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10 Best Hanging Plants in the Philippines and Where to Buy Them | Best of Lifestyle 2021

Since 2019, the never-ending lockdowns have helped increase demand for greens among Filipinos who crave nature. The plant obsession has gotten so prevalent that some have dubbed it a plantdemic, and those who are hooked to home gardening have been dubbed plantitos and plantitas. And because most hanging plants are easy to care for and cultivate, this demand has resulted in a surge in their popularity. With extensive types of hanging plants in the market, which then is the best in the Philippines? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we introduce the 10 Best Hanging Plants in the Philippines, providing quality recommendations based on your budget and needs. 

This article was last updated on 20 Sep 2021.

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10 Best Hanging Plants in the Philippines and Where to Buy Them 

1. BaguioPanagbenga

baguiopanagbenga string of hearts hanging plants philippines

Varieties of string hanging plants available

If you’re looking for a spot with a broad selection of plants, such as hanging plants, succulents, herbs, and more, BaguioPanagbenga might just be the destination for you. It’s a Shopee store located in Baguio City, but they ship many of their plants across the country. And since Baguio City is also well-known for selling ornamental plants in bulk at reduced costs, you can be confident that you’ll find the most affordable hanging plants here. You can find the likes of String of Pearls, String of Turtles, or String of Tears here, but if you have a certain plant in mind, you can also leave a message to inquire about its availability.

String of Hearts 

With incredible stunning heart-shaped, patterned leaves, the String of Hearts hanging plant has captivated our hearts here at BaguioPanagbenga. Although the leaves appear delicate hanging from the vine, it is surprisingly tougher than it looks since it is a succulent vine! It’s easy to care for—just don’t overwater it, and it’ll last you a lifetime. We also like how trailing plants like the String of Hearts make people feel like they’re in the heart of nature. So, its colors and patterns might help ease your body’s response to stress, making it an ideal hanging buddy at your workplace to help you feel a sense of calm while you work.

Store Highlights:
  • Sells wide varieties of local and imported plants
  • Ships nationwide
  • Affordable yet good quality plants
Check out BaguioPanagbenga Shopee >

2. Spruce Plant Shop


spruce plant shop philodendron heartleaf hanging plants philippines

Beautiful plants in chic, eco-friendly pots

Spruce Plant Shop is every plantita‘s paradise. They offer minimalist chic pieces—the luscious greens are usually complemented by solid-colored pots in delectable colors like yellow, pink, blue, and teal. Because of the overall aesthetics, their plants are also an excellent choice for a gift for family or friends! You can purchase from Spruce Plant’s official website, but you can also visit their physical store at SPRUCE, 170 Dos Castillas St. Brgy Pasadena, San Juan City, Philippines to take your time admiring the hanging plants and pots they have available.

Philodendron Heartleaf

If you’re new to planting, the Philodendron Heartleaf from Spruce is a wonderful choice. It’s a vining hanging plant with fast-growing heart-shaped leaves that take little maintenance! It’s also ideal for growing indoors since it can live in low-light conditions, but it grows considerably quicker in a location with strong, indirect light. We also like how efficient it is in cleaning the air you breathe. So to take advantage of its air filtration properties for a healthier home environment, place one philodendron plant in every 100 square feet of living area and let it do its thing.

Store Highlights:
  • Plants are sold in chic colored pots
  • Offers free shipping within Metro Manila for orders P7,000 above
  • Uses eco-friendly MONOPOTS made from ocean-harvested plastics
Check out Spruce Plant Shop >

3. Home Forest Plants and Garden


home forest plants and garden neon philodendron hanging plants philippines

A selection of uncommon and extremely rare plants

If you’re hunting for rare finds, you should check Home Forest. They are a Shopee and Lazada online business that sells uncommon to extremely rare Philodendron plants, Sansevieria, Anthurium, Succulents, and other unique indoor and outdoor plants. For serious plant enthusiasts, you can also get accessories and native items here!

Neon Philodendron

Although the shop concentrates on the rarest plants, we’re particularly fond of the Neon Philodendrons. This delightful home plant, also known as the Sweetheart Vine, has been around for a long time. It trails or climbs elegantly, with heart-shaped, vivid green leaves that quickly transform your room into a green wonderland. With leaves ranging from golden lime to emerald green, these hanging plants can actually look like a sun in a pot!

Store Highlights:
  • Features rare Philodendrons and Sansevierias
  • Ships nationwide via Shopee and Lazada
  • Discount vouchers available for every purchase
Check out Home Forest Shopee >
Visit Home Forest Lazada >

4. Fresh Spaces MNL


fresh spaces mnl pink wandering jew hanging plant philippines

Fresh Spaces MNL is undeniably your source for low-maintenance houseplants at an affordable price! You can already have a lush in a beautifully painted clay pot for as little as P250. And to make sure your succulent babies are in their best condition, they ship out within 2 to 3 days within Metro Manila through Grab and Lalamove.

