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11 Best Ergonomic Chairs in Malaysia | Best of Home 2023

An essential addition to any workspace is a high-quality ergonomic chair. While tackling daily tasks can often be draining, a comfortable chair has the remarkable ability to alleviate stress and make the experience more enjoyable. Most importantly, ergonomic chairs prioritise comfort above all else, not only reducing fatigue but also enhancing overall work productivity. With an extensive variety of ergonomic chairs in the market, which then is the best ergonomic chair in Malaysia? In our Best of Home series, we introduce the 11 Best Ergonomic Chairs in Malaysia, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

Table of Contents (Summary)

  1. Evis Ergonovis
  2. TTRacing Swift X 2020
  3. TTRacing Duo V3
  4. Razer Iskur
  5. Sakula Ergonomic Chair
  6. GTGAMEZ Red Bull Gaming Chair
  7. Alterseat
  8. Ergoworks Duorest
  9. Ely Steelcase Gesture
  10. Haworth Fern High
  11. Tozient

Best Ergonomic Chairs in Malaysia

1. Evis Ergonovis

Evis Ergonovis - Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia
Evis Ergonovis – Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia

An ergonomic chair for optimal support

Built with premium materials, the Evis Ergonovis™ ergonomic office chair is the chair for everyone, specially designed to perfect your daily posture for a healthier spine. What we especially like about this chair is that it is made of mesh fabric for superior comfort, and it also has an ergonomic contour design that adapts to your spinal column. This efficiently provides you with optimal support to get through a full day of work.

With the full body of the Evis Ergonovis made up of aluminium alloy, you can be assured of its durability and quality – capable of supporting up to 150kg of weight. Should you prefer a less pricey ergonomic chair with almost similar benefits, you can try their Evis ErgoPro ergonomic chair.

Ultimate support all round

Special features include the ability to move the arms in and out to support your forearms when needed, an armrest with 80° Swirl Armrests adjustability, as well as a headrest that can adjust up and down to support your neck, particularly when reclining.  Moreover, the Evis Ergonovis™ features automated motion lumbar support technology, providing adjustable lumbar support to keep you comfortable.

If you have been putting up with a low-quality, ordinary, or simply uncomfortable chair, we reckon that your back and neck may be hurting quite a fair bit due to incorrect posture. Considering the amount of time spent daily in front of an office desk, it is honestly worth spending for the sake of your health. The Evis Ergonovis™ comes with a 4-year warranty.

What we love about Evis Ergonovis:
  • Adjustable headrest for optimal neck support
  • Automated motion lumbar support technology for better back support
  • Ergonomic contour design to match the human spine

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2. TTRacing Swift X 2020

TTRacing Swift X 2020 - Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia
TTRacing Swift X 2020 – Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia

The TTRacing Swift X 2020 offers the best of both worlds, may it be for work or entertainment. What we like about this is its stylish yet ergonomic design. Moreover, its padding is made with the company’s comfortable and durable cold cure foam enclosed in seamless faux leather. As a result, users experience unmatched relief against stress and fatigue. Aside from that, its armrests are made with the same design to support your arms while working. Finally, manoeuvrability is also not a question because of its solid 360° aluminium body and leatherette rubber castors. A superb ergonomic chair for you, indeed!

What we love about TTRacing Swift:
  • Wide lumbar and shoulder support to support correct body posture
  • Has a 160° reclining backrest for more relaxation
  • Designed with Heavy Duty SGS certified hydraulic for height adjustability
Check out TTRacing Swift X 2020 >

3. TTRacing Duo V3

TTRacing Duo V3 - Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia
TTRacing Duo V3 – Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia

Another exemplary design from TTRacing is its Duo V3 ergonomic chair. Aside from being one of the sought-after gaming chairs in Malaysia, this product is also top-rated for its superb relaxing features. It is made with a wider and taller body that perfectly embraces any body size. In addition to that, this ergonomic chair is upholstered using Italian Elastic Cloth that equates breathability and coolness for an increased work and gaming experience.

