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10 Best Office Tables in Singapore | Best of Home 2023

Whether you find yourself working from the comfort of your home or within the confines of a traditional office, a reliable desk is indispensable for accommodating all the necessary tools that enhance your productivity. In addition, it is essential to take aesthetics into account to ensure the table complements your ergonomic chair or office decor seamlessly. With an extensive variety of office tables in the market, which then is the best office table in Singapore? In our Best of Home series, we introduce the 10 Best Office Tables in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

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Table of Contents (Summary)

  1. EverDesk+ Max
  2. Omnidesk Ascent
  3. UNIQ Quartz Standing Desk
  4. Secretlab Magnus Desk
  5. Flight™ Pro
  6. TLQ Nordic Solid Wood Office Desk
  7. Haworth Intuity Home Office Study Computer Table
  8. Squirrey Electric Height Adjustable Office Desk
  9. CubiCubi Computer Home Office Desk
  10. YOULITE Computer Table Corner Desk Office Table

Best Office Tables in Singapore

1. EverDesk+ Max

EverDesk+ Max - Best Office Table in Singapore
EverDesk+ Max – Best Office Table in Singapore

Great value-for-money ergonomic standing desk

The inventors of the wildly popular ErgoTune office chair have come up with a winning formula for standing desks – the all-new EverDesk+ (a massive upgrade from the previous ampDesk). Both EverDesk+ Max & Lite feature an extensive range of space-saving add-ons to help with anything from desk organising to ergonomic enhancement. These features are provided to help you in developing healthy desk habits to increase your productivity, mental state, and energy level. Simply put, the EverDesk+ is an incredible desk that allows you to take control of your life, health, and work.

The new looks of the EverDesk+ are lovely – you can choose between the classic engineered wood, gorgeous natural wood, or the unique Wildfolks collection. We opted for the natural wood collection with aged darkened walnut as we absolutely love dark wood furniture, though the Ecuadorian Dark Walnut (Samanea Saman) from the Wildfolks looks pretty incredible!

UniGroove™ workspace organiser

Talking about wires.. it feels pretty irksome when you see messy wires all over the place, and that’s where EverDesk+ comes in to help. What we love about the EverDesk+ Max is that it has additional functions and accessories to aid with cable management.

UniGroove, for instance, is a notch towards the edge of the desk that allows users to organize unsightly desktop wires. Additionally, the groove functions as a phone or tablet holder. Do also get the cable tray to stow your plugs and cables in one place, hidden from sight. If you hate desk clutter, the EverDesk+ Max has places for each of your knick-knacks.

Maximum comfort with Health Coach™

Working from home might result in significant issues to your health since home workers pretty often suffer from back and muscular discomfort. To reduce these aches, the EverDesk+ Max is equipped with useful features like the Health CoachTM and an extended height range. This health coach gently nudges users to get up at intervals, so you will know when to take a mini stretch break to achieve healthier work habits. Furthermore, the desk can go either a full 10cm lower or 4cm higher than most tables, ensuring perfect sit, stand, and stretch comfort regardless of your height.

We also highly recommend getting the float monitor arm or freedom monitor arm. This useful arm allows you to adjust your monitors to just below your eye level so that you do not strain your neck too much if your monitors are placed too low.

Anti-collision systems with great stability

EverDesk+’s GyroAxis anti-collision system, which uses the most sensitive sensors in the market, can detect obstacles when moving up or down to prevent any collisions. Even at maximum height, you won’t have to worry about your desk as it has a T-shaped column design that distributes stresses equally over the frame and legs for optimum stability and zero wobble.

The EverDesk+ comes with an industry-leading 10-year warranty. If you wish to get the ergonomic ErgoTune to complement, use coupon code 22##TWV for a $25 discount – check out our best office chairs article for more information.

Why Buy This:
  • Great value for money for an ergonomic standing desk with gorgeous natural wood tops
  • Made with exceptional materials with rigorous testing
  • Ultra-quiet and very stable
  • Highly customisable with many accessories for modern and efficient workspaces
  • Health Coach™ for healthier work habits
  • 10-year warranty

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  • $500, get $25 off
  • $900, get $45 off
  • $1,300, get $85 off
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2. Omnidesk Ascent

Omnidesk Ascent - Best Office Table in Singapore
Omnidesk Ascent – Best Office Table in Singapore

Next evolution in ergonomics

Time is of the utmost importance, so even the seconds involved in lifting your office table count. Fortunately, the latest Omnidesk Ascent is the fastest height-adjustable desk of its class to date, lifting up to 130kg at 60mm/s. At speeds, this responsive, the Ascent practically moves with you! On top of that, the frame columns of the Ascent’s design are inspired by Roman architecture, so the table boasts incredible strength and stability – even better than that of the previous flagship Omnidesk Pro 2020. 

