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10 Best Tile Shops in Australia | Best of Home 2024

Tiles possess the remarkable ability to transform a space dramatically, injecting bursts of vibrant hues and energy into any environment, be it a living area or workspace. Their capacity to infuse life and colour into their surroundings is truly exhilarating. Nevertheless, the process of selecting tiles can prove to be a complex endeavour, requiring careful consideration of factors such as design, quality, and durability. With an extensive variety of tile shops in the market, which then is the best tile shop in Australia? In our Best of Home series, we introduce the 10 Best Tile Shops in Australia, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

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Best Tile Shops in Australia (Summary)

  1. Tile Box
  2. Teranova Tiles
  3. Tile Factory Outlet
  4. Tile Living
  5. Design Tiles
  6. Tile Mega Mart
  7. Tile Arte
  8. Beaumont Tiles
  9. Tile Cloud
  10. Perini

Best Tile Shops in Australia

1. Tile Box

Tile Box - Best Tile Shop in Australia
Tile Box – Best Tile Shop in Australia

Extensive product range

Tile Box is widely acclaimed by both builders and homeowners engaged in remodelling projects for their exceptional service. This family-owned tile shop stands out for its commitment to excellence, offering an impressive array of tiles that provides customers with a diverse range of options. What sets Tile Box apart is its seamless support throughout the remodelling or building process, guiding customers from design selection to convenient doorstep delivery.

Notably, Tile Box is not limited to residential projects; they excel in catering to commercial endeavours as well. Whether you’re transforming your home or office space, Tile Box ensures a smooth and efficient process. Their extensive product range encompasses ceramics, mosaics, stones, encaustic tiles, and porcelain slabs. Furthermore, they offer decorative tiles, subway tiles, pavers, cladding, mosaic murals, and customizable bespoke mosaic tiles.

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πŸ“ 9/112 McEvoy Street, Alexandria NSW 2015
πŸ“ž (02) 9310 7998
βœ‰οΈ Contact Form

2. Teranova Tiles

Teranova Tiles - Best Tile Shop in Australia
Teranova Tiles – Best Tile Shop in Australia

Premium quality

Discover the perfect solution for your tile needs at Teranova, where excellence meets variety. Teranova has established itself as a go-to choice for discerning customers seeking top-notch porcelain, mosaic, and natural tiles. Renowned and relied upon by home designers, Teranova boasts an impressive track record of successful project collaborations.

What’s more, Teranova Tiles takes pride in being the custodians of meticulously crafted handmade tiles, offering an eclectic collection of designs and stones. Choosing Teranova means choosing nothing less than exceptional designs and top-quality tiles. What sets Teranova apart is its commitment to sourcing products from premier design authorities not only in Australia but also from around the world.

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πŸ“ 229 Bronte Rd, Waverley NSW 2024, Australia
πŸ“ž +61 2 9386 0063

3. Tile Factory Outlet

Tile Factory Outlet - Best Tile Shop in Australia
Tile Factory Outlet – Best Tile Shop in Australia

Exceptional designs

Tile Factory Outlet takes pride in offering top-quality kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor tiles across Australia, catering to both interior and exterior living spaces. Their dedicated and knowledgeable staff is committed to helping you choose the perfect tiles for your new home or renovation project. By prioritizing your budget and personal style, this tile shop ensures a seamless and satisfying shopping experience.

Furthermore, the Tile Factory Outlet stands out for valuing your concerns during the purchasing process. Rest assured that their team is ready to assist you with installation, design, and after-sales service for your chosen tiles. Whether you’re building a new house or renovating, they can also help with measuring your plans. With this comprehensive support, not only is buying tiles from this shop convenient, but you can trust that your home is in capable hands.

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πŸ“ 107 Warren Rd, Smithfield NSW 2164, Australia
πŸ“ž (02) 8728 7800

4. Tile Living

Tile Living - Best Tile Shop in Australia
Tile Living – Best Tile Shop in Australia

Consistent product performance

Discover the Tile Living advantage! Tile Living stands out for its unwavering passion and commitment to bringing the latest European tile trends to you. Rest assured, only the finest selections make it to their shelves. The team diligently observes the local growth of each product line, ensuring that you experience the epitome of quality when you shop with them in Australia.

What sets Tile Living apart is their genuine concern for your needs and the excellence of their tile offerings. They value customer satisfaction and actively nurture relationships with their clientele. This customer-centric approach extends to industry professionals, including architects, builders, and interior designers. These professionals consistently choose Tile Living for its extensive range of top-tier tiles and the trust they’ve built with the shop.

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πŸ“ 9/2-6 Waltham Street Artarmon NSW 2064 (via Dickson Avenue)
πŸ“ž (02) 9719 8011
βœ‰οΈ Contact Form

5. Design Tiles

Design Tiles - Best Tile Shop in Australia
Design Tiles – Best Tile Shop in Australia

Satisfaction guarantee

Design Tiles is truly dedicated to its mission, providing clients with the latest and most innovative products and trends from around the globe. What sets Design Tiles apart from typical tile shops is their distinctive approach – they go beyond merely selling tiles. Consider them your dream team, ready to breathe life into your projects.

One outstanding feature is their commitment to not just meeting but exceeding client expectations. Worried about staying within budget while achieving your desired aesthetics? Fear not, as all Design Tiles consultants undergo rigorous design training. This ensures that they not only understand your vision but also have the expertise to make it a reality.