What we love about TTRacing Duo V3:
  • 155° tilting backrest
  • Heavy-duty nylon base
  • 360° rotatable leatherette castors for easy movement
Check out TTRacing Duo V3 >

4. Razer Iskur

Razer Iskur - Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia
Razer Iskur – Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia

Comfort and durability combined

The Razing Iskur Gaming Chair offers a comprehensive set of features to enhance comfort and mobility. One standout aspect is its firm, contoured cushioning that seamlessly conforms to your body’s natural shape. Additionally, the chair is constructed with a robust multi-layered faux leather material, making it resilient enough to endure extended periods of use.

Notably, the Razing Iskur Gaming Chair boasts a memory foam headrest and integrated lumbar support. These features not only alleviate pressure points but also promote proper posture, ensuring a more relaxed and comfortable seating experience during long gaming or work sessions.

Why Buy This:
  • Constructed with multi-layered faux leather
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Memory foam head cushion
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5. Sakula Ergonomic Chair

Sakula Ergonomic Chair - Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia
Sakula Ergonomic Chair – Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia

The perfect blend of versatility and durability

Introducing the Sakula Gaming Chair, an exceptional ergonomic seating solution available in Malaysia. This chair stands out for its multifunctionality while remaining budget-friendly for consumers. One of its standout features is the built-in lumbar support that mirrors the natural S-curve of your spine. This thoughtful design not only promotes proper posture but also prevents slouching, effectively relieving pressure on your spine.

Equally noteworthy is the chair’s headrest, which provides robust support for the back of your head and neck. This feature helps alleviate tension in your upper body, enhancing your overall sitting experience. Moreover, the chair boasts a star-shaped seat base that offers dependable weight support, allowing for effortless movement.

Why Buy This:
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Star-shaped seat base
  • Budget-friendly
Check prices on Shopee and Lazada >

6. GTGAMEZ Red Bull Gaming Chair

GTGAMEZ Red Bull Gaming Chair - Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia
GTGAMEZ Red Bull Gaming Chair – Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia

Gaming chair that tailors to your needs

The GTGAMEZ Red Bull Gaming Chair delivers an exciting seating experience, featuring eye-catching dual-colour designs and an immersive multi-coloured LED lighting system that enhances your gaming sessions. Moreover, this ergonomic chair boasts a versatile, height-adjustable backrest, ensuring optimal comfort tailored to your needs. Notably, its innovative triangular armrests are designed to alleviate upper body tension and promote shoulder relaxation, contributing to a more enjoyable and comfortable gaming experience.

Why Buy This:
  • A versatile backrest that adapts to height
  • Triangular fixed armrests for comfort and focus during gaming sessions
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7. Alterseat

Alterseat - Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia
Alterseat – Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia

Seamlessly combines Italian craftsmanship with ergonomic design

The Alterseat Donati®️ Synchro Multi Tilt Mechanism chair is a premium ergonomic seating solution designed for optimum ergonomic usage and uncompromising durability. Crafted with an aluminium finish, it boasts a tilting mechanism that reduces lower back and tailbone pressure when sitting at the edge or leaning forward for extended periods. It caters to individual preferences by offering five-lock recline angles and customisable tension adjustments. 

Additionally, the seat features a Luxe-touch woven fibre with anti-slip support mesh for breathability and stability. Plus, the four-dimensional armrest adjustments ensure a perfect fit. Moreover,  this chair is manufactured in collaboration with Donati®, a renowned European furniture maker known for innovation and quality. 

Why Buy This:
  • Well-known European premium furniture manufacturer with its origins in Val Trompia, Northern Italy
  • Luxe-touch woven fibre with an anti-slip support mesh
  • 5-Locking recline mechanism
Check out Alterseat >

8. Ergoworks Duorest

Ergoworks Duorest - Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia
Ergoworks Duorest – Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia

Premium ergonomics and long-lasting comfort

The Ergoworks Duorest chair offers a comprehensive set of ergonomic features designed to enhance comfort and support during long hours of sitting. Designed to cater to diverse body types and preferences, this chair features an adjustable headrest, customisable backrest, 4D armrest, sliding arm pads and Donati synchronised mechanism from Italy. The chair also provides essential adjustments. It includes seat depth and height, along with a mesh seat pan and a moulded foam duo backrest for breathability and ergonomic support. 

