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10 Best Toddler Flashcards Singapore | Best of Baby 2023

Having a toddler in your house brings light to everyone, but along with the happiness they bring is the responsibility of teaching them the basics of life. Not everyone excels in teaching, not to mention teaching a toddler. Toddlers enjoy fun playing sessions with fun toys. One way to keep them entertained while learning is having educational toys. With an extensive variety of toddler flashcards in the market, which then is the best brand for toddler flashcards in Singapore? In our Best of Home series, we introduce the 10 Best Toddler Flashcards Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

This article was last updated on 05 January 2023.

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10 Best Toddler Flashcards in Singapore

1. TEYTOY Baby Toy Zoo Series

Teytoy Baby Zoo Series
Image Source: amazon.sg

 Durable cloth card

This baby Toy Zoo series by TEYTOY comes with 26 pieces of soft letter cards. The softcover books are handcrafted from soft polyester and are completely non-toxic and safe for your baby. Also, the middle part of these cards is filled with a sponge for a softer experience. We absolutely love its cloth bag that comes in handy for travelling. The stitching is also strong for its superb durability!

Artistic Illustrations

The flashcards have fun illustrations with their color, pattern, letters, and words. Moreover, the front of the card features an English letter, an English word about a type of animal, and a typical selection of words that are easy to read. In addition, the back of the card features a display of adorable animal patterns. An excellent way to promote critical key abilities.

Why buy this: 
  • Learning while Playing
  • Artistic illustrations that pique a child’s interest
  • Safe for your toddlers
  • Easy to Organize with its cloth bag
  • Makes a great gift
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2. Mudpuppy Wildlife ABCs Ring Flash Cards

ABCs Ring Flashcards
Image Source: amazon.sg

Re-closable Ring

This Mudpuppy Wildlife ABCs Ring flash card helps you teach your toddlers cleanliness! This comes with a re-closable plastic ring that binds the flashcards together to prevent a messy play area! Therefore, give your young children a choice to keep the flashcards together or they can remove them to sort the cards. The 2.75”x5” cards are perfect for cute little hands!

Whimsical Artwork

Each card’s bright animal drawings contain identifiable images that will attract children. These flashcards allow children to associate animals in the wildlife and words with letters of the alphabet. 

Many Uses

These educational flashcards can be used as ABC flashcards, practice sorting, or even separate and hang as playroom educational decorations! It has 26 cards with artistic animal illustrations and uppercase and lowercase letters plus additional words for recognition on its consecutive sides. The laminated thick cardboard is printed with nontoxic inks and is one wipe to clean!

Why buy this:
  • Learning Through Playing
  • Whimsical Artwork
  • Re-closable Ring 
  • Many Uses
  • Screen-Free Fun
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3. TEYTOY 130 Flash Cards for Toddlers

130 Flashcards for Toddlers
Image Source: amazon.sg

Variety of Flashcards

One aspect that distinguishes this Teytoy 130 flashcards for toddlers is that it includes 5 separate sets of cards! With topics such as Alphabets, Colors & shapes, First words, Animals, and Numbers 1-26.These flashcards assist your youngster in preparing for academic achievement by providing exercise that improves fundamental skills.

Eye Catching Designs

These flash card toys have a multitude of super-vibrant designs and colors, as well as a variety of educational activities for youngsters to enjoy. Each flash card is designed to trigger your child’s mind for a better, more stimulated learning experience. Early learning starts for your toddlers? This flashcard set is perfect for you!

Designed for Children

Covered with smooth coverings are these high-quality, double sided films. Safe for your little ones! The flashcards are hole-punched so you can simply organize the cards with the included metal rings. Each card contains an illustration on both the front and back, answers are on the opposite side. These cards can be used in the classroom, at home, or while traveling. 

Why buy this:
  • Vibrant Designs
  • Variety of Flashcards
  • Hole-punched with metal ring included
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4. LiKee Alphabet Number Flash Cards Wooden Letter Puzzle ABC Sight Words Match Games Animal Counting Board

Number Flashcards Wooden Letter Puzzle
Image Source: amazon.sg

Wooden Blocks

This set has 26 flashcards, each with fun and unique illustrations! This allows children to identify items and phrases with each letter of the alphabet, such as T is for Tiger, and numerals 1-10 have equivalent amounts of animals for sight counting. What’s great about this is that it comes with number and letter wooden blocks to sort or match with the cards.

Comes with an organizer storage box

Flashcards cluttered everywhere around the house wouldn’t be a problem with this LiKee Alphabet Number Flash Cards. It comes with a storage box so you may have your children place their puzzles in the box while they are not in use!