Pink Wandering Jew

The Pink Wandering Jew, a trailing houseplant with pink leaves, drew our attention to Fresh Spaces. This “wandering” houseplant is noted for growing quickly in all directions. That being said, it would look wonderful on a shelf, or you could display its trailing tendrils by putting it in a hanging basket. This is also a simple houseplant, making it great for novices, the elderly, or anybody who wants the benefits of a living, carbon dioxide-inhaling, oxygen-exhaling, breathing plant!

Store Highlights:
  • Features easy to care houseplants for beginners
  • Plants in elegant pots without the hefty price tag
Check out Fresh Spaces MNL >

5. Plantshopper

plantshopper ivy hanging plant philippines

Best for Ivy hanging plants

If you’re interested in Ivy hanging plants, Plantshopper on Instagram does have a wide assortment. These ivy plants can add a beautiful outdoor atmosphere to your living room or bedroom, making them an excellent stress reliever while you work at home. Its long vines have three-pronged leaves of varying sizes. Best of all, maintaining your ivy plants is easy; simply keep a good temperature, provide lots of direct sunshine, and water generously with well-drained soil. If you can complete these things, this lovely hanging plant will return the favor by cleaning the air in your area!

Store Highlights:
  • Also sells beautiful flowers
  • Features steel racks for your plant collection
Check out Plantshopper >

6. Motherly

motherly asparagus ferns

Budget-friendly Asparagus Ferns

Motherly is an online home garden store that sells easy-to-grow flowers and plants that you’re sure to love. They even sell various hanging plants, but our favorite is the Asparagus Fern because it looks fantastic and costs less than P100! These plants are not ferns though, despite their common name. Asparagus Ferns are ideal choices in fairly sunny locations since they withstand more sun than real ferns. So, they will look fabulous in your front or backyard!

Store Highlights:
  • Easy to grow flowers and plants
  • Also sells soil and fertilizers
Check out Motherly on Shopee >

7. Plant Parenthood PH

plant parenthood ph pothos njoy

Best for Pothos N’Joy

Pothos N’Joy, which you can get from Plant Parenthood PH, is a strong contender for easy-to-grow plants. It is a stunning Pothos variety that we all adore since it always looks amazing, whether it is grown as a hanging basket, sprawled on the top of your kitchen cupboards, or with a moss pole. Plus, it can clean pollutants from the air while requiring very little maintenance. That said, there are only a few things you can do to make sure it blooms healthily: just place it in indirect light, use a rich and well-draining potting mixture, and water it when the top layer of the soil dries off!

Store Highlights:
  • Sells curated plants and pots in small batches
  • Also has Instagrammable plant stands for your lush babies
Check out Plant Parenthood >

8. S&N Shop Lazada

s&n shop philodendron micans

The best shop for Philodendron Micans

If you enjoy all things rustic, the Philodendron Micans is the plant for you. Fortunately, you can order them at S&N Shop Lazada online! Philodendron Micans is one of those plants you’ve probably noticed sprouting up on your Instagram feed more and more each day, and for good reason: it’s easy to care for, requiring only the proper amount of sunlight and water. They’re also known as the velvetleaf because they seem iridescent in the right light, ranging from shimmering tones of emerald green to turquoise to bronze. Its color palette is deep and muddy, and it may change based on the amount of light it gets, making it a one-of-a-kind addition to your space.

Store Highlights:
  • 99% positive seller ratings on Lazada 
  • Sells a wide selection of indoor and outdoor plants at affordable prices
Check out S&N Shop Lazada >

9. NaBiCreates

nabicreates tillandsia

Affordable Tillandsia air pants

When it comes to Tillandsia air plants, “easy to care for” is the understatement of the year. With almost 2,000 pieces sold on NaBiCreates Shopee and 4.9-star reviews, this hanging plant is surely a fan favorite in the Philippines. This epiphytic plant is completely self-sufficient, requiring no soil or potting mix and only a gentle spritz or brief soak in water every few weeks. Needless to say, this plant may thrive anywhere as long as it has adequate air circulation and sunlight!

The air plant varieties available at NaBiCreates include Rubra, Huamelula, Druid, Fuego, and many more. Best of all, each type is incredibly affordable, with prices starting at P95.

Store Highlights:
  • Highly rated on Shopee
  • Sells a variety of affordable air plants
Check out NaBiCreates Shopee >

10. Shopleaf Plant Studio

shopleaf plant studio cobra fern

Beautiful Cobra Ferns in hanging Kokedama

Shopleaf Plant Studio is a one-stop plant store that offers a wide variety of plants, pots, accessories, tools, and furnishings. They also organize community seminars and give an E-guide for people just starting with plants! With so many plants to select from, we really like this Cobra Fern, which has ruffled green leaves with a wavy edge and is a highly decorative piece for your home. It comes with a gorgeous hanging Kokedama, so you won’t have to buy a new basket or pot. Best of all, it is pet-friendly and surprisingly easy to care for!

Store Highlights:
  • Offers bulk orders
  • Free delivery within Metro Manila for orders P5,000 above
Check out Shopleaf Plant Studio > 


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Hanging Plants in the Philippines has helped you pick the best hanging plant for your home gardening needs. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful!

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