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10 Best Stores to buy Leggings in Australia | Best of Lifestyle 2023

Leggings are a type of clothing that are flexible tight-fitting pants that fit around your legs. Earlier in history, people used it as a garment for warmth and protection. Nowadays, you would mostly see leggings in the gym, in yoga classes, in cycling or just for everyday use. Although leggings are used as activewear, people sometimes use them as an alternative to pants. With an extensive variety of leggings in the market, which then is the best store to buy leggings in Australia? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we introduce the 10 Best Stores to buy Leggings in Australia, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

This article was last updated on 20 January 2023.

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Best Stores to buy Leggings in Australia (Summary)

  1. Target
  2. The Iconic
  3. BONDS
  5. Lululemon
  6. Birdsnest
  7. Next
  8. PrettyLittleThings
  9. David Jones
  10. Best&Less

Best Stores to buy Leggings in Australia

1. Target

Target Leggings Store in Australia
Target | Best Leggings Store in Australia

Who doesn’t recognize the reb bullseye logo? Target is one of the world’s leading American department store chains and ranks as the 7th largest retailer in the US.  Well-known for affordable and high-quality products, Target has always been its loyal customer’s go-to shopping mall. Shopping at Target is really addictive, you’ll enter with one item to buy in mind and leave the mall with a dozen more. Because of its strategic sales marketing, there is often traffic going into the store. However, if you want to avoid the traffic, you can also check out their online store. They mainly deal with different sorts of household goods, food, electronics and clothing such as tights and leggings. Target offers a wide array of selections of leggings for your next visit to the gym from ¾ leggings, rise high leggings, and bike shorts to full-length leggings.

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2. The Iconic

The Iconic Leggings Store in Australia
The Iconic | Best Leggings Store in Australia

Sydney with its magnificent harbours and the home of the famous Opera House is where this Australian online fashion and sports retailer, The Iconic started. Who would have thought that just being born in 2011, the Iconic would become Australia and New Zealand’s largest leading fashion, sports and homeware destination? Moreover, the company won the “Best New Online Retailer” in 2012. The Iconic has a wide selection of leggings that will not only keep you warm but make you comfortable. If you love to travel and adore nature by riding your bicycle, you can try The Iconic’s various range of bike shorts. What we love about the Iconic is its versatility, aside from the classic black leggings that we’re used to, they offer different coloured leggings with fun prints to keep you looking stylish while working out.

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Bonds Legging Store - Australia
Bonds | Best Leggings Store in Australia

We are used to the stories that there are people who hoped for the American Dream to succeed, but sometimes there are also people who want to leave the US and dared to start a new life in another country. This is the story of BONDS owner, George Allan Bond who left the American Dream and started a life in Australia. Right after leaving the US, Bond started importing women’s hosiery and from then on it has grown into a multibillion company and is now well-known as one of Australia’s most iconic brands. BONDS mostly deals with an expansive range of underwear, sleepwear, and light casual apparel. We love how they have immense choices of fabrics used from cotton and nylon blends to polyester and viscose blend. Designed for your ultimate comfort and also in wicking away workout sweat.

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UNIQLO Leggings Store in Australia
UNIQLO | Best Leggings Store in Australia

When we think of a minimalist lifestyle, we instantly think of a clean, white, not overly furnished home and Japan. Well, Japan is the world’s top leader when it comes to minimalism. UNIQLO is a Japanese-owned retail company that first started selling men’s clothing and eventually grew and became a brand that deals with women as well. Today, UNIQLO is a destination for individuals and families alike. They have an extensive variety of men’s and women’s clothing, kids’ and infants’ clothing, activewear and so much more. UNIQLO indeed set the bar high amongst its competitors because of its online alteration service. Its consumers can now alter their pants ordered online and have them delivered to their doorstep. What an innovative concept!

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5. Lululemon

Lululemon Leggings Store in Australia
Lululemon | Best Leggings Store in Australia

I know what you’re thinking but nope, this is not a store that sells your favourite freshly squeezed lemon on a hot and sunny day. Lululemon is a US-Canadian athletic apparel retailer that was founded in 1998. The company started as a retailer of yoga pants and eventually expanded to sell athletic wear, lifestyle apparel and personal care products. Nowadays, because of its popularity, you can’t go to your yoga class and not spot one wearing lululemon’s yoga pants or go to the gym without someone boasting he got one. Lululemon’s well-known for its iconic Align Yoga Pants, designed for yoga and made with nulu fabric – a fabric used to make the pants lightweight with guaranteed full coverage. But the talk of the town now is Lululemon’s home workout system called “the MIRROR”, a fitness machine that streams the latest workouts. We admire the company’s inventiveness.

