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Comfort Ride for Little One: Best Baby Strollers in Singapore

Are you tired of juggling between convenience and comfort when you’re out with your little one? Here’s what we’ve got for you: best baby strollers in Singapore. It might seem bulky, but it provides a break for your arms from carrying your baby and doubles as a shopping cart! While a carrier is one option, as your baby grows, the carrier won’t fit anymore, making a stroller essential. Moreover, today’s strollers are designed to be super portable and easy to move around!

In our Best of Baby series, we’ve picked the top baby strollers in Singapore. These strollers are not just easy to use but also durable enough to keep up with your active lifestyle. So, say goodbye to stress on outings with your baby!

Best Baby Strollers in Singapore

1. Bugaboo Bee 6

Bugaboo Bee 6
Product Image Source: Bugaboo – Best Baby Stroller in Singapore

Cooling Comfort for your kids

If you are looking for adventure with your little one, then look no further than Bugaboo. And when it comes to city travel, nothing beats their Bee 6. Throughout your journey, you want to make sure your baby stays safe and cosy in his seat. With its improved seat design, the Bee 6 offers true comfort the moment it gets to your door. Its unique high-performance fabric is made from breathable mesh material keeping your baby cool through those warm days. Top that with extra ventilation holes at the back, and your baby stays breezy all summer long.

Speaking of hot seasons, you want to make sure that your child is safe from the sun’s rays. What’s great is that the Bee 6 comes with a new sun canopy design providing shade and UPF 50+ sun protection. Moreover, you can keep an eye on your child with its peekaboo window, while the breezy panel adds even more ventilation and comfort.

Quick and nimble everywhere you go

The Bee 6 was designed not only with comfort in mind but also for how you travel around with it in the city. From walks in the parks, groceries, and public transportation, you want a stroller that is both stylish and compact. This dream ride for both newborns and toddlers comes in a variety of colours from black to grey mélange to lemon yellow. Its premium quality and design are matched by its intuitiveness. No need to fold and unfold in and out of trains when its narrow design can navigate through even the busiest of sidewalks.

What’s great is that despite the challenges of city strolling, your baby can sleep undisturbed thanks to bigger-than-average wheels and advanced suspension. We love how easy it is to push the Bee 6 around when you have 7-inch puncture-proof wheels. What’s more, the rides become even smoother thanks to the high-quality damping mechanism in its suspension absorbing all the shocks and bumps. Have full control over the greatest city stroller with just one hand.

Comfort for kids, convenience for parents

Speaking of easy to use, this baby stroller in Singapore can fold just as effortlessly with one hand. Store it conveniently or carry it around with your other arm holding your baby. In a snap, you can leave it neatly in place with its integrated self-stand. The fabric is just as easy to wash, and maintenance is no issue with its durable parts. Bugaboo’s products are built to last, especially with their 3-year warranty. But you also want to make sure your baby is in safe hands. That’s why it is rigorously tested to exceed industry safety and quality standards making sure you keep your peace of mind.

Now, for babies who cannot use the seat yet, fret not. Bugaboo offers the Bee 6 with a bassinet complete option. Providing support and comfort for newborns, the bassinet base comes with its own fabric, mattress, and apron. Install it easily on the Bee 6 with its built-in adapters, and detach it when your toddler is ready. We love how Bugaboo nicely blends Dutch design and creative solutions to make every stroll comfy. As your child grows up, he can lie down on the comfort of this ergonomic seat and stay protected with the rotating bumper bar. Now, that’s versatility for every stage of your child’s growth.

What we love about Bugaboo:
  • Easy to fold, store, and carry with compact design and integrated self-stand
  • High-performance seat fabric with extra ventilation holes for true comfort
  • New sun canopy design for added ventilation and UPF 50+ sun protection
  • 7” puncture-proof wheels and advanced suspension for smooth rides
  • Rotating bumper bar for extra support and safety
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2. Britax B-Lively and B-Safe 35 Travel System

Britax travel system
Product Image Source: Britax – Best Baby Stroller Singapore

Designed for safety & convenience 

The B-Lively and B-Safe 35 Travel System is a 2-in-1 stroller and car seat that is designed for safety and convenience. It features an all-wheel suspension and lightweight design which makes it effortless to push around. I personally use a B-Lively stroller and it feels incredibly smooth pushing it. I’d say it’s like the Mercedes of strollers!

