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10 Best Baby Sleep Training Consultants in Singapore | Best of Baby 2023

Parents’ minds are typically concerned with sleep issues before their children are born. Many parents in Singapore swear by local and international sleep experts who use a variety of practices and customise their suggestions to their family’s requirements and behaviours. Sleep coaching, at its core, gives your kid the gift of healthy self-regulation abilities, or the capacity to control one’s behaviour, cognition, attention, and emotion when faced with a difficulty. As a result, acquiring these talents is a difficult task. This will be accomplished by modifying your child’s ways of falling asleep. With an extensive variety of baby sleep training consultants in the market, which then are the best baby sleep training consultants in Singapore? In our Best of Babies series, we introduce the 10 Best Baby Sleep Training Consultants in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

This article was last updated on 06 January 2023.

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10 Best Baby Sleep Training Consultants in Singapore

1. Petite Dreamers Sleep Solutions

Petite Dreamers Sleep Solutions baby sleep consultant singapore
Source: Petite Dreamers Sleep Solutions

Helped over 1,500 families in Singapore

Petite Dreamers Sleep Solutions’ Louise Duncan is a well-known child sleep expert in Singapore. Louise specialises in developing and executing individualized, easy-to-follow sleep plans that encourage your kid to sleep through the night. Petite Dreamers provides a variety of sleep coaching services, ranging from 30-minute “Ask Me Anything” conversations to a full-service, comprehensive sleep and parenting package that includes up to 12 weeks of phone, email, and WhatsApp help. Since Louise made the move from corporate life to getting concerned with baby and child sleepover six years ago, the Petite Dreamers 4 Steps to Sleep Success program has assisted over 1,500 families in Singapore.

Address: ​​1 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #04 #26 A’Posh Bizhub Singapore 768160
Tel: +65 9828 6264
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2. Our Little Chicks Sleep Solutions

Our Little Chicks Sleep Solutions baby sleep consultant singapore
Source: Our Little Chicks Sleep Solutions

Provide effective support during sleep training

Lavinia Rajah, a licensed paediatric sleep consultant with Our Little Chicks Sleep Solutions, compassionately helps parents in training their newborns and toddlers to sleep freely and healthily, as well as to follow a healthy schedule for their age. Her communication approach is straightforward, thorough, and informative. She takes a compassionate approach and creates a plan for your kid based on his or her individual requirements and temperament, as well as providing effective troubleshooting and support during the sleep training process. She also offers helpful advice on how to deal with future sleep issues so that your child continues to sleep well.

Tel: +65 9765 0903
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3. Sleep Supernanny

Sleep Supernanny baby sleep consultant singapore
Source: Sleep Supernanny

For all the sleep-deprived people around the world

Sleep Supernanny is located in Singapore, but it provides online sleep consultations to people all around the world. Home sleep consultations are also provided for customers in Singapore. Sleep Supernanny’s Zoe Chu believes in being nice, compassionate, and supportive to parents who are dealing with sleep problems with their children. She provides personalised sleep solutions for you and your child. Every parent is unique, just like every child. Since 2013, Zoe and her Dream Team have been transforming ‘mombies’ into sleeping beauties with their 5-Step Sleep Baby Sleep program. She’s enthusiastic about sleep and helping exhausted and sleep-deprived families reclaim their sanity and sleep.

Tel: +65 9238 8060
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4. Baby Sleep Fairy

Baby Sleep Fairy baby sleep consultant singapore
Source: Baby Sleep Fairy

Expect a effective and comprehensive sleep solutions

Tammy Fontana, MS, NCC CTRT, professional sex therapist USA, Hypnotherapist Croatia, has been a scientifically based sleep solutions specialist in Singapore for over two decades. You can expect effective and comprehensive guidance from Baby Sleep Fairy, as well as lifelong access to their site for continuous support. After you’ve completed the sleep training, you can count on plenty of WhatsApp assistance. Following the completion of the training, consultations are still accessible.

