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11 Best Gaming Chairs in the Philippines | Best of Home 2023

Gaming chairs are designed to provide comfort and posture support for video gaming enthusiasts who sit for long periods, and they’ve become incredibly posh as many people have spent most of the year working from home.  If you’ve finally decided to build a more long-term home office, this chair is one of the most significant purchases you’ll make. With extensive brands selling gaming chairs, which then is the best in the Philippines? In our Best of Home series, we introduce the 11 Best Gaming Chairs in the Philippines, providing quality recommendations based on your budget and needs.

This article was last updated on 11 January 2023.

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11 Best Gaming Chairs in the Philippines

1. Secretlab TITAN 2020 Series PRIME 2.0 PU Leather Gaming Chair

secretlab titan prime 2.0 gaming chair philippines

Best overall

A gaming chair checklist isn’t complete unless Secretlab is included. Secretlab is still one of the tops of the gaming chair market, and the 2020 Series solidifies its place even further. This Secretlab chair is upholstered in PRIME™ 2.0 PU leather, which is four times stronger than normal PU leather. Not only is the material soft and comfy, but it also resists scratches and regular wear better than other gaming chairs. So, it’s going to be around for a long time. Additionally, its seat cushion is a patent-pending Cold-Cure Foam that provides exceptional comfort and support with optimum firmness. The price is a bit high if you’re used to buying standard office chairs, but the comfort, durability, and customization make it a worthwhile investment.

The design is sophisticated without being overbearing, and the attention to detail is superb. This chair’s black and gold aesthetics will undoubtedly add a touch of style to your space. With a weight capacity of 160 kg, this chair is genuinely ideal for everyone and the perfect computer chair for work or leisure. Secretlab is currently available on the official stores of Shopee and Lazada, with the iconic Secretlab Titan Series being one of their best-selling items.

Why buy this:
  • Made of signature PRIME™ 2.0 PU leather
  • Has full metal 4D armrests for enhancing the resting position
  • Cold-Cure Foam that provides exceptional comfort
  • Full-length backrests recline
  • Integrated, adjustable lumbar support
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2. Razer Iskur Gaming-Chair

Razer Iskur

Ergonomic lumbar support

Sitting on the extremely comfortable Razer Iskur Gaming Chair, we are pretty sure that you will not be leaving your seat anytime soon. What’s great is about the Razer Iskur is that it features an ergonomic lumbar support which includes an adjustable curve aligning perfectly to your spine. This help to provide optimal back support for any lengthy gaming sessions. Moreover, its multi-layered synthetic leather is extremely durable. Not to mention its denser cushions which can mould to support any unique body shape.

Innovative armrests design

In terms of armrests, this Razer gaming chair does not compromise comfort and quality. Its 4D movement allows you to adjust its height, angle and position according to your heart’s desire. Additionally, its strong frame and base can carry up to 136kg of weight. To top it off, its angled seats have been maximized for the most surface area!

Why buy this:
  • Ergonomic lumbar support
  • High-density foam cushions
  • Angled seats
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3. Cougar Ranger Royal Gaming Sofa

cougar ranger royal gaming chair philippines

Best for console and mobile gamers

PC gamers get the best gaming chairs, but what about console enthusiasts? The Cougar Ranger might just be the pinnacle of all gamer chairs, transforming the trend from chairs to couches. This chair is geared to provide console and mobile gamers with the full pro gamer experience. It costs just around P10,000, which is less pricey than some standard gaming seats and considerably cheaper than a recliner. It’s also comfy, so if you want a little space to yourself to play games, it’s a fun option.

The Ranger features a reclining range of 95 to 160 degrees, so you’ll be comfortable whether you’re sitting straight in a fiery game of Mobile Legends or sprawled out while watching streams. And since lengthy play sessions can be taxing on the body without proper support, the gaming couch includes a headrest and lumbar support like that of a traditional office or gaming chair. Overall, this chair is not only cozy but is also designed for all gamers and their styles of play.

Why buy this:
  • Features headrest and lumbar design for support
  • Made of breathable and premium PVC leather
  • Recliner system (95 to 160 degrees)
  • Designed for mobile and console players
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4. FANNKER Gaming Chair with USB Massage

shopee usb massage gaming chair philippines

Massager function for backaches

Sitting for lengthy periods is bad for your back, so make it a point to get up and stretch now and again. While you could be too engrossed with playing to take quick breaks, this gaming chair might even aid with back strain because it includes a massaging function! This Shopee discovery is a wonderful solution for your back aches because it features a massager function powered by a USB port. While the massager function is restricted to the lower back, we like that it has a retractable footrest that allows you to recline completely and take a short break.  Just be sure to put it back up when you need to get back to your game, or you could fall asleep as it’s really that comfy!

To completely support and relax your body, the chair also includes a plush headrest, lumbar pillow, and waist protector. Best of all, many Shopee reviews have already claimed that this chair is easy to put together, sturdy, and comfortable—all for a reasonable price!

Why buy this:
  • Affordable yet highly rated
  • Made of high-density breathable pineapple cloth and latex material
  • With soft headrest, lumbar pillow, and waist protector
  • Has a retractable footrest to completely relax your body
  • Massage function for back pains
Check price on Shopee >

5. GINZA Gaming Chair Height Adjustment Ergonomic

ginza gaming chairs philippines

Whether you consider yourself a hardcore gamer or a less enviable workaholic, spending long hours in your chair daily is most likely a common occurrence. If you’re both, the first decision you’ll have to make when selecting a chair is whether to go with a gaming or standard office chair. However, we can say that the GINZA chair is worth noting when you build your gaming space or home office. This chair has an adjustable height and is made of a hardwood skeleton strengthened with steel to save weight while remaining sturdy. As a result, it has high quality and durability, and it can withstand weights of up to 150kg. Even better, it has a leather cover and a high elastic foam sponge for seating comfort.

