Best Secretlab Chairs in Singapore for Stunning Designs
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11 Best Secretlab Chairs in Singapore for Stunning Designs | Best of Home 2023

Deemed as the gold standard of gaming chairs, Secretlab has taken the world by storm. More so when they released the latest 2020 series, earning recognitions from reputed international publications such as PCMag, Tom’s Hardware, Business Insider, and so much more. The award-winning Secretlab promises utmost comfort even after spending all day propped up in front of your PC, be it for work or leisure. Moreover, Secretlab has partnered with the biggest names in games, E-sports, and pop culture, to deliver you the most comfortable chairs with stunning designs in Singapore. In our Best of Home series, we have curated the latest 11 Best Secretlab Chairs in Singapore, providing you with quality recommendations to suit your style. 

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This post was last updated on 05 January 2023.

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11 Best Secretlab Chairs in Singapore for Stunning Designs

1. Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat Best Secretlab Chairs in Singapore for Stunning Designs

The latest instalment of the most iconic martial arts franchise will hit the theatres soon, so it’s not surprising that Secretlab also released a Mortal Kombat special edition. A rare collectors’ item among avid fans, this chair features the famous dragon logo on its rear and backrest. And of course, the colour motif is entirely in red and black.

In a way, buying this chair feels like paying homage to Mortal Kombat’s Fatalities, as the words are literally sprawled on the edges of the chair, plus other prominent voice lines from the original game. You can also see skull embroideries on the side wings, which may represent the game’s gory  X-ray moves.

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2. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Best Secretlab Chairs in Singapore for Stunning Designs

Featuring one of the most ambitious single-player open-world RPG in the gaming industry, Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most excellent Secretlab chairs in Singapore to try. Upholstered in electric neon yellow prime leather with bright turquoise stitchings, this chair brings the techno-dystopian vibe of Cyberpunk into real life. Like the game’s protagonist, V, this chair is designed with cybernetic augmentation slots, which actually look like a circuit board on leather. 

Although the whole vibe of this chair screams Cyberpunk, you’d still see the logo up in front. Meanwhile, the backside consists of a gigantic Samurai band logo that’s similar to the one from V’s jacket. Hence, sitting on this chair can make you feel like you are a true cyberpunk running around Night City! 

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KDA POPSTARS Best Secretlab Chairs in Singapore for Stunning Designs

A hardcore League of Legend player? Secretlab has a chair for you! With the K/DA POP/STARS, you will feel like you belong to the group of most powerful (and talented) goddesses from the League. This chair comes in a sleek black upholstery with violet and gold embellishments that portrays K/DA Akali’s iconic look on their POP/STARS music video. Also, there’s a grid-patterned embroidery on the wings, adding both class and comfort to the gaming chair. 

On the back, you will find Akali’s signature jacket dragon that looks so stunning. With the colour motif and details alone, this chair is all about her.  Whether this rogue assassin slash rapper is your main hero or not, there’s no doubt that this Secretlab chair is a beauty. 

For other LoL hero-inspired chairs, you may check out the Yassuo and Ahri chairs. Hopefully, we can have one that features our favourite hero soon!

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4. Overwatch

Overwatch Best Secretlab Chairs in Singapore for Stunning Designs

Overwatch has been one of the most popular team-based first-player shooting game in the past few years, so it’s just about the time that Secretlab releases a chair inspired by it. Although it’s not proven that your shots will be more accurate, the Overwatch edition will provide you comfort like no other. When it comes to design, this chair looks simple in its black and orange upholstery yet enough to bring charm to any room. The Overwatch logo is also indiscreetly embossed on the backrest, which we are sure any fan will love.

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5. Worlds 2020 

Worlds 2020 Best Secretlab Chairs in Singapore for Stunning Designs


Secretlab sure adores League of Legends (just like most MOBA gamers out there), as seen in the Worlds 2020 edition. Yup, this award-winning company is the official gaming chair partner of the most-watched esports tournament in the world! This special edition chair boasts of the logo for this particular event, with blue details as a nod to the colour theme. Moreover, Professional LoL players sat on the same Secretlab chairs as their 5v5 combat skills were tested for the coveted Summoner’s Cup, so thankfully Secretlab offers world-class quality on both ergonomics and support. 

Also, we definitely want to have a chair that’s for a League champion, right? Don’t miss your chance of getting one, then maybe you’d have a 10-game win-streak for once! 

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6. House Stark

House Stark Best Secretlab Chairs in Singapore for Stunning Designs

Your gaming buddies will bend the knee for the newest King (or Queen!) of the North when you buy the House Stark edition. If you’re not really a Stark supporter and is more of a Lannister fan, you’d still love the black and white theme of this gaming chair. Plus, the grey wolf banner is handsomely embossed on the backrest, elevating the majestic vibe of this chair further. A gaming chair fit for the royalty indeed!

