10 Best Diaper Bags in Malaysia
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10 Best Diaper Bags in Malaysia | Best of Baby 2023

When bringing your little one out, it seems like there are just so many baby essentials to bring out. Therefore, you need a bag that is specially designed to have compartments for all your baby items from diaper, wipes, extra clothes, milk bottles, and many more. A good diaper bag even has insulated compartments that can keep the baby milk warm. It’s amazing how gorgeous some of the designs of diaper bags can get, allowing you to be fashionable while nursing your baby. With an extensive variety of diaper bags available in the market, which then is the best diaper bag in Malaysia? In our Best of Baby series, we have curated the latest 10 Best Diaper Bags in Malaysia, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget.

This article was last updated on 10 January 2023

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10 Best Diaper Bags in Malaysia

1. Lassig Green Label Neckline Diaper Bag

Lassig Green Label

Best overall

The Lassig Green Label Neckline Diaper Bag is probably one of the most stylish yet functional diaper bags in Malaysia. What’s great is that it is made from recycled PET bottles with sustainability in mind, meaning you also save the earth while buying a bag to nurse your baby. 

Extensive compartments

The bag looks simple, but it features numerous pockets in and outside of the bag. The interior consists of a large main compartment, cell phone compartment, two removable pockets for jars, cell phone pocket, and an insulated removable bottle holder. In addition, there is also a water-repellent wet pocket for putting wet items and keep the dry items clean. Meanwhile, there are also several additional outer compartments too.

Zip pouch, water-repellent changing mat, and stroller hooks

Furthermore, it also comes with a zip pouch for your personal items and water-repellent changing mat so you can change your baby’s diaper anytime. Stroller hooks are also included in the package. 

Why buy this:
  • Stylish design
  • Environmental-friendly material
  • Large numbers of compartments
  • Additional zip pouch, water-repellent changing mat, and stroller hooks.
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2. First Few Years Skip Hop Dash Diaper Bag

First Few Years

Tote design

Moms who appreciate fashion will love this diaper bag from the First Few Years. Wearable on the shoulder or hang on the stroller, this bag features eleven pockets and a zippered personal pocket enough to store many of your baby items. There are two side pockets for baby bottles so you can easily take them when your baby needs to drink. When hanging on the stroller, its slip-resistant stroller straps will keep it stable. In addition, there are hidden magnets on the flap to keep the bag close at any circumstances. 

Why buy this
  • Fashionable design
  • Slip-resistant stroller straps
  • Hidden magnets on the clap
  • Eleven pockets include a zippered personal pocket and two side pockets. 
  • Two side pockets for bottles or sippy cups
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3. Lassig Glam Rosie Diaper Bag

Lassig Glam Rosie

Elegant design with pastel colour

Moms who love the softness of pastel colour and elegant fashion will love this Lassig Glam Rosie Diaper Bag. Elegant and functional, this bag is designed with unique trapezoid shape and details such as rose gold zipper and Lassig lettering that makes it stand out. Meanwhile, it also has diaper-bag details with various pockets including an insulated one. 

Convertible to backpack

Besides that, there are beneficial accessories such as a water-repellent changing mat, removable baby food compartment, integrated cell phone compartment, and a key finder. The best part? It provides an adjustable strap so you can wear as a backpack and a stroller attachment if you need to take the weight off. 

Why buy this:
  • Elegant pastel design
  • Many compartments including an insulated pocket
  • Extra changing mat and removable baby food compartment 
  • Convertible to backpack
  • Stroller attachment
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4. HALLUBY Daddy Cool 2.0

Halluby Daddy

Best for busy dads

The Halluby Daddy Cool 2.0 is designed fo cool dads, but also with numerous beneficial features to help nursing the baby. It includes a hospital-grade non-toxic changing mat and a detachable 2-in-1 baby formula preparation station and a stroller organizer, making it easier to nursing on the go. Beside four inner-lined pockets at the main compartment, there is also a pocket for a pacifier and a wet tissue dispenser made for quick access. 

Eco-friendly material and a special dad compartment

This daddy bag is also eco-friendly as it is made of Eco Weave polyester fabric from plastic bottles. If you need to get some work done, it also has a special dad’s compartment with a large inner-lined pocket and loop strap for laptop and tablet. Now whenever you need to nurse your baby on the go, this bag will keep you cool. 

Why buy this:
  • Non-toxic changing mat
  • Detachable 2-in-1 baby formula preparation station and stroller organizer
  • Many compartments
  • Dad compartment for electronic devices with loop strap
  • Eco-friendly material
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5. Princeton Starwalker X Baby Diaper Bag

Princeton Stalwalker

Good water-repellent material

This Princeton Starwalker Diaper Bag is made from 600D+ Matte Polyester known for its good water-repellant ability. However, it also comes with a waterproof compartment to store any soiled clothes and diapers, so the rest items stay dry and clean. Furthermore, the insulated compartment with aluminium foil can help to maintain the baby milk’s temperature up to 6 hours, thus you can still nurse your baby even when mom not around.