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6. Birdsnest

Birdsnest Leggings Store in Australia
Birdsnest | Best Leggings Store in Australia

As Harriet Tubman said, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer.” Birdsnest company began its humble origin from Jane Cay’s simple dream of running her very own online store in the country. Her mission was to eliminate women’s wardrobe crises by providing personalized styling recommendations, express delivery, inspiration and fine quality service. The dream has grown beyond what the owner envisioned and now become one of Australia’s favourite online shops. If you are looking for excellent yet affordable leggings, this store is for you. In addition,  Birdsnest offers a wide range of leggings perfect for your morning jogs and yoga sesh. They have endless style choices you could choose from that can easily be paired with your favourite oversized tee or dress.

Gives back to the community

But what we love about the company is its passion to give back to the community. Birdsnest care about one’s child’s education and health thus they support schools and help children achieve their dreams. The company believes that health is wealth so they contribute back to society to support mental health and cancer patients and give them hope for the future.

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7. Next

Next Leggings Store in Australia
Next | Best Leggings Store in Australia

Thank you, next! As Ariana Grande sings in her song titled Thank U, Next. The frailty of humans causes us to look for another one once we are not satisfied with something. But the Next company breaks the cycle of that human weakness. Let us make you understand what we meant. Next is a British-owned multinational company founded in 1864. Since then, it has grown into a big company that became the favourite one-stop shop of individuals. You will find everything you need from the brand’s bottomless choices of bags and accessories to clothing for men and women such as tops, bottoms and so much more. Next is determined to please everyone so they offer endless options of leggings that caters to women with different body types and features such as tall, curvy, petite and maternity leggings. You will never find another one that feeds your satisfaction like Next.

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8. PrettyLittleThings

PrettyLittleThing Legging Store in Australia
PrettyLittleThings | Best Leggings Store in Australia

Have you ever dreamed of living in the iconic Barbie’s pink, chic and luxurious world? Dream no more because PrettyLittleThing is here. Founded in the UK by the Kamani brothers in 2012 as a fashion retailer, PrettyLittleThing has grown into a multinational and multi-billion brand. It focuses on providing stylish and sparkly clothing options for women. PrettyLittleThing has now several stores in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Australia because of its extraordinary influence on social media. What makes the women go crazy about this company is its versatile and trendy leggings design. From classic leggings for your everyday workout routine to split hem leggings perfect wear for the office to clubbing in the evening. Whatever you are looking for, they got you pinkly covered.

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9. David Jones

David Jones Leggings Store in Australia
David Jones | Best Leggings Store in Australia

This brand is an Australian luxe upmarket department store founded by David Jones himself in the early twentieth century. He was a welsh merchant turned politician after he emigrated to Australia. Today, the iconic department store is widely known as one of the oldest luxe stores in Australia and in the world. David Jones offers its consumers top-quality and excellent products and is home to the world’s exclusive brands like Chanel, Balenciaga, Gucci and Dyson to name a few. They offer expansive options of leggings that completes the timeless and classy look of an Australian. To add, what we like about this company is they not only give you the best leggings but offer the finest choices for a sports bra and gym bag to achieve your activewear suit.

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10. Best&Less

Best&Less Leggings Store in Australia
Best&Less | Best Leggings Store in Australia

Try to imagine this with us, you woke up one morning in the cold and crisp breeze of December 24. You take a sip of your hot favourite cup of coffee and are reminded that it’s your last day to buy gifts for your loved ones. What’s one thing you would do? Rush in the store that offers tons of discount prices to gift to your family and friends. This is what Best&Less is known for, operating since 1965 to cater for the need of Australians. Best&Less is an Australian retailer of clothing and household linens. The company started by renting the lower ground floor of one department store back then that was in the process of closing. Today, Best&Less stood the test of time and is now widely known as Australia’s leading value apparel.

Don’t waste. Recycle.

Aside from selling fashionable yet affordable products, Best&Less prioritizes the quality of each products thus passing the requirement for durability and shrinkage test. Also, its consumer is assured that each product they purchase is not tested on animals. And if you are not satisfied with the product you buy, Best&Less offers a 100-day quality guarantee with no questions asked. In addition, because they care for the environment, by 2025 Best&Less goal is to have all packaging recyclable, reusable and compostable.

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We hope our guide on the 10 Best Stores to buy Leggings in Australia has helped you buy the best leggings in Australia to
have a stylish yet comfortable outfit for your next workout session. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it helpful.

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