Design Tiles takes immense pride in its team, boasting over 25 years of design experience and an additional 25 years dedicated to tiling. This wealth of knowledge and expertise ensures that when you choose Design Tiles, you’re guaranteed satisfaction and top-notch tiles in Australia.

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πŸ“ 407 Princes Highway Rockdale NSW 2216
πŸ“ž 02 9567 8971
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6. Tile Mega Mart

Tile Mega Mart - Best Tile Shop in Australia
Tile Mega Mart – Best Tile Shop in Australia

Seamless delivery

Looking for designer tiles? Look no further than Tile Mega Mart! What sets this tile haven apart is not just its stunning array of designer tiles but also its commitment to offering them at unbeatable prices. Tile Mega Mart ensures that you can enhance your spaces with unique and stylish tiles without breaking the bank. When it comes to buying tiles in Australia, this shop stands out for its affordability.

Tile Mega Mart has earned praise for its seamless delivery of tile products to homes and workplaces across Australia. The shop takes pride in providing cutting-edge patterns that offer exceptional value for money. What’s truly commendable is the shop’s dedication to showcasing creativity through its exclusive and stylish tile offerings. Tiles have the power to transform the ambience of a place instantly, and Tile Mega Mart understands this art.

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πŸ“ 5-15 Epsom Rd, Rosebery NSW 2018
πŸ“ž 1300 406 822
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7. Tile Arte

Tile Arte - Best Tile Shop in Australia
Tile Arte – Best Tile Shop in Australia

Artistry and elegance combined

Tile Arte stands out as a prominent tile shop in Australia, distinguished by its expansive range of products. The shop excels in providing a diverse selection, catering to various needs such as pool tiles, alfresco tiles, and wall/floor coverings. Tile Arte boasts an impressive array of tile collections, including Colour Effect, Cement Effect, Marble Effect, and Metal Aged Effect. This extensive variety ensures that customers can discover tiles that perfectly complement their preferences and style.

Notably, Tile Arte goes beyond the ordinary by offering outdoor collections that are sure to captivate customers. For those seeking a more rustic ambience, the shop provides tiles featuring Stone Effect, Travertine Effect, and Wood Effect. The commitment to diversity and quality is evident in every product, showcasing a blend of artistry and elegance.

Check out Tile Arte >

πŸ“ 489 Willoughby Road, Willoughby, 2068 Council Parking off Borlaise Street
πŸ“ž +61(2) 9759-6144
βœ‰οΈ Contact Form

8. Beaumont Tiles

Beaumont Tiles - Best Tile Shop in Australia
Beaumont Tiles – Best Tile Shop in Australia

50 years of trade expertise

When it comes to fulfilling your tiling needs, look no further than Beaumont Tiles. This acclaimed tile shop showcased on the reality TV show ‘The Block’ and honoured with the best overall tile store award, ensures a commitment to excellence. Expect nothing less than top-quality, durable, and stylish products from a business that boasts 50 years of trade expertise.

Beaumont Tiles offers a diverse range of designs, colours, and sizes, catering to every style preference. Whether you’re in search of simplicity or intricate decorative pieces, this renowned tile provider has you covered. Beyond tiles, they feature a comprehensive bathroom showroom exhibiting vanities, toilet suites, and tapware, providing a one-stop solution for all your bathroom needs. With a reputation for competence and a wide variety of products, Beaumont Tiles guarantees a seamless and satisfying shopping experience.

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πŸ“ Cnr Abbotts Rd & Taylors Rd Dandenong South, VIC 3175. Australia
πŸ“ž (03) 8773 6000
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9. Tile Cloud

Tile Cloud - Best Tile Shop in Australia
Tile Cloud – Best Tile Shop in Australia

Hand-picked tiles

Tile Cloud has transformed the tile shopping experience, making it enjoyable and stress-free. By seamlessly blending one of the oldest building materials with cutting-edge internet technology, they have created a unique platform for selecting hand-picked tiles that embody Australian design. The convenience is unparalleled, allowing you to shop for stunning and stylish tiles without leaving the comfort of your home.

What sets Tile Cloud apart is not just the convenience, but also the commitment to providing high-quality tile products. Their extensive range of designs ensures that you’ll discover a piece that perfectly aligns with your taste and complements your home’s vibe. Moreover, the hassle-free experience continues with the delivery of no-fuss tile samples directly to your doorstep.

Check out Tile Cloud >

πŸ“ TileCloud Warehouse 34 Rosebery Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018
πŸ“ž 02 9557 6785
βœ‰οΈ Contact Form

10. Perini

Perini - Best Tile Shop in Australia
Perini – Best Tile Shop in Australia

Timeless craftsmanship

Perini believes in creating homes that stand the test of time, appreciating both the past and the future. Serving as a connection between clients’ history and future aspirations, this tile shop boasts a skilled team with over 80 years of combined experience. When you choose Perini for your tile needs, you’re in capable hands.

Moreover, the shop diligently studies trends in tiling, kitchens, and bathrooms. This commitment to staying informed positions Perini as a professional project partner. Expect excellent outcomes, as their team is dedicated to delivering quality results.

What sets Perini apart is their emphasis on values such as family, story, and the significance of home. Choosing Perini means aligning with these principles, making it the right place to shop if you share the same values.

Check out Perini >

πŸ“ 615 Bridge Rd Richmond Melbourne Victoria 3121
πŸ“ž +61 3 9421 0550
βœ‰οΈ Contact Form

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