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8 Best Stores for Hiking Boots in Singapore | Best of Lifestyle 2023

There is no question that hiking is good for the soul, and there is a ton of research to back this up. The human mind and body can benefit much from being outside in nature and has shown to lower our risk of anxiety, and heart disease. Hiking boots are essential for your comfort and performance, this no longer means a tough, heavy model. The most popular type of shoes by far is waterproof hiking boots, and the trend is toward lighter materials that provide adequate support (some are in a non-waterproof version for hiking in hot or dry climates). With an extensive variety of stores for hiking boots in the market, which then are the best stores for hiking boots in Singapore? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we introduce the 8 Best Stores for Hiking Boots in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs. 

This article was last updated on 6 January 2023.

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8 Best Stores for Hiking Boots in Singapore

1. Timberland

Timberland hiking boots singapore
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The classic yellow Timberland brand boots are well known to the majority of us. They are among the most well-liked boots ever. Many of their boots can still be used for hiking, although fewer hikes and more on special excursions. A Timberland boot is helpful on a lot of day walks, which are often easy hikes. If you have to travel both city and rough terrain, Timberland boots are what you should wear. Without crumpling or crinkling, the shoe maintains its natural shape. Among the most comfortable models available are Timberland’s White Ledge Waterproof Mid Hiking Boots, Killington Hiking Boots, and Lincoln Peak Waterproof Hiking Boots. Even in bad weather, they can keep your feet dry when traveling far.

Check out Timberland Official Shopee Store >
Website: https://www.timberland.com.sg/
Address: Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Blvd, #02-240, Singapore 819666
Tel: +65 6245 7617
Email: contactus@timberland.com.sg
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2. Camel

Camel hiking boots singapore
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One of the greatest hiking shoes with ventilation is Camel. Their footwear is appropriate for outdoor activities and offers traction on rough terrain thanks to the traction and deep lugs on the rubber outsoles. Camel’s upper is made of thick, sturdy nubuck cowhide leather and features a liner made of bk fabric mesh, which strengthens the shoe’s system on multiple levels and keeps sand out. It differentiates from its competitors in that their insole material offers adequate cushioning while yet ensuring a breathable experience. Additionally, their sock linings absorb and drain sweat, keeping your feet dry all day. These breathable cow Leather shoes hiking climbing, hiking shoes high-cut sport shoes outdoor jogging athletic shoes, and Hiking Shoes Climbing Trekking Boots are perfect for hiking, mountaineering, work, hiking, trekking, walking, horseback riding, traveling, etc. and will keep you warm in the snow, cold, rain, and bad weather.

Check out Camel Singapore Official Shopee Store >
Website: https://www.facebook.com/CAMELOutdoor/
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3. Altai 

Altai hiking boots singapore
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Although the brand is not well-known in the boot industry, they pack an incredible number of high-quality materials into those boots. For the past 15 years, Altai has been producing SuperFabric® for the market. There are numerous products that some customers have used that contain SuperFabric® from Altai. Their 6 Inch Waterproof Hiking Boots and Traveler™ Waterproof Hiking Shoes serve as an example of this. They have a Vibram sole, excellent materials, and an easy-to-use zip fastening. High-performance SuperFabric® are used to create the upper because of its inherent performance qualities, including breathability, quick-drying, waterproof exterior, and abrasion, stain, and slash resistance. Your boot won’t become wet from the inside out as a result. 

Check out Altai Gear Singapore Official Shopee Store >
Website: https://altaigear.com.sg/
Address: 1 Tampines North Drive 1 #01-38, Singapore 528559
Tel: +65 6844 4012
Email: contact@altaigear.com.sg
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4. Salomon 

Salomon hiking boot singapore
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The brand first gained recognition in the ski industry before establishing itself as a pioneer in hiking footwear. It is a well-known European brand that is currently a part of Amer Sports, a global manufacturer of sports goods that focuses on high-end outdoor products. The unofficial hierarchy of hiking shoe brands has Salomon at the top or close to it. The primary factor is that Salomon hiking footwear provides more support at lighter weights than other manufacturers. Their Predict Hike Mid GTX Hiking Shoes, Ultra Mid Winter CS WP Hiking Shoe, and X-Reveal Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes serve as an example of this. It has a mid-cut design that fits your feet and offers long-lasting comfort and bouncy energy return. GORE-TEX® shields your feet from the elements.

Check out Salomon Official Shopee Store >
Website: https://www.salomon.com/en-int
Contact: http://www.salomon.com/contact
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ASICS hiking boot singapore
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Whether you’re going on a rigorous mountain trip or a tranquil running trail, the shoe you choose should support the activity you’re doing while also taking into account your natural foot movements and the level of support required. Because ASICS trail running shoes or hiking boots are specifically made for even the most difficult terrain, you may stroll or run at your own pace without worrying about twisting ankles or stubbing toes. Trabuco Max Trail Running & Hiking Shoes are among ASICS’s most highly recommended trail running gear. The TRABUCO MAX increased cushioning and traction while letting runners cover more ground with less effort. It is packed with features for the performance of road runners.

Check out ASICS Official Shopee Store >
Website: https://www.asics.com/sg/en-sg
Email: customers-ph@asics.com
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6. Saucony

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The Saucony has been one of the favorite hiking shoes for many years and has worn some hikers over thousands of miles. What makes the Saucony stand out so much is its exceptional traction. Whether it’s a trek through Nepal, the high sierras of California, or the Torres del Paine in Patagonia, the Saucony bites into the terrain and provides stability and confidence. The newest iteration of the Saucony is their Saucony Peregrines line. It features the same sock-like comfort and durability, but it’s an ounce lighter. The Peregrine 11s is our top pick for demanding hikes where reliable traction is key.

Check out Saucony >
Website: https://irunsg.com/collections/saucony
Address: 313 Orchard Rd, #04-05/06, 238895 Singapore
Tel: +65 6634 3725
Email: hello@irunsingapore.com
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HOKAs are known for their exceptional comfort and support and the Speedgoat 5 is the best trail shoe in the lineup. The Speedgoats’ incredibly soft midsole is their most distinctive characteristic. In comparison to some other shoes, it performs a great job of absorbing impact and doesn’t flatten out as soon. For this reason, thru-hikers who want a lightweight shoe that can keep their feet and joints comfortable while recording lots of miles like the Speedgoats. However, because they are designed more for trail running, these shoes won’t last as long as some of the more traditional hiking boots on our list.

Check out HOKA >
Website: https://irunsg.com/collections/hoka-time-to-fly
Tel: +65 6634 3725
Email: hello@irunsingapore.com

8. Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear
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In 1938, Columbia Sportswear was created. One of the most renowned genuine outdoor clothing and footwear brands, it designs with innovation, functionality, and quality. For the equipment they offer, it is of outstanding value, and they do so throughout the year and for the majority of outdoor activities. This is particularly true of their hiking boots. One of the first Columbia hiking boots with inspiration from vintage mountaineering gear is Newton Ridge. They are a chic and tough pair of hiking shoes that provide good midfoot padding for optimal energy return. Additionally, they provide great outsole traction for the majority of difficulties you could encounter on any hiking trail.

Check out Columbia Sportswear >
Website: https://www.columbiaoutletsingapore.com/ 
Address: 80 Marine Parade Road, Parkway Parade, #01-34/40/56/57, Singapore
Tel: +65 6386 9011
Email: columbia.ph@primergrp.com

Above these stores, we hope that our guide on the 8 Best Stores for Hiking Boots in Singapore will help you to choose where to buy the hiking gears you need for your hiking. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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