10 Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia
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10 Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia – Powerful and Cheap | Best of Home 2023

When the weather gets so hot and humid, we generally turn to our air conditioners for an answer. However, this skyrockets our electric bills. Our answer to that? Finding a good ceiling fan in Malaysia. Consuming less energy than an air conditioner, ceiling fans are a great alternative to cool down your home. Moreover, some ceiling fans also feature LED lighting options, so you do not have to buy additional lighting. With multiple brands and features available in the market, you may be spoilt for choice. In this Best of Home series, we have curated the 10 Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle needs and budget.

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This article was last updated on 4 January 2023 

Table of contents 

10 Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia


ALPHA Arvio KLARA – Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia

Best overall 

Perfect for Scandinavian homes, the nature-inspired Alpha Arvio Klara is our top pick for the best ceiling fan in Malaysia. Made from the finest balsa wood, the handcrafted Klara fan adds a touch of elegance to your modern home. 

Energy-saving, high torque DC motor

With its specially designed wooden blades up to an incredible 88 inch in diameter, this provides a natural breeze spreading equally to the entire room. Its DC motor only consumes up to 27W during operation which makes it very energy-efficient, thereby keeping your electrical bills low. You can select from 6 speed settings based on the weather of the day. Lastly, another great feature is the reverse mode, which you can use to warm up your room when the weather is cold. Reversing your ceiling fan moves warm air near the ceiling down to the floor. Pretty cool right!

Why buy this:

  • Handcrafted balsa wood, perfect for Scandinavian homes
  • Quieter operation
  • Powerful and energy-saving
  • 6 speed settings
  • Forward and reverse mode
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2. Panasonic F-M15A0

Panasonic F-M15A0
Panasonic F-M15A0 – Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia

Great for bedrooms

The Panasonic F-M15A0 is a great choice for a bedroom ceiling fan. While offering maximum breeze, the 60″ ceiling fan works very quietly and is one of the more affordable ceiling fans in Malaysia. You have 5 options to adjust its circulation speed based on your preferences. 

5 safety features

Another good feature of this fan is that it has 5 safety features. The thermal safety fuse helps to prevent electric shock, current fuse prevents current leakage, and the cut-off safety switch automatically cuts off power when detecting dangerous wear and tear of the shaft. Furthermore, it uses strong wires to safely secure the fan motor to the ceiling hook, preventing detachment. Lastly, its blade safety plate is installed on the blade to prevent blades from detaching.

Why buy this:

  • Quiet operation
  • 5-speed options
  • High durability and very safe to use
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3. ALPHA Alkova Axis

ALPHA Alkova Axis
ALPHA Alkova Axis – Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia

Stylish yet decently affordable

If you are looking to up your aesthetics game for your new home, check out the stylish yet affordable Alpha Alkova Axis. With 4 colour options – carbon fiber, matte white, matte black, and black/oak, either one will probably fit into your theme. 

8 speed settings

With 8 speed settings, this provides even more flexibility to achieve your desired breeze level. Moreover, it has a timer feature as well as forward and reverse air circulation that is useful for both hot and cold weather. 

Why buy this:

  • 8 speed settings
  • 4 colour options for modern homes
  • Forward and reverse air circulation
  • ABS blades and ABS fan housing
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4. Sunyfa Ceiling Fan 

Sunyfa Ceiling Fan
Sunyfa Ceiling Fan – Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia

With LED Light

The Sunyfa Ceiling Fan comes with an interesting design with an LED light bright enough to light an entire room. It provides more natural light, with 3 different light settings that include white, neutral, and warm. With 3mm thick blades, this helps with smoother operation producing low noise. Furthermore, there are 3 speed settings that you can adjust based on your preferences. 

Why buy this:

  • Modern design with LED light – white, neutral or warm
  • 4 hours timer
  • Thick 3mm blades ensure smooth operation with low noise
  • 3 speed settings
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5. Alpha COSA Ceiling Fan

Alpha COSA Ceiling Fan
Alpha COSA Ceiling Fan – Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia

Suitable for a low ceiling home

This Alpha COSA CX8-5B is designed with a shorter down rod compared to most traditional fans. This does not only make it look sleek and minimalist, but also makes it more suitable for homes with low ceiling design, leaving out plenty of extra space in the room. Furthermore, the Alpha CX8-5B is also available in a 40-inch and 56-inch size options, so it really suits everyone. 

The two colour options – matte black and walnut – are both beautiful and perfect addition to any modern home décor. 

Good value for a mid-range ceiling fan

In addition to its minimal design, this Alpha CX8-5B also offers a good value for a mid-range ceiling fan. It has 5 blades – each are slim and curved in design to provide even air distribution throughout the room. You can operate the fan with a remote control, and choose between 6 speed options and 1, 3, or 6 hours timer. These timer options are especially useful to save energy and if you’re often feeling too cold in the middle of the night. 

