10 Best Food Processors in India
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10 Best Food Processors in India | Best of Home 2022

If there was one appliance that every kitchen should have, it would be the food processor. This versatile gadget can make cooking so much easier and quicker. You can crush nuts and herbs, make bread crumbs, mix sauces and condiments, and even grind meat. It will save you some time when cooking and even allow you to make your own nut butter. With an extensive variety of food processors available on the market, which then is the best food processor in India? In our Best of Home series, we have curated the latest 10 Best Food Processors in India, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

This article was last updated on 1 February 2022. 

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10 Best Food Processors in India

1. Rico All in One Food Processor 


All in one

First up is this all-in-one food processor from Rico, which can process everything from extracting citrus juice and scraping coconuts to a blender jar with a fruit filter. Its powerful 700W motor can perform at 3 speeds and a pulse, making up a total of 28 operations. It comes with 3 large and unbreakable grinding jars made from premium quality polycarbonate material.

Minimal storage space

The food processor itself boasts a compact design that requires minimal storage space, despite its incredible versatility. The body also has an easy grip and sturdy handles to minimize slipping when carrying it. Overall, this compact and high-quality appliance could be a great investment as it will last you for a long time.

Why buy this:

  • Multifunction up to 28 functions
  • 700W power with 3 speeds and a pulse function
  • Compact design
  • Easy-grip and sturdy handles

2. Philips Daily Collection HR7629/90

Philips Daily Collection HR7629

PowerChop technology

The Philips HR7629/90 from its Daily Collection is a compactly designed food processor with a 2L bowl and 1.75L blender capacity that can prepare up to 5 portions in one go. The best thing about this appliance is the ultimate PowerChop technology. It combines optimal blade shape, cutting angle and bowl structure for the most effective chopping. Inclusively, it comes with a useful citrus press, stainless-steel S blade for chopping and grinding ingredients, as well as a reversible slicing disc that can shred or slice.

Stabil suction foot

Furthermore, This Philips appliance also has a suction foot to stabilize the machine, which can be easily released for quick lifting. The motor itself has 650W of power that can be controlled through its 2 speeds and a pulse setting. Its large feeding chute can save you some time from pre-cutting all the ingredients too!

Why buy this:

  • With blender and citrus press
  • Special S blade and reversible slicing disc for a great chopping
  • PowerChop technology
  • Stabil suction foot
  • 2 speed and a pulse

3. Kenwood FDM301SS Multipro Compact Food Processor

Kenwood FDM301SS Multipro

Compact with a blender attachment

The Kenwood FDM301SS is one of the best compact food processors in India, which also happens to come with a blender. Weighing at only 4.8 kg yet boasting an incredible 800W motor, its variable speed and pulse setting can give you total control without taking up too much space. The inclusive 1.2L blender and 2.1L bowl can run on the same base to save even more countertop space. It also comes with various attachments, including a dough tool, whisk, knife blades, sharp discs and a citrus press. The base also has non-slip footing for safer and more stable operation.

Why buy this:

  • Compact design with a blender attachment
  • Powerful 800W motor
  • Additional attachments including dough tool, whisk, knife blades, sharp discs, and a citrus press
  • Non-slip footing

4. Nutri Bullet Veggie Spiralizer and Food Processor

Nutri Bullet Veggie Spiralizer and Food Processor India


This Nutri Bullet series comes with an electric spiralizer, which can be very helpful in making unique and colourful veggie dishes. Along with its 3-in-1 function that includes shredding and slicing, you can prepare dishes like zoodles, chopped vegetables and cauliflower rice. The sharp stainless-steel blades can cut through most vegetables and certain fruits too. The parts are easy to assemble and dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up. Moreover, it comes with a hardcover recipe book that can inspire you with healthy, everyday meals.

Why buy this:

  • 3-in-1 including shredding, slicing, and spiralizer function
  • Easy assemble 
  • Dishwasher safe

5. Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor

Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor India

Extra-large feed tube

Next, we have the Cuisinart DLC-10SY. This 7-cup food processor has an extra-large feed tube, so you don’t have to waste too much time pre-cutting ingredients. Imagine, it can hold whole fruits and vegetables! Its 600W motor is powerful enough for various functions, including kneading dough with surprising ease. This classic food processor is easy to use and a dream to clean, thanks to its BPA-free parts and premium material.