Think the Dragon Queen is better than anyone else from House Stark? No worries, you can show your support to Daenerys by purchasing the House Targaryen edition. Or rally behind House Lannister if you love the red and gold motif, as well as some intense drama. All chairs come with the Game of Thrones title logo at the back, so you can still flaunt your old-time favourite show, even though you may have been dissatisfied by the last season as most fans did.

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7. K/DA All Out 

KDA All Out Best Secretlab Chairs in Singapore for Stunning Designs

Inspired by K/DA’s first-ever EP release, Secretlab x Riot Games has undoubtedly gone all out with the K/DA All Out edition. It brings a new spin to the usual black gaming chair, with bits of iridescent shapes and holographic texture scattered all throughout. On the backrest, you’ll see the crests of the four amazing heroes comprising K/DA: Ahri, Evelynn, Kai’Sa, and Akali. Furthermore, this chair marks the success of the virtual modern pop group, as they have been up and running since 2018! 

If you haven’t heard of this girl group yet, you’re missing out! Combining actual stars from K-pop and the American music industry, the K/DA brings a different take to game soundtracks and promotional materials. Also, their songs are super catchy!

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8. Dark Knight

Dark Knight edition

Have an all-black gaming nook? Make it even better with Secretlab’s Dark Night edition! With its dark black upholstery and custom-embroidered bat emblem, this chair is the perfect way to celebrate Batman’s 80 years of crime-fighting excellence. Its overall handsome form and intricate details also evoke the actual Batmobile. So, aside from being a cool gamer (and worker), you’d feel like Bruce Wayne on his actual crib. Even though it looks so simple, it’s one of the best Secretlab Chairs in Singapore!

If you are a fan of Heath Ledger who’s done justice to Batman’s nemesis or just loves Joker in general, you can check out the Joker special edition.

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9. Stealth

Stealth edition

Nothing says simplicity is better like Stealth. Large, spacious, comfortable, and elegant – it has everything you need for an everyday working slash gaming chair. It boasts of a large T, emphasizing the fact that it is one of the original upholsteries for Secretlab’s Titan series. If you get it on the Omega model, then it will be a large Omega symbol instead of T. And since it’s very minimalist in design, this chair can fit just fine to the interior of any room. The reddish-orange stitching looks pretty neat, too! 

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10. Cookies & Cream

Cookies & Cream

If you’re way over any leather-based furniture, you can try the Cookies & Cream edition, which is made of Secretlab’s very own SoftWeave fabric. Like the popular ice cream flavour, this chair comes in a lovely colour of cream and black. Also, the texture resembles sitting on cookie crumbs, except it is more comfortable and smooth. Best of all, this chair is so soft that you can sit on it for hours!

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11. DOTA 2


Show some love to your all-time favourite game with the Secretlab DOTA 2 edition. We all know that playing this MOBA can take a huge chunk of our time, so it’s a must that we invest in a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing gaming chair. At first glance, you’d only probably notice the large velvety red DOTA 2 logo. But real fans would love the intricate details of lane creeps on the sides. With this chair, you’ll definitely be defending the Ancients in maximum comfort and style! 

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What are the advantages of using a Secretlab Chair? 

Secretlab chairs come in many models, but what truly stands out are its Omega and Titan series. Each chair promises superior comfort and support – thanks to Secretlab’s integrated adjustable lumbar support, full-length backrest, and plush-padded 4D armrests. We also love the newly improved Secretlab Signature Memory pillows, which not only provide additional support for your neck and lower back but also comes with a cooling sensation to keep you refreshed for long hours at work.

Moreover, each chair comes with a multi-tilt mechanism that allows your chair to fully adjust based on your preferences. Your body build does not matter at all, since each chair can accommodate people of all shapes and sizes.

There’s no doubt Secretlab delivers world-class quality. Each chair is made even better by the 5-year Peel Protection you get for every purchase. Also, you are sure to find something that suits your taste with many stunning designs available.

What materials are used in manufacturing Secretlab Chairs? 

Secretlab chairs are made of only premium materials, promising you long-lasting comfort. For upholstery, you may choose from PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather, SoftWeave® Fabric, and NAPA Leather. The first one features the most attractive designs and is guaranteed to be 4x durable than any regular PU (or Polyurethane) leather. Thus, a good value for your money!

How much does a Secretlab Chair costs?

It depends on your chosen model and upholstery. The famous Omega series starts at $499, while the Titan series begins at $549. If you want something larger and more heavy-duty, you can try the Titan XL series with prices starting at $639.

Should you buy a Secretlab Chair?

The answer is yes! Buying a Secretlab chair may be a huge investment, but it will definitely boost your productivity in your WFH set-up. At the same time, improves your performance in PC gaming. Plus, the designs are irresistible! Some of them may be offered for a limited time only, so grab your own Secretlab chair now through this link.


We hope that our guide on the 11 Best Secretlab Chairs in Singapore for Stunning Designs will help you find the most stylish Secretlab chair in Singapore. If you found this useful for finding the best Secretlab chairs in Singapore, please share it with your friends and family! 

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