Best Motorhomes & Campervans for Hire in New Zealand
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10 Best Motorhomes & Campervans for Hire in New Zealand | Best of Travel 2022

Snow-capped mountains in Queensland, beautiful sandy beaches in Coromandel, relaxing thermal springs in Rotorua – New Zealand has definitely a way to every nature lover’s heart. And what better way to take all these sights in than riding a camper? If you are a tourist exploring New Zealand, or as we love to call it, the Middle Earth, for just a few weeks, a campervan for hire is your best option. Campervans are usually smaller, with a capacity of two to three people. But if you are travelling to New Zealand with the entire family, a motorhome would be the next obvious choice. In our Best of Travel series, we have curated the latest 10 Best Motorhomes & Campervans for Hire in New Zealand, providing quality recommendations to suit your travel needs and budget.

This post was last updated on 22 January 2022.

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10 Best Motorhomes & Campervans for Hire in New Zealand

1. Kiwi Motorhomes

Kiwi Motorhomes Best Motorhomes & Campervans for Hire in New Zealand
Source: Kiwi Motorhomes

Owned by a Kiwi husband and wife duo, expect to be treated like a part of whānau (family) when you hire a vehicle from Kiwi Motorhomes. As soon as you arrive in New Zealand, somebody from Kiwi Motorhomes will collect you from the airport for free, so you can head on straight to your motorhome of choice. Not only that, anytime you need help, you can give them a call since they are available 24/7! That said, it is really not surprising that Kiwi Motorhome’s manakitaanga or hospitality has garnered fans from all over the world, with a satisfaction score of 98%. They are even perfect for a hassle-free honeymoon!

On top of their impressive hospitality, what we like about Kiwi Motorhomes is that they allow pets in their vehicles. Pets are basically family, so we all know how hard to leave them behind on trips. But now, you can take them to enjoy the wonders of New Zealand’s as well, though with an added charge for cleaning services.

As of now, Kiwi Motorhomes has over 20 mid and luxury campervans and motorhomes available for hire. Rates for a mid-range vehicle starts at $175 per rental, while the base rate for a luxury vehicle is $275. Yes, they are somehow pricier compared to other companies, but the personal touch on their services is one that you won’t see in others. Moreover, the rates already come with free extras like camp chairs, tables, baby seats, board games, and mountain bicycles to make your road trip even more memorable. Also, free park over options in some of New Zealand’s most iconic locations!

Kiwi Motorhomes highlights:
  • Pet-friendly
  • 24/7 customer service availability 
  • Multiple free items and transfers  to make the experience more comfortable 
  • Certified self-contained vehicles
Check out Kiwi Motorhomes > 
Tel: +64 21 222 1434
WhatsApp: +64 21 222 1434

2) Motorhome Republic

Motorhome Republic Best Motorhomes & Campervans for Hire in New Zealand
Source: Motorhome Republic

As one of the largest motorhome rental agencies on Earth, you can definitely not go wrong with Motorhome Republic. Their range of campervan and motorhome options are pretty legendary – you will be spoilt for choices! Whether you want an automatic or manual vehicle, a self-containing campervan or not, you will find your match here. Every campervan and motorhome option comes with its own benefits like air-conditioning, Porta Potti, and gas cooker, so make sure that you thoroughly check the vehicle’s details before you book. But whatever you pick, rest assured that your overall Aotearoa road trip experience is one for the books! 

To help you find the cheapest option, we suggest that you also make use of Motorhome Republic’s compare feature. Every price on their site is subjected to a dynamic Low Price Programme, so you are guaranteed to get a great deal 100% of the time.

Motorhome Republic highlights:
  • Expert concierge with 24/7 availability and multiple language support
  • Top rental brands available
Check out Motorhome Republic > 
Tel: +64 98 02 09 04
Contact form

3) Maui Motorhomes

Maui Motorhomes Best Motorhomes & Campervans for Hire in New Zealand

With over 30 years of experience, Maui Motorhomes is one of the highly trusted campervan hire brands in New Zealand. They specialise in fully self-contained vehicles, allowing you to travel with the ultimate comfort, confidence, and style. Moreover, all vehicles are guaranteed less than 2.5 years only on the fleet, so they drive as superbly as they look. We assure you, there won’t be any roadside problems throughout your journey. But in the rare case of having one, Maui Motorhomes offer 24/7 phone support via the thL Roadtrip App. Plus, other help videos and navigation tools you might need!

Maui Motorhomes highlights:
  • Premium vehicles with stylish and spacious interiors 
  • Includes apartment-style kitchen equipment in every motorhome
  • Well-supported travel all over New Zealand
Check out Maui Motorhomes > 
Tel: 0800 688 558
Facebook | Instagram

4) Britz Campervans

Britz Campervans Best Motorhomes & Campervans for Hire in New Zealand
Source: Britz Campervans

A holiday in New Zealand is always fun with a loved one. But when you have your pet with you, it gets even more better! At Britz Campervans, your furry little friend will no longer have to stay home – it can ride with you and your family on your hired motorhome. On top of being pet-friendly, what’s great about Britz is that they offer a wide variety of vehicles on their motorhome fleet. So whatever your budget may be, for sure you will find something that will make your vacation truly unforgettable.

Every camper comes with bags of storage for kit, big comfy beds to relax on, massive windows to enjoy the view, bike racks, and more. Also, in case you run into some roadside problems, do not hesitate to ask for help through their 24/7 phone support via thl Roadtrip technology.

