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10 Best Baby Hampers in Singapore | Best of Baby 2022

Giving or receiving a baby hamper is always exciting for both parties involved! When receiving a baby hamper, you never know what it holds until you unwrap it. It can be given as gifts during baby showers and can vary wildly in terms of quality and appearance. Some of the latest hampers done by newer shops look especially modern and atas! Looking for the best baby hamper in Singapore? In this Best of Baby issue, we compiled the 10 Best Baby Hampers in Singapore, offering quality recommendations based on your budget. For other gift options, try these diaper cakes.

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This article was last updated on 17 January 2022.

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Best Baby Hampers in Singapore

1. Mellow Gift Sets

Mellow Best Baby Hamper Singapore

Absolutely gorgeous, modern and affordable baby hampers

“Mellow” means pleasantly smooth or soft; free from harshness. Founded by a mum of two young boys, Mellow seeks to make accessories with beautiful, modern designs both affordable and accessible. All about tasteful designs and soft colours, their products are made only from the highest quality and softest materials.

If you ever need to get a baby hamper for your mummy friends, be sure to check out their lovely gift sets. We found them beautifully packaged and highly customisable with a handwritten note! We actually even received a Mellow newborn girl gift set from our close friends prior to writing this, with a baby book added to the set. I absolutely love how pretty and modern-looking the designs and colours are, and can attest to the softness of the muslin wraps. They definitely make for lovely photos for our baby girl’s IG account!

Be sure to use the coupon code MELLOWTWV for 15% off all gift sets!

Extensive range of adorable baby bibs, accessories, and products

Accentuating our little one’s purity, Mellow meticulously selects softer colours for their collections, allowing every moment to be picture perfect. They make an extensive range of bibs, ranging from baby bibs, dribble bibs, feeding bibs, to silicone bibs. 

Moreover, as their online store focuses on the early years of a child, Mellow also specially curates fashion wear, books, toys and decorations suitable for young children. We especially love their book collection – full of colours and fun illustrations to interact with your baby.

Mellow promo code:
Use coupon code MELLOWTWV to get 15% off feedcare, and gift sets
Check price on Mellow >

2. Organic Chic – Baby Mio Organic Stripes Clothes Set (SNB50A)

baby hampers singapore organic chic

The first on our list is the Organic Chic hamper from Noel Gifts, this hamper is a popular choice among many mums. All products in the basket are made with organic and all-natural materials, assuring you that your baby’s well-being is receiving the best care.

The Organic Chic hamper includes an organic stripes clothes set from Baby Mio, two wide-neck bottles from Dr. Brown Natural Flow, organic wipes from Cleversoft, a soft toy, and two bottles of Lee Yu Bird’s Nest with Ginseng & White Fungus.

Why buy this baby hamper:
  • Contains all-organic and natural products
  • A popular choice
  • Comes with a gift card
Check price on Shopee >

3. Baby Basics – Little Moments (SNB5)

baby hampers singapore little moments

This Noel Gifts hamper is perfect for new mums who are not sure what to get for baby essentials yet. The basket offers great value for money as it is filled with everything the baby will need as they grow older.

It includes two Pigeon Softouch Peristaltic Plus wide neck bottles, made from lightweight plastic, and offer a natural feeding motion for your baby. The hamper also has a Lucky Baby milk dispenser, and a Kodomo Handy Pack set, which contains all baby skincare essentials. There is also a foldable blanket, two animal door stoppers, and a soft toy.

Why buy this baby hamper:
  • Contains all the essentials for a growing and curious baby
  • Offers more value for your money
  • Contains items you will need when travelling with your baby
Check price on Shopee >

4. Baby Basics – Bundle Of Joy (SNB3)

baby hampers singapore bundle of joy

This Noel Gifts hamper has all the essential products that every newborn will need. The hamper contains three wet wipes and six wash clothes from Lucky Baby, six bottles of Desi Swallow Birds Nest, six Drypers Newborn Diapers, and a soft toy with a baby-friendly design.

To help you record all the important moments with your baby as they grow up, it includes a special Newborn Baby keepsake box as well.

