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Best Stores for Men’s Running Shoes in Australia | Best of Lifestyle 2023

Men’s running shoes are more than just footwear – they’re your reliable companions on the track, sidewalk, or trail. These shoes are designed to make your runs comfortable and enjoyable, giving your feet the support they need. Whether you’re a seasoned marathon runner or just starting, the right pair of running shoes can make a significant difference in your experience.  With a wide variety of stores for men’s running shoes available in the market, which are the best stores for men’s running shoes in Australia? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we have curated the latest Best Stores for Men’s Running Shoes in Australia, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget. 

Best Stores for Men’s Running Shoes in Australia

1. Nike

Nike - Best Men's Running Shoes Australia
Image Source: Nike – Best Men’s Running Shoes Australia

Global leader in athletic footwear category

Nike, a global leader in athletic footwear, offers a diverse range of men’s running shoes in Australia, designed to cater to every runner’s needs. Renowned for its innovative technology and sleek designs, Nike’s shoes are engineered to provide exceptional comfort, support, and performance. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus and the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next are two prime examples of the brand’s commitment to excellence. The Air Zoom Pegasus is a versatile and responsive option, perfect for both daily runs and long distances, while the ZoomX Vaporfly Next is a top-of-the-line racing shoe, known for its energy return and speed. With a focus on quality and cutting-edge features, Nike continues to be a go-to choice for men seeking high-performance running footwear in Australia.

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2. New Balance 

New Balance - Best Men's Running Shoes
Image Source: New Balance – Best Men’s Running Shoes Australia

Innovative cushioning technology

The New Balance collection is designed to provide the perfect fit and the latest in footwear technology, making them suitable for seasoned runners and workout enthusiasts alike. New Balance offers a wide range of men’s running shoes, and some of their popular models globally include the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11, FuelCell Rebel, and FuelCell Propel. These models are known for their innovative cushioning technology, responsiveness, and versatility, making them suitable for various running activities. The brand’s emphasis on performance, comfort, and style ensures that each pair of shoes meets the demands of Australians.

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ASICS Best Men's Running Shoes Australia
Image Source: ASICS – Best Men’s Running Shoes Australia

Responsive and bouncy running shoes

ASICS, a globally renowned brand, has been a go-to choice for men’s running shoes in Australia, offering a blend of style, comfort, and advanced technology. The brand’s name, an acronym for the Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano” (a sound mind in a sound body), reflects its commitment to enhancing athletic performance and promoting a healthy lifestyle. ASICS’ unique specifications include its innovative cushioning technologies and designs that cater to various foot types and running styles. The ASICS Gel-Kayano 28, for instance, is a popular choice among runners who require stability shoes, known for its exceptional support and comfort. On the other hand, the ASICS Novablast 3, a cushioning/neutral shoe, is celebrated for its responsiveness and bounce, making it a favourite among neutral runners.

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4. Salomon

Salomon Best Men's Running Shoes Australia
Image Source: Salomon – Best Men’s Running Shoes Australia

French brand with premium traction for trail runners

Salomon, a French brand renowned for its outdoor sports gear, has carved a niche in the market for men’s running shoes in Australia. Known for its innovative technologies and robust designs, Salomon offers a diverse range of running shoes tailored to various terrains and running styles. The brand’s unique specifications include features like Optivibe™, which reduces vibrations to improve comfort and endurance, and Contagrip® outsoles that provide premium traction for trail runners. The Salomon Speedcross 6, a trail running shoe, is a popular choice for off-road adventures. Another standout model is the Salomon XA Pro 3D V8, known for its supportive and stable off-road ride, making it a favourite among trail runners.

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5. Mizuno

Image Source: Mizuno – Best Men’s Running Shoes Australia

Japanese brand offering most cushioned underfoot feel

Mizuno, a Japanese brand with over a century of history in sports innovation. This brand has significantly impacted the market for men’s running shoes in Australia. The brand’s signature technology, Mizuno Wave, provides the perfect balance of cushioning and stability, creating an ideal running platform. The brand’s latest innovation, MIZUNO ENERZY, is a new foam material featured in the midsole and heel wedge, offering the most cushioned yet propulsive underfoot feel. The Wave Rider 25, one of Mizuno’s best-selling models, is celebrated for its MIZUNO ENERZY foam, U4ic midsole for shock reduction, and MIZUNO WAVE® plate for superior cushioning. Another standout model is the Wave Sky 7, known for its high cushioning and unique midsole made with two different layers of foam, providing a comfortable and responsive ride.

