• Rice Cooker in Singapore
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    13 Best Rice Cookers in Singapore for Perfectly Cooked Rice | Best of Home 2024

    A rice cooker is a quintessential appliance for every household. Rice is a staple in our meals, and nothing comes close to a bowl of fluffy white rice to complement tasty home-cooked dishes. On top of cooking rice, rice cookers can also whip up a heartwarming pot of soup or congee. Nowadays, more sophisticated rice cookers can connect to smartphone apps (like the Xiaomi Mijia Rice cooker), some have microchips that automatically adjust temperatures (like the Zojirushi Micom Fuzzy Logic), and some have added steamer or baking functions, or even air frying functionality (the versatile Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker OP300). In this issue, we introduce the 13 Best Rice Cookers…

  • 10 Best Rice Cookers in the Philippines
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    10 Best Rice Cookers in the Philippines for Fluffy Rice | Best of Home 2023

    Thank God for the innovation of the rice cooker. A rice cooker helps to cook fluffy white rice in less than 5 minutes of preparation, with rice getting cooked faster as well. Nowadays, rice cookers come with various features and technologies that even allow us to cook other foods such as soup, porridge, and even steam vegetables for a healthy dinner. With an extensive variety of rice cookers available in the market, which then is the best rice cooker in the Philippines? In our Best of Home series, we have curated the 10 Best Rice Cookers in the Philippines, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle needs and budget. This…