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12 Best Eyelash Extension Salons in Singapore | Best of Beauty 2023

Who doesn’t crave those flawlessly curled and styled eyelashes to boost confidence and exude power effortlessly? Mornings can be hectic, leaving little time for the meticulous task of curling lashes and applying mascara. Fortunately, eyelash extensions and styling are the perfect solutions, ensuring you wake up with a glamorous look, saving precious time in your morning routine. Get that fresh, empowered appearance without the hassle! With an extensive variety of eyelash extension salons in the market, which then is the best eyelash extension salon in Singapore? In our Best of Beauty series, we introduce the 12 Best Eyelash Extension Salons in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

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Best Eyelash Extension Salons in Singapore (Summary)

  1. MyLash™ Singapore
  2. Graceous
  3. Dr. Lash
  4. Dreamlash
  5. J.Lashes
  6. Carragheen
  7. Beauty Recipe
  8. Isabella Aesthetics
  9. Browhaus
  10. Highbrow
  11. Flutters
  12. Allure Secrets

Best Eyelash Extension Salons in Singapore

1. MyLash™ Singapore

MyLash™ Singapore - Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore
MyLash™ Singapore – Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore

At MyLash™, you can accentuate your natural lashes with a length and volume boost. MyLash™ Singapore is a pioneer in the eyelash extension industry, having been in business for over 15 years. MyLash Singapore’s eyelash artists have had rigorous training and are IEDA-certified to protect your eyelashes during the procedure, so rest assured that you’re in good hands. The fun part is that they have a one-of-a-kind MyLash™ Touch technique that is specifically designed to assure the safety of your natural eyelashes, so it not only lengthens your lashes but also extends the period that these gorgeous effects last!

If you are looking for a lash style that is great for any occasion, pick their MyLash™ Signature Lash Extension. This package suits most faces, bringing you silky lash-by-lash extensions that make your eyelashes appear longer and thicker. 

MyLash™ Signature Lash

In addition, the salon offers lash-matching services, such as the MyLash™ Eyebrow Embroidery which helps your eyebrow to appear natural with just a single base colour result that replicates an eyebrow pencil.  Other services include Filler Lash Lift, Magic Soft Lash, YY Lash, and Russian Volume, which cost only $78 to $199. For value-for-money services, MyLash is the place to be. Be sure to check out their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok accounts for their masterpieces as well as the great reviews from their lovely clients.

Check out MyLash™ Singapore >

📍 Star of Kovan 988 Upper Serangoon Road #01-18 Singapore 534733 (Kovan) | Block 406 Tampines Street 41, #01-19 Singapore 520406 (Tampines) | 277 Orchard Road #03-16A Orchard Gateway Singapore 238858 (Orchard)
📞 Kovan: +65 8828 8287 / +65 62826287
Tampines: +65 8838 3223 / 65 67897879
Orchard: +65 8838 8287 / +6562876687
📲 Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Tiktok

2. Graceous

Graceous - Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore
Graceous – Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore

The art of Japanese eyelash extensions 

Just as you would only go to a qualified optometrist for your contact lenses, you should only get eyelash extensions done by someone properly certified and passionate about their craft – someone like Graceous. Founded in 2013 by what her clients call Nao-san, Graceous aims to provide customers with natural-looking, long-lasting and non-damaging eyelash extensions to turn them into the most beautiful you. Eyelash extensions are done through the Japanese way, which requires delicate dexterity and artistic powess like no other.

Graceous offers bespoke lash styles, so you may consult with your stylist first to ensure you achieve the look you want. With their expertise, they can help you if there is still a need for lash lift, lash generation, and lash colour on top of the extensions – just drop by their salons to know more.

Highly trained lash technicians           

All lash technicians in Graceous are trained in Japan and must undergo a training program with at least 100 practical exercises before working with a customer. And not only are they technically proficient, but also an artist at heart. Many of Graceous’ regular customers have also noted that the lash stylists can be gentle in doing their craft, so gentle that they sometimes drift off to sleep during their lash session. See more of their reviews here

Since your natural lashes are the foundation where the synthetic eyelash extensions sit, it is important to keep your lashes healthy at all times. To strengthen lashes and promote growth, a Graceous consultant will share advice on maintenance, nutrition and lash care products (from Tokyo, Japan) after your session, which is such a huge plus for us. With Graceous, you’ll know that your lashes are in the right hands!