Address: 60 Paya Lebar Road, #6-11 409051
Tel: +65 9030 7239

5. UpChild

UpChild baby sleep consultant singapore
Source: UpChild

Sleeping training program for two weeks only

Angela works with UpChild Sleep and Communication Solutions as a paediatric sleep expert. She assists and encourages parents in instilling appropriate sleep patterns in their children and newborns from an early age. She’ll be there to hold your hand from beginning to end and respond quickly. She ensures that when the program ends after two weeks, parents can relax about their children’s sleep and enjoy some “me” time again. She advocates for a moderate approach and tailors a strategy for your kid based on their unique requirements and temperament, as well as your parenting and lifestyle. Moreover, she also helps parents with potty training and teaches the Baby Signs program in-person and through Zoom.

Address: ​​2 Venture Drive, #1402, Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526
Tel: +65 9795 7367
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6. Anahita Bhatia

Anahita Bhatia
Source: Anahita Bhatia

Compassionate holistic sleep coach

Anahita Bhatia is a Postpartum Doula and a trained Holistic Sleep Coach. Anahita feels that compassionate and responsive parenting, rather than typical cry-it-out methods, can help families sleep better. Her approach is to provide evidence-based information and teach families to ensure that everyone in the family gets enough rest. She also specialises in infant sleep-shaping, which may help babies sleep better right away – within reasonable and age-appropriate limits, of course! She offers a complete approach to sleep, taking into account each family’s circumstances and aspirations. Anahita Bhatia’s holistic approach to sleep coaching is widely recommended in local Facebook parenting groups.

Tel: +65 9675 0254
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7. SleepKraft

Source: SleepKraft

Gentle and personalised sleeping routine schedule

SleepKraft focuses on the physical, developmental, social, environmental, emotional well-being, and integration aspects of a family’s life through holistic and proven approaches. To assist your child in learning to sleep independently and improving his or her general sleep. They also guarantee to train and empower parents with the knowledge of Sleep Scheduling (wake times adjustment), which will let your kid sleep independently and solve sleep issues long after the Sleep Training phase is over.

Tel: +65 9004 9772

8. Rested Nest

Rested Nest
Source: Rested Nest

Provides 1-on-1 sleep counseling webinars

This new baby sleep expert has recently begun hosting online sleep webinars and also provides 1-on-1 sleep counseling to families with young children. They will assist your baby and you get the sleep you need by using gentle sleep training approaches. They’ve all been there: sleep-deprived, anxious, researching techniques to encourage your kid to sleep through the night, and reading any infant sleep book they can get their hands on. Allow them to assist you at every turn.

Address: #181 Bedok North Rd, Singapore 460181
Tel: +65 9297 5948
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9. Beloved Bumps

Beloved Bumps
Source: Beloved Bumps

Consultant with personal experience and love to help parents

Their trained sleep specialist is a mother of two small children and a UK-qualified nurse. Annika believes in tried-and-true sleeping strategies since she has personal experience and a love for helping parents. She also understands the necessity of adjusting such methods so that parents are at ease throughout the process. She not only lays a solid foundation for you, but she also gives you tools to utilize along your sleep journey. And if you stray off course, she’ll be there to assist you to get back on track.

Tel: +65 8809 8623
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10. Lullabub Sleepers

Lullabub Sleepers
Source: Lullabub Sleepers

Focuses on adjusting parenting styles and techniques

Rather than following anyone’s sleep training technique, they employ the Sleep Sense approach at Lullabub Sleepers, which focuses on adjusting various parenting styles, personalities, family requirements, and so on. Their  Lullabub consultants make it a point to talk with you about what works best for your kid and to learn about your lifestyle and parenting preferences. It enables them to create a custom, concise, and simple-to-follow sleep plan for you and your family that you and your spouse are 100% convinced you can stick to. At Lullabub Sleepers, they advocate lovingly and respectfully supporting your child through the protests and the process. They will minimize tears according to your comfort levels, meaning you’ll be able to choose the level of reassurance to give your child, whilst working through this much-needed change.

Tel: +65 9232 9614
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Above all, we hope that our guide on the 10 Best Baby Sleep Training Consultants in Singapore has helped you to choose the best baby sleep training consultants in Singapore for your baby comfortable sleeping session. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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