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9 Best Beach Clubs in Bali | Best of Travel 2022

Who doesn’t dream of strolling on the beach watching as the sun bids farewell to the day? Or watch as your footprints on the sand get washed by the waves while the crisp sea breeze gently strokes your face? Dreamy isn’t it? Bali is a magical island in Indonesia well-known for its stunning world-class beaches. This dreamy island is your top pick if you want to find inspiration, take a break from your stressful reality or enjoy a virgin white sand beach with your family. With an extensive variety of beach clubs on this magical island, which then is the best beach club in Bali? In our Best of Travel series, we introduce the 9 Best Beach Clubs in Bali, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.


Table of Contents:

Best Beach Clubs in Bali

  1. Amazing hidden gem: Canna Bali
  2. Gigantic entertainment beach club: Atlas Beach Club
  3. A paradise on earth: Finns Beach Club
  4. Best beachfront location in Bali: Sundays Beach Club
  5. Popular beach club for longboard surfers: The Lawn Canggu
  6. A luscious and magical atmosphere: TT Beach Club
  7. Bali’s first Tiki bar: Azul Beach Club
  8. Beach Club away from traffic jams and busy city life: Sandy Bay Beach Club
  9. Enjoy the ultimate Bali experience: Karma Beach Club

9 Best Beach Clubs in Bali (2022)

1. Canna Bali

Canna Bali - Best Beach Club in Bali
Canna Bali – Best Beach Club in Bali

Amazing hidden gem

Nusa Dua located in the southern part of Bali is the home of this amazing hidden gem called Canna Bali. From day to night, this beach resort will surely entertain and satisfy your pleasure with its white sandy beach, a wide selection of restaurants, and a luxurious outdoor pool. If you are an avid fan of scenic ocean views, Canna Sky is perfect for you. You don’t have to worry about sandy toes and salty hair because this restaurant is indoor and fully air-conditioned. On the contrary, Canna Lodge offers you a superb view and the fresh crisp breeze of the sea. It has a laid-back boho interior that will indeed make you feel at home. 

Serves the finest food Bali offers

Cliff at Canna is a romantic fine-dining restaurant ideal if you are planning to pop the question to your loved one. It’s open for lunch and dinner ready to serve you the finest food Bali offers. After a long day exploring the beauty of Bali, nothing beats relaxing by the pool and sipping your favourite cold drink at Canna Deck. It’s an outdoor hangout area with a fabulous pool that serves delectable beverages. 

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2. Atlas Beach Fest

Atlas Beach Club - Best Beach Club in Bali
Atlas Beach Club – Best Beach Club in Bali

Gigantic entertainment beach club

Party people, where you at?  Atlas Beach Fest is the first and biggest resort that holds a beach festival in the world. Well-known DJs like Steve Aoki, Alan Walkers, Blasterjaxx and top-class performers from all over the world perform at this gigantic entertainment beach club. Of course, what’s a beach festival without a beach bar that serves world-class beverages? Atlas Beach Club holds the title of having the longest beach bar in Asia. Impressive isn’t it? 

What’s more, is that they also hold the title of having the longest poolside in Southeast Asia. If you want to take a break from partying, you can take a walk and just enjoy Indonesia’s best food and beverages in Bali’s biggest street market. What are you waiting for? Unleash your party animal spirit and join the endless fun! 

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3. Finns Beach Club

Finns Beach Club - Best Beach Club in Bali
Finns Beach Club – Best Beach Club in Bali

A paradise on earth

The best way to get away from your stressful lifestyle and relax is to enjoy a lovely sunset at the most recognised beach in Bali – Berawa, Canggu. This is where you will find the home of a paradise on earth called Finns Beach Club. It has 4 pools where your children can splash under the sun and 9 iconic bars including 2 swim-up pool bars with daily DJs to dance your night away. Moreover, you and your family can indulge your palette with Finns Beach Club’s 5 world-class restaurants that offer a wide selection of international cuisines. Whether you’re a single person who just wants to meet new people or have a family with children who are in dire need of a vacation, this is an absolute beach club for you.

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4. Sundays Beach Club

Sundays Beach Club - Best Beach Club in Bali
Sundays Beach Club – Best Beach Club in Bali

Best beachfront location in Bali

Of all of the beach clubs we have seen, this by far has the best beachfront location in Bali. Call your girlfriends to enjoy a weekend of fun toasting your mimosas while enjoying live music in front of Sundays Beach Club crystal clear turquoise waters. When you want to take a break from under the sun, pleasure yourself with the beach club’s ocean-view bar and dining that offers an all-day international menu. In addition, they also offer beverages like Sundays Beach Club’s very own signature cocktails, classic mixes, craft beers and curated international wines. 