Moreover, the Omnidesk Ascent is powered by the Omnidesk Life app, allowing your table to think and care for you. With this app, you can track your sitting and standing hours in an intuitive, effortless interface with customisable preferences to fit seamlessly into your workflow. Also, the Ascent boasts a 3-piece Magnetic Cable Tray that allows easy access to and cleans up pesky cables – a feature that is exclusive to this table only. 

Omnidesk signature wooden tops

We love the Omnidesk tables mainly because of their great functionality and price, but we are also pretty much sold on their aesthetics. Just like the Omnidesk Pro 2020, the Ascent features Omnidesk’s signature wooden tops that are not only beautiful but also very durable. In fact, these table tops are made with the highest MDF wood and cured with Omnidesk’s specially formulated powder-coated surface, allowing the desk to function as a giant mouse pad. You may choose from black and white colours, depending on what fits your office’s aesthetics.

On top of everything else, the entire production process is stringently monitored and tested to ensure that the final product is eco-friendly.

Why Buy This: 
  • Compatible with an integrated app to better fine-tune your desk settings
  • Improved cable management system
  • Made with eco-friendly, non-toxic materials
  • Available in different sizes and colours + compatible with the entire Omnidesk ecosystem
  • Up to 10-year warranty

Omnidesk promo code:

Use coupon code OMNIxWEDDINGVOW to get 5% off all Omnidesk Collections

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3. UNIQ Quartz Standing Desk

UNIQ Quartz Standing Desk - Best Office Table in Singapore
UNIQ Quartz Standing Desk – Best Office Table in Singapore

Premium quartz standing desk for modern spaces

If you ever felt like your workstation could use an upgrade, the UNIX UNIQ Quartz Standing Desk is probably the unique missing piece that you are looking for. As the world’s first quartz standing desk, the UNIX UNIQ marries the timeless beauty of the durable designer quartz and the functionality and practicality of modern work areas into one masterpiece. Every standing desk that they build serves as a stunning centrepiece in any office or work-from-home setup. These marble-designed quartz tabletops are made of actual stone!

Highly customisable and built for long-term use

What’s more, each slab of quartz is beautifully handcrafted by in-house experts – from cutting to polishing to assembly – so every table is unique in its design. And if you want a particular size, you can ask the specialists to customise specific sizes just for you. All tables are build-to-order and only require 3 days to build. There are also a wide variety of designs to choose from, so we are pretty sure that you will find one that perfectly matches your workspace interiors. Try the Velare Fila, for instance, if your office boasts a Scandinavian interior or the Nero Ceres if you prefer darker tones.

The UNIX UNIQ Quartz Standing Desk is pretty remarkable in terms of durability and easy maintenance. Moreover, this standing desk is stain, impact, scratch, and bacterial resistant, making it the perfect investment for your workstation. Not only can you use the desk to keep your laptop and books in place, but also it can serve as a table to work on your other hobbies. Go ahead and tinker at your work desk with complete ease! Or perhaps drink your favourite cup of coffee with much confidence. Do not worry, the desk is ultra-stable even with vertical movement, so all your stuff won’t fall around with any sudden movement.

Suitable for modern homes and offices

While we are already sold on its durability, we also love the multitude of modern features that come with this standing desk. We especially like its touch-sensitive control panel, allowing users to effortlessly switch positions for the optimum working stance. Also, the desk is child-friendly and has an anti-collision system that guarantees the safety of your loved ones at all times. Hence, you will have peace of mind even if you work at home with your adventurous toddler!

