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11 Best Duvets and Quilts in the Philippines | Best of Home 2023

Considering that we spend a third (or perhaps more) of our lives in bed, it is only natural to make sure you are comfy for a good night’s sleep. A high-quality duvet and quilt can keep you cozy and snug during the rainy season, or cool and refreshed during the summer. With an extensive variety of duvets and quilts in the market, which then is the best in the Philippines? In our Best of Home series, we introduce the 11 Best Duvets and Quilts in the Philippines, providing quality recommendations based on your budget and needs. 

This article was last updated on 05 January 2023.

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11 Best Duvets and Quilts in the Philippines

1. Comfort Living PH Premium Signature Bamboo Duvet Cover

Comfort Living PH Premium Signature Bamboo Duvet Cover Philippines
Comfort Living PH Premium Signature Bamboo Duvet Cover – Best Duvets and Quilts in the Philippines

Luxurious organic duvet for sensitive skins

Bamboo duvets can be an ideal choice for buyers with sensitive skin because of their softness, durability, and hypoallergenic features. So, if you want to try one, we highly recommend Comfort Living PH’s Signature Premium Hotel Luxury Bamboo Duvet Cover. Made from 100% natural exotic bamboo viscose material, this duvet promises luxurious comfort like no other. It would feel like you are lying on an actual hotel bed, and the only thing missing is the room service. 

Bamboo plants tend to grow fast without the use of chemicals or any other hazardous materials. Thus, this duvet is considered to be eco-friendly as well. 

Best for hot summer nights

Duvets are designed to keep us warm in bed, so they can get somewhat uncomfy on really hot summer nights. But since organic bamboo is 1 to 3 degrees cooler than regular cotton fibres, you won’t be as sweaty as you initially thought. Also, you can easily remove the duvet fillings whenever you want for increased cooling – thanks to the multi-button closing feature.  Then, use the duvet cover as a blanket instead. 

Although bamboo duvets are somewhat pricier than their cotton counterparts, they are more durable and long-lasting.  So, consider it an investment for a better quality of sleep every night!  The Comfort Living PH Premium Signature Hotel Luxury Bamboo Duvet Cover comes in five different sizes and two different colours (grey and white). 

Why buy this:
  • 100% organic and breathable material
  • Dry and cooling feeling
  • High thread count for a maximum luxury feel
  • Hypoallergenic
Check price on Comfort Living PH >

2. Emma All-Seasons Duvet

Emma All Seasons Duvet - Best Duvets in the Philippines

Refreshingly cool and comfortable all year round

You might want to cuddle and feel cosy all the time ever since the “-ber” months arrived, so investing in the right bedding essentials to keep you company is definitely a must. With Emma’s All-Seasons Duvet, it will be comfortable, all year round, not just in the colder months. Emma understands the Philippines’ tropical climate, and so they made sure to add microfibre fillings that are extra soft, light, and breathable, making the All-Seasons Duvet the perfect sleeping companion even on hot summer nights. At the same time, this duvet is also really plush to keep you warm and comfy on colder nights. 

In addition to the microfibre fillings, Emma used a 100% bamboo fabric as the duvet’s outer layer. And as we all know, bamboo fibres are temperature regulating, so the duvet does really well in keeping you cool. The bamboo fabric is not only hypoallergenic and antibacterial, but is also much more durable than cotton allowing it to last you for years. Even better, bamboo makes your duvet luxuriously soft and buttery smooth (like real silk!).

Best paired with a removable cooling bamboo cover

If you ask us, having the optional removable bamboo duvet cover on your Emma All-Seasons Duvet makes a whole lot of difference. Not only will the duvet still maintain the same comfort and cooling sensation as before, but it will also be much easier to clean.

Why buy this: 
  • 100% breathable and cooling bamboo fabric material
  • Suitable for everyday use, regardless of the weather
  • Machine-washable and durable
  • Comes in Double, Queen, and King sizes
  • 100-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind
Emma promo code:
Use promo code TWV12 on Emma’s website for a 12% discount storewide
Check price on Emma >

3. Linen and Homes Bamboo Luxury Duvet Cover

Linen and Homes Bamboo Luxury Duvet Cover Philippines
Linen and Homes Bamboo Luxury Duvet Cover – Best Duvet and Quilt in the Philippines

Dreamy, luxurious duvet cover for the best sleep

If you already have your Bamboo sheets, then it is only fitting that you also get Linen and Homes’ Bamboo Luxury Duvet Cover to completely elevate your sleeping experience. This super dreamy duvet from Linen and Homes is also made from 100% bamboo fibres, so its extraordinary smoothness and softness will make it even harder for you to get out of your bed every morning. You can use it alone as a blanket for hot summer nights or place your favourite comforter inside if you love to have your AC on full blast. Don’t worry, there are also minimalist buttons and interior cover ties to prevent your comforter from falling out.

