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8 Best Stores to buy Necklaces in the Philippines | Best of Lifestyle 2023

A necklace is a powerful statement a woman can have. Aside from enhancing one’s beauty, owning a necklace serves different purposes such as display of religious beliefs, a tribe’s culture and flaunting one’s wealth, influence and status. Furthermore, there are various types of necklaces available today and it varies in diverse shapes and design. The most popular necklaces are made out of gemstones, silver, and gold. With an extensive variety of necklaces in the market, which then is the best store to buy necklaces in the Philippines? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we introduce the 8 Best Stores to buy Necklaces in the Philippines, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

This article was last updated on 20 January 2023.

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Best Stores to buy Necklaces in the Philippines (Summary)

  1. Brilliant Earth
  2. Karat Gold
  3. Charles & Keith
  4. Zoey
  5. Amami
  6. Guess
  7. Penny Pairs
  8. Lily

8 Best Stores to buy Necklaces in the Philippines

1. Brilliant Earth


brilliant earth - best necklaces
Brilliant Earth Necklace

Wide necklace selections from classic diamonds to elegant gemstones

In ancient times, necklaces usually serve as a symbol that shows a person’s wealth, belief and status. Today, although it still symbolizes power and statues, necklaces have an incredible ability to bring out the best in a woman’s features and personality. Brilliant Earth offers curated necklace collections from perfect everyday chic classic necklaces to dashing gemstone necklaces for special occasions. One of Brilliant Earth’s bestsellers is the medallion necklace. Made from gold or silver, you can select a pendant that matches your zodiac sign. Also, birthstone necklaces are available for those who want to have a personalized reminder of their birthday month. Check out Brilliant Earth’s popular necklaces:

100% recycled material

What we love about Brilliant Earth is they not only care about you but also about the environment. Hence, the company formed a protocol for diamond sourcing that goes beyond current industry practices. Brilliant Earth’s Beyond Conflict FreeTM Diamonds are repurposed diamonds and are 100% recycled materials to help diminish the negative impacts of metal mining.

Check out Brilliant Earth Necklaces >

2. Karat Gold

Karat and Gold Necklace Store in the Philippines
Karat and Gold | Best Necklace Store – Philippines

Works with a broad range of materials such as diamonds, gemstones and gold

Karat Gold is a jewellery and watches store in the Philippines. They offer various pieces of jewellery perfect for any type of occasion like engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond jewellery, religious medals and rosaries and so much more. Moreover, Karat & Gold works with a broad range of materials including Argentium silver, used to make brighter and shinier rings, diamonds for their incredible durability, and pearl proven to be one of the world’s most resilient gems. Other than that, what really caught our attention is one of Karat & Gold’s impressive services where they engrave your photo of choice in a frame made out of gold or a locket. That’s a one-step up amongst other jewellery stores’ competitors.

Check price on Karat Gold >

3. Charles & Keith

Charles & Keith Necklace Store - Philippines
Charles & Keith | Best Necklace Store – Philippines

Luxurious wide range of product options

This brand that you’ll pretty much find in every mall humbly started in Amara Shopping Centre as a shoe store in 1996. Charles and Keith is a Singaporean fashion and luxury company best known for selling women’s footwear and accessories. As it grows, they have expanded its product choices and now offers its consumers a wide range of product options from clothing apparel for men and women to bags, shoes and accessories. Do you wonder what the secret behind Charles and Keith’s successes is? It’s an early jump on the e-commerce boat thus making it a multinational company in a span of a few years’ time. Now they have more than 600 stores worldwide in 37 countries. What differentiates Charles and Keith apart from the others is its product’s high-quality, stylish fashion sold at reasonable prices.

Check price on Charles & Keith >

4. Zoey

zoey necklace store in the Philippines
Zoey | Best Necklace Store – Philippines

Offers a lifetime replacement guarantee

Are you looking for an excellent gift for your wife on your next date night? Or have you devised the perfect plan for your proposal to your girlfriend and yet haven’t found the suitable ring before popping the question? Then you have come to the right place. Zoey.ph is a well-known online jewellery brand born in the Philippines with over 36k followers on Instagram. It offers a wide variety of unique, quality yet affordable wedding and engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces, jewellery sets and earrings. Each product has its distinctive quality and you can choose from Zoey.ph’s wide options of stones from gemstones to elegant Swarovski crystals. What we like about Zoey.ph is its return policy of lifetime replacement guarantee offered to its consumers.

