7 Best Toilet Sinks in Singapore
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7 Best Toilet Sinks in Singapore | Best of Home 2023

We often perceive toilets as a place of comfort. Throughout time, these have been colloquially called “restrooms” and “comfort rooms.” One aspect of toilets that perhaps looked into with less attention is the toilet sink. However, toilet sinks play a crucial part in transforming your toilet into a comfortable, relaxing place. With a wide variety of toilet sinks in the market, which is the best toilet sink in Singapore? In our Best of Home series, we introduce the 7 Best Toilet Sinks in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

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This article was last updated on 7 January 2023.

Table of Contents:

  1. Space-saver and splashproof under-counter sink: Kohler Verticyl rectangular toilet sink
  2. A fusion of elegant design and quality features: Duravit XSquare Vanity Toilet Sink Series
  3. Cutting edge innovation with green technology: American Standard Signature Vessel Sink
  4. Automating your handwashing: Sink Twice Toilet Sink
  5. A toilet sink where performance and value meet: VCCUCINE Ceramic Vessel Sink
  6. Twice thinner but twice stronger: TOTO Console Lavatory
  7. A long toilet sink that best fits the master’s bathroom: Scarabeo Drop-in Toilet Sink

Best Toilet Sinks in Singapore

1. Kohler Verticyl Rectangular Toilet Sink

Kohler Verticyl Rectangular Toilet Sinks Singapore
Source: KOHLER Company website

Space-saver and splashproof under-counter sink

If your option is to have a more expansive bathroom countertop, an under-counter toilet sink is your best option. Kohler Verticyl series showcases an under-counter rectangular toilet sink. Under-counter installation is advantageous when you want more space on your countertop because such installation has no sink rim, making the countertop seamless from its edges to the sink. Because it is under-counter, this toilet sink does not overpower your countertop, letting you customize it with marble, Formica laminate, or any top material that pleases you.
The Kohler Verticyl Toilet Sink also has dimensions and an elegant design that fits well with many bathroom vanity items. It has deep vertical sides making it a splashproof geometric basin. It also has a sleek appearance because of the shiny enamel coating of vitreous China material used for this sink. Overall, Kohler has perfected crafting a sink with the Verticyl series by making it elegant enough but does not overstep your entire bathroom vanities. It is by far one of the best toilet sinks in Singapore.

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2. Duravit XSquare Vanity Toilet Sink Series

Duravit XSquare Vanity Toilet Sinks Singapore
Source: Duravit website


A fusion of elegant design and quality features

If you do not worry about how much it costs you for a toilet sink in Singapore, you can choose a luxurious and modern one from Duravit XSquare Series. It is a collection of exquisitely designed toilet sinks by Kurt Merki Jr., a recipient of the Product Designs Award by Australian business insurer Vero in 2015. The XSquare series boasts “contemporary elegance and quality” bathroom furniture. Our picks in the series are the wall-mountable and floor-standing double-toilet sinks, which come with a wooden cabinet that functions as a countertop where the sinks are mounted. The cabinet has four compartments, including a built-in cover for the siphons. The floor-standing vanity toilet sink has integrated base frame legs that you can adjust to fit your height and the dimensions of your bathroom.
Duravit’s innovation is a benchmark fusion of aesthetics and quality features. Duravit uses sleek and durable materials, such as ceramic and porcelain, well-known in the sanitary industry as skin-friendly. Moreover, the cabinets are made of real wood layers neatly coated with melamine resin for protection against UV light and moisture. Melamine resin is a transparent coating characterized as resistant to scratch, abrasion, and heat, making this an excellent choice for your toilet sink’s laminate.

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3. American Standard Signature Vessel Sink

American Standard Signature Vessel Sink
Source: American Standard website

Cutting edge innovation with green technology

The Signature Collection of the sanitary industry’s leading brand, the American Standard, boasts a toilet sink for a ground-breaking integration of appearance and function. The Superellipse design, a geometric innovation that chose a shape somewhere between the rectangular and circular, makes an elegant shape that renders comfortability function. Featuring its proprietary ThinEdge technology, which crafts an ultra-sleek silhouette with a 5-mm thin edge rim with a smooth basin down to the sink, this toilet sink constitutes an elegant look and provides splashproof benefit. 
American Standard’s green initiative is also present in this toilet sink. Instead of pure ceramic or porcelain, American Standard uses vitreous China for this sink, which gives a protective layer of enamel made from powdered glass. Vitreous China is regarded to have a sanitary feature that serves as a protective layer, making this toilet sink stain-resistant and easy to clean with minimal use of water. Sustainability has been one of American Standard’s corporate values, making it on the global helm for green initiatives. Such emphasis on corporate ecological responsibility is a big plus that makes our top choices in toilet sinks in Singapore.

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4. Sink Twice Toilet sink

Sink Twice Toilet Sinks SIngapore
Source: Sink Twice website

Automating your handwashing

A focus on productivity features – that’s what resembles Sink Twice Toilet Sink. Sink Twice may not be the most popular brand among toilet sinks in Singapore, but it indeed addresses the toilet sink function to its core: comfortable and clean handwashing. Featuring the Touchless Automated Handwashing and Liquid Soap Dispenser, Sink Twice made handwashing simple and tidy. It’s mountable on top of the toilet tank, making it a space saver, water saver, and easily accessible. This toilet sink is made of plastic, which may not be as stylish as other brands but essentially has taken its expected function to the next level.

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5. VC CUCINE Ceramic Vessel Sink

VC CUCINE Ceramic Vessel Sink Toilet Sinks Singapore
Source: VC Cucine Store at Amazon

A toilet sink where performance and value meet

If you are uncompromising between value and quality in selecting your toilet sink in Singapore, VCCUCINE is the best pick for your toilet sink. Its rectangular ceramic washbasin is a countertop-mountable toilet sink with a minimalist modern design. Its industrial quality ceramic material is scratchproof and easy to clean. It also has a crystalline glaze that is heat-resistant and durable. With its hole designed to hold the pipe tightly, this toilet sink is also leakproof. Given all these, this toilet sink is the most practical choice for your simple home.

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6. TOTO Console Lavatory

TOTO Lavatory
Source: TOTO Asia website

Twice thinner but twice stronger

TOTO console toilet sink embodies the company’s proprietary CeFiONtect engineering that stunningly crafted the vessel ridge twice thinner but twice stronger than standard basins. Plus, the LINEARCERAM technology makes the sink easy to clean. TOTO’s shift to understanding customer feedback enabled the creation of aesthetically pleasing toilet sinks in Singapore. You can visit their website for Asia to match your toilet sink with Soft Flow, another TOTO’s proprietary advance for faucets.

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7. Scarabeo Drop-in Toilet Sink

Source: Scarabeo website

A long toilet sink that best fits the master’s bathroom

It is a rectangular 56-cm long and 39.5-cm wide sink that is large enough to harbour a sweet couple like you while brushing your teeth or washing your hands together. It is also a self-rimming sink that makes it stand with overflow protection. Thus, it is our best pick for your master’s bathroom. Scarabeo specialises in utilising ceramic material for its toilet sink, making it a dependable and easy-to-clean sink for your home. This toilet sink in Singapore is part of Scarabeo’s Gaia, Tech, & Miky collection that makes a significant impact by highlighting what is comfortable and practical to use for your sanitary needs.

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We hope that our guide on the 7 Best Toilet Sinks in Singapore has helped you buy the best toilet sink in Singapore for your dream home. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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