Britz Campervans highlights:
  • Local pick-up available upon request
  • Pet-friendly
  • Affordable certified self-contained vehicles – range of brand new to up to 5 years on fleet
Check out Britz Campervans > 
Tel: 0800 081 0320
Facebook | Instagram

5. Apollo Campers

Apollo Campers Best Motorhomes & Campervans for Hire in New Zealand
Source: Apollo Campers

If your priority is to travel with ease, your best bet would be Apollo Campers.  For over 30 years, they have been helping guests from all over the world explore the beauty of New Zealand, and to make memories that will last for a lifetime. Road trips are made so easy when you book with them. Simply pick your desired route, pack your bags, grab the campervan keys, and off you go! Every route already comes with an itinerary so you don’t have to stress yourself out just to plan the most perfect trip. Moreover, the campervans and motorhomes are all spacious and fully equipped with all the necessary equipment that you may need for your adventure. Truly, Apollo Campers provide you with a home away from home.

Apollo Campers highlights:
  • Local pick-up available upon request
  • Pet-friendly
  • Affordable certified self-contained vehicles – range of brand new to up to 5 years on fleet
Check out Apollo Campers > 
Tel: 0800 113 131
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6) Jucy

Jucy Best Motorhomes & Campervans for Hire in New Zealand
Source: Jucy

On a mission to paint the world in green and purple, Jucy is all about making your New Zealand road trip fun and bright. Campervans for hire from Jucy are definitely eye-catching, as they are uniquely coloured in green and purple. Choose from JUCY Condo, Cabana, and Chaser, which depends on the number of people who will join in the fun. Whatever you pick, get ready for the most memorable adventure of your life! Also, even if it is just your first time driving a campervan hire in New Zealand (or any part of the world), don’t worry too much. All vehicles from Jucy are compact, including the 5-berth ones, so parking will always be a breeze! 

A student traveller? You’re in for a treat since Jucy offers a 10% discount for every student looking to explore Aotearoa.

Jucy highlights:
  • Over 1000 cars and campervans for hire in New Zealand and Austalia
  • Free airport shuttles
  • 3 convenient locations all over the country
  • Dog-friendly camper options
Check out Jucy > 
Address: 159 Parnell Road, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand
Tel: 0800 399 736
Facebook | Instagram

7. Wicked Campers

Wicked Campers

The whole world probably knows about Scooby-Doo and his crime-fighting gang. Just like everyone else, we have always wanted to join the gang on their Mystery Machine as they travel the world. And if you are one of us, you’d be happy to know that Wicket Campers can turn those dreams into reality! With their painted campervans, you can ride on the Mystery Machine and have a fun-filled adventure in New Zealand. Same with the one on the popular show, Wicked Campers’ version of the Mystery Machine is spacious and adaptable. A large comfy bed, fully-equipped kitchenette, internal tables and lounge – it has everything you need for a memorable trip. Bonus is that you can rent a campervan for a pretty reasonable price!

If you don’t want to stand out on parking lots, Wicked Campers also offers non-painted campervans for you to enjoy.

Wicked Campers highlights:
  • Unique painted campers
  • Price Beat Guarantee – find a cheaper rate for the same vehicle, they beat the price by 10%
Check out Wicked Campers > 
Tel: 0800 24 68 70, +64 3 222 2098
Facebook | Instagram

8. Pacific Horizon

Pacific Horizon
Source: Pacific Horizon

Established in 1986, Pacific Horizon is already a respected and trusted brand when it comes to motorhomes for hire in New Zealand. Every vehicle on their fleet features an onboard toilet and shower – all certified to be fully self-contained for freedom camping in designated areas. Moreover, all vehicles are generous in space, making them completely ideal for family road trips in the country. Whether you are a family of three or six, you’d surely find your comfort here at Pacific Horizon. To make your stay even better, we like how most vehicles have a stable WiFi connection on board. No need to stop by the nearest restaurant or buy a prepaid sim just so you can upload your latest pic on Instagram!

Pacific Horizon highlights:
  • Mercedes driveability on most vehicles
  • Courtesy transfers on both pick-up and drop off day
  • 24-7 On-road freephone helpline
  • Family-owned small company providing more personalised service to every client
Check out Pacific Horizon > 
Tel: 0800 808 882, +64 4 233 8881

9. Mighway


Most locals in New Zealand already have their own motorhomes for spontaneous trips in the country. Some of them may want some extra cash, so they usually rent out their personal vehicles to tourists like us via Mighway. Thus, if you are looking for some of the most affordable motorhomes for hire in New Zealand, Mighway may be the best option for you – the Airbnb of motorhomes and campervans. Aside from the cheaper rates, you can spend your time sharing travel stories with locals, so you can get the best tips for your trip. Plus, unlike commercial rentals, there’s no need to pay a security deposit. Don’t worry, even though the motorhomes are owned by private individuals, Mighway has partnered with NZRA to provide you with 24/7 road assistance in case you ever run into some problems while on the go.

Mighway highlights:
  • With comprehensive insurance plans
  • Variety of campervan and motorhome choices from all over New Zealand
  • No security deposits needed for every booking
Check out Mighway > 
Tel: +64 800 555 696
Facebook | Instagram



Just like Mighway, SHAREaCAMPER allows New Zealand locals to rent out their motorhomes to any tourist visiting the country. Literally, campers are shared! What we love the most about the campers here is their individuality. Every vehicle is unique – some are plain while some are adorned with themed decors. Having plenty of choices is always great, after all. Additionally, hiring a motorhome from a local comes with a bonus of extensive knowledge for your trip. Plus, more affordable rates, allowing you to spend your extra cash on a wide variety of things to do in the country. 

SHAREaCAMPER highlights:
  • Easy communication with camper owner via a messaging app
  • Variety of choices
Check out SHAREaCAMPER > 
Tel: +64 3 668 1211
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We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Motorhomes & Campervans for Hire in New Zealand will help you find the best motorhome and campervan for your next road trip in New Zealand. If you found this useful, please share it with your friends and family! 

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