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13 Best Clarke Quay Restaurants in Singapore | Best of Food 2023

Clarke Quay has a special corner in your hearts as the riverfront party hub, sandwiched between upscale Robertson Quay and rough Boat Quay. It’s difficult to tell the difference between the greatest restaurants in Clarke Quay and the top nightlife places in the neighbourhood because many of the restaurants here also serve as outstanding bars, pubs, and chill-out areas. Thousands of people visit this busy riverfront site every day; a mix of office employees, young professionals, tourists, and families are all drawn to the wide selection of drinking and dining options in one of Singapore’s most beautiful areas. With an extensive variety of Clarke Quay restaurants in the market, which then are the best Clarke Quay restaurants in Singapore? In our Best of Food series, we introduce the 13 Best Clarke Quay Restaurants in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

This article was last updated on 27 April 2023.

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  • Best Clarke Quay Restaurants in Singapore (Summary)
  1. Long history of serving seafood cuisines: JUMBO Seafood (Riverside Point)
  2. Wide range of American-style foods: Brewerkz Riverside Point
  3. Trendy and top-notch Mexican restaurant: Cafe Iguana
  4. Reliving favourite sitcom while relaxing with food: Central Perk (F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cafe)
  5. Ideal for those who like golf and cocktail: Holey Moley Golf Club (Dining)
  6. Ideal for those who love Italian food: Amo
  7. For those who crave top-notch steaks: The RANCH Steakhouse By ASTONS
  8. Modern bistro bar bottomless brunch: Gabbar Bistro & Bar
  9. Restaurant that serves excellent mojitos: Cuba Libre Cafe & Bar (Clarke Quay)
  10. Wine bar that champions respect: RVLT
  11. Contemporary Italian cuisine: Ricciotti (Riverwalk)
  12. Italian hideaway restaurant: Braci
  13. Hellenic menu of traditional, timeless Greek food: Zorba The Greek Taverna
    Other Clarke Quay Restaurants in Singapore

Best Clarke Quay Restaurants in Singapore

1. JUMBO Seafood (Riverside Point)

JUMBO Seafood (Riverside Point) clarke quay restaurants singapore
Source: JUMBO Seafood (Riverside Point)

Long history of serving seafood cuisines

Jumbo Seafood is a reliable option for live seafood cuisine, with a 25-year history and six branches around the island. When you have a name like Jumbo, you expect to be fed large servings. Without a doubt, the major attraction is the Jumbo’s Chilli crab, which is a spicy-sweet stew similar to the local crab cuisine. An apron, cracker, and tongs are supplied to help you keep clean and get the most out of your meal. The Fried Cereal Prawns are another must-try item on the menu. The personnel at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant is kind and accommodating. They will gladly suggest the menu’s signature dishes as well as seasonal catches

Address: 30 Merchant Road #01-01/02 Riverside Point, Singapore 058282
Tel: +65 6532 3435
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2. Brewerkz Riverside Point

Brewerkz Riverside Point clarke quay restaurants singapore
Source: Brewerkz Riverside Point

Wide range of American-style foods

Brewerkz is an American-style operating microbrewery that serves substantial servings of American-style food with a wide range of options, including burgers, pizzas, salads, main courses, and desserts. Mr. Wu’s carrot cake, soba noodle salad, king brew burger, beer-battered fish, and chips Make your sampling set with four unique brews from a dozen handmade premium beers. Another reason to visit this huge Riverside Point location is for Sunday brunch.

Address: 30 Merchant Rd, #01-07 Riverside Point, Singapore 058282
Tel: +65 9011 9408
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3. Cafe Iguana

Cafe Iguana clarke quay restaurants singapore
Source: Cafe Iguana

Trendy and top-notch Mexican restaurant

This decades-old trendy spot is usually busy with residents and visitors alike, serving top-notch Mexican food. The margaritas are delicious (and affordable, especially at happy hour). Furthermore, its tacos, fajitas, burritos, and chimichangas loaded with beef, chicken, and prawns will joyfully fill you up. The margarita at Cafe Iguana is one of their signature drinks, produced with freshly squeezed lime juice and some of the world’s greatest tequila. Happy hour offers 50% off all margaritas, which sounds like a decent deal.