The Britax travel system is stylishly designed with ergonomic handles and seating, so both baby and you can be comfortable. A thoughtful feature lies in its deep foamed-lined shell which minimises side-to-side movement, making for a smooth ride. Additionally, its side-impact protection, impact-absorbing base, and sturdy steel frame will provide your baby with the Britax safety that moms trust.

Easy transition from car seat to stroller 

This Britax travel system comes with a Click & Go mechanism with built-in lock-offs that allow you to easily detach and attach the car seat without any fuss. There is no need to purchase any additional adapters as well!

Super easy fold-away & compact storage

The tricky part with most strollers is folding them and squeezing them into the car boot. What’s great about this travel system is that it is specially designed for moms on the go. The Britax B-Lively Baby Stroller Singapore features a one-hand, quick fold that allows you to even fold the stroller while holding the car seat with another hand!

Despite having a spacious extra-large storage basket that gives you a lot of room for your baby gear, the stroller seamlessly folds into a compact size that is easy to fit into most car boots. Simply watch the video below to see how easy it is. If you are looking for the B-Lively stroller on its own, check it out here.

What we love about Britax travel system:
  • Click & Go travel system made for the ultimate convenience
  • Car Seat comes with an impact-stabilising base and steel frame to ensure superior protection
  • Stroller has an all-wheel suspension for ultra-smooth rides
  • Comes in three different colours to choose from: Dove (Grey), Raven (Black) and Cardinal (Red)
  • Suitable for newborns and children up to 24.9kg / 55 lbs


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3. Bonbijou Lux

Bonbijou Lux
Product Image Source: Bonbijou – Best Baby Strollers in Singapore

Strong, sturdy, and spacious

Probably the strongest and sturdiest stroller in the Bonbijou lineup to date, the Bonbijou Lux Stroller is your perfect companion as you embark on your exciting journey of parenthood. Unlike other baby strollers in Singapore, this one can accommodate weights up to 25kg, so even if your baby is no longer a newborn, they can still ride on it comfortably and safely. The seat is extra spacious too, providing your baby with plenty of room to stretch and maximise comfort as you go.

On top of that, this stroller can also double as a shopping cart for your weekly trips to the supermarket. It has an enormous carrying basket for all your shopping needs and has a  total carry capacity of 21L. But if you need more space, you can also place up to 6kg of stuff in the stroller’s handles. Moreover, with the stroller’s big wheels, excellent suspension, and powerful frame, both your baby and shopping bags will have the smoothest ride possible.

Luxurious high-quality canopy and design

As much as we love the Bonbijou Lux Stroller for its great functionality, its design is something we really appreciate as well. It comes with a premium fabric-covered cushion for better comfort and ventilation, complete with leather handles for a luxe hand feel. There is also a large peek-a-boo window at the back for added ventilation.

Not only that, the stroller also features a luxurious high-quality full canopy with UV protection, which will help shield your little one from the sun’s harmful rays. At the same time, the Bonbijou Lux Stroller provides your child with a safe and sheltered cosy sleep place for naps when not at home. And when your child is no longer sleepy, simply fold the stroller and stash it onto a free stroller bag for your convenience.

What we love about this Bonbijou stroller:
  • Suitable for newborns and up to a max weight of 25kg
  • Easy and smooth steering
  • 5-point harness for extra safety and meets EN1888 safety standards
  • Comes with a spacious basket, footmuff, carry handle, cup holder, and luggage-like handle
  • Compact and space-saving

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4. Doona Liki Trike

best baby strollers in Singapore
Product Image Source: Doona – Best Baby Strollers Singapore

The smallest folding trike on the market

Doona Liki Trike is one of the smallest folding trikes on the market that offers maximum functionality and comfort. This sleek and urban-designed baby stroller features easy folds and unfolds in seconds with just a click of a button. It is equipped with high-durability soft-ride wheels making it ideal to travel comfortably with your child. To assure you of long-lasting quality, this unique and patented baby stroller in Singapore is made from exceptional materials that allow you to use this stroller for a long time. Additionally, the dual steering system feature is designed so parents and children can both easily navigate the stroller. Liki Trike comes fully assembled in the box so you can go ahead and enjoy that smoothest ride ever.

