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10 Best Canvas Printing Shops in Singapore | Best of Tech 2023

Do you want to capture your baby’s smile or a wedding photo? At these wonderful shops, you can get it printed on canvas. So you’ve hired one of Singapore’s top family photographers to capture a memorable moment; now all you have to do is put it on display. Get a family photo printed on canvas if you want a more personalised gift for that particular someone or just want to view it in something better than a normal frame. We recommend turning your house into an art museum by hanging canvas paintings of your favourite family moments. With an extensive variety of canvas printing shops in the market, which then are the best canvas printing shops in Singapore? In our Best of Tech series, we introduce the 10 Best Canvas Printing Shope in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs. 

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10 Best Canvas Printing Shops in Singapore

1. Brilliant prints

Brilliant prints canvas printing shops singapore
Source: Brilliant Prints

One-stop shop for a wide range of services

From the materials used to the customer care provided, Brilliant Prints does not cut corners. Its team of professionals creates high-quality canvas prints that are guaranteed for 75 years. Each print is coated with two coatings of protective laminate, which can be gloss, semi-gloss, or matte depending on the desired finish. Furthermore, Brilliant Prints is not a traditional framing shop, as it offers four colour moulds and sizes range from 11″ x 14″ to 39″ x 59″. Plus, there’s no need to pay anything up ahead, and all prints come with a money-back guarantee and direct shipment, making the whole process a snap.

Check out Brilliant Prints >
Address: 50 Genting Ln, #06-05 a Cideco Industrial Complex, Singapore 349558
Tel:  +65 6842 2571
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2. Print For Fun Singapore

Print For Fun canvas printing shops singapore
Source: Print For Fun Singapore

Canvas print for all types

Canvas prints from Print For Fun will give your wall some style. Starting at $45, you can have a print in five different sizes ranging from 20 by 20cm to 90 by 90cm with a coloured border or wrap-around canvas. There are canvas collages, enormous canvas masterpieces, and tiny baby canvas collages to choose from. Simply ensure that your image matches the print size’s minimum resolution, wait three days, and you’ll have a print!

Check out Print For Fun Singapore >
Address: 130E Minden Rd, Singapore 248819
Tel:  +65 6471 0306
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3. Kim Tian Colour Centre

Kim Tian Colour Centre
Source: Kim Tian Colour Centre

All kinds of Digital Photo Lab services

For photography lovers, advanced enthusiasts, and professional photographers, Kim Tian Colour Centre provides a variety of Digital Photo Lab services. By printing the photo onto photographic paper, laminating the surface, and transferring it to canvas, KT Colour takes an artistic approach to prints. They offer professional and online picture printing services to photographers that specialize in weddings, portraits, sports, schools, landscapes, and a variety of other types of photography. What sets them different is their ongoing effort to provide you with a diverse selection of options and high-quality prints.

Check out Kim Tian Colour Centre >
Address: 01-06 Hong Lim Complex, 531 Upper Cross St, Singapore 050531
Tel:  +65 6276 9576
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4. Art Prints Singapore

Art Prints canvas printing shops singapore
Source: Art Prints Singapore

Client’s satisfaction is their utmost goal

Art Print’s team has vast experience spanning over 20 years with vetting images. They offer to advise if the image is not suitable or how best to enhance it to bring out the most beautiful side of an image – be it adjusting the contrast slightly or making the image a tintless red, etc. Additionally, they allow their customer several choices of material (at varying costs). However by default, they believe in not spending when not needed, thus they offer to customers a much more economical, but equally beautiful option for canvas. Art Print’s canvas is made from high-quality Russian Scots Pine. There are many benefits of using such wood, and they are durable, beautiful, and lightweight.

