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Capturing Motherhood: Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoots in Singapore

Singapore, known for its busy city views and green parks, is a great place for photography. Many families like to have maternity and baby photoshoots here. These photos show the excitement of expecting a baby and the happiness of having one. Many good photographers in Singapore specialize in these kinds of photos. Whether taken with the city buildings in the background, in the quiet Botanic Gardens, or inside a studio, these photos are special memories that families love to keep. With an extensive variety of maternity and baby photoshoot studios available in the market, which then is the best maternity and baby photoshoot in Singapore? In our Best of Baby series, we have curated the latest Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoot in Singapore, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoot in Singapore

1. Orange Studios

Orange Studios Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoot in Singapore
Orange Studio – Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoot in Singapore

Exquisite, timeless captures as precious family heirlooms

Time flies when you have a newborn. When we had our little one, there was little hesitation to capture these precious moments with Orange Studios. Launched in 2013, this boutique photography studio in Singapore specialises in creating absolutely beautiful photographic heirlooms that you and your family will treasure over the years. Be it an elegant leather album to cherish forever or a bespoke wall frame to display in your living room, Orange Studios’ works of art exceeded our expectations.

We chose the Newborn Portraiture customised collection, and loved the 8” x 8” leather heirloom album and the three 12” circular rustic wood prints. The album quality was top-notch; the leather covering and pages within felt premium – worth the price. Meanwhile, the wood prints were gorgeous and served as the perfect presents for our parents. We kept one for our home, as looking at it always makes us smile!

Experienced and dedicated photographers

Aside from the beautiful heirlooms, what we like about Orange Studios is their amazing set of photographers. The amazing husband-and-wife team, Ryan and Wini, were very professional yet friendly, accommodating, and patient throughout the shoot. Overall, it felt like a fun day out at their studio with the entire family

Our tip: determine when your newborn is more active or awake during the mornings or afternoons before you book a timeslot.  Note ‘try’ since we all know that newborns can be pretty unpredictable. Our baby girl was asleep during the first half of the shoot, but thanks to the skilled couple, we got amazing shots of her lovely smiles and varying expressions in action. The studio also has an extensive collection of swaddle colours. Simply choose your favourites and they will match them with absolutely stunning complementing accessories. Just look at these adorable photos and see for yourself!

orange studios photography session

orange studios baby photoshoot

Unique and personal experience to encapsulate precious memories

In Orange Studios, each portrait session is designed especially for your family. They pay attention to your family’s personalities and dynamics as they seek to capture the essence of who you are as a family. Orange Studios does modern maternity photography, newborn photography, and children photography. Everything you need in documenting the wonderful journey of welcoming the newest addition to your family. Check out their extensive portfolio here.

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Check out Orange Studios >

2. Love By Wander

Love By Wander Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoot in Singapore
Love By Wander – Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoot in Singapore

Capturing precious memories tastefully with a family journalist

Love By Wander is a team of passionate photographers and videographers with over eight years of experience in the industry, headed by Kenny & the team. Seeking to document authentic interactions and moments in families, the team hopes to showcase the strength of parental love through beautiful, precious captures.

What we absolutely love about them is their stunning, modern style – evident on their home page. You have to scroll through their gorgeous captures, and I bet you will be sold! Everything from the colour grading and angles to stylish setups and candid captures screams picture-perfect. I especially love the varying textures of their props – done very tastefully!

Easy-going, engaging, and great with kids

The tricky part of a family or newborn shoot is engaging the little ones, which Love By Wander excels at. Well-reviewed by many, their past clients mentioned that the team was easy-going, engaging with kids, and patient throughout their photoshoots. Many praised Michelle for being a natural with kids, ensuring that the kids always had loads of fun at the shoots. Check out their reviews here.

Gives back to the community

What’s even better is that Love By Wander believes in doing its part for the community; hence 7% of its proceeds are donated to This makes family photoshoots even more meaningful! 

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Check out Love by Wander >

3. Theresa Olesen Portraits

Theresa Olesen Portraits - Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoot in Singapore

An award-winning female portrait photographer

Maternity photoshoots are a fantastic way for expectant parents to cherish and share the excitement of this precious time in their lives. Theresa Olesen is a multi-award-winning portrait photographer based in Singapore who specialises in a wide range of different portraiture, headshots, families, maternity and individual portraits in all sorts of different styles. As a talented photographer, Theresa Olesen ensures that maternity photoshoots transcend the ordinary. Opting for a maternity portrait session with her unveils a celebration of this unique event in your life – an ode to your femininity, your elegance, and your unyielding strength

Exquisite portraits that celebrate the beauty and joy of mums-to-be

The aim of your maternity session is to craft a series of exquisite portraits that highlight your maternity journey. Through professional guidance, you will exude confidence, beauty, and empowerment. You are the main character in your own maternity photoshoot, and the photographer will bring your dream maternity shoot concept to life.  All you have to do is relax while Theresa helps you create your portraits in precisely the style you have chosen. 