What we love about Doona:
  • Features easy folds and unfolds in seconds with just a click of a button
  • High-durability soft-ride wheels for a smooth ride and premium materials for long-lasting quality
  • Easy to navigate by parents and children with dual steering system feature
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5. Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Baby Stroller

Baby Jogger City Tour 2
Product Image Source: Baby Jogger – Best Baby Stroller in Singapore

Ultimate stroller for travel

Weighing only 6.5 kg, this ultra-compact baby stroller folds and unfolds in seconds with one hand and a carry bag included. Despite its lightness, you’ll be amazed at this stroller’s durability which can carry children from birth up to 22kg. Plus, it has a large storage basket that can hold up to 5 kg. Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Stroller has multiple reclining positions for your child’s ideal position and adjustable calf rest that supports their legs and feet. To protect your babies from sunlight, the stroller comes with a large UV 50+ canopy with an extension panel and a peekaboo window allowing you to easily check your kiddo as you walk. In addition, the stroller is equipped with lightweight and stable tyres with locking front wheels to ensure your little one a smooth and comfortable ride.

What we love about Baby Jogger baby strollers:
  • Folds and unfolds in seconds with one hand and carry bag included
  • Multiple reclining positions for comfortability and adjustable calf rest to support legs and feet
  • Features large UV 50+ canopy with an extension panel and peekaboo window to easily check your kiddos
  • Lightweight and stable wires with locking front wheels ensure a smooth and comfortable ride
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6. Keenz Kinetic D2

Keenz Kinetic D2
Product Image Source: Keenz – Best Baby Stroller Singapore

Let’s talk about the Keenz Kinetic D2 Convertible Stroller–it’s like a super flexible, fancy, and cool baby stroller available in Singapore. This stroller can do a lot! It changes into more than 25 different setups, like having both seats face forward, facing each other, or facing mum or dad. Plus, it can work as a single stroller when you only need one seat. You can also attach other stuff like car seats or bassinets to it.

And here’s the best part: as your family grows, this stroller grows with you. Need to glide around town with two or three kiddos in tow? Not a problem! This stroller effortlessly adapts to your changing family dynamics, ensuring each stroll is a joy. That’s why you can say goodbye to stroller woes and embrace seamless, stylish strolling experiences tailored for your entire family in Singapore!

What we love about this baby stroller:
  • Offers over 25 configurations, catering to various preferences
  • Seamlessly transitions from a double to a single stroller without any hassle
  • Its comprehensive compatibility–it can connect with infant car seats, bassinets, and a buggy board
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7. Stokke – Baby Strollers in Singapore

baby strollers in Singapore
Product Image Source: Stokke – Best Baby Strollers in Singapore

As a parent navigating the bustling streets of Singapore, finding a baby stroller that ticks all the boxes of safety, quality, and style is a top priority. Enter the Stokke Xplory X: it is not just a stroller but an entire journey in itself! Right from the start, it creates an unbreakable bond by bringing your baby closer, nurturing that sought-after sense of security and connection. The seat’s adaptability is also a marvel–whether it’s naptime, relaxation, or an active outing, this stroller caters to every mood. Maneuvering through Singapore’s vibrant cityscape or taking leisurely walks in the park feels like a breeze, too, all thanks to its brilliantly designed Scandinavian engineering. And the best part? It grows hand in hand with your child, seamlessly transitioning from cuddly newborn moments to keeping up with the curiosity of a toddler.

All in all, we think the Stokke Xplory X isn’t just a baby stroller; it’s become an indispensable, chic companion for every adventure you embark upon in Singapore!

What we love about the Stokke baby stroller:
  • Timeless & high-end design with a form that follows function​
  • The innovative Scandinavian engineering​
  • Packed with premium and fantastic features
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8. Chicco Bravo Primo Travel System

baby strollers
Product Image Source: Chicco – Best Baby Strollers Singapore

Meet the Chicco Bravo Primo: the ultimate multitasking champ in the stroller world that’s designed to make parenting a whole lot easier. You’ve got to hand it to this baby stroller; it’s got a one-hand fold feature that’s like a magic trick–quick, easy, and perfect for those moments when you’ve got your hands full. And when it’s time to stow it away, it does this cool standing fold thing, making storage a breeze without taking up much space. Plus, it’s a total shape-shifter: it easily turns into a super lightweight car seat carrier for the KeyFit, giving you the flexibility you need on the move. But wait, there’s more! It’s also got this sweet parent tray with adjustable handles, cup holders, and even a sneaky zippered compartment that’s perfect for all those essentials. The best part is the extra-large canopy which is like your baby’s own shade oasis. All in all, this stroller set is your trusty, travel-friendly sidekick, always ready for any adventure you throw its way!