Why Buy This: 
  • Eco-friendly and durable premium quartz material
  • Heavy-duty dual-motor system – can withstand up to 140kg
  • Touch-sensitive control panel with 2 memory presets for height adjustment
  • Multiple designs and sizes to elevate the aesthetics in your workspace
  • Stain, impact, scratch and bacterial resistant

Unix promo code:

Use coupon code UNIQxTWV5 to get 5% off

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4. Secretlab Magnus Desk

Secretlab Magnus Desk - Best Office Table in Singapore
Secretlab Magnus Desk – Best Office Table in Singapore

Quintessential modern computer desk for gaming 

Premium in every detail, the Secretlab Magnus Desk is designed for maximum productivity. It is carefully calibrated at a height of 735mm, letting your feet freely touch the ground for a neutral position while working or gaming. At the same time, allows your elbows to maintain a 90-degree angle on the armrests of the famous Secretlab Chair or any other adjustable ergonomic chair, helping to keep back pains and arm strains at bay.  

What’s best about this desk is its proprietary magnetic ecosystem. Solely from Secretlab, this desk boasts a modern collection of magnetic accessories and a built-in cable management tray to achieve cable management perfection. This means that the cords on your desk can be easily organised for a much cleaner look. 

Magnetic Leatherette Desk Mat with interchangeable designs

Gaming desks need not be boring with the Secretlab MAGPAD™ Magnetic Leatherette Desk Mat. Choose from the wide selection of Secretlab Signature and Special Edition mats, and elevate the overall aesthetics of your station. Crafted from plush and durable leatherette, not only will your desk look good, but it also brings an incredible feel against your skin for an optimum gaming experience. The mat boasts a full magnetic bottom, so it won’t slide off your desk even during intense gaming sessions. 

Moreover, the Secretlab MAGNUS can be made better with customisable and diffused RGB LED strips. The brilliant, even and fluid lighting animations will take your gaming desk to the next level. Plus, they can be magnetically snapped onto the underside of your desk for a diffused aurora-like glow. 

Incredibly durable

We all tend to spend a huge chunk of our time at our desks, be it for work or for games. Hence, it is only fitting that the Secretlab MAGNUS has undergone a wide range of rigorous tests and simulations by internationally recognised authorities to ensure that the desk is tough and sturdy in all scenarios. Made from ultra-durable metal chassis, this desk is optimized to handle loads up to 100kg.

Why Buy This:
  • Durable metal construction
  • Improved cable management 
  • Modular ecosystem of magnetic accessories 
  • Designed for fewer wrist and elbow strains
  • 5-year warranty
Check price on Secretlab >

5. Flight™ Pro

Flight™ Pro - Best Office Table in Singapore
Flight™ Pro – Best Office Table in Singapore

Functional and cost-effective office table

Introducing the Flight™ Pro, your ticket to elevated productivity in the office. This height-adjustable desk guarantees to soar above your expectations, effortlessly transitioning between sitting and standing positions. Despite its budget-friendly price, the Flight™ Pro stands out with its remarkable features, setting it on par with renowned brands in the market. 

Equipped with dual quiet motors that operate at a hushed <50dB, this desk ensures a distraction-free work environment. This feature allows you to focus without disruption. Additionally, its smooth height adjustment capability, with speeds of up to 40mm/s, empowers you to effortlessly customise your workspace to your preferred height.

Reliable choice for all work needs

Built for durability and stability, the Flight™ Pro can support a weight of up to 120kg, making it a reliable choice for all your work needs. Its design includes a 650mm long slope-inclined footplate, providing additional stability and ensuring that your work surface remains steady at all times.

To offer you peace of mind, we back the Flight™ Pro with an impressive 7-year warranty. Plus, their commitment to your satisfaction extends to free installation, ensuring a hassle-free setup experience.

Why Buy This:
  • Budget-friendly
  • Features dual quiet motors operating at less than 50dB
  • Supports a weight of up to 120kg and includes a 650mm long slope-inclined footplate
  • 7-year warranty
Check prices on Shopee, Lazada and Qoo10 >

6. TLQ Nordic Solid Wood Office Desk

TLQ Nordic Solid Wood Office Desk - Best Office Table in Singapore
TLQ Nordic Solid Wood Office Desk – Best Office Table in Singapore

The perfect blend of strength and beauty

If you place a high priority on the visual appeal of your office, the TLQ Nordic Solid Wood Office Desk should be your top choice. This desk offers a blend of enduring strength and remarkable beauty, making it a stunning addition to any room. Its solid construction ensures it will stand the test of time, possibly lasting for generations. What’s more, it comes at an appealing price point, especially considering it is crafted from pine wood. Additionally, the desk’s size and colour can be tailored to your preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for your workspace.

