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Me-O: The Smart Choice for a Purr-fectly Healthy Cat

Cats may have nine lives in total, but that does not mean that their human should feed them with anything they want. Like humans, our feline friends also need to have a well-balanced diet so they will be able to live long, happy life. They should get all the right nutrients in the right proportions to be more healthy, and of course, the key to that is to find the right cat food that suits your pet. This does not mean buying the most expensive one, but, actually knowing what goes into your cat’s meals. Luckily, Me-O Cat Food has been really generous in providing all the essential nutrients for the most purr-fectly healthy cat, which we will sum up below.

The Basics of Cat Nutrition

Before anything else, let us first talk about the basics of cat nutrition. If you are just starting out as a fur mum, you must know that cats are obligate carnivores. Means, they rely on animal protein as their main energy source, so this should always be the top priority in picking out your cat’s food. This is also the reason why almost all cat food is based on chicken, beef, fish, and any other seafood.


Aside from serving as an energy source, proteins are also used to develop and maintain muscle, skin, fur, nails, tendons, hormones, and antibodies in cats. Once they are ingested, the cat’s digestive tract will break them into amino acids, which are set to perform different functions in a cat’s body. Although cats, like most animals, can produce some amino acids on their own, there are essential amino acids that must be supplemented into their diet. Thus, their cat food must contain the following amino acids:

  •   Taurine: Important for heart function, vision, and digestion
  •   Arginine: Helps remove waste products (i.e., ammonia) from the cat’s body
  •   Methionine: Essential for the growth of kittens
  •   Others: Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Valine


Carbohydrates are the most important energy source for humans, but as you may know by now, it is not the same with cats. Most dry cat food has carbohydrates (mostly fibre) though, so our feline friends can still handle them. Just make sure to not give them too much, especially carbohydrates from human table food.

Vitamins & Minerals

Cats need vitamins and minerals so that they can perform their normal functions easily. Vitamins and minerals are found naturally in many cat food ingredients, including animal tissues, vegetables, fruits, vegetable oils, seeds, and grains. Though sometimes, cat food manufacturers add more vitamins and minerals to supplement those that are found naturally in the formula. Below are some of the most important vitamins and minerals to check in your cat food nutrient label:

  •   Vitamins: Vitamins A & D (for vision, bone, and tooth growth), Vitamin E (antioxidant), Riboflavin (helps release energy), Choline (neurotransmitter), etc.
  •   Minerals: Calcium and Phosphorus (for growth and maintenance of bones), Iron (for oxygen transport in the body), Potassium (important for nerve function), etc.

Fats/Fatty Acids

Contrary to belief, fats are not all evil. In fact, it is the most energy-rich nutrient in every cat’s diet. Fats also act as transport molecules and help conduct nerve impulses. Fats and fatty acids (building blocks of fats) can be obtained in salmon, chicken, liver, or beef, which are ingredients that are often included in different brands of cat food. And since fat is really beneficial for cats, most cat food manufacturers add extra fat (fish oil, beef fat, etc.) into their formulas – all of which are rich in the essential omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

How does Omega 6-benefit your cat?

Omega-6 (also known as linoleic acid) helps to improve your cat’s skin, coat, and joints. If your cat is prone to skin infections that lead to hot spots, omega-6 and omega-3 (DHA) oils can greatly help reduce outbreaks and strengthen its immune system. If you have a Persian, Ragdoll, or any other long-haired cat, make sure that their diet includes plenty of these fatty acids to ensure that their fur and coat are always shiny and healthy. Plus, no shedding!

Feel free to read this really informative pamphlet if you wish to know more about your cat’s nutritional needs.

Me-O Cat Food

All these essential nutrients can be really overwhelming at first, especially if you just got a cat. Fortunately, with Me-O Cat Food, your cat can have everything it needs to stay healthy! Every Me-O product is nutritionally-balanced and complete, formulated to meet and even surpass the nutritional levels established by the US National Research Council (NRC) and Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) for all cat food variants. What’s also great is that they do not contain preservatives. To top it all off, you can get all these nutrients in both dry and wet food forms!