With this level of comfort and versatility, you probably won’t need anything else just to be happy and content at night, just like one of the reviews here says. Aside from its luxurious texture, we love how this duvet cover comes in many different prints and colours. Most, if not all, bamboo bed sheets available here in PH are really plain, so having more choices is a huge plus for us. 

Hypoallergenic and suitable for tropical climate

Since the duvet cover is made from bamboo viscose, it comes with other benefits as well. It is thermal regulating and moisture-wicking, which makes it ideal for the tropical climate here in the Philippines. Moreover, the duvet cover is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, so it is easy on sensitive skin. You won’t feel itchy at all, guaranteeing a peaceful and restful sleep night after night.

If you have more budget, perhaps you can also consider Linen and Homes’ French Linen Duvet Cover, which is just as soft and cool as their best-selling bamboo sheets and duvet covers. Even better, get the Duvet + Comforter Bundle for huge savings!

Why buy this:
  • Made with 100% bamboo fibres and other sustainable materials
  • Cooling and moisture-wicking
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Available in different colours, designs, and sizes
Linen and Homes promo code:
Use promo code THEWEDDINGVOW on Linen and Homes’ website for a 10% discount storewide

4. Fluffy Sheets PH 5-in-1 Duvet

Fluffy Sheets PH 5-in-1 Duvet Philippines
Fluffy Sheets PH 5-in-1 Duvet – Best Duvet and Quilt Philippines

Bedding necessities in a package deal allow you to redecorate a bedroom all at once, which can help you save money since they usually cost less than what you’d pay for them separately. Fluffy Sheets PH specializes in high-quality bedding sets that spice up your mattresses for that “staycation” feeling right at home. It is a Filipino-owned small business that provides fluffy, comfy, and luxurious bedding sets at a reasonable price.

Affordable luxury duvet sets

Fluffy Sheets PH duvet fabric is made of a polyester-cotton blend and has a thread count of 300. Complete with a gartered fitted sheet, a duvet cover with zipper closure, a duvet filler, and two envelope pillowcases, their 5-piece set comes with everything you need to create a comfortable bed with a fresh look. Plus, you can individually select the size, color, and pattern of the sheets and duvet cover such as plain white, striped beige, and chevron gray. If you’re on a tight budget, their 4-in-1 duvet buy one, get one free promo is also available for less than P2,000 (approximately under P1,000 each set). You can send them a message on Instagram for inquiries.

Why buy this:
  • Affordable
  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • Hotel-quality fabric
  • Fluffy and comfortable as they look
Check price on Fluffy Sheets PH website >

5. Linen by Ru 5-in-1 Two-Toned Design Duvet

Linen by Ru 5-in-1 Two-Toned Design Duvet Philippines
Linen by Ru 5-in-1 Two-Toned Design Duvet – Best Duvets and Quilts Philippines

Two-toned design for mix-matching bedroom styles

Linen by Ru’s all-in-one set includes a fitted sheet, a duvet filling, and cover, and a pair of pillowcases. Shoppers can also find a variety of sizes such as single, double, full double, or king. However, unlike the Fluffy Sheets bundle, this set features two-toned colors, so it is slightly more expensive. However, you can mix and match the front and back sides or fold the top half of the duvet to show the back colors because of the design. It looks very delicate and elegant, thanks to the combination of white and pastel hues. So if you’re looking for a duvet that can be of different styles for your bedroom, this two-toned bedding set is for you.

Pure 100% cotton is used and woven into the 400-thread-count fabric that feels as smooth as silk on your skin to top it all off. This duvet set will bring a true hotel feel to your bedroom—all you’ll be missing is room service.

Why buy this:
  • Premium quality fabric – 100% cotton
  • Two-tone design (reversible)
  • Smooth and comfortable
Check price on Shopee >

6. Home de Luxe Deluxe Comforter Blanket

Home de Luxe Deluxe Comforter Blanket
Home de Luxe Deluxe Comforter Blanket – Best Duvets and Quilts in the Philippines

The Philippines is a tropical country, so most Pinoys avoid thick comforters to keep a more balanced temperature. Luckily, Home de Luxe’s Philippines’ comforter quilt features a quality microfiber fill and breathable outer fabric that can keep you cool all night long while still keeping you warm enough to use it all year round. To top it all off, the fabric of this lightweight quilt is smooth and comfy, making it easy to clean and wash.

The Home De Luxe Comforter Blanket is available in four sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. You can also choose from a variety of patterns and colors to fit your bedroom’s color scheme.