Theresa Olesen offers both studio shoots as well as maternity shoots in the beautiful private garden surrounding her studio. You are welcome to bring your family for your shoot or come alone or with your partner if you are seeking a more intimate photoshoot session. As part of the photoshoot, you will do a pre-session consultation with Theresa to explore portrait styles and maternity attire options that are free for you to use, spanning from flowing dresses to form-fitting tops, and even a minimalist wrap to beautifully highlight your baby bump. 

A fun maternity photoshoot experience

To help you find the best shots, there is no time limit to your session. The maternity is done once there is a selection of stunning portraits of you and your bump. The whole session is very relaxed, you will receive professional guidance on how to pose, which will make you feel at ease in front of the camera. There is no pressure of time running out, and with Theresa’s charming personality, you two are free to chat and laugh while posing and shooting! Check her stunning reviews on Facebook and Google to know more.

Check out Theresa Olesan Portraits >

4. Our Momento Singapore Photography

Our Momento Singapore - Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoot in Singapore

Crafts beautiful mementos from your pregnancy journey

With Our Momento Singapore Photography, your pregnancy story becomes a captivating visual tale. They capture the magic of your pregnancy journey, immortalising this remarkable phase of your life through photographs or mementos that are promised to stand the test of time. Also a photography service for weddings and ROMs, their priority is providing a personalised experience for their customers, as if their service is like a personal letter to you. Guiding you every step of the way, from your initial inquiry to conceptualising maternity photoshoot concepts, they ensure a seamless experience. 

Explores a variety of maternity photoshoot ideas 

Another thing that we love about Our Momento Photography is how they provide various maternity photoshoots ideas. Whether it is the comfort of your home, a studio, or the breathtaking outdoors backdrop, the choice is yours. You can showcase the love between the parents-to-be through captivating couple shots, or embrace the entire family dynamic with a heartwarming family photoshoot that includes older siblings. 

Alternatively, embark on a visual journey through pregnancy with a series of snapshots spanning the nine months – a poignant reflection of the remarkable changes your body undergoes. And for those seeking an extra dash of excitement, why not opt for a gender reveal photoshoot? Complete with balloons, confetti, and themed props, the maternity photoshoot transforms into an engaging shared experience, bringing together friends and family in joyful anticipation of the baby’s arrival.

To top it all off, Our Momento Singapore Photography ensures that its services appeal to your budget with a modest pricing approach. In doing so, they make the joy of sharing these beautiful moments accessible to all, without compromising the quality. You may read through their previous clients’ testimonials here to learn more about their services.

Check out Our Momento Singapore >

5. The Studio Loft

The Studio Loft Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoot in Singapore
The Studio Loft – Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoot in Singapore

Women are powerful – The Studio Loft is a clear testament to that. Comprised of an all-woman team, this studio photographs every subject you hold dear – your baby bump, your newborn baby, your children, and the entire family. The Studio Loft is one of the first dedicated family photography studios in Singapore and is currently in its 16th year in business, so you can expect their services to be one of the best. 

 The Studio Loft - Baby Ally

Maintaining deep and personal relationships with clients

The all-woman team connects with their clients so the studio can be a safe space for the entire family, especially for the soon-to-be-mum. Our experience with Maryann and Jing Yi was a lot of fun, and they took great care of our baby boy and his toddler sister. Felt that we were in great hands, with amazing shots of our little ones!

Moreover, with their years of experience, the team already knows what it takes to get kids to flash a smile, help mums to relax, and guide everyone to be more natural during the entire shoot. Because of this, they saw some families grow over the years, from teeny tiny babies becoming sassy little girls and unsure first-time mamas turning into confident mums of three or more! You can check more of their reviews on Facebook and Google to find out more.

Creative and themed photoshoots 

The Studio Loft’s style is gentle and ever-evolving; you can be sure that their ideas are always fresh! Pushing their creativity to the highest level, they make “seasonal sets” and provide all sorts of props and costumes so that every shoot will be fun and magical. Moreover, they focus on creating simple yet stunning and fun images that tell the story of your dynamics as a family. A single look at their portfolio tells a million words. 

The Studio Loft - Jocelyn and Baby Aaron

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Check out The Studio Loft  >

6. Bloom Photography

Bloom Photography Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoot in Singapore
Bloom Photography – Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoot in Singapore

Capture every special moment with your family

Your little ones are precious gifts from above; every year they are alive is worth celebrating. For their first-ever birthday, make it a blast with Bloom Photography. Their fun, loving, and colour-filled style shines in their Cake Smash sessions. With props, outfits, and backdrops ready, Bloom Photography captures your baby’s truest and purest expressions on camera. Watch them have the time of their lives as they explore their birthday cake. You can choose the theme for your little boy or girl from The Wild One to Unicorn to Mermaid.