Given that both office and gaming chairs can easily cost more than P20,000, the fact that you can purchase a single chair that can serve both functions is remarkable. As a result of its low price and high quality, GINZA has become one of the most popular chairs sold online.

Why buy this:
  • Capable of tilting to a maximum of 135 degrees backward
  • With a wider and taller body and seat
  • Covered with the most distinctive carbon fiber leather that looks and feels incredibly good
Check price on Shopee >

6. Fantech Alpha Gaming Chair

fantech alpha gaming chairs philippines

Some gamers don’t like moving chairs because they either have a limited amount of space or the rolling wheels usually damage the floors. Other reasons might be because non-swivel chairs provide a more stable and pleasant experience.  Fortunately, we’ve discovered the ideal gaming chair to address these problems. No matter how much you move, this heavy-duty chair will keep you securely in place. Also, it is suitable for heavier users, since it is both wide and strong, with a maximum weight capacity of 220 kilos! Best of all, it’s padded and breathable, with two pillows for your neck and lower back included. So, if you want a gaming chair with steady and sturdy performance, this is your best bet.

Why buy this:
  • Backrest made of breathable mesh material
  • With a strong arch-shaped armrest
  • Weight capacity up to 220 kg
  • 2 mm durable and thick metal structure
Check price on Shopee >

7. Gamdias Achilles E1-L RGB Multifunction PC Gaming Chair 

gamdias achilles rgb gaming chairs philippines

When it comes to gaming-related products, RGB is widespread these days. If you like these lights, then this Gamdias chair is for you. It features RGB backlights that can be customized by connecting the USB cable to your computer’s USB port. After you’ve achieved the desired lighting effect, you can just unplug and reconnect the USB cord with a power bank at your convenience! It also has two-dimensional adjustable armrests, lumbar and heads support cushions, a sturdy steel base that can hold up to 200kg, a class-4 gas lift, a multi-functional tilt, an adjustable backrest up to 150-degrees, double-wheel casters, and a thick cushion coated in vinyl fabric. Overall, the Gamdias Achilles E1-L is another entry-level gaming chair that sells for less than P10,000 at various online PC retailers.

Why buy this:
  • Customizable RGB streaming lights
  • With an adjustable backrest (up to 150 degrees)
  • 2D adjustable armrests
  • Has lumbar support cushions
  • Durable steel base to support up to 200kg
Check price on Lazada >

8. Amaia Leather Gaming Chair

amaia leather

Great value for money

Can’t resist the thought of snuggling into a buttery leather chair? The Amaia Leather Ergonomic Gaming Office Chair would be a great snuggle buddy while you play! Even though shopping on a budget might mean sacrificing quality, we can’t deny that the majority of Shopee’s budget bargains provide excellent value for money. With its ultra-posh design and emphasis on soft cushioning, this product would look great in any setting. The chair also features a backrest extension, allowing you to relax like a boss after a hard day at work. And, with a 4.7-star rating and over 200 items sold, this is without a doubt one of the coolest Shopee finds this year.

Why buy this:

  • With removable armrests
  • Durable
  • Highly rated on Shopee
  • Affordable
Check price on Shopee >

9. Panther Nightfall Chair

panther nightfall

If you’re shopping for a budget chair that looks great, especially if you’re just starting as a streamer and want something unique to use as a background, this may be the chair for you. Panther Gaming Gear is one of the Philippines’ most popular and in-demand gaming chair brands. Their best-selling Nightfall series starts at P4,290 and is available in a variety of colours with a one-year guarantee. And if you’re a fan of the wildly popular KPop group, you’ll adore this black-pink variant!

Why buy this:
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a swivel function
  • Can be reclined
  • Adjustable height
  • Ergonomically designed
Check price on Panther Gaming Gear >

10. LandMall Gaming Chair Racing Style

landmall lazada

Another budget-friendly gaming chair is this one from LandMall. It’s one of Lazada’s most popular selections this year, and we know why: it’s affordable while also being sturdy and comfy. The gaming chair already includes lumbar support, a larger-size seat cushion with high-density foam, broad and thick armrests, a plush headrest pillow, and a retractable footrest for a little more than P3,000. It also boasts a heavy-duty Nylon stand base with caster wheels for a secure and solid structure.  And we love that there are so many colors to choose from to suit any style!

Why buy this:
  • High ratings on Lazada
  • Made of high-quality PU leather (dirt-resistant and fade-resistant)
  • With wide and thick armrests
  • Heavy-duty base for a superb structure
Check price on Lazada >

11. Cat E-sports Chair

shopee cat e-sports chair

If you’re weary of the same old elegant and Instagrammable setup styles, we highly recommend this adorable gaming chair from Shopee. It works similar to a standard entry-level gaming chair, with neck and back support, armrests, and a solid base—except that it is ultra kawaii. There are many patterns to choose from, including lion, samurai, and rabbit, but we are particularly fond of the cat design, which will make your gaming den seem really charming!

Why buy this:
  • Unique and adorable designs
  • 5-star rating on Shopee
Check price on Shopee >

We hope that our guide on the 11 Best Gaming Chair in the Philippines has helped you pick the best gaming chair for your WFH or gaming setup. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful!

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