With changing pad and wet tissues compartment

This bag also comes with a changing pad and quick access to wet tissues on the side compartment. The safe, anti-theft pocket allows you to keep your valuables secured. The padded shoulder straps and ergonomic shape means to make you comfortable carrying this bag all day. 

Why buy this:
  • Water-repellent material
  • Built-in waterproof compartment
  • Insulated compartment with aluminium foil
  • Anti-theft pocket
  • Changing pad
  • Wet tissues dispenser
  • Ergonomic
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6. TERMINUS Urban Todd

Terminus Urban Diaper Bag Malaysia

Good for travelling

Terminus Urband Todd Bag is a more affordable alternative for a busy nursing dad as it features a spacious and a water-repellent padded compartment to store a laptop and other electronic devices. When it comes to your baby’s needs, it has a large main compartment with a separator to divide the clothes and bottle storage, and several pockets for other items. Best of all, this bag also features two thermal insulated side pockets for milk bottles and a small top zipped pocket for wet tissue pack. 

Wear-resistant material

If you are travelling, there is an additional security pocket at the back for putting valuable items such as a wallet and passports. The bottom layer is made of wear-resistant material that prevents any damage at any circumstances. There is even a stabilizing buckle that you can hook so you can carry the bag with one shoulder comfortably. 

Why buy this:
  • Large and many compartments
  • Designed for travel
  • 2 thermal insulated side pockets
  • Wear-resistant material
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7. Happikiddo Diaper Bag

Happikiddo Diaper Bag Malaysia

Mid-size backpack

If you are looking for a fashionable diaper bag in Malaysia without splashing your money, this lightweight and stylish bag is a great alternative. The Happikiddo Diaper Bag has extensive pockets including a large main compartment, built-in wet bag, side zipped compartment for wet tissue, mesh cube for clothing and snacks, insulated bottle pocket, and a cushioned changing pad. Additionally, it also features cushioned shoulder straps with stroller straps. 

Why buy this:
  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Extensive compartments
  • Cushioned shoulder straps
  • Stroller strap
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8. SUNVENO Mommy Diaper Bag

Sunveon Mommy Diaper Bag Malaysia

Good for breastfeeding mom

It is essential to provide your baby with breast milk regularly, but breastfeeding on the go is not an easy work. Fortunately, this Surveno Mommy Diaper Bag has everything you need to store all of your needs from bottles to breast-pump. The front pocket is spacious enough to put your baby stuff while also has 3 bottle pockets with insulation layer of tin foil to keep the milk warm. The material is also waterproof, meaning any spoiled milk and water will not spread to other items. 

Wide main compartment

The main compartment is super roomy with other extra inner pockets. Like some other bags, the side pockets also can hold baby bottles, but with a tissue dispenser. Best of all, moms will love that this bag comes in 13 colour options, each with different stylish pattern. 

Why buy this:
  • Good for breastfeeding mom
  • Tissue pocket
  • Wide capacity
  • Waterproof
  • 13 colour options
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9. Iguana MMBP Multifunction Diaper Bag

Iguana diaper bag Malaysia

Best budget

If you are running short on money, this Iguana MMBP Diaper Bag can be your best bet. Do not be fooled by its affordable price, it still offers some quality as it is made of waterproof fabric – internal and external – and has 13 pockets in total. Most importantly, you can keep your baby’s milk warm thanks to its insulated pocket. There is also a tissue slot at the side pocket for easy access. 

Why buy this:
  • Affordable price
  • Insulated pocket
  • 13 pockets available
  • Tissue pocket
  • Waterproof
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10. Brielle Series Mummy Essential Diaper Bag

Brielle series

Budget hand-carry diaper bag

Another good budget option is this Brielle Series Mummy Essential Bag, which is a hand-carry diaper bag with a roomy compartment and numerous pockets. The compact size means it is great for quick outings when you do not have to bring a lot of stuff for your baby. However, you do not have to worry about rain because this bag also has the good water-repellant capability and can dry very quickly. 

Why buy this:
  • Affordable price
  • Compact size
  • Spacious
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Which brand of diaper bag is the best in Malaysia?

For moms who loves to stay fashionable when nursing babies, Lassig is one of the best brands for stylish diaper bags in Malaysia. Not only are their bags are made with quality and design in mind, but they are also very functional and able to accommodate all of your baby’s essentials.

Where to buy a diaper bag in Malaysia?

You used to only be able to buy a diaper bag in Malaysia in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Lazada and Shopee are my go-to for baby and nursing products. It is also a great place to compare the price of diaper bags in Malaysia. 


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Diaper Bags in Malaysia will help you to buy the best diaper bag in Malaysia. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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