Check price on Zoey >


amami necklace store in the Philippines
Amami | Best Necklace Store – Philippines

A rich history of tambourine jewellery

AMAMI company started as a passion project to provide livelihood opportunities to Philippine’s talented and unique craftsman that does tambourine jewellery. Tambourine jewellery is an old method of Filipinos to create exquisitely designed pieces of jewellery. Spaniards introduced Christianity to the Philippines and since then has become the country’s major practised religion. Would you believe if we tell you that jewellery was used to spread the religion? Before the arrival of the Spanish vessels in the Philippine waters, native Filipinos used talismans and amulet necklaces. However, Spaniards wanted to convert native Filipinos from their former beliefs, the amulets were replaced by crucifixes. The goldsmiths saw the opportunity thus the birth of tambourine jewellery. Thanks to AMAMI for reviving this centuries-old dying history.

Filipino legacy polished through the ages

AMAMI offers a wide variety of handcrafted tambourine necklaces, rosary bracelets, payneta (a decorative comb) and earrings. All products are guaranteed to last for a long time and are sold for a reasonable price. In addition, AMAMI mainly sells online as they don’t have physical stores yet. Altogether, this is definitely a Filipino legacy, rich in stories, polished by its ancestors ready to be passed on to the next generation.

Check price on AMAMI >

6. Guess

Guess Necklace Store - Philippines
Guess | Best Necklace Store – Philippines

An overall brand that sells on-trend and the latest fashion

Let me guess. You probably own or know someone who owns a pair of jeans that has a facing-down triangle patch with the printed word Guess sewed at the back pocket of your jeans. Guess is a well-known brand that mainly deals with a pair of denim jeans. This multinational company humbly started one day when the Mariano Brothers hoped for the American Dream. After leaving the south of France in 1981, George, Maurice, Armand and Paul Marciano decided to put up a store that sells jeans in Los Angeles, California. One of Guess’ first designs was stone-washed, slim-fitting jeans. Since then, Guess became the symbol of a youthful, sexy, and free-spirited lifestyle. Today, Guess offers a wide variety of products from men’s and women’s casual wear and activewear to accessories, bags, and perfumes. Undoubtedly an overall brand that sells on-trend and the latest fashion.

Check price on Guess >

7. Penny Pairs

penny pairs necklace store in the Philippines
Penny Pairs | Best Necklace Store – Philippines

Are you looking for an accessory that’s long-lasting, has hypoallergenic materials and perseveres to meet all the international standards for sustainable jewellery? That’s correct, you are in the right place. Penny Pairs is a jewellery store based in the Philippines. The brand mainly deals with accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and charms. Furthermore, Penny Pair intricately designed its products that would surely cater to ladies whose tastes are chic, fashionable and stylish.

Conflict-free materials and ethical manufacturing method

Penny Pairs set the bar high amongst its competitors because of its conflict-free materials used and ethical manufacturing method. As of today, only 18% of the world’s silver is recycled. Penny Pairs proudly recycles silvers and use them as each of their product’s base metal to help minimize further mining and reduce waste pollution

Check price on Penny Pairs >

8. Lily

lily necklace store in the Philippines
Lily | Best Necklace Store – Philippines

Every piece of jewellery has its own story

Have you ever wondered where would dreaming and hoping get you? Lily brand claims to be conceived in Spain but was born in the Philippines. The store started as a hobby of a woman named Stella Soriano who loves to travel around the world most especially in Europe. Her hobbies of photography and travelling are what led to the birth of Lily. Furthermore, Lily offers a wide range of products from necklaces, earrings and bracelets. What we love about the store is that everything is carefully handcrafted by Stella. Each piece of jewellery has its own story and is inspired by travel, nature and the fine craftsmanship of other countries’ diverse cultures.

Check price on Lily >

We hope that our guide on the 8 Best Stores to buy Necklaces in the Philippines has helped you to choose the best necklace in the Philippines for your
selections of stunning necklace collections. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it helpful.

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