Why Buy This:
  • Made from solid pine wood
  • Value for money
  • Designed with a focus on aesthetics
  • Durable
Check price on Shopee >

7. Haworth Intuity Home Office Study Computer Table

Haworth Intuity Home Office Study Computer Table - Best Office Table in Singapore
Haworth Intuity Home Office Study Computer Table – Best Office Table in Singapore

Versatile and durable

The Haworth Intuity Home Office Study Computer Table is a versatile and excellent choice for various workspace or room setups. What sets this product apart is its construction using High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) plastics. This ensures top-notch quality, durability, and resistance against impact, abrasion, water, and everyday surface wear. Its robustness translates into a sturdy platform that offers maximum support for your computer, books, and other belongings.

Furthermore, this table boasts a standardised height of 730mm, making it suitable for users of different heights. Additionally, its neutral colour allows it to seamlessly blend into various room designs and aesthetics.

Why Buy This:
  • Versatile design
  • Made with High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) plastics 
  • Fixed height of 730cm
  • Neutral colour makes it easy to blend with different room designs and aesthetics
Check price on Shopee >

8. Squirrey Electric Height Adjustable Office Desk

Squirrey Electric Height Adjustable Office Desk - Best Office Table in Singapore
Squirrey Electric Height Adjustable Office Desk – Best Office Table in Singapore

Versatile and ergonomic

The Squirrey Electric Height Adjustable Office Desk is a versatile and user-friendly solution for creating a comfortable and ergonomic workspace. With the ability to customise the tabletop size and frame colour, it allows you to tailor it to your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. The desk’s 2-year manufacturing defect warranty provides peace of mind, ensuring its quality and durability. Furthermore, it serves as both a standing and sitting ergonomic workstation, with a wide height adjustment range for user flexibility. Its robust 70kg load capacity accommodates diverse office equipment, making it suitable for various work setups.

What we love about this office table is its low-noise single motor with 2-stage lifting that ensures smooth and stable height adjustments. The quick and simple installation process, aided by an English handbook, makes setup hassle-free. 

Why Buy This:
  • Customisable tabletop size
  • Can choose from different frame colour options
  • 2-Year manufacturing defect warranty
  • Height adjustment range for preferred working height
Check prices on Shopee and Lazada >

9. CubiCubi Computer Home Office Desk

CubiCubi Computer Home Office Desk - Best Office Table in Singapore
CubiCubi Computer Home Office Desk – Best Office Table in Singapore

Stylish and functional

The CubiCubi Computer Home Office Desk is an ideal choice for individuals seeking to enhance their workspace’s productivity and organisation. With two convenient shelves for storing notes and essential documents. Plus, with ample under-desk storage space, this desk combines functionality with style. Its elegant blend of sturdy metal and tastefully designed rustic brown and black wooden panels. This design ensures that it not only serves as a practical workspace but also complements your home’s interior design seamlessly. Whether you are working from home or in a WFH setup, this desk is sure to elevate your workspace without compromising your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Why Buy This:
  • The desk includes two shelves for storing notes and essential documents
  • Available in different sizes and colours
Check price on Amazon.sg >

10. YOULITE Computer Table Corner Desk Office Table

YOULITE Computer Table Corner Desk Office Table - Best Office Table in Singapore
YOULITE Computer Table Corner Desk Office Table – Best Office Table in Singapore

Enhances productivity and organisation

The YOULITE Computer Table Corner Desk Office Table stands out with its distinctive L-shaped design. This design promotes multitasking and heightened productivity by providing generous space for your belongings. Moreover, it excels in aiding workspace organisation, allowing for efficient file stacking and the placement of your desktop or laptop on either side of the table. This product is committed to delivering superior quality and lasting durability. Additionally, it proudly emphasizes its commercial-grade attributes, making it a reliable and cost-effective choice for office furniture.

Why Buy This:
  • The unique L-shaped design of the table provides ample workspace
  • High-quality and durable
  • Designed with commercial-grade qualities
  • Cost-efficient office table
Check price on Shopee >

We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Office Tables in Singapore has helped you to buy the best office table in Singapore to help you work efficiently. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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