Check out Graceous for eyelash extensions > 

3. Dr. Lash

Dr. Lash - Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore
Dr. Lash – Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore

Singapore’s leading eyelash extension salon

Founded out of dissatisfaction with past service quality, Dr Lash Salon is committed to delivering the superior eyelash extensions you deserve. Boasting an impressive Google rating of 4.7, this leading eyelash extension salon in Singapore guarantees top-notch service. The salon offers a range of styles, including the natural “Au Naturel” and the signature “The Avant-Garde” for a full-bloom effect. The Kardashian series, known for showcasing power and determination, is among their most sought-after styles. Clients have the freedom to personalize their look by choosing lash length and curl type.

With a focus on precision and comfort, the salon’s specialists use meticulous techniques to ensure the safety of your natural lashes. In addition to eyelash services, the salon provides eyebrow styling options, including single, 4D, airbrush, and a combination of 4D + airbrush strokes. The salon’s website features informative blog posts on lash and brow care and styling tips. 

  • Diverse styling options
  • Well-known as a premier eyelash extension salon in Singapore
Check out Dr. Lash >

📍 181 Orchard Road, #04-20/21 Orchard Central Singapore 238896 (SOMERSET MRT)
📞 Phone: +65 6634 0318 | Whatsapp: +65 9230 0732
✉️ info@drlash.com.sg
📲 Facebook | Instagram

4. Dreamlash

Dreamlash - Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore
Dreamlash – Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore

Award-winning excellence in natural eyelash extension

Dreamlash Salon, a two-time recipient of the Spa Awards in 2018 and 2020, stands out as a premier destination for top-notch natural eyelash extension services in Singapore. Renowned for their excellence, they provide a diverse range of custom-designed lash products, including mink lash and glitter lash options. To ensure a worry-free experience, the salon exclusively employs experts who are KELA certified and have received training from The Lash Academy of Singapore.

At Dreamlash, clients enjoy highly customizable services, with options for various styles, lengths, and curls. The salon utilizes high-quality products sourced from Korea and employs specialized techniques, promising clients the coveted look of their favourite Korean celebrities. The salon’s experts specialize in “correction techniques” tailored to accommodate different eye shapes.

Haven for beauty treatments and exclusive offers

In addition to their exceptional eyelash extension services, Dreamlash offers a range of other treatments, such as nano eyelash regrowth treatment, semi-permanent makeup, and eyebrow embroidery. The salon also extends special offers to clients, including a 20% discount on the first trial. Members benefit from exclusive deals on their birthdays and through a referral program where referring three friends brings additional rewards. 

  • Premium lash products
  • Exclusively staffed by KEELA-certified experts trained at The Lash Academy of Singapore.
  • Offers diverse beauty treatments and customisable services
  • Utilises high-quality lash products sourced from Korea
Check out Dreamlash >

📍 1 Raffles Link, B1-07, Singapore 039393
📞 +65 6884 8019
✉️ enquiry@dreamlash.com.sg/Contact Form
📲 Facebook | Instagram

5. J.Lashes

J.Lashes - Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore
J.Lashes – Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore

Where expertise meets innovation

Discover the perfect balance between natural allure and captivating drama with J. Lashes! Renowned for their meticulous expertise and innovative salon techniques, J.Lashes ensures an exceptional experience for every client. Among their sought-after styles, the “Tutu Volume” stands out as a signature masterpiece, thoughtfully refined to complement diverse eye shapes and sizes. This style delivers a multi-layered volume and eyeliner effect, providing a naturally enhanced look that outlasts other market styles. Introducing their latest offering, the “Lash Botox” treatment, J.Lashes presents an advanced method for repairing and nourishing your lashes, elevating your beauty routine.

