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10 Best 3-Bedroom Villas in Bali | Best of Bali 2023

Now that the Christmas season is near and our children’s holiday break is just around the corner, there’s no better way to spend time with our family than to go on a vacation trip. Bali is definitely one of the excellent choices if you want to change your family’s Christmas tradition this year. Aside from the island’s beauty and serenity, this island offers exceptional villas with everything you need to create an unforgettable experience with your family. With an extensive variety of 3-bedroom villas in the market, which then is the best 3-bedroom villa in Bali? In our Best of Travel series, we introduce the 10 Best 3-Bedroom in Bali, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

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10 Best 3-Bedroom Villas in Bali

  1. A luxurious home away from home: Vinila Villas Nusa Dua by Nakula
  2. Modern comforts in a peaceful, centrally-located villa: Villa Songket
  3. Luxurious resort destination in Bali’s Bukit Peninsula: Karma Kandara
  4. Ideal venue for an intimate event: Villa Sally
  5. Luxurious 5-star private villas: Peppers Seminyak
  6. Magical private villas overlooking the Ayung River: Kayumanis Ubud Private Villa & Spa
  7. A place to reconnect with nature: Samsara Ubud
  8. Spacious and modernly designed: The Bidadari Villas & Spa
  9. Offers 24-hour butler service: The Santai
  10. A serviced villa that treats you like royalty: The Kunja Villas & Spa

10 Best 3-Bedroom Villas in Bali (2022)

1. Vinila Villas Nusa Dua by Nakula

A luxurious home away from home 

Situated amidst lush greenery, Villa Vinila Nusa Dua offers the ultimate setting for that luxury Bali tropical holiday you have always dreamed of. The villa is located on the quieter side of Nusa Dua so it is ideal for intimate quality time, be it with your partner or your entire family. What we really like about the villa was that it was really tranquil and peaceful, unlike some villas situated near the main road in which you can hear the sounds of traffic throughout the night.

The villa’s spacious living room was honestly the best place to spend quality time with the family – the couches were comfortable, there were huge glass doors that keep ample lighting in yet providing enclosed living comfort, and there was Netflix (perfect for family movie nights!), and so much more. We also really loved how the glass doors can be closed to keep the mosquitoes out at all times, though there were hardly any there. This also means that you can hang out in the living room with the AC on, which is just perfect as Bali can be hot and humid most of the time.

If you still get hot even after all the AC, take a dip in the villa’s alluring outdoor pool. Our little Ally had fun splashing around! Though, if you are not feeling the water, you can just laze around in one of the villa’s poolside daybeds, read a book, and just soak up the sun.

Top-notch service standards

What’s also great about Villa Vinila is how they have a fully equipped kitchen. This way, you can buy your groceries and cook your own meals, which can be especially helpful to your budget if you plan to stay in Bali for a longer time. Don’t worry, the villa has a reliable butler service that will attend to your every need. On our visit there, we were really thankful for our butlers as they helped answer all our questions and fulfilled all our requests, which included finding a cooking pot for us to use.  Villa Vinila also provides laundry services, so you will not have a problem planning out your OOTDs. Simply ask their staff for help! 

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2. Villa Songket

Villa Songket - Bali Honeymoon Guide

Modern comforts in a peaceful, centrally-located villa

As you arrive from the nearby airport to tranquil Umalas and pass through carved wooden gates, you are greeted with a friendly staff and welcome drinks at Villa Songket. While only a short ride away from the beach, fine dining restaurants, and bustling shopping districts, this villa offers refuge from the busy urban life. With intelligent design, you can relax anywhere from the pool lounge to the Balinese day beds. Thanks to Yohanes Gabra of La Casa Design Bali, you get an open layout that provides both cool winds and a beautiful view of nature as you lay back on the Songket covered cushions of the living room. Before you spend more time in paradise, however, you should check out which room you want to be staying in.

Every accommodation comes with an open air bathroom, air conditioning, a cable TV and DVD player, a digital safe, and a writing desk. Head up to their aqua bedroom’s balcony where you can gaze at their emerald green Java stone swimming pool framed by the lush tropical gardens and bale pavilion. Head down to their orange bedroom for a different tone of the bright Songket tiles. Then, go past the goldfish pond, to visit the master bedroom separated from the main house. Only a few steps away from the pool, it offers a gorgeous garden bathtub and a walk-in wardrobe complete with a dressing table and full-length mirror.