This Alpha CX8-5B is equipped with an AC motor. While it’s more powerful than ceiling fans with a DC motor, it would require more energy to operate, although the maximum energy use is only at 75W. It comes with a 1 year general warranty and 3 years motor warranty. 

Why buy this:
  • Suitable for low ceiling home
  • Good value for mid-range ceiling fans
  • 5 blade slim design
  • 6 speed options
  • 1 year general warranty and 3 year motor warranty
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6. ALPHA Arvio Tupla

ALPHA Arvio Tupla
ALPHA Arvio Tupla – Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia

Twin 360 degree 

One of the more uniquely-shaped ceiling fans in Malaysia, the Alpha Arvio Tupla is designed with duo three-bladed fans, giving your room better air circulation and effective cooling. Each fan can circulate up to 1500 RPM which is powerful enough to cool your home from the hot and humid weather. Despite having a double fan, this fan consumes little energy with 40W at the highest speed. This fan is definitely a talking point for your guests when they see it.

Why buy this:

  • 2 three-bladed fans
  • Powerful up to 1500 RPM
  • Consumes 40W at highest speed
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7. Sharp Ceiling Fan SHP-PJC60CF

Sharp Ceiling Fan SHP-PJC60CF - Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia
Sharp Ceiling Fan SHP-PJC60CF – Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia

Affordable and high-quality

One of the most affordable ceiling fans in Malaysia, the Sharp Ceiling Fan SHP-PJC60CF provides great value for money. Despite its affordable price tag, you get powerful breeze with circulation speed as high as 255 RPM, thanks to its powerful double condenser and ball bearing motor and the large 60″ blades. On the other hand, it operates quietly with a sound as low as 34.4 dB. Safety is not compromised as well with its built-in safety thermal fuse and safety wire to prevent electrical failure. 

Why buy this:

  • Affordable price yet high quality
  • Powerful circulation up to 255 RPM
  • Built-in safety thermal fuse
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8. Deka Ceiling Fan

Deka Ceiling Fan
Deka Ceiling Fan – Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia

Good value for money

Most budget ceiling fans are either equipped with three or four blades, so this 5-blade DEKA DK10 Ceiling Fan is a great value for the money. Each blade is long and slim, thus increasing airflow and uses less energy, which saves you money in the long term. Besides that, it’s also great for a large room without having to pay extra. Furthermore, it uses an AC motor type to produce stronger airflow compared to DC motor fans. 

5 speed options

This Deka DK10 Fan comes with a wall regulator control where you can turn it on and off and choose between 5 speed options. Although there’s no remote control included, it’s still justifiable considering its low price. 

Why buy this:
  • Good value for money
  • 5 speed options
  • Long and slim blade design
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9. Midea Ceiling Fan MFC-150A15

Midea Ceiling Fan MFC-150A15
Midea Ceiling Fan MFC-150A15 – Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia


Best budget

This Midea MFC-150A15 is a no-frill option. But if you’re looking for something budget-friendly without sacrificing quality, it perfectly fits the bill. This ceiling fan has three blades with 152cm diameter, large enough to cool down the whole room. And best of all, it boasts a 5-star energy rating, with only an average of yearly energy consumption at 198kwh. 

Like most ceiling fans in Malaysia, this Midea MFC-150A15 provides 5 speed options and a wall regulator control. Although some of the materials are made from plastics, it’s still sturdy and would last a long time. Furthermore, the motor also features a double safety mechanism design to extend its durability. For peace of mind, it comes with a 12 months warranty. 

Why buy this:
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Long blades at 152cm diameter
  • Energy-saving and long-lasting motor
  • 12 months warranty
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10. Khind CF615 Ceiling Fan

Khind CF615 Ceiling Fan - Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia
Khind CF615 Ceiling Fan – Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia

The cheapest option

The Khind CF615 Ceiling Fan is the cheapest ceiling fan in Malaysia. Furthermore, it is also energy-efficient with an “A” energy rating which helps you save even more money. When it comes to cooling down your room, it uses 3 large 60-inch blades supported by a ball bearing motor for strong breeze and long-lasting performance. The blades are made of corrosion-resistant material which boosts its durability. 

Why buy this:

  • Cheapest ceiling fan in Malaysia
  • Large blades at 60-inch
  • Ball bearing motor for long-lasting performance
  • Corrosion-resistant blades
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What brand of ceiling fan is the best in Malaysia?

Alpha is a great brand for ceiling fans in Malaysia, with its stunning designs mimicking art pieces. Alternatively, KDK is a great brand to consider.

Where to buy a ceiling fan in Malaysia?

You used to only be able to buy a ceiling fan in Malaysia from retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Lazada is my go-to for kitchen and home appliances. It is also a great place to compare prices. 


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia will help you to buy the best ceiling fan in Malaysia for your home. Do also read our other buying guides such as the best air purifiers as well. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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