.

Check out Kanz Jewels >
Website: https://kanzjewels.com/
Tel: +971 4 386 2222
Email: info@kanz.ae
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7. Mamiya 

Established in 1966, Mamiya Jewellers is a single store turned into a 3-outlet jewellery retailer – thanks to its dedication to providing pieces with exceptionally high standards in terms of quality and price. Today, they have a 100% satisfaction rate from 100k (and counting!) customers around the world, so you can only expect one of the best services in Dubai when you buy your wedding or engagement ring here. Make sure that you check out their rings in classic settings like Four Prong, Micro-pave, Three Stone, and so much more! Mamiya also only offers certified diamonds, all with their own certificate of authenticity.

Check out Mamiya > 
Website: www.mamiyadiamonds.com
Tel: +971 4 226 6026
Email: mamiyadubai@gmail.com
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8. Gold and Diamond Park

Gold and Diamond Park

At Gold and Diamond Park, literally, every turn you take will let you face one jewellery shop after another. With over 90 leading jewellery retailers and brands to choose from, a truly diverse range of engagement and wedding rings await. Customers can even opt to have their designs custom-made at the hands of superbly skilled and experienced artisans! Once you got tired of all the shopping, Gold and Diamond Park also offers a selection of cafes and restaurants onsite for you to rest a bit. So basically, Gold and Diamond Park provides you with the most luxurious experience of being in the glittering heart of Dubai.

Check out Gold and Diamond Park > 
Website: www.goldanddiamondpark.com
Tel: +971 4 347 7788
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9. Al Fouad Jewellery

Al Fouad Jewellery

Combining the best of Sydney, Australia and Dubai, Al Fouad Jewellery offers jewellery pieces that are designed to last for a lifetime. Actually, this business is family-owned and has been passed around for 9 generations, so you can only expect the expertise that comes in creating every jewellery piece. Al Fouad is home to exclusive gold, diamond (with loose and certified diamonds!), pearl jewellery, and just about everything under the sun! Although they offer a wide range of style and design options, Al Fouad also lets customers put a personal touch on their jewellery, ensuring that the piece they get is something they truly love.

Check out Al Fouad Jewellery > 
Website: www.polisheddiamonds.co.nz
Tel: +971 50 724 5574
Email: aussiemikesdubai@gmail.com
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10. Solitaire Jewels

Solitaire Jewels

Last but definitely not least is Solitaire Jewels, a family-owned business that originally started in New York way back in 1976. Now an established couture jeweller in both New York and Dubai, Solitaire Jewels custom make unique engagement rings, bridal necklaces, and fine jewellery that are one of a kind and hard to replicate. They also have onhand jewellery collections fit for any occasion, not to mention the pieces that are meant for daily use.

Check out Solitaire Jewels >
Website: https://solitairejewels.com
Tel: +971 58 257 2569
Email: hello@solitairejewels.com
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