Great service and a beautiful locale

You may already notice the showcase of Balinese tradition and contemporary design around the villa. From the natural stone and timber architecture to the statues, paintings, and artefacts all the way to the textiles formerly reserved for royalty, Villa Songket is not just a resting place, but also a work of art. All of that is well-maintained by their talented and attentive staff. Your mornings start with servings of fresh fruit, juices, eggs, toast, and Balinese coffee. While the kitchen is already incredibly well-stocked with all the appliances which include even blenders and rice cookers, tableware and glassware that you need (probably one of the most well-stocked villas we have ever stayed in), you can still call in a chef to visit and prepare a customised menu for a peaceful dinner at the villa.

Our own stay here was amazing! With not a lot of traffic and generous parking spaces, getting accommodated was easy. We love how you can simply lie down by the living room and enjoy the peaceful sounds of water. We noticed the place was spacious enough to host parties with friends and family, but we actually enjoyed most of our time by the villa’s pool. While they had their own flamingo floats, we brought in a unicorn inflatable here for Ally. What’s also great is that there is a small shallow pool area for little babies, so our little Ally could happily frolick in the pool!

Mosquitoes and laundry were never a problem either thanks to their supply of nets, electric mosquito repellent, and convenient location. With help from villa manager Wayan, the 24-hour security, and the rest of the staff, we had all our needs met and enjoyed our time at Villa Songket which offers an incredibly affordable price, as did many others

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3. Karma Kandara

Karma Kandara - Best 3-Bedroom Villa in Bali
Karma Kandara – Best 3-Bedroom Villa in Bali

Luxurious resort destination in Bali’s Bukit Peninsula

Set on the cliff of Bali’s Bukit Peninsula globally known as “Billionaire’s Row” lies this luxurious resort with direct access to a stunning beach. Karma Kandara is the top-pick destination for couples or large gatherings of family and friends who want to experience the beauty and tranquillity of Bali. This resort offers five outstanding series of villas boasting the architecture and ambience of a traditional Balinese house merged with luxurious amenities. If you have a large family and planning to get away from your hectic world or want to have a vacation home for the holidays, Karma Kandara’s 3-bedroom villa is ideal for you. 

The resort’s 3-bedroom villas have a spacious and cosy living room where you can enjoy an afternoon with your children playing board games or watching a movie. The villa is also equipped with a fully furnished kitchen and a dining table for six people. To add more, each villa includes a large terrace with an infinity pool, sun loungers and a dining area. You can choose which view you prefer a garden view, an ocean view or a cliff ocean view. 

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4. Villa Sally

Villa Sally - Best 3-Bedroom Villa in Bali
Villa Sally – Best 3-Bedroom Villa in Bali

Ideal venue for an intimate event

Discretely tucked away in the serene area of Canggu, Bali is where you can discover this hidden gem, Villa Sally. It is a luxury complex that’s just a short walk away from Berawa Beach and the ideal venue for an intimate event. You can comfortably enjoy a weekend getaway where you can relax and unwind away from the city’s busy life. Villa Sally’s 3-bedroom villa size is 300 sqm that includes four private bathrooms with free toiletries, a private kitchen with a dining space for your family and a balcony with a pool view. Highly rated by guests, this luxurious complex offers bike hire and car hire to experience living in Bali as a local. There are also various activities you can engage such as golfing and windsurfing.

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5. Peppers Seminyak

Peppers Seminyak - Best 3-Bedroom Villa in Bali
Peppers Seminyak – Best 3-Bedroom Villa in Bali

Luxurious 5-star private villas

Clean, features a modern dark-wood interior, has an open lounge that extends to the pool area and open-plan villas that allow natural light in the room is just a few noteworthy features of Peppers Seminyak. These luxurious 5-star private villas are only a few steps away from Petitenget Beach where you can soak in the sun and a 15-minute drive from the shops and nightlife of Kuta. 

Compared to others, Peppers Seminyak offers two options for a 3-bedroom villa. The first one is the 3-bedroom royal pool villa measuring 450 sqm and includes a private kitchen, bathroom, pool with garden view and three extra large double beds that can accommodate up to 9 guests. The second one is the 3-bedroom presidential pool villa, which provides the same amenities as the royal pool villa, whereas the only distinction of the presidential pool villa is its spacious area measuring 600 sqm. 