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6. Saucony

Image Source: Saucony – Best Men’s Running Shoes Australia

Natural running cushioned shoes

Saucony, a brand with a rich history dating back to 1898, has become a go-to choice for men’s running shoes in Australia. With a focus on biomechanical fit and advanced cushioning technologies, Saucony’s lineup includes the Kinvara, a best-selling lightweight neutral running shoe favoured for its natural running position and cushioned ride. Another standout is the Endorphin series, which includes the Endorphin Speed 3, a shoe that balances cushion, roll, and pop for a versatile performance across different paces and distances.

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7. Adidas

Image Source: Adidas – Best Men’s Running Shoes Australia

A blend of performance and fashion-forward design

Adidas, a global leader in athletic footwear and others on this list, offers a diverse range of men’s running shoes in Australia. The brand’s running shoes are crafted with innovative features to provide comfort and support for runners of all levels. The Adidas Ultraboost, a popular choice, is celebrated for its responsive cushioning and energy return, making it ideal for long-distance runs and everyday training. Additionally, the Adidas Solarboost, known for its stability and comfort, is a top pick for runners seeking support and cushioning on their runs. 

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8. Brooks

Image Source: Brooks – Best Men’s Running Shoes Australia

Longest life expectancy footwear

Brooks shoes are popular for their comfortable feel and durability.  This brand says its footwear has a life expectancy of 300 to 500 miles when used for its intended purpose. Brooks offers a range of men’s running shoes, including daily trainers and premium racing shoes. Their Adrenaline GT12 is Brooks’ best-selling everyday stability running shoe of all time. It provides runners with an incredible amount of stability and ample cushioning. The Brooks Adrenaline is ideal for runners seeking an industry-leading stability running shoe.

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Image Source: HOKA – Best Men’s Running Shoes Australia

Impressive weight-to-cushion ratio

HOKA has built a solid reputation for consistent comfort in everyday use, and the Clifton 9, now in its 9th version, continues that legacy by adding an extra 3 mm of stack height. What makes the HOKA Clifton 9 truly outstanding is its impressive weight-to-cushion ratio and the innovative early-stage meta-rocker design, ensuring a smooth transition from heel to toe during your miles. These shoes prove versatile for walking or hitting the gym, but their real magic happens during daily easy and recovery miles.

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10. PUMA

Image Source: PUMA – Best Men’s Running Shoes Australia

Handles both race days and tough training sessions

If you’re on the lookout for a speedy shoe that can handle both race days and tough training sessions, the PUMA Deviate Nitro Elite 2 might be your perfect match. Designed with cutting-edge technology in a lightweight design, this shoe is your reliable choice for fast-paced training and race events. Thanks to the NITRO Elite foam midsole and the advanced carbon fibre PWRPLATE, the shoe offers a combination of cushioning and energy, ensuring a comfortable and efficient ride through your entire running motion. 

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How do I determine the right size for men’s running shoes when shopping online in Australia?

When purchasing men’s running shoes online in Australia, it’s crucial to consult the size charts provided by the specific brand or retailer. Different brands may have slight variations in sizing, so referring to the brand’s size guide can help you select the appropriate size based on your foot measurements. Additionally, checking customer reviews for insights on sizing and fit can be beneficial, as fellow runners often share their experiences to assist others in making informed decisions.

What are some key features to consider when choosing men’s running shoes for different terrains in Australia?

When selecting men’s running shoes for diverse terrains in Australia, consider the type of running you’ll be doing. For trails, look for shoes with durable outsoles, superior traction, and added stability. On the other hand, for road running, prioritize lightweight and responsive shoes with adequate cushioning. Brands like Salomon and Merrell cater to trail runners, while popular brands like Nike and Brooks offer a variety of options suitable for road running. Understanding your running environment and specific needs will guide you towards the most appropriate shoe for optimal performance.

How often should I replace my men’s running shoes, and what signs indicate that it’s time for a new pair in Australia?

The lifespan of men’s running shoes depends on factors such as mileage, running frequency, and shoe construction. As a general guideline, it’s recommended to replace running shoes every 300-500 miles (480-800 kilometres) or when you notice signs of wear and tear. Indications for replacement include a loss of cushioning, visible midsole compression, worn-out treads, or discomfort during runs. Regularly inspecting your shoes for these signs and being mindful of the distance you’ve covered will help you determine when it’s time to invest in a new pair for continued support and injury prevention in your running endeavours in Australia.


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