Larger Size

Flashcards that are too thin would be dangerous for your young ones to swallow. This LiKee flashcards are made larger and extra thick and durable! The letter and number cards are 3.25x 5.5in size and 0.15 thick. The wooden blocks are small enough for small hands to grasp, yet large enough to prevent inadvertent eating.

Why buy this: 
  • Sort and Match Wooden Blocks
  • Comes with an organizer storage box
  • Easy to Grasp with its Large Size
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5. Flash Cards for Toddlers Age 2-4 Years Old, Set of 8-Numbers,Alphabets,First Sight Words,Colors & Shapes, Animals, Emotions,Transport, Time & Money

8 sets of Flashcards for toddlers age 2-4
Image Source: amazon.sg

These flashcards by Springflower Store not only provide a wealth of basic knowledge but also a fantastic Emotion theme. Each emotion face card includes a list of practical coping ideas to assist positive behaviour and decision-making skills. Assist children in learning to cope!

Spring Flower flashcards are made of heavyweight card material and coated in a matte finish, making them resistant to spills and markers. In the size 3.24.6inch-ideal for hand-held use! Simple to read and each set comes in its own box, making it easy to sort, and this set has 8 different themes to choose from.

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6. TREND enterprises, Inc. Action Words Skill Drill Flash Cards

Action Word Skill Drill Flashcards
Image Source: amazon.sg

These flashcards showcase 96 basic action words for your toddlers. It has an action word on one side and fun illustrations of the action on its opposite side. Therefore make the flashcards catchy for your young ones to enjoy playing while learning new action words! Let your toddler build vocabulary and spelling!

TREND Enterprises Inc. Action Words Skill Drill Flash Cards come with easy-sorting corners for easy organizing. In addition to this is the packaging of a carton box for long-lasting storage. 

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7. Teacher Created Resources Opposites Flash Cards

Opposites Flashcards
Image Source: amazon.sg

Teacher Created Resources Opposites Flashcards features back to back cards with opposite words. It has quick-sorting corners and hole-punched for easier organizing and storage. These flashcards include teaching tips for you toddlers to have a better experience in learning while playing with these flashcards!

These double-sided durable cards have a size of 1-⅛’x5-⅛’. Have fun with your young ones practising match making opposites while learning everyday words!

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8. Think Tank Scholar Alphabet Flash Cards

Alphabet Flashcards
Image Source: amazon.sg

Think Tank Scholar Alphabet Flashcards includes Durable two-sided A-Z flashcards with large, bold alphabet letters for easy reading on one side and exquisite photo-real illustrations of a word that symbolizes each letter’s phonetic sound on the other. 

This flashcard set also comes with 6 teaching methods and 6 fun learning games and a handy chart of all letters! These are coated flash cards of superior quality that have three angled edges and one rounded corner for quick and easy sorting.

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9. 221 words Montessori English Sight Words Phonics

221 words Montessori English Sight Words Phonics
Image Source: shopee.sg

This flashcard set has five difficulty levels in the size 86mmx52mm and is 350 gsm. Plastic cover that provides water resistance for more durability! This includes 221 sight words and 5 summary cards, these cards have words and sample use in a sentence, different in level per set. 

This does not just offer words for your toddler but also its phonics on the other side of the card! Each card has a QR code that you can scan for the pronunciation of the word on the card. 

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10. Alphabet Flash Cards – Preschool Letter-Picture Recognition, Word-Picture Recognition, Learning Flash Card

Preschool Letter-Picture Recognition
Image Source: shopee.sg

This Alphabet flashcards by singaporetoybox on shopee offers different sets such as basic words, numbers, and basic parts of the body. Each is illustrated in a colorful way that will catch a toddler’s interest! Its two sides consist of the word and its illustration on the fist side and the answer word at the back that will serve as a guide for the parents playing with young ones.

These cards are fit for your toddler’s hands with a size 2.44inx3.42in. It is also hole-punched and comes with a plastic ring and organizer box for easy organizing. It comes in handy when travelling with your toddlers!

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Which is the best brand for flashcards in Singapore?

We highly recommend Teytoy. They have extensive and unique variety of flashcards from the basics like ABC cloth flashcards and first word ring flashcards.

Where to Toddler Flashcards in Singapore?

You used to only be able to buy flashcards in Singapore in bookstores and toy stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Amazon and Shopee are my go-to for toddlers Flashcards. It is also a great place to compare the price of flashcards in Singapore.  For more reliable educational flashcards online, you may check out our 10 Best Toddler Flashcards in Singapore.

We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Toddler Flash Cards in Singapore has helped you to buy the best Toddler Flash Cards in Singapore for your playtime/learning sessions with your young ones. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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