Address: 30 Merchant Road #01-03 Riverside Point, Singapore 058282
Tel: +65 6236 1275
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4. Central Perk (F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cafe)

Central Perk (F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cafe)
Source: Central Perk (F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cafe)

Reliving favourite sitcom while relaxing with food

We can now relive those hours of watching our favourite gang relaxing on a couch at Singapore’s very own Central Perk, even though our days of marathon-viewing Friends are long gone. The extensive menu is themed around the characters from the sitcom, with dishes like Rachel’s “Green” Salad, Ross’ Thanksgiving Sandwich, and Phoebe’s “I Can’t Eat Meat Steak” among the offerings. The dishes were colourful, diversified, and looked like they belonged on the final episode of Masterchef. Drinks were also prepared based on the characteristics of various characters.  You are sure to discover the appropriate cup of tea for you, from lighter blends like Rachel to nutty Phoebe and hearty Joey.

Address: 1 Magazine Rd, #01-01 Central Mall, Singapore 059567
Tel: +65 9025 2524
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5. Holey Moley Golf Club (Dining)

Holey Moley Golf Club (Dining)
Source: Holey Moley Golf Club (Dining)

Ideal for those who like golf and cocktail

Who’s up for a game of par-tee? Holey Moley is a two-story mini golf club and cocktail bar that is completely awesome. This mini-golf course and the club will give clubbing a whole new meaning, with putting holes themed after Game of Thrones, Jaws, The Simpsons, and other pop culture icons. After your round of mini-golf, cool off with exciting drinks like Sugar Caddy (Ketel One vodka, lychee liqueur, cranberry lime juice, and blueberry puree) and Wild Cherry (amaretto, cola, and Hahn Super Dry).

Address: 3B River Valley Rd, Singapore 179024
Tel: +65 3129 0000
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6. Amo

Source: Amo

Ideal for those who love Italian Food

Amo Restaurant, located on Hong Kong Street, serves delectable Italian cuisine. When your pizzas are made in a wood-fired oven and the terms “Hawaiian” and “pineapple” aren’t on the menu, you’re at a genuine Italian restaurant. Antipasti, Classic Pizza, Signature Pizza, Homemade & Artisanal Pastas, Mains and Wood Fired Grills, Salads & Sides, and Desserts were among the seven categories on the menu. An Italian restaurant’s typical menu includes Crispy Calamari with Sumac and Sundried Tomato Aioli ($12) and Hand Cut Fries with Rosemary and Truffe Mayo ($12) are popular choices.

Address: 33 Hongkong St, Singapore 059672
Tel:  +65 6723 7733
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7. The RANCH Steakhouse By ASTONS

 The RANCH Steakhouse By ASTONS
Source: The RANCH Steakhouse By ASTONS

For those who crave top-notch steaks

It is built in the style of a ranch, with a high ceiling of bare wooden beams. Brown leather chairs are comfortable and elegant. The Ranch by Astons is a restaurant that serves top-notch steaks as well as a wide selection of wines and drinks at reasonable rates. Terrines, Beef Tartar, Oxtail, and other classics are among the menu’s premium beef, secondary cuts, and other classics. The restaurant is extremely proud of its dry-aged beef. The set lunch menu is a good bargain at $15 for two dishes, or $19 for a New Zealand striploin. Their prices are comparable to those seen at Singapore’s finest steakhouses.

Address: Clarke Quay, Block B, #01-16, 3 River Valley Rd, Singapore 179021
Tel: +65 6256 0334
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8. Gabbar Bistro & Bar

Gabbar Bistro & Bar clarke quay restaurants
Source: Gabbar Bistro & Bar

Modern bistro bar bottomless brunch

Gabbar Bistro & Bar, located in Clarke Quay, is a relatively new modern Indian bistro bar. Its live Bollywood music performances frequently draw large crowds, where guests can listen to an international DJ play the newest Bollywood and Punjabi mixes while sipping on a wide range of beverages, including wines, cocktails, and single malts. Customers, on the other hand, return to Gabbar not just for the music, but also to fulfill their hunger for delectable North Indian cuisine. Gabbar Bistro & Bar now provides island-wide delivery so you may dine in the privacy of your own home.