Why buy this:
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to clean and care
  • 100% hypoallergenic
  • With breathable exterior fabric
Check price on Shopee and Lazada >

7. Kozy Blankie Canadian Cotton Duvet Cover

Kozy Blankie Canadian Cotton Duvets Cover Philippines
Kozy Blankie Canadian Cotton Duvet Cover – Best Duvet and Quilt Philippines

Guarantee hotel-quality duvet cover with this Kozy Blankie Canadian Cotton Duvet Cover. What is amazing about this product is it is made with 100% cotton, which makes it very soft giving you maximum comfort. But despite its softness, it still has a thick fabric, ensuring durable and lasting quality. Aside from that, this product has a 300-thread count and is fade-resistant and breathable. This is also very easy to clean and maintain as it is machine washable.

Why buy this:
  • Super soft
  • Plain and elegant design
  • Colour: white
  • Sizes: twin, full, king, and queen
  • Package options: 4-piece set (1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases), 3-piece set (1 flat sheet and 2 fitted sheets), 1 duvet of your preferred size
Check prices on Shopee and Lazada >

8. AMOFLO Plain Fully Garterized Fitted Sheet with Duvet Cover

AMOFLO Plain Fully Garterized Fitted Sheet with Duvets Cover Philippines
AMOFLO Plain Fully Garterized Fitted Sheet with Duvet Cover – Best Duvets and Quilt Philippines

If you want to support a Philippine local brand, then this AMOFLO Plain Fully Garterized Fitted Sheet with Duvet Cover is a must-purchase for you. As mentioned, this is tailored and designed by local tailors in the Philippines. It is made with premium quality with about 300 to 400 thread count, making it smooth, comfortable, and durable. Furthermore, this includes a fully-garterized fitted sheet for ensured stability and ease of covering your bed. It also has a hidden zipper to secure coverage. Similar to the above-mentioned product, this is suited for machine washing for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Why buy this:
  • With 135 GSM
  • Provides a soft and cool feel
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Available colours: light blue, sage green, teal, beige, peach, black, old rose, grey, light brown, coffee brown, white, and purple
  • Sizes: single, double, queen, and king
  • Package includes 1 fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases, and 1 optional duvet cover of your preferred size
Check prices on Shopee and Lazada >

9. Rustan’s Pottery Barn Kids Mystical Unicorn Quilt

Rustan’s Pottery Barn Kids Mystical Unicorn Quilt
Rustan’s Pottery Barn Kids Mystical Unicorn Quilt – Best Duvet and Quilt in the Philippines

Collaborating with your children in their bedroom is more exciting than working on any other room in the house because there is no other spot in your home where you can be so creative with charming patterns and vibrant colors. If you’re planning on a full kids’ bedroom makeover, Rustan’s so-soft Pottery Barn Kids Mystical Unicorn Quilt can add a bit of fun to their sleeping space. It’s carefully made from 100 % cotton sateen with cotton velvet appliques, providing lasting comfort and enticing style to their bed. It’s also OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified, which means it’s been tested against a list of over 350 hazardous chemicals for a better night’s sleep. And we love how it’s quilted and embroidered with velvety unicorn, starburst, and flower appliques that will match your kiddos’ style!

Why buy this:
  • BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) certified
  • OEKO-TEX® certified
  • Made of pure organic cotton
  • Quilt and sham are filled with 200-gram weight polyester batting
Check price on Rustan’s Official website >

10. Luxxagram Philippines Cotton Duvet Cover 

Luxxagram Philippines Cotton Duvets Cover
Luxxagram Philippines Cotton Duvet Cover – Best Duvets and Quilt in the Philippines

This is a made-to-order Solid Plain Duvet Cover that can surely enhance your overall bedroom look! Their collections range from 3-in-1 to 6-in-1 sets that include a fitted sheet, pillowcase, duvet cover, and duvet filler—all of which are made of 100% cotton and come in 40 solid colors. With their duvet sets, you can be assured to have a hotel-quality bed for as little as P1,500. Before placing an order, you can send them a private message on their Shopee account to request customizations.

Why buy this:
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Available in 40 solid colors
  • Non-fading
  • Soft and comfortable
Check price on Shopee >

11. Famco Down Alternative Duvet

Famco Down Alternative
Famco Down Alternative Duvet – Best Duvets and Quilts Philippines

Lastly, we have this Famco Down Alternative Duvet. This product ensures deeper and more peaceful sleep as it is soft and cool. This type of duvet is best for those who suffer allergies as it is hypoallergenic. In addition to that, this is made from synthetic polyester and stimulates the soft feeling of down. What is unique about this product is it is OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified. This certification is one of the world’s well-known labels best for textile raw materials, intermediate, and end products tested for harmful substances. This guarantees the safety and confidence of customers.

Why buy this:
  • Has a 233-thread count
  • 100% down proof
  • Plain and stylish
  • Cruelty-free
  • Colour: white
  • Sizes: king and queen
Check prices on Shopee and Lazada >

We hope that our guide on the 11 Best Duvets and Quilts in the Philippines has helped you pick the best beddings for your slumber needs. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful!

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