10 Best Vacuum Cleaners in Australia
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10 Best Vacuum Cleaners in Australia | Best of Home 2023

Vacuum cleaners are probably one of the best inventions of home appliances in the modern era. The handy appliance makes cleaning a much easier task, especially when it comes to clean carpets, sofa, and other hard to clean surfaces. Up to this day, vacuum cleaners come with various innovations, from the cordless vacuum, the one with UV light, up to robot vacuum that can do everything on its own. With an extensive variety of vacuum cleaners available on the market, which then is the best vacuum cleaner in Australia? In this Best of Home series, we have curated the latest 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners in Australia, providing you high-quality recommendations to suit your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

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This article was last updated on 03 January 2023. 

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Best Vacuum Cleaners in Australia

1. Dyson V8

Dyson V8

Powerful upright vacuum cleaner

Powerful yet versatile, Dyson V8 deserves to be the best overall in this list of Best Vacuum Cleaners in Australia. Its Dyson digital motor V8 is capable of spinning up to 100,000rpm and has 2-Tier Radial™ with 15 small cyclones design to generate even more powerful suction, guarantee you to get the job done quickly. Its carpet-cleaning prowess is also top-notch, thanks to the stiff nylon bristles to remove any dirt from carpets. Meanwhile, the soft anti-static carbon fibre filaments help cleaning fine dust effectively from hard floors.

Versatile cleaning

On top of its powerful capability, Dyson V8 allows you to clean any part of the house easily. The long stick design makes it easy to reach high places while the removable stick feature is made for versatile cleaning throughout your home and car. Best yet, it is cordless and has a battery run up to 40 minutes which is long enough to clean a whole house. Select from 2 cleaning modes – Powerful Mode for versatile cleaning and Max Mode for quick cleaning. Lastly, it has a wall-mounted charging dock, making it easy to store and keep your home tidier.

Why buy this:

  • Powerful 100,000rpm suction with 15 small cyclones
  • Powerful Mode and Max Mode
  • Wall-mounted charging dock
  • Good for both carpet and hard floor
  • 40 minutes of running time
  • Removable stick
  • Cordless
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2. Roborock S6 Pure Robot 

Roborock S6 Pure Robot

Best robot vacuum

The award-winning Roborock S6 can do everything on its own, from scanning your home, avoid stairs and walls, detect carpet, mopping, recharge and resume until the cleaning task is done. What makes it great is the high-accuracy laser rangefinder that can detect your whole house just from one room and the 32-bit quad-core processor to calculate the most efficient route. Additionally, the sensor also includes an accelerometer, odometer, infra-red cliff sensors, compass, and many more, to give it 360° sensor. Therefore, it avoids unwanted situation easily and gives you stress-free cleaning while cleaning your home 15% faster. 

2000Pa strong suction

Furthermore, Roborock S6 also allows you to select no-go zones and virtual walls to avoid vulnerable areas you don’t want to clean – like below a table. On top of its superior tracking performance, it boasts 2000Pa strong suction, good enough to clean any dirt. Moreover, it also features botanical biomimetic mopping system for even water flow and allows you to adjust how much water to use. Enjoy convenience as it can be controlled just with voice recognition. All in all, added with 3 hours of battery life, Roborock S6 is one of the best vacuum cleaners in Australia. 

Why buy this:

  • Superior tracking performance
  • 2000Pa strong suction
  • Avoid carpet, stairs, walls, and virtual barriers you can set
  • Mopping function
  • Adaptive routing makes cleaning 20% faster
  • Voice control

3. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Mi Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Australia

More affordable robot vacuum

You don’t have to splash the money to get a robot that cleans your home every day, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner can do the job for you, with a more affordable price. However, it still comes with great quality as it is equipped with 12 different types of sensor including 360° laser sensor and three-dedicated processor for effective mapping and optimal route choice. When it cleans areas near the wall, it will maintain 1cm distance while its side brushes will clean the gap between floor and wall. Added with 1800Pa suction power, it is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners in Australia.

Mi Home App

Moreover, its 2.5 hours running time is good enough given with its notably strong suction. Additionally, it has connectivity to the Mi Home App where you can monitor the cleaning process in real-time, scheduled cleaning, and choose the cleaning mode options from Quiet, Standard, and Active mode. Simultaneously, this also means that you can control it to clean your home from anywhere, even when you are away.

Why buy this:

  • 12 different sensor and three processor
  • 1800Pa air pressure for greater suction power
  • Mi Home App
  • Up to 2.5 hours of cleaning time
  • Quiet, Standard, and Active mode
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4. Dyson Cinetic™ Big Ball Animal Pro 

Dyson Cinetic™ Big Ball Animal Pro

The most powerful

The Dyson Cinetic™ Big Ball Animal Pro is not for everyone – given its premium price – but it is the most powerful vacuum in this list of best vacuum cleaner in Australia, making it splurge-worthy. Featuring Cinetic™ science, it utilizes 36 cyclones to generate 180mph of air suction, generating more than 100,000 g-force to obliterate any microscopic particles out of the surface. Another great thing this vacuum offers is its advanced dust separation technology that does not need any filter washing or replacement. All you need to do is simply empty the bin – without touching the dirt thanks to the hygienic function.

Great for pet owners

Apart from its powerful prowess, Dyson Cinetic™ is also perfect for pet owners. It is because it has specially designed counter-rotating brush that can remove any hair from carpets and upholstery. Furthermore, using this vacuum also makes cleaning task easier, thanks to the 360° rotating wand and self-adjusting cleaner head that can adapt to any type of surface. Included are several tools like Stair Tool, Mattress