What we love about this baby stroller:
  • Easily transforms into a super lightweight car seat carrier for the KeyFit, providing flexibility and adaptability while on the move.
  • Offers a cool standing fold feature, simplifying storage without occupying much space
  • Equipped with an extra-large canopy, creating a shaded oasis for the baby
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9. Maclaren BMW Baby Stroller

best baby stroller
Product Image Source: Maclaren – Best Baby Stroller in Singapore

Step into sophistication and functionality with the Maclaren BMW Stroller, a perfect companion for your little one from 6 months up to 25 kgs, even amidst Singapore’s varied weather. Imagine a sleek, waterproof hood with a smart viewing window, offering protection from rain or shine, and added ventilation for those sunny Singaporean strolls. Not just style, it’s got substance too–boasting a cosy seat liner and shoulder pads for your kiddo’s comfort. Running errands? It’s also easy with its handy shopping basket and a clever pocket on the hood’s back, complete with a convenient carry strap. It can also help you to effortlessly maneuver through crowded streets with its one-hand fold and front-wheel suspension. That said, this baby stroller isn’t just a means of transport; it’s a blend of comfort and elegance, ensuring your little one rides in style along Singapore’s lively lanes!

What we love about the Maclaren baby stroller:
  • Combines sophistication and functionality
  • Features a sleek, waterproof hood with a smart viewing window, providing protection from rain or shine, along with added ventilation
  • Its one-hand fold and front-wheel suspension, making maneuvering hassle-free
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10. Quinny Zapp

baby strollers in Singapore
Product Image Source: Quinny Zapp – Best Baby Stroller Singapore

The Quinny Zapp Xtra2 is your ultimate companion in traversing the dynamic streets of Singapore effortlessly. It’s like having your personal ally, ready to take on any cityscape adventure! From leisurely jaunts to the local cafĂ© to urban expeditions, it’s up for the challenge. The best part? This baby stroller is a master of compactness, smoothly folding into a tidy package perfect for snug spaces, small cars, or as your essential travel partner in Singapore. And let’s talk comfort and versatility–its seat isn’t just snug; it’s adaptable too, fully reclining and easily adjustable to face you or the bustling cityscape ahead. The available colour choices are also fantastic, and when you consider the reasonable price, this baby stroller in Singapore becomes an excellent pick you won’t want to miss!

What we love about the Quinny baby stroller:
  • Offers both comfort and versatility, featuring a seat that’s snug, fully reclining, and easily adjustable
  • Great features at a reasonable price point
  • Smoothly folds into a tidy package, perfect for snug spaces, small cars, and more
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FAQs: Best Baby Strollers in Singapore

1. Where to buy baby strollers in Singapore?

You used to only be able to buy baby strollers in Singapore from stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee is my go-to for shopping for baby products. It is also a great place to compare prices.

2. How do I determine the right stroller type for my baby’s needs?

Consider where you’ll use it most: lightweight umbrella strollers for travel, jogging strollers for active parents, or full-size strollers for everyday use.

3. What are the advantages of using baby strollers in Singapore?

  • Convenience: Strollers offer a hands-free way to transport your child, allowing parents to navigate crowded places or go for walks comfortably.
  • Comfort: They provide a comfortable and secure place for the baby to sit or sleep while on the go.
  • Storage: Many strollers come with storage baskets or compartments for carrying essentials during outings.

4. Are there specific features to look for when selecting a baby stroller in Singapore?

Look for features like adjustable seats, safety harnesses, brakes, suspension systems for a smoother ride, sun canopies, reclining seats for napping, and compatibility with car seats.

5. What advantages come with purchasing online for baby strollers in Singapore?

  • Convenience: Online shopping offers the convenience of browsing and buying from a wide range of strollers at any time, without leaving home.
  • Variety: Online retailers often provide a broader selection of brands, styles, colors, and functionalities compared to physical stores.
  • Comparison: Easy comparison of prices, features, customer reviews, and specifications to make an informed purchasing decision.


After looking at the available options in Singapore, we know how important it is for parents to pick the right baby stroller. Choosing can be tough, so we wanted to make it easier for you! That’s why we really hope our guide on the Best Baby Strollers in Singapore has helped you find the perfect one for your little one. If it has, please share it with your loved ones. Let’s all enjoy easy walks and fun outings with our adorable babies!

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