Belmont Hotel Boracay - Night Facade
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Exploring Belmont Hotel Boracay: Your Gateway to a Private Oasis

It is no secret that Boracay has been one of the most beloved destinations by both locals in the Philippines and tourists from different countries hence the crowd can be massive at times. But did you know that Boracay has more to offer aside from the legendary White Beach on the bustling main three stations? There is a hidden gem where you can enjoy a tropical oasis in tranquility! Tucked away in the serene Newcoast district, Belmont Hotel Boracay provides a gateway to experiencing a fusion of opulence, nature, and unforgettable moments with your loved ones. In this article, we will share more reasons why Belmont promises not just a relaxing vacation, but also a transformative journey. Start exploring below!

6 reasons to stay at Belmont Hotel Boracay for your next trip

1. Embrace the infinity of sky and waters

Newcoast Beach

Imagine being welcomed by powdery white sand and clear blue water when you step out of your hotel room. At Belmont, the beach isn’t just a view, it is your private playground. Yes, you read it right. The hotel provides direct access to a dedicated section of the beach for its guests, complete with sun loungers, umbrellas, and beachside service. This ensures an exclusive and comfortable beach experience.

Belmont Hotel Boracay Sunset
The beautiful private beach of Newcoast

Belmont Hotel Boracay is also eastern-facing hence if the weather permits during your visit, you will be blessed with a breathtaking sunrise over the ocean, creating a romantic and awe-inspiring atmosphere.

2. Savour incredible dining experiences

La Meza for Two

Dinner by the beach
Our special group dinner at Cove 2

Belmont offers not just meals, but unforgettable culinary experiences. On one enchanting evening, they invited us to dine by the beach. The setup was so picturesque and the familiar Filipino dishes like sinigang and kare-kare helped a lot in soothing our tired bodies from the long journey during the day.

Zabana Pool Bar
Drinks at Zabana Pool Bar

Beyond the delightful beachfront feasts curated by La Meza, the hotel also provides other dining options so you can surely find something to suit your taste. If you’re in the mood for a happy hour, the Newcoast Beach Bar awaits with refreshing drinks. And if you are one of those who prefer to sip while taking a dip in the pool, fret not, as the Zabana Pool Bar on the second floor offers the perfect oasis.

Belmont Café
The all-day dining Belmont Café

During our stay, our family also enjoyed having breakfast at Belmont Café which is located within the ground level, right next to the beautiful greenery. The selections were quite limited but some classics like the champorado and made-to-order omelet gave us the much-needed energy boost to kickstart another adventurous day. However, for those moments when you’d rather laze around in the comfort of your cozy bed instead of going out, or you just simply want to have your meals more privately, in-room dining is also conveniently available. The vibrant food can be graciously delivered right to your doorstep!

3. Enjoy elegance amidst nature

Belmont Hotel Boracay Premier Sea View
The hotel boasts a remarkable selection of 442 rooms including 6 differently abled rooms. Among the choices are Deluxe, Deluxe Hill View, Deluxe Sea View, Premier, Premier Deluxe, Premier Deluxe Sea View, and Executive Suites. Each room is well-appointed and modernly designed with comfort and impressive aesthetics in mind. Many rooms also offer the added luxury of private balconies or terraces, granting guests breathtaking vistas of either the sea or the mountain.

Belmont Deluxe Room Balcony
We spent our nights away at their spacious deluxe rooms which are the ideal choice if you are traveling with your whole family. While our rooms had no access to the stunning sea views, it was still lovely that we could enjoy varying sights like the inviting pool area and the calming green tree-covered mountain.

Belmont Boracay - Lobby
Our family at the charming lobby

Belmont Hotel Boracay extends its charm beyond its luxurious rooms. It offers a range of amenities that cater to guests of all ages such as high-speed WiFi which is much needed for those who work on the go like us, a well-equipped fitness center for maintaining your routine despite being away from home, and a fun playroom for the energetic young ones. Indeed, this hotel is a family haven where every member of the clan can find their slice of paradise.

4. Discover the island’s treasures

Newcoast Playground
The playground right between the mountain and the beach

Staying at Belmont makes immersing yourself in the heart of Boracay’s culture, nature, and adventures much easier as they provide a Boracay Explorer’s Program. The program includes curated activities and experiences like a guided land tour which allow guests not only to engage with the local community and attractions but also create memories that last a lifetime.

Belmont Swimming Pool
Belmont’s swimming pool at night
Party Pool
Party Pool

After the island exploration or enjoying water activities like kayaking and paddleboarding, you may unwind by taking a refreshing dip in the hotel’s charming swimming pool, which is conveniently located on the second floor. If you prefer a bigger pool, Belmont’s guests also have access to its neighbor’s party pool at the Savoy Hotel. The sensation of swimming while taking in panoramic views is an experience that truly embodies a relaxing getaway.

Aqua Spa
The fabulous Aqua Spa

But wait, the delights don’t end there! Belmont Hotel Boracay can also cater to your needs for a holistic wellness retreat. Simply go to their exquisite Aqua Spa where they offer a range of wellness treatments and massages. Doesn’t rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul while feeling utterly relaxed and pampered make your vacation even more special?

5. Help preserve the beauty of Boracay

Boracay Beach
Belmont takes pride in their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. They implement various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, making it an attractive choice for eco-conscious travelers. With this, you may also partake in leaving a positive footprint on our beloved environment while enjoying your vacation. Your moments of pampering resonate with the island’s heartbeat, reminding you that your choices contribute to preserving the splendor of Boracay for many more generations to come.

6. Celebrations in paradise

Belmont Hotel Boracay Beach Wedding
Aside from all the attractive points listed above, the hotel also provides event and meeting facilities, making it even more suitable for both leisure and business travelers. The scenic backdrop and professional amenities enhance the appeal of hosting conferences and celebrations as well.

Be it a dreamy beachfront wedding or a corporate retreat with a tropical twist, you can be assured that Belmont has the right space for your needs.

Overall, Belmont Hotel Boracay stands out for its idyllic location, luxurious accommodations, personalized service, and commitment to providing guests with a memorable and enriching experience. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a business trip, this hotel is more than just a recommendation. Take it as an invitation to immerse yourself in the pinnacle of luxury, a symphony of nature’s beauty and human craftsmanship. Your journey to paradise starts here!

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