Address: 3B River Valley Rd, Blk B Clarke Quay, #01-14, Singapore 179021
Tel: +65 8755 5597
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9. Cuba Libre Cafe & Bar (Clarke Quay)

Cuba Libre Cafe & Bar (Clarke Quay) clarke quay restaurants
Source: Cuba Libre Cafe & Bar (Clarke Quay)

Restaurant that serves excellent mojitos

Not only does Cuba Libre serve excellent mojitos, but it also has a unique selection of Latin American and Singaporean tapas. Mojitos in varieties including strawberry, lychee, and passionfruit are popular at this lively Cuban cantina. Tacos, burgers, roast pork, and steak, as well as a variety of tapas dishes, are on the menu. A night at Cuba Libre is nothing short of thrilling, with its fiery salsa dancing and powerful mojitos. With around ten versions ranging from Lychee-Infused to the powerful Bulljito, their mojito menu is among the best in Singapore.

Address: 3B River Valley Rd, Clarke Quay Blk B, #01-13, Singapore 179021
Tel: +65 8418 0203
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10. RVLT

RVLT clarke quay restaurants
Source: RVLT

Wine bar that champions respect

In Singapore’s wine nightlife, Wine Rvlt is a rebel with a reason. The menu has a variety of natural wines to encourage exploration, as well as a bar snacks menu to satisfy any booze-fueled appetite. Furthermore, it is also a great place to unwind after hours because of its cool, laid-back vibe, so stop by the next time you’re in Clarke Quay and looking for something new. Wine Rvlt is beloved among passionate drinkers for good reason, from welcoming floor staff always ready with advice to a regular program of activities that make wine enjoyment entertaining.

Address: 38 Carpenter St, #01-01, Singapore 059917
Tel: +65 6909 5709
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11. Ricciotti (Riverwalk)

Ricciotti (Riverwalk) clarke quay restaurants
Source: Ricciotti (Riverwalk)

Contemporary Italian cuisine

Ricciotti, a lovely and cozy restaurant in the easily accessible location of Clarke Quay, provides you with the atmosphere of contemporary Italian culture. Ricciotti, unlike other Italian restaurants, doesn’t just provide pasta and pizza; it also employs fresh ingredients and a unique cooking style to make you feel like you’re enjoying a delicious dinner created with love by your Italian mother. The light menu offers a wide range of pasta, pizzas, salads, and main meals, each with its distinct flavour profile to entice your taste buds. Ricciotti isn’t your typical fine dining restaurant. Instead, it is “the” low-cost Italian restaurant with contemporary art, musical entertainment, and outstanding service.

Address: 20 Upper Circular Rd, #B1-49/50 The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416
Tel: +65 9099 8695
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12. Braci

Braci clarke quay restaurants
Source: Braci

Italian hideaway restaurant

Another Clarke Quay restaurant is Braci, an even more gorgeous Italian hideaway along the Singapore River, is located on top of a wonderful historic shophouse. This Michelin-starred Italian restaurant and rooftop bar serves contemporary Italian food and has an open kitchen. Chef Mirko Febbrile and his team provide carefully selected multi-course meals. On the degustation menu, seasonal dishes like swordfish belly, Hokkaido scallops, and Iberico pork take center stage. After dinner, retire to the rooftop bar and have a drink while enjoying the fresh breeze.

Address: 52 Boat Quay, #05-01/ #06-01, Singapore 049841
Tel: ++65 6866 1933
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13. Zorba The Greek Taverna

Zorba The Greek Taverna clarke quay restaurants
Source: Zorba The Greek Taverna

Hellenic menu of traditional, timeless Greek food

Zorba the Greek Taverna, inspired by Santorini, is more than simply a restaurant; it’s an instant cure for wanderlust by bringing Greece to you. In a relaxed setting, enjoy a hearty Hellenic menu of traditional, timeless Greek food. The interiors are decorated in blue and white to match the Mediterranean shore, and there are waterfront views for your enjoyment. Begin your dinner with the dips plate, which includes hummus and tzatziki spreads on pita bread. Get the mixed grilled platter for a satisfying meal. You get either scrambled or poached eggs served with meats (Greek sausage and bacon), mushrooms, veggies, fruit (avocado), and a slice of toast.

Address: 3A River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, #01-02, Singapore 179024
Tel: +65 8879 0688
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Other Clarke Quay Restaurants in Singapore:

Above these places, we hope that our guide on the 13 Best Clarke Quay Restaurants in Singapore will help you to choose where to dine out and spend your meals in a beautiful nightlife place of Singapore. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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