TWV Pregnancy Guide 2023

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What is this guidebook about?

Hi and welcome! We are Matt and Joce, happy parents of 2 beautiful children — a boy, and a girl! I gave birth to 2 babies in 2 years and it was a hands-on crash course on pregnancy and motherhood.

I created this one-stop pregnancy guide in hopes of sharing my personal journey and learning with you! Here, you can expect tons of resources, tips, and personal sharing! 

Some topics include: 

  1. – How I managed my pregnancy
  2. – How to choose your gynae and hospital
  3. What to expect from prenatal visits and antenatal classes
  4. – Preparing for confinement and childcare
  5. -Baby shopping list, my recommendations and discount vouchers
  6. –  To-Do checklist before the newborn arrives
  7. – Hospital packing list
  8. – Sharing about baby bonuses, govt schemes, maternity leave, and more…
  10. The book chapters are all listed below. You can read more about our story at the bottom of the page. 

This guide is completely FREE for you to read and use. All we ask is that you credit us when you share it with your friends! 

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Our Story

Hi there!

Matt and I are blessed with 2 beautiful babies in 2 years – a girl and a boy. Time flies, they are growing up so fast, although at times, it also feels like they were just born yesterday!

Through walking the journey of pregnancy and parenthood, we have learned so much. We learned a lot from our friends, family, the internet, books, each other, our own children, life itself — they taught us lessons, some the easy way and some the hard way. I’m sure many parents can relate to this, we also discovered many things on the go, as we take each step at a time.

Our mission as parents is to guide our children to lead happy, healthy and holistic lives. We hope to share our loves with them – travelling, Ultimate frisbee, art, reading, adventure, and living life to the fullest. We want to bring them on family travels and show them how beautiful a planet we live on and the wonderful people that exist all around the world. Most importantly, as a Christian family, it is our hopes and plans to raise them in God’s kingdom and values.

We are by no means experts in parenting, but we have a huge love of research, writing and parenting itself. There is so much clutter out there that most messages are diluted as ‘noise’. The amount of content around us is overwhelming, and so I want to create something that is a one-stop place for parents to read. Enough, and (hopefully) not too overwhelming.

All that we’ve learned and experienced (and are continuously doing so), it is my dearest hope to be able to share it with parents-to-be and other parents on the same journey! Through this, I hope that we will be able to build a community of like-minded parents on the same journey so that we can support and help each other along life’s challenges. Be sure to join our SG Mums Telegram group or SG Dads Telegram Group!

I hope that what we have discovered on our own journey can help to make yours a little easier and a little more organised too – I remember the exciting chaos started when I was thinking of the list of things to buy in preparation for my firstborn! This is why one of my first things was to come up with this newborn to-do checklist so it’s all in one place.

In this pregnancy guidebook, I’ll share my entire pregnancy journey with you, one step at a time.

I’ve listed all the topics I’ve prepared in this guide above, all you need to do is simply sign up to unlock access to them, and start reading! 

Enjoy, and God bless you!

With Love, 
From our family to yours

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