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10 Best Aquarium Shops in the Philippines | Best of Home 2023

As we lean towards staying more at home, having an aquarium at home helps one cope with stress and uncertainty. A good and personalized aquarium setup can now be done through resources available locally. With an extensive variety of aquarium shops in the market, which then is the best aquarium shop in the Philippines? In our Best of Home series, we introduce the 10 Best Aquarium Shops in the Philippines, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

This article was last updated on 24 January 2023.

Table of contents

  1. Petshop.PH
  2. Lucky Ocean Pet Shop
  3. Lipa Aquarium Supplies
  4. Baroque Pet Shop and Aquatics
  5. Fish of Mine Petstore
  6. Fish Treats Manila
  7. Pet Zone
  8. Kelly Aquatics
  9. Sam’s Lagoon Pet Shop
  10. FishYard 43

10 Best Aquarium Shops in the Philippines

1. Petshop.PH

PetshopPH Aquarium Philippines
Source: Petshop.PH

A one-stop shop for everything pet-related, Petshop.PH caters primarily to pet owners who are looking for supplies and furniture to upgrade their homes. Furthermore, their impressive catalogue includes four crystal aquariums that come in different sizes. Though in regular rectangular shapes, these don’t take up much space and can be securely set up in a corner. We also love how these aquariums they offer are rimless and made using ultra-low iron glass. Not only that, but they also offer miniature tanks to showcase betta fishes. Handy and perfect for lowkey pet fish owners.

Address: 5/F Blade Auto Center108 Timog Avenue, Quezon City1103 Philippines
Tel.No: (+02) 8928-2222
Check out Petshop.PH >

2. Lucky Ocean Pet Shop

Lucky Ocean Pet Shop Aquarium
Source: Lucky Ocean

Recreate an ocean-like aquarium for your pet fishes at home with the help of Lucky Ocean Pet Shop. They offer a wide range of aquariums you can choose from. From huge rectangular aquariums to sphere ones, you can surely find one that suits what you need. Moreover, we love how they have special betta showcase aquariums that come in a choice of a tower or apple design. These can be easily adorned with readily available sand and other supplies you may need. Also, they have other pet fishes available too if you want to bring home new babies to fill your tank with.

Address: 1180 Antonio Rivera Street Corner Padre Algue Tondo Manila, Philippines
Tel.No: (+02) 8252-7321
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3. Lipa Aquarium Supplies

Lipa Aquarium Supplies
Source: Lipa Aquarium Supplies

Offering pet fish supplies and aquariums, Lipa Aquarium Supplies ensure to cater to all fish owner needs. Moreover, they also have breeder tanks which cater to those who intend to grow their own fish family. We also love how they already offer affordable packages for aquariums with landscaping and equipment. Perfect also for newbies, they ensure that all the basics are included in the set. These packaged sets are available in various sizes too. Furthermore, they also have additional upgrades that you can consider such as UV lights, high-quality water filters, and more.

Address: Unit 1 Emma Commercial Bldg., Kapitan Simeon Luz St., Brgy 6, Lipa City 4217 Lipa City, Philippines
Mobile No: (+63) 915 833 4705
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4. Baroque Pet Shop and Aquatics

Baroque Pet Shop and Aquatics Philippines
Source: Baroque Pet Shop and Aquatics

Baroque Pet Shop and Aquatics have tanks for betta fishes and more. We appreciate how their catalogue is perfect for those who are just starting. At the same time, the team who runs the shop is also more than happy to teach their customers the best practices to prolong a fish’s life. Moreover, they also have supplies you can purchase to keep you from running low on fish feed and other necessary products for caring for pet fishes.

Address: 81 Boni Ave. Cor. San Joaquin Mandaluyong City
Mobile No: (+63) 960 569 5234
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5. Fish of Mine Petstore

Fish of Mine Petstore Philippines
Source: Fish of Mine

Specializing in pet fish, Fish of Mine Petstore has a wide library of pet fish supplies and equipment. With that in mind, it’s not a surprise how this is a top-of-mind for fish owners and newbies. They also have a friendly staff who can assist you and extend guidance when needed. Furthermore, they have aquarium choices you can explore. From the typical rectangular glass form to a sphere, you can decide what suits your home best. Besides this, they also have thermometers, filters, and other pet fish essentials you need too.

Address: 3230 Victorino Mapa Street (V. Mapa) Sta. Mesa Manila, Philippines
Tel.No: (+02) 8732-2677
Check out Fish of Mine Petstore >

6. Fish Treats Manila

Fish Treats Manila Aquarium Shop
Source: Fish Treats Manila

More than settling with ordinary standard fish tanks, Fish Treats Manila allows customized orders to their customers. Perfect for busy fish owners, we like how easy it is to get in touch with the reliable staff from the shop and request a full set-up. Not only that, but they also boast of their impressive supplies and equipment that are assured of high quality. Besides the aquarium set-up, they offer betta and other fish options too.

Address: 3230 Victorino Mapa Street (V. Mapa) Sta. Mesa Manila, Philippines
Mobile No: (+63) 995 261 7571
Check out Fish Treats Manila >

7. Pet Zone

Pet Zone Greenhills Aquarium Shops Philippines
Source: Pet Zone

The team who runs the shop are reputable mentors in keeping a pet fish happy, Pet Zone Greenhills boasts of their wide collection of aquariums, fish supplies, and equipment. This became a one-stop shop within the area because of its accessibility and reliability. Furthermore, owners of multiple fishes can also get discounts by negotiating bulk purchases. We also appreciate how they offer popular brands and also extend budget-friendly repacks for some with small fish tanks to feed.

Address: 351-C C.M. Recto St, San Juan 1500 Metro Manila Philippines
Mobile No: (+02) 7358 2692
Check out Pet Zone >

8. Kelly Aquatics

Kelly Aquatics Aquarium Shops Philippines
Source: Kelly Aquatics

Open for deliveries, Kelly Aquatics offers a wide collection of pet fish essentials one may need. From different pet fish species, they also have a range of aquariums and interiors that allow owners to build their very own fish tanks. At the same time, you can also opt for upgrades to improve the overall tank ambience and make it more suitable for the fish.

Address: 973 Vicente Cruz St. 1008 Manila, Philippines
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9. Sam’s Lagoon Pet Shop

Sam's Lagoon Pet Shop Philippines
Source: Sam’s Lagoon Pet Shop

Not only offering small fish, but Sam’s Lagoon Pet Shop also extends its services to large-scale fish homes. These may be through koi ponds that are believed to bring luck to the home. Moreover, they also have small-scale aquariums and equipment suitable for humble homes with little space. We also appreciate how the fish they offer comes with a certification which allows the owners to know that their purchased pet fish is of a determined breed.

Address: 589-591 N.S. Amoranto Street Corner Banawe Barangay Siena Sta. Mesa Heights QC 1114 Quezon City, Philippines
Tel.No: (+02) 8712-3929
Check out Sam’s Lagoon Pet Shop >

10. FishYard 43

Fish Yard 43
Source: FishYard 43

FishYard 43 offers aquariums in various shapes and sizes. We appreciate how they also have stood to hold aquariums in huge lengths securely while displayed. Moreover, there also can be setups where different aquarium sizes are put together — such as for betta fish collectors. All of their aquariums are made meticulously with high-quality materials and workmanship.

Address: 43 Domingo Street, Carmel 2 1106 Quezon City, Philippines
Mobile No: (+63) 917 627 7848
Check out FishYard 43 >

We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Aquarium Shops in the Philippines has helped you to select the best aquarium shop in the Philippines to build your very own aquarium at home. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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