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6. Kayumanis Ubud Private Villa & Spa

Kayumanis Ubud Private Villa and Spa - Best 3-Bedroom Villa in Bali
Kayumanis Ubud Private Villa and Spa – Best 3-Bedroom Villa in Bali

Magical private villas overlooking the Ayung River

Kayumanis is a proudly Indonesian hospitality brand that features an award-winning collection of luxurious villas each offering its own distinct mystical beauty. Nestled within a tropical forest lies these magical private villas overlooking the Ayung River. What we love about Kayumanis Ubud private villas is its serene atmosphere where you’ll feel rejuvenated and get pampered with the innocent sound of nature. 

One of the largest private villas Kayumanis offers is the Owner’s villa (3-bedroom pool villa) measuring 750 sqm set within the stunning garden compound and mature trees. Its features a shuttle service within the Ubud centre comes with unlimited time breakfast and a 24 hours world-class butler service to take care of your needs and provide you with the utmost Balinese hospitality.

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7. Samsara Ubud

Samsara Ubud - Best 3-Bedroom Villa in Bali
Samsara Ubud – Best 3-Bedroom Villa in Bali

A place to reconnect with nature

As an avid sucker of greenery views and nature, this one right here hit the spot. Cocooned within the tropical forests of Ubud, Samsara invites you to reconnect with nature and create lasting memories with your loved ones. This is an ideal place if you want to take a break from your stressful reality and find inspiration from nature. Additionally, Samsara’s meticulously designed by the world-class and internationally acclaimed Bali artist, Popo Danes. 

Each of the 17 villas is styled with luxury and nature in mind to provide you with the ultimate Bali relaxation. What we like about this resort is when entering the villa compound, you’ll get welcomed by a traditionally designed Balinese gate and a fish pond surrounded by a lush garden that will surely satisfy your eyes. The 3-bedroom villas can accommodate 6 adults and 3 children, perfect if you have a large family. It also features a private heated outdoor pool and daily housekeeping and evening turndown service to name a few.

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8. The Bidadari Villas & Spa

The Bidadari Villas and Spa - Best 3-Bedroom Villa in Bali
The Bidadari Villas and Spa – Best 3-Bedroom Villa in Bali

Spacious and modernly designed

Do you often get homesick when travelling far away from home? Not here at The Bidadari Villas & Spa! The atmosphere is superb and the resort’s service would definitely make you feel at home. What’s great about The Bidadari Villas is that each villa is spacious, and modernly designed so the rooms get an ample amount of natural light giving you a light and homey feeling. Moreover, this resort is close to the beaches that are known as Bali’s surfing sites such as Batu Bolong and Petitenget Beach. Perfect if you want to smell the crisp breeze of the sea. 

Each of The Bidadari’s exquisite villas features a terrace where you can spend away your afternoon reading a book and a pool where you can splash with your little ones and more. Furthermore, you can experience a traditional Indonesian massage at the Yubi Spa and a fine selection of international dishes at the Yubi restaurant.

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9. The Santai

The Santi - Best 3-Bedroom Villa in Bali
The Santai – Best 3-Bedroom Villa in Bali

Offers 24-hour butler service

Live a luxurious lifestyle here at The Santai and enjoy the summer season all year round. Situated at the heart of Canggu, these private luxurious villas are only a 10-minute drive away from Echo Beach and a 20-minute drive away from Tanah Lot temple. Each villa is equipped with its own private kitchen, pool, sunbed and a 24 hours butler service ensuring you an unforgettable and exceptional stay. 

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10. The Kunja Villas & Spa

The Kunja Villas and Spa - Best 3-Bedroom Villa in Bali
The Kunja Villas and Spa – Best 3-Bedroom Villa in Bali

A serviced villa that treats you like royalty

Experience living like Balinese royalty here at The Kunja Villas & Spa. This is a boutique hotel that offers a serviced villa that makes you feel like royalty. The villas are spacious and styled after a traditional Balinese house. You can roam around the area by renting a bike or arranging a tour at the front desk. In addition, The Kunja Villas & Spa has a wide selection of restaurants to indulge your palette with delectable Indonesian delicacies. The 3-bedroom villa features a large pool that measures 81 sqm, a spacious lounge area for family time and a hot tub to relax after a long day of exploring the beauty of Bali. 

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We hope that our guide on the 10 Best 3-Bedroom Villas in Bali has helped you decide which is the best 3-bedroom villa in Bali for your next out-of-town vacation. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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