Furthermore, the chair includes a warranty covering different components: 3 years for the fabric, 5 years for the mechanism, and an impressive 10-year structural integrity warranty. These warranties ensure durability and value for users seeking advanced ergonomic seating.

Why Buy This:
  • 4D Armrest Adjustment
  • Sliding Arm Pad
  • PP Back Shelf for durability and ergonomic support
  • Comes with a warranty covering different components
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9. Ely Steelcase Gesture

Ely Steelcase Gesture - Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia
Ely Steelcase Gesture – Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia

Redefines office chair experience

The Steelcase Gesture redefines the office chair experience with its groundbreaking ergonomic design. Rather than starting from a traditional chair blueprint, it begins by understanding and accommodating the nuanced movements and gestures of the human body during sitting. This thoughtful approach is evident in its Core Interface, Limb Interface, and Seat Interface. All of which work harmoniously to provide continuous support and comfort across various postures. The headrest adds an extra layer of customisation with its height adjustment, forward and backward pivot movement, and rotation capabilities. 

Moreover, the chair’s commitment to sustainability shines through its use of recyclable materials and recycled content, making it an environmentally responsible choice. Backed by a 12-year product warranty, the Steelcase Gesture promises both innovation and durability, ensuring that users can enjoy a superior sitting experience for years to come in the modern office environment.

Why Buy This:
  • Core Interface design ensures comfort and flexibility in different sitting positions
  • Made from materials that are up to 85% recyclable by weight
  • Comes with a 12-year product warranty
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10. Haworth Fern High

Haworth Fern High - Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia
Haworth Fern High – Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia

A symbol of comfort, innovation, and sustainability

The Haworth Fern High stands as the epitome of ergonomic office chair excellence, offering an unrivalled level of comfort and support. This ergonomic chair is suitable for a variety of workspaces, including home offices. With its cutting-edge Wave Suspension™ technology, it redefines the notion of balanced, flexible, and high-performance seating. Regardless of your size, posture, or work style, the “Fern” assures a day of relaxed productivity in your swivel or executive chair.  What we love about Haworth Fern High is its ability to seamlessly adapt to your movements and changing positions. This ensures a harmonious and supportive experience, fostering fatigue-free sitting. 

Award-winning ergonomic chair

Furthermore, this chair sticks to its commitment to sustainability. Certified for structural safety by FIRA, this chair boasts GreenGuard Gold certification for low emissions and holds GS safety certification. Additionally, it has earned the prestigious German Design Award for its exceptional design. Inspired by the natural flexibility of ferns, each “leaf” in the backrest caters to a specific area of the back, ensuring optimal balance between flexibility and support. 

Why Buy This:
  • Wave Suspension™ Technology that allows the chair to adapt to your movements
  • Certified sustainability 
  • Elegant design
Check price on Lazada >

11. Tozient

Tozient - Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia
Tozient – Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia

Optimised comfort and functionality for users

The Tozient chair boasts a plethora of ergonomic features designed to optimise comfort and functionality for users. The chair’s mesh headrest promotes breathability, while the seat back combines soft rubber. Plus, the TPEE material and nylon fibre are designed for strong support. What we love about Tozient is its adjustable seat board for personalised comfort and includes high-density sponge padding. Additionally, the 4D armrests offer a wide range of adjustments, allowing users to fine-tune their arm and wrist positioning. 

Furthermore, the one-piece chassis provides stability and functionality, with features like tilt lock and customisable working status settings. Built to last, this chair meets BIFMA standards with high-strength nylon wheels and a robust PA nylon five-star base. Plus, it is capable of bearing 1500 kg. 

Why Buy This:
  • Adjustable seat board with high-density sponge padding
  • Meets BIFMA standards for quality assurance
  • 4D armrests for precise arm and wrist positioning
Check price on Lazada >

We hope that our guide on the 11 Best Ergonomic Chairs in Malaysia has helped you to buy the best ergonomic chairs in Malaysia for your intense working sessions. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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