Beyond eyelash and eyebrow styling, J.Lashes extends its expertise to a comprehensive training course. Tailored for beginners seeking to acquire the knowledge and skills of an accomplished eyelash stylist, this immersive 3-day course seamlessly blends theory with hands-on practical applications.

  • Versatile for all eye shapes and sizes
  • Long-lasting results
  • Complete eyelash and eyebrow services
Check out J.Lashes >

📍 Multiple locations
✉️ Contact Form
📲 Facebook| Instagram

6. Carragheen

Carragheen - Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore
Carragheen – Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore

Two decades of holistic beauty

Established in 1999, Carragheen has been a trusted provider of therapeutic and cosmetic services for over two decades. Committed to holistic skincare solutions, Carragheen aims to diagnose and address underlying skin conditions to enhance your overall skin health. Beyond skincare services, their team of beauty specialists is dedicated to delivering complete beauty transformations, including expert eyelash extensions and eyebrow styling.

Carragheen takes pride in using meticulously selected materials that have undergone rigorous quality-control tests in Japan and Korea, ensuring premium quality for their eyelash products. Clients can choose from a diverse range of styles for eyelash extensions, including natural looks, the alluring “Chiffon Feather,” and the voluminous “Russian Diva.” As a special offer, first-time clients can enjoy a generous 50% discount on their services.

Personalised service

In addition to their salon services, Carragheen provides an array of healthcare and skincare products. From eyelash care essentials to nourishing lotions, moisturizers, and health supplements, their product range caters to various needs. Carragheen goes the extra mile by offering personalized recommendations based on your skin type and condition, ensuring you make informed choices for your skincare routine.

  • Premium quality eyelash products tested in Japan and South Korea
  • Special offer for first-time clients
  • A trusted provider of therapeutic and cosmetic services for over two decades
Check out Carragheen >

📍 12A Liang Seah Street Singapore 189033
📞 +65 6222 3376

7. Beauty Recipe

Beauty Recipe - Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore
Beauty Recipe – Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore

Elevating beauty for over 40 years

With over 40 years of distinguished service and multiple awards, Beauty Recipe guarantees an unparalleled beauty experience. From head to toe, their diverse services prioritize client comfort through personalized attention. Notably, their eyelash extension services stand out for their commitment to safety – using formaldehyde-free products to ensure clients experience no irritation. The salon also offers innovative solutions like eyelash regrowth stimulation treatment and keratin lash lift services.

A standout feature is Beauty Recipe’s accredited training academy, recognized by authorities in Singapore, Korea, and the UK. Offering online and practical courses in cosmetic services, along with a dedicated social media marketing course, the academy boasts seasoned experts as trainers. These professionals, with global teaching experience spanning over 30 countries, underscore the academy’s commitment to nurturing skilled beauty professionals in an ever-evolving industry.

  • Safe and innovative eyelash services
  • Beauty Recipe’s accredited training academy, recognized in Singapore, Korea, and the UK
  • Offers comprehensive services from head to toe
Check out Beauty Recipe >

📍 Multiple locations
✉️ Contact Form
📲 Facebook | Instagram

8. Isabella Aesthetics

Isabella Aesthetics - Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore
Isabella Aesthetics – Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore

Specialised expertise

Isabella Aesthetics is your ultimate destination for Korean skincare and slimming treatments, offering a comprehensive range of services. Trained in cutting-edge techniques, their staff ensures a premium experience. Specializing in eyelash extensions, the salon provides styles tailored to diverse eye shapes, from natural to voluminous and even coloured or glitter lashes. A personalized pre-lash consultation helps you find the perfect fit. Beyond lashes, the salon offers waxing, pulse hair removal, and non-surgical bust enhancement. Isabella Aesthetics also extends its expertise to skincare, with products like masks and whitening creams available for purchase. This one-stop shop guarantees quality service, combining well-trained experts with high-quality products for a holistic approach to cosmetic care.