1. Dry food/kibbles

Cats love to munch on crunchy things, so dry food or kibbles are always a blockbuster to them. What’s even better is that they are loaded with nutrients, which you can see below:

  •   Taurine: Essential for eye health
  •   Vitamin C: Boosts the immune system and helps reduce environmental stress
  •   FLUTD: A developed formula that prevents the risk of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease and bladder stone
  •   Omega 3&6 + Zinc: Helps to nourish cat’s hair and skin
  •   Low sodium: Helps decrease the risk for kidney and heart issues, as well as high blood pressure
  •   Calcium, Phosphorus, and Vitamin D: Strengthens teeth and bones
Guaranteed analysis for Me-O dry cat food for adults

Do note that dry cat food has very little moisture, so it is important that there is clean drinking water available to them at all times. Your cat will likely not be a huge fan of water, perhaps due to its desert-dwelling ancestors, so it is up to you how you will encourage your cat to drink more. You can use water fountains, add more water bowls all over the house, etc. Better yet, introduce wet food to its diet as well.

2. Wet food

Me-O Wet Cat Food (available in can and pouch variants) have higher water content, hence providing better hydration to cats. Plus, they are much easier to digest!

Guaranteed analysis for Me-O wet cat food for adults

Both wet and dry food is beneficial for cats, especially if they contain all the right nutrients. For more variety in their diet, you can try feeding them both alternately. But of course, this ultimately boils down to your cat’s preferences (and your budget!), since some cats tend to be really picky when it comes to the texture of their food. Just always make sure that you are feeding them with the amount that is required for their size, breed, and activity level.               

3. Cat treats

Your cat may not show its love too much, but that does not mean that it does not deserve to get some treats. Just like other pets, cats love flavourful treats, especially if they are in lick form. Me-O comes with dry form and wet form types of treats. Cats can have it while on the go, as a treat, or if being picky with their usual food. Treats are a trick to build the bonding between owner and cat as well.

Are Cat Lick Treats Good for Your Cat?

The answer is yes! Your feline friend will not only have some much-needed bonding time with its human, but also gain some nutrients as well. Though small in volume, these Me-O Creamy Treats are actually packed with plenty of health benefits. These include:

  •   Plaque prevention for fresh breath
  •   Collagen and glucosamine for healthy skin and bones
  •   Prebiotics and fibre for a healthier digestive system
  •   Taurine for improved eyesight
  •   Omega 6, Zinc, and DL-Methionine to promote good skin and coat health

Each pack of Me-O Cat Lick Creamy Treats contains 4 sticks, which is just enough to spoil your furry little friend. However, please do check the recommended feeding guidelines per day. Remember: too much of anything is good for nothing!


Wide variety of flavours

What we also appreciate about Me-O is how they offer a wide variety of flavours for all their products. For instance, Me-O’s cat lick treats are available in the usual feline favourites – Tuna with Scallop, Salmon, Chicken and Liver, Katsuo and Maguro – but they also have more unique flavours like Crab and Bonito.

  •   Crab

This Crab-flavoured treat is not just tasty – it is especially high in prebiotics as well. Prebiotics promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut and hence, better digestion.

  •   Bonito

We often see bonito flakes when cooking our favourite Japanese dishes, but did you know that cats love them as well? Bonito flakes can actually be addicting to cats, but not to worry since they can be really healthy with their high protein content (especially taurine). In Me-O cat lick treats, these delish bonito flakes are even combined with more nutrients, not to mention rich in fibre!

In addition to the flavours, most Me-O cat products are also available for felines of different life stages. This way, you will get to satisfy your pet’s nutritional needs regardless of its age.

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There are so many things to consider when you have a pet, but the best way to really show our love to them is by providing them with the right food to keep them healthy and strong. We hope that this article helped you consider getting Me-O the next time you are looking for healthy cat food for your fur baby. If you’ve found this article to be useful, please do share it with your family and friends!

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