Since 2020, Bloom Photography has provided clients services from Couple Casual to Maternity and Baby to whole Family photoshoots. Documenting every event with you and your loved ones, they grow and bloom with your family! What’s more, they constantly create new themes and set-ups to make these shoots memorable.

Captures the rawest moment with the latest lineup

The latest in the lineup is their Fresh 48 package. Using only natural lighting in the baby ward, Bloom Photography captures the rawest and most natural state of the mum and baby’s connection, first family interactions, and all the precious details of your newborn – all within his or her first 48 hours. Feel free to check their reviews on Facebook and Google to know more.

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Check out Bloom Photography  >

7. Xiaoyun Photography

Xiaoyun Photography Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoot in Singapore
Xiaoyun Photography – Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoot in Singapore

Classic and timeless newborn photos captured for a lifetime

One of life’s greatest pleasures is capturing the special moments of your family’s growth. Xiaoyun Photography, a multi-award-winning photographer, can help you with all that and more, providing you with timeless and artistic newborn and maternity photos that warrant a lifetime of joy. 

What we love the most about Xiaoyun Photography is how their photoshoot sessions are never time limited. This way, the photographer can see and capture what’s truly special about you and your newborn. This is especially helpful in newborn photoshoots as you will not be time-pressured and anxious about any inconveniences that may arise. Essentially, Xiaoyun focuses on the client’s overall experience to provide high-quality photos rather than multiple average-looking ones. What’s also great about Xiaoyun is she strays away from using too many props; instead, she uses a clean, timeless background so your baby will remain the main focus of all the photos.

Complete maternity photography packages

Maternity photoshoots are no different from your usual bridal shoot – you would also need stylish outfits, chic hairstyles, and stunning makeup looks. That said, we are quite impressed with how Xiaoyun Photography already provides professional hair and makeup services to ensure you will look perfect on your photoshoot. Not only that, Xiaoyun also provides gorgeous gowns that you will not find anywhere else! Handmade in Europe, these gowns would elevate your maternity photos to the highest level. 

Before the shoot, there would be a gown-choosing session, so you can select which looks best for you. Xiaoyun is an incredible stylist, too! 

Premium keepsakes

Furthermore, Xiaoyun Photography provides a wide range of archival luxury handmade folio boxes and albums made in Australia, Italy, and the US. Suppose you would love to immortalise more special moments in your family. In that case, Xiaoyun also offers family and children photography services, as well as portrait photography (which is unique in Singapore) if you want something more special. You may schedule a consultation with Xiaoyun so she can craft a truly bespoke service tailored to your needs. 

Check out Xiaoyun Photography  >

8. LoveLens Fine Art Photography

LOVELENS Fine Art Photography - Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoot in Singapore 2023
LOVELENS Fine Art Photography – Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoot in Singapore

Dedicated to capturing your pregnancy journey through ethereal images

In celebrating the precious journey of motherhood, LoveLens Fine Art Photography is dedicated to capturing the unique beauty and joy of expectant mums during their pregnancy. Their 10 years of experience in the industry have given them expertise in shooting at various enchanting venues all over Singapore, making choosing the perfect location for your photoshoot effortless. Simply share your vision with Randy, the creative mind behind LoveLens, and watch as he turns it into a beautiful reality through a personalised approach. Whether you dream of a cosy indoor session or an idyllic outdoor setting (imagine – you and your baby bump with the iconic Singapore skyline in the background!), LoveLens will preserve the beautiful moments of your pregnancy journey with their signature light and airy style, adding an ethereal and delicate touch to every photograph.

A fun and talented photographer with exceptional attention to detail

Sometimes, photoshoots can get too uncomfortable for pregnant mums, especially if you do not feel at ease with the photographer. But then, you will not experience that with Randy. He has a remarkable ability to make every customer feel completely at ease throughout the session, allowing him to capture the most precious and authentic moments. He knows how to showcase the beauty of pregnancy like no one else and will even help you to pose naturally, resulting in a fun and enjoyable photoshoot experience that beautifully immortalises this important period in your life. Explore other client testimonials about LoveLens Fine Art Photography by clicking here.

Efficient fast delivery is highly commendable

Moreover, one of the most commendable features of LoveLens Fine Art Photography is their efficient turnover time, ensuring you will not have to endure long waiting times. Your precious photos will be promptly delivered within 1 to 3 days, sometimes even quicker, allowing you to relish those special moments without delay. LoveLens Fine Art Photography provides maternity and baby photoshoot packages, each offering a 1-hour photo session. Additionally, LoveLens caters to other photography needs, including weddings and pre-wedding shoots, making them a versatile and trusted choice. 