  • One-stop shop for various cosmetic care
  • Offers personalised consultation
  • The staff is trained in the latest and most advanced styling techniques
Check out Isabella Aesthetics >

📍6 Scotts Road, Scotts Square #B1-24, Singapore, Singapore
📞 +65 9188 0153
✉️ corporate@isabellaesthetics.com
📲 Facebook | Instagram

9. Browhaus

Browhaus - Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore
Browhaus – Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore

Commitment to Quality

Browhaus, a prominent grooming salon with multiple branches across East and Southeast Asia, is renowned for its exceptional brow and lash grooming services. In addition to its signature offerings, Browhaus has extended its repertoire to include innovative treatments such as plasma lifts and semi-permanent lip tint services. Complementing their services, the salon proudly features a line of proprietary products dedicated to brow and lash care, as well as makeup and facial care.

One of Browhaus’s standout services is the Lash In Bloom, highly sought after by patrons seeking to enhance their eyes with exquisite lash extensions. This service provides clients with the flexibility to choose between single, multiple, or cluster lash applications, along with the option of natural or cat-eyed styles. The result is a polished and groomed look that beautifully accentuates the eyes.

  • Multiple branches in East and Southeast Asia
  • Brow and lash grooming expertise
  • Prioritizes quality in both services and products
Check out Browhaus >

📍 Multiple locations
📞 +65 6337 8747
📲 Facebook | Instagram

10. Highbrow

Highbrow - Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore
Highbrow – Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore

Innovation in the beauty industry

The renowned Highbrow salon has earned a stellar reputation for its expertise in the art of threading and embroidering eyebrows. Distinguished for its Korean eyelash application technique, the salon ensures a comfortable experience for clients seeking eyelash extensions. The range of eyelash extension services encompasses options such as natural single lash, cirrus lash, and Russian volume lash.

Beyond eyebrow and eyelash styling, Highbrow Salon offers an array of additional services, including facials and waxing. The establishment goes beyond its role as a salon by hosting a training academy. This academy provides comprehensive courses in eyelash styling, design, and treatment, further solidifying Highbrow’s commitment to excellence in the beauty industry.

  • Staffed by skilled and professional beauty experts
  • Utilization of a specialized Korean technique for eyelash applications
  • Offers a variety of eyelash extension options
Check out Highbrow >

📍 Multiple locations
📲 Facebook | Instagram

11. Flutters

Flutters - Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore
Flutters – Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore

Ideal destination for eyelash extension in Singapore

If you’re aiming for a delicate and doll-like aesthetic, Flutters is the ideal destination for eyelash extensions in Singapore. This salon presents fantastic deals on both eyelash and eyebrow styling services, featuring an extensive array of styles tailored to individual preferences, whether you prefer single or volume eyelash extensions. With a diverse selection of lash shapes and curls, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your desired look.

Struggling to decide among the myriad styles? The skilled stylists at Flutters are ready to provide suggestions, ensuring you achieve the ideal look that complements your features. To enhance your eyelash extensions, consider optional add-ons such as lower lashes or crystal lash bling.

As an added perk, celebrating your birth month at Flutters comes with a generous 30% discount for one session. Take advantage of Flutters’ expertise and deals to achieve the dainty and captivating look you desire.

  • Extensive styling options
  • Birthday month discount offers and many more
  • Specialises in styling dainty and doll-like look eyelashes
Check out Flutters >

📍 1 Raffles Place #04-21 One Raffles Place Singapore 048616
📞 +65 6977 7189

12. Allure Secrets

Allure Secrets - Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore
Allure Secrets – Best Eyelash Extension Salon in Singapore

Quality service

Discover the perfect blend of quality service and affordability at Allure Secrets, your go-to destination for stunning eyelash extensions. Nestled in a cosy home-based salon, we prioritise your comfort and relaxation throughout your session.

Explore our enticing deals on classic, 2D volume, 3D volume, and 4D/5D volume eyelash extensions. Our skilled technicians ensure meticulous application for a flawless result. In addition to our extension services, we offer expert touch-ups and gentle removal for your convenience.

  • Home-based salon
  • Affordable
  • Gentle removal of eyelash services
Check out Allure Secrets >

📍 Blk 229 Bukit Batok East AVE 3
📞 +65 9026 6326

We hope that our guide on the 12 Best Eyelash Extension Salons in Singapore has helped you to find the best eyelash extension salon in Singapore. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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