Why buy this baby hamper:
  • Practical hamper for newborns
  • Contains a lot of products for a small price
  • Features a newborn keepsake box
Check price on Shopee >

5. Baby Basics – Bedtime Stories (SNB9) Baby Hamper Basics – Bedtime Stories

This baby hamper will make bedtime more entertaining for you and your baby, the Noel Gifts Bedtime Stories hamper has all the essential things you need for your baby’s bedtime story. It contains stories that will lull your child to sleep and train their curious minds.

It contains three bedtime storybooks, including a music book and a five-minute book, a Shears musical night light, and an adorable teddy bear to keep your baby company.

Why buy this baby hamper:
  • Contains everything you need to lull your baby to sleep
  • Stories are animated and stimulating
  • Night light
Check price on Shopee >

6. Baby Basics – Animal Kingdom (SNB4) Basics – Animal Kingdom

If you are looking for baby hampers in Singapore with animal-themed designs, this Animal Kingdom hamper from Noel Gifts contains all baby essentials with designs from the animal kingdom. It also includes delicacies to help the new mum regain back her strength.

Most of its inclusions have animal-themed designs, the clothes gift set of four from Shears, a baby bottle, Drypers Newborn Diapers, Snapkis Baby Wipes, and soft toy. For the mum, there are two bottles of the New Moon Essence of Chicken.

Why buy this baby hamper:
  • Animal themes
  • Contains baby essentials from clothes to wipes
  • Comes with a message card
Check price on Shopee >

7. Baby and Mum (SNB51B) Baby and Mum

Looking for a baby hamper in Singapore for both babies and mums? This would be the perfect present to get! For mums, there are two bottles of the New Moon Essence of Chicken and four of Lee Yu’s Birds Nest with Ginseng and White Fungus to help her with regaining her strength.

While for the baby, it contains six baby clothes from Shears, a five-piece meal set, and a soft toy. It also has a newborn keepsake box for storing memories as the baby grows.

Why buy this baby hamper:
  • Comes with a newborn keepsake box
  • Value for money
Check price on Shopee >

8. Baby Basics – Mealtime (SNB2) mealtime baby hamper singapore

For all your baby’s meals, the Mealtime Hamper from Noel Gifts got you covered. This hamper is packed to the brim with all the mealtime necessities, from feeding dishes to utensils. It also contains two bottles of the Quality’s Birds Nest with Ginseng and White Fungus.

It contains a five-piece meal set from Shears, a lidded food pot, and an easy-grip spout cup from Lucky Baby and two packs of Pigeon Baby Wipes, giving you all you need for a clean meal.

Why buy this baby  hamper:
  • Contains necessities for feeding a baby
  • Comes with items for the mum
  • Includes a message card
Check price on Shopee >

9. Growing Babies – Tummy Fun (SNB31) Baby Hamper tummy fun

This tummy play mat hamper from Noel Gifts is designed to give your baby comfort and fun while they grow. The playmat is cushioned to break falls and offers a baby-friendly design with different illustrations that pick at your baby’s curiosity. It also improves the fun with the foil balloon and other toys attached to it.

Why buy this baby hamper:
  • Ideal for growing babies
  • Comes with attached toys like a foil balloon
  • Includes a message card
Check price on Shopee >

10. Baby Basics – Booster Seat (SNB10) Baby Hamper – Booster Seat baby hamper singapore

If you are looking for a baby hamper in Singapore which includes a booster seat, this is the one to get. This baby hamper contains a two-in-one booster seat, which is lightweight and is ideal for playtime and mealtime. You can easily carry the seat around your house or when you travel with your baby. The hamper also contains a soft toy for your baby to play and cuddle with.

Why buy this baby hamper:
  • Contains a lightweight and versatile booster seat
  • Comes with a soft toy
  • Includes a message card
Check price on Shopee >

Apart from Noel Gifts, there are many other places where you can purchase your hampers. Although all these hampers above cover all necessities, you can check these places if you are looking for something more:

Where to buy baby hampers in Singapore?

You can purchase a baby hamper in Singapore online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee is my go-to for baby products. It is also a great place to compare the prices of baby hampers in Singapore.

I hope that our guide on the 10 Best Baby Hampers in Singapore has helped you find the best baby hamper in Singapore for your baby. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. Also, do check out our other buying guides below!

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