Check out LoveLens Fine Art Photography >

9. Tomato Photo

Tomato Photo
Tomato Photo- Best Maternity and Baby Photoshoot in Singapore

12 years of professional experience

Led by award-winning master photographer and founder Hart Tan, Tomato Photo aims to deliver the best. On top of being industry pioneers since 2008, they have delivered over 3,600 successful shoots and have been recognised as one of the most awarded maternity, newborn, and family photo shoot studios in Singapore

An enjoyable & relaxing shoot experience

All shoots at Tomato Photography are carried out personally by Hart, who delivers a professional yet relaxed photoshoot experience every time. We did our maternity shoot with him, and it was very pleasant. We never once felt rushed, and the atmosphere was cosy and relaxed, which made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. 

While my prior impression of studio shoots is that they are stiff and posed, the experience at Tomato was the opposite. It was fun, relaxed, and enjoyable, and my shoot with Tomato is now one of our memorable pregnancy milestones

Spacious & comfortable studio setting

The studio setting is also very comfortable, which was great because I get easily tired during pregnancy. Hart always checked in on me to ensure I was feeling great (and I was)! His studio is very spacious (great for family shoots with kids), and is equipped with changing rooms which makes outfit changes smooth and easy. 

Efficient Delivery of Photos

The shoot was so fun that it not only energised me, but I was so excited to see the photos after! The good news is I did not have to wait long at all. It impressed me greatly to have our photos emailed to us in just a couple of days! Considering that there were 168 photos in the album, the delivery speed and level of professionalism is outstanding

After experiencing it, I recommend going to Tomato Photography for your maternity, newborn, and family shoot! Learn more about how a session works at Tomato Photo on their page, and read their great customer reviews here.

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Check out Tomato Photo >

10. Mamamiyo Photography

Mamamiyo Photography - Baby and Maternity Photoshoot Studios

Personalised and heartwarming experience

The Mamamiyo Photography specialises in taking pictures of pregnant moms and babies in Singapore. Mamamiyo Photography charges $1128 for the complete package, and the collection includes maternity and newborn sessions with a bonus of 1 canvas art. Their collection of pictures is full of grace and real feelings, capturing true emotions and real moments that turn into important memories. They work hard to ensure every picture is excellent and pay close attention to even the smallest things. This makes the pictures breathtaking and very meaningful. Whether it is a mom waiting for her baby or a brand new baby looking innocent, Mamamiyo Photography ensures each customer has a special and heartwarming time.

Check out Mamamiyo Photography >

11. White Room Studio

White Room Studio - Baby and Maternity Photoshoot Studios
White Room Studio – Baby and Maternity Photoshoot Studios

Captures the journey’s purest and most genuine moments

White Room Studio is the most popular maternity and baby photoshoot in Singapore. They want every picture to show how skilled, real, and trustworthy they are. When taking pictures of pregnant moms and babies in Singapore, White Room Studio is like a dreamer who turns important life moments into art that never gets old. The pictures they have are a mix of fancy beauty and strong feelings. Putting together the soft beauty of moms waiting for their babies and the precious sweetness of newborns. Housed in 2400 sqft of a beautifully restored heritage house in River Valley, you will be spoilt for choices of rooms and backgrounds full of natural light and nostalgic character

Check out White Room Studio >

12. Jen Pan Photography

Jen Pan Photography - Baby and Maternity Photoshoot Studios
Jen Pan Photography – Baby and Maternity Photoshoot Studios

Safe and efficient photoshoots for the baby and the family

Specialising in maternity and baby photoshoots in Singapore, Jen Pan Photography is a master of transforming fleeting moments into timeless treasures. Whether you prefer white and grey or colourful pastel photos, you can be sure that this studio can get the job done. Moreover, they work fast to deliver edited photographs, so you will not have to wait long to display cute photos of your little one at home and on social media. Furthermore, the whole family can book a fun photoshoot session when the family is out and about to give you photos that will be great to look back on. 

Check out Jen Pan Photography >

13. Fion Boon

Fion Boon - Baby and Maternity Photoshoot Studios
Fion Boon

Photoshoots for moms, newborns, and toddlers

Elevating the art of maternity and baby photoshoots in Singapore, Fion Boon captures life’s most precious moments with finesse and grace. Every picture is full of emotions, and Fion Boon is skilled at capturing this special time’s small details. You can also try their breastfeeding photoshoot to document special mommy and baby bonding times. In addition to the standard newborn photoshoot sessions, you can get your little one a cake smash photoshoot to celebrate their first birthday. This way, your baby can enjoy some delicious cake while giving you cute photos and memorable moments!

Check out Fion Boon >

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