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Beautifully Customized Wedding Shoes by Christy Ng

[Advertorial] Every bride dreams of a perfect fairy-tale ending to her love story. Like Cinderella, you have found your prince charming, fall in love and you both live happily ever after. Even though reality might not seem as simple as that, I do not see why you cannot live a beautiful fairy-tale on your wedding day! Christy Ng 12 Every Cinderella story starts with the perfect shoe, and for your wedding, I would say the same too. You might find the most stunning wedding gown that glistens in the light, but without the perfect shoes to go with, it would not look and feel as remarkable as it should! A good pair of shoes not only can make you stand tall and look pretty, but the right pair can also make you shine of confidence and sparkle. Finding my wedding shoes was high up on my priority list! However, it was challenging, as I could not find a shop specializing in wedding shoes. Beautiful ones, at least. That was until I found Christy Ng.

The Jimmy Choo of Malaysia

Christy Ng 9 Christy Ng is an online shoe store, but not just any regular shoe store. Termed as the Jimmy Choo of Malaysia, Christy Ng has been a big hit since she started in July 2010. Apart from featuring stunning shoe collections every week, they have the ability to customize your dream shoes from scratch! Aware that shoe sizing can be a conundrum and ready-made designs on shelves might not be what you are looking for, Christy Ng sought to tailor shoes that fitted brides and women perfectly ‚Äď both their feet and what they wanted. Each pair is preciously handmade with love and passion. Christy Ng 14 To match my wedding gowns, I got two pairs of wedding shoes from Christy Ng, customized to fit my foot measurements perfectly! I had the option to design my own unique pair from scratch, choose from a selection of ready-made wedding shoes or custom-made shoes. There are hundreds of designs on Christy Ng for you to choose from! Christy Ng 16

Design your Shoe using Christy Ng’s 3D Shoe Engine

Christy Ng 4 The 3D Shoe Engine interface on Christy Ng used to design your shoe is sleek, simple and intuitive. You can easily design your shoe in less than 30 minutes! On top of that, the 3D effect brings your shoe to life! You can spin the shoe around to check it out from all sides.

Christy Ng 5
Step 1: Choose your style and cutting

Apart from the style, cutting, size and height of the shoe, you get to decide on the materials, textures, accessories, even the heel type for your shoes. With over 1 million possible design combinations, the vast options allow you to be as creative as you want to be. The real-time effect of your selection is incredible and each selection takes less than a few seconds to go live!

Christy Ng_Step 2
Step 2: Select your colour & materials for the different parts of your shoe
Christy Ng_Step 3
Step 3: Select your heel type and heel height! If you’d like to change your shoe body style, you can do so here too!

Not only can you use Christy Ng’s¬†technology to create a pair of glamourous wedding shoes, you can also use it to design up statement pieces for special occasions or casual pieces for everyday occasions. With many colour options including prints and materials like lace, glitter and glossy matt, it gives you endless design possibilities. Christy Ng definitely has something for everyone and every occasion. You can even embellish your shoes with Swarovski elements!

Christy Ng_Step 4
Step 4: Add embellishments – choose from straps to brooches and ribbons!
Christy Ng_Step 5
The Final Step: Check the summary of your selections and you are good to go! Just $190 for a pair of custom made wedding shoes Рwow too good to be true!


My Favourites by Christy Ng

Beautiful Shoes

Christy Ng 13

Christy Ng 5Christy Ng 6

Before I managed to get down to designing my own shoe, I had fallen in love with countless designs on Christy Ng. It was a blessing to have so many gorgeous wedding shoes in one store to choose. With a wide range of styles, colours and designs, I was spoilt for choices! Eventually, I shortlisted the ones that matched my gowns best.

Amazing Quality

Christy Ng 11 On top of the striking design, my shoes were of amazing quality, with intricate details beautifully sewn on to the body. Upon trying them on, they fitted perfectly and was very comfortable to wear. The shoe was made of a¬†smooth satin material, fully cushioned on the inner base and lined with a soft padding on the sides. Unlike other new shoes that will cut into your feet, causing blisters and painful cuts, Christy Ng’s¬†shoes felt like no other! On my wedding day, despite wearing them for over 10 hours, I still felt great! In the case of my other heels, my feel might have crumbled under the prolonged wear. You can see my¬†wedding shoes at 2:39 in this wedding video beautifully captured by MisterJL Productions¬†/ True to Love.

Matthew & Jocelyn // Wedding SDE from MisterJL on Vimeo.

Efficient & Heart-warming Service

Christy Ng 8 My shoes came ‚Äúfresh from shoe heaven‚ÄĚ and landed right on my doorstep in 24 hours once they were ready! Christy Ng helped to expedite the making of my shoes as I ordered a little too close to my wedding date. I really appreciated that! The service provided by Christy Ng¬†was very efficient with quick responses and always with a helpful and friendly spirit.Christy Ng 17 As Christy Ng¬†shoes are beaded by hand, the customized option does require some lead-time (1 week -2 months), but as the saying goes, ‚ÄúGood things come to all who wait!‚ÄĚ I would advise ordering as early as when you settle on your gowns. Christy Ng ships internationally with expedited shipping as quick as 2-5 working days! Malaysian customers get to enjoy free shipping. Christy Ng 15 If you want the perfect pair of wedding shoes for your wedding day, be sure to check out Christy Ng – for they are the shoe heaven that can make your dreams come true. TWV would like to thank and give photo credits to Christy Ng.¬†

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Christy Ng Sdn Bhd (1040088-T) 57-1, Block D, The Suites, Jaya One, No 72A, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya, 46200 Selangor, Malaysia (We are on 1st Floor, behind Malones Irish Bar)

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