Versatile with various additional attachments

It includes accessories for added versatility, like a stainless-steel slicing and shredding disc, chopping blade, small and large pushers and a detachable disc stem. Its flat cover is also compact for easy storage. Better yet, this unit comes with a limited 3-year warranty and a 5-year one for the motor.

Why buy this:

  • Extra-large feed tube
  • Versatile with various attachments
  • 3-year product warranty and 5-year motor warranty

6. Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap™ 

Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap™

Compact yet versatile

The Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap™ is an extremely compact and versatile food processor. Its unique Stack & Snap model makes for easy assembly and cleaning, without any complicated twisting and locking. You can use this 4-cup capacity processor to chop and puree foods, make refreshing smoothies, slice vegetables and shred cheese. The large chute can even fit whole blocks of cheeses too! Meanwhile, the stainless-steel quad blade can offer impeccable results in terms of chopping and blending.

Why buy this:

  • Compact size yet very versatile
  • Stainless-steel quad blade

7. Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor India

The largest capacity

If you’re looking for a food processor with the largest capacity, look no further than the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY that can hold up to 14 cups of ingredients. Along with its 720W motor, this appliance makes recipes preparation for an entire family’s meal a breeze. You can chop or shred whole fruits, vegetables and cheeses, and even knead dough, with the push of a button. The extra-large feed tube means you don’t even have to pre-cut most things. Also, it comes with a 5-year motor warranty and a 3-year warranty on the entire unit.

Why buy this:

  • Extra-large capacity
  • Powerful 720W motor
  • Large feed tube
  • 3-year product warranty and 5-year motor warranty

8. Cuisinart DLC-4CHB Mini-Prep Plus

Cuisinart DLC-4CHB Mini-Prep Plus

Mini food processor

Whether you prefer a mini food processor to save space or want an affordable option with high quality, the Cuisinart DLC-4CHB may be perfect for you. Despite having a 250W motor, it is still powerful enough to do its job because of its small 4-cup capacity. Thus, it also means that you save electricity spending while getting a handy tool too!

SmartPower Blade

Its bowl cover will prevent any messy splatters, while the auto-reversing SmartPower blade can grind through most everyday food items. It can help you chop and grind ingredients quickly, while the touchpad lets you control the machine. Better yet, this unit comes with a recipe book and limited 18-month warranty too.

Why buy this:

  • Mini size good for a small family
  • Small power usage
  • SmartPower Blade
  • 18-month warranty

9. Kiddale 5 in 1 Smart Digital Baby Food Processor

Kiddale 5 in 1 Smart Digital Baby Food Processor india

Baby food processor

This Kiddale 5-in-1 model is one of the best baby food processors in India, with some incredible and useful features that will help you prepare the most nutritious and tasty meals for your kid. This appliance lets you process fruits, vegetables, meat and fish from raw to the desired consistency with a simple button. It can steam, blend and chop them for you while retaining as many nutrients as possible. 

User-friendly touchscreen 

The smart touchscreen control can save you lots of time by chopping and preparing baby food from start to finish for you. There is also no need to worry about food safety, as all the parts that touch the food are made from food grade materials that are BPA free.

Why buy this:

  • Good for baby food preparation
  • Multifunction
  • User-friendly touchscreen

10. Dayalu Multi Purpose Capsule Cutter

Dayalu Multi Purpose Capsule Cutter



Food chopper

Last but not least, you might also want to consider the Dayalu Multi-Purpose processor, which also includes a food chopper. As its name suggests, this Capsule Cutter looks like a compact capsule that can help you crush various ingredients without needing much storage. It contains 4 powerful blades that can crush even hard ingredients like ice cubes and frozen fruits. Disassembling and cleaning it is also very easy, while the protective cover makes prepping your favourite meal a safer task.

Why buy this:

  • Affordable option
  • Practical food chopper function
  • 4 blades
  • Easy assemble and disassemble for easy cleaning


Which brand of food processor is the best in India?

Rico and Philips are both good brands of the food processor in India as it offers great value for the money, high durability, and useful features.

Where to buy a food processor in India?

You used to only be able to buy a food processor in India in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Amazon India is my go-to for kitchen and home appliances. It is also a great place to compare the prices of food processor in India. 


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Food Processors in India will help you to buy the best food processor in India for your kitchen. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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