Check out Art Prints Singapore >
Address: 445 Tampines Street 42, #01-08, Singapore 520445
Tel:  +65 8695 9903

5. Glory Workz

Glory Workz
Source: Glory Workz

High-end printing company

Glory Workz, founded in 2003, is a high-end printing company that specializes in producing high-quality photo albums and books for designers and photographers all over the world. The store delivers, with each book created with remarkable care and attention to detail. The materials used are among the most diverse in the business, allowing clients to add their unique touch to each job. Glory Workz sells canvas prints in a variety of sizes, including four-piece sets ranging in size from 8 by 8 inches to 36 by 54 inches. You may also get in touch with them if you need custom sizes.

Check out Glory Workz >
Address: 3 Coleman Street #04-33 Peninsula Shopping Centre, Singapore 179804
Tel:  +65 6729 3088
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6. Print On Canvas Singapore

Print on Canvas
Source: Print on Canvas Singapore

Locally made quality materials

Print on Canvas materials used is made locally in Singapore with quality material and printing. They have stretched-around heavy-duty 3cm thick wooden frames with corner and cross braces on larger frames for additional strength. Finished with sturdy hooks and ready to hang on the wall. They will help you with all the image selection process and the canvas print quality was outstanding. Furthermore, they provide a printing service for your photo, on large size canvas.

Check out Print On Canvas Singapore >
Address: 111 North Bridge Rd, Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098
Tel: +65 8222 9531
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7. Canvas Factory

Canvas Factory
Source: Canvas Factory

Full customisation according to their customer

Canvas prints are created when an image is printed onto canvas and then stretched or gallery wrapped onto a wooden frame ready for display or hanging. They have a canvas split, canvas collage, and canvas display to be offered to customers. To create a canvas print with them just upload your photo or image, choose the size and shape of your canvas, finish your order and wait for your photo canvas to be delivered. No matter what kind of photograph you’d like to work with or the material and effect you’re looking to create, Canvas Factory will give you the tools you need to make the artwork of your dreams

Check out Canvas Factory >
Address: 14 Robinson Road, Singapore

8. Milligram Prints

 Milligram Prints
Source: Milligram Prints

Turn your photos into a retro-vibe

Milligram Prints transforms your favourite photos and images into framed wall art. Using only premium Fuji Crystal Archive Paper and an advanced printing process that harnesses the latest printing technology, Milligram Prints guarantees high-quality prints and even offers a full refund if you are not satisfied with the final product. This store likewise specializes in retro prints with a 1970s vintage vibe, claiming to be able to turn any photos into Chromaluxe metal prints, poster prints, or even little canvas paintings.

Check out Milligram Prints >
Address: 531 Upper Cross St, #01-06, Singapore 050531
Tel:  +65 6276 9576
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9. Cheap Canvas Prints Singapore

Cheap Canvas Prints Singapore
Source: Cheap Canvas Prints Singapore

High-quality print but affordable of all

If you’re looking for fast and affordable, Cheap Canvas Prints offers the lowest prices in Singapore, and if you can find a lower price, it will offer to beat it. Just send your image online to get your print within five working days, or shell out a bit more to get the express service and have it on your doorstep in three working days. 

Check out Cheap Canvas Prints Singapore >
Address: 50 Genting Lane, #06-05, Singapore 349558
Tel:  +65 6743 3882
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10. Merlin Frame Maker

Merlin Frame Maker
Source: Merlin Frame Maker

Singapore’s oldest frame makers

Merlin Frame Maker, founded in 1942, is one of Singapore’s oldest frame manufacturers. Over 600 distinct frame solutions for fine art, paintings, prints, posters, pictures, and clothes are available at the shop’s three locations, which are handled by highly skilled framing professionals. Many industry participants, including famous artists, collectors, galleries, and museums, choose to deal with the business because it employs some of the greatest quality products and modern technology from Europe to achieve high-grade finishes.

Check out Merlin Frame Maker >
Address: ​​292 River Valley Road, #01-00, Singapore, 238333
Tel:  +65 6735 1878

Above these places, we hope that our guide on the 10 Best Canvas Printing Shops in Singapore will help you to choose where to have your picture printed using canvas. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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