Every day feels like Sunday at this beach club

Every day here at Sundays Beach Club feels like Sunday. You can entertain yourself with the beach club’s watersport activities like kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and snorkelling while sightseeing its crystal clear lagoon and scattered rocks along the reef. After a long and active day in the water, warm yourself with Sundays Beach Club sunset bonfires while the live bands and DJ serenade you.

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5. The Lawn Canggu

The Lawn Canggu - Best Beach Club in Bali
The Lawn Canggu – Best Beach Club in Bali

Popular beach club for longboard surfers

Are you the type of person that loves outdoorsy adventure like surfing and partying by the beach? Then this beach club is perfect for you. The Lawn Canggu is located at the heart of Canggu Beach, a popular beach club for longboard surfers. Before its popularity, this beach club humbly started as a beachside kombi van that serves sunset margaritas to surfers. A few years later, The Lawn Canggu loved by locals and international surfers became their go-to hangout place thus the birth of this world-class summer spot in Bali

Additionally, this beach club has been recognised by locals as the one place to catch up with their friends. You can enjoy a day of surfing or spend away your day with their day beds overlooking the Indian Ocean’s clear ocean waters. Whatever you’re looking for one thing’s for sure, they start the good times early and stay up late. 

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6. TT Beach Club

TT Beach Club - Best Beach Club in Bali
TT Beach Club – Best Beach Club in Bali

A luscious and magical atmosphere

Experience a luxurious lifestyle at TT Beach Club. This beach club is well-known for its luscious and magical atmosphere that your family or friends can enjoy. They are committed to excellence thus making your stay memorable with various activities and top-class restaurants to satisfy your palette. Capture your best moments at TT Beach Club with professional drone service by booking drone sessions.  Furthermore, this beach club offers live entertainment to dance your night away with guest-star DJs overlooking the luxury pool. 

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7. Azul Beach Club

Azul Beach Club - Best Beach Club in Bali
Azul Beach Club – Best Beach Club in Bali

Bali’s first Tiki bar

Azul Beach Club is pretty easy to spot because of its architectural design that imitates Indonesian iconic traditional houses. This beach club is the first in Bali’s first Tiki Bar that offers its own signature cocktails. What we love about Azul Beach Club is that their Tiki cocktails are served with the beach club’s customised glassware that greatly compliments each beverage. This is an open-house beach club and restaurant with an outdoor pool that has sun loungers and private dining terraces – perfect if you are planning a private event like a birthday party or bridal shower. Moreover, Azul Beach Club is open every day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. that offers breakfast, lunch, sunset and dinner. 

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8. Sandy Bay Beach Club

Sandy Beach Club - Best Beach Club in Bali
Sandy Beach Club – Best Beach Club in Bali

Beach Club away from traffic jams and busy city life

This is a beach club in Bali where you can enjoy summer all year round and experience the local’s smiling and friendly company. Set on the tropical paradise island of Nusa Lembongan, you have 2 options to visit Sandy Bay Beach Club. Via a 30-minute boat rides away from mainland Bali or by a 10-minute panoramic helicopter ride. Away from the traffic jams and busy city life of Bali, be refreshed with this beach club’s impeccable quality food and beverages while enjoying the island’s turquoise crystal clear waters. They have several shacks and villas for accommodation options if you want to stay for a couple of days at this magical beach club. Additionally, individuals who want to get pampered can try Sandy Bay’s Glo Spa which offers relaxing and restorative therapies that seek to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Check out Sandy Bay Beach Club >

9. Karma Beach Club

Karma Beach Club - Best Beach Club in Bali
Karma Beach Club – Best Beach Club in Bali

Enjoy the ultimate Bali experience

Are you looking for a beach-themed birthday party or just want to have an intimate romantic date night with your loved one? Well, pack up your luggage and come visit the best beach destination in Bali called Karma Beach Club.  They offer various activities that you can enjoy the ultimate Bali experience. If you want to enjoy a day watching the waves from the crystal-clear turquoise water of the Indian Ocean, you can rent a pavilion styled after the classic Balinese bale. Enjoy their gazebo packages that include one bottle of Karma’s private collection and canapes with your girlfriends. Moreover, you can eat freshly caught lobster and other mouthwatering seafood offered by Karma’s open-air restaurant by the beach. 

Experience dining like a royal Balinese

From Monday to Sunday, Karma Beach Bali’s got you entertained with different activities. Like on Monday watch a romantic movie by the beach and on Wednesday, experience the Rayuan Royal dinner and dine like a royal Balinese. If you love seafood, then come and visit on Fridays and experience Karma Beach’s bamboo seafood bbq night.  

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We hope that our guide on the 9 Best Beach Clubs in Bali has helped you find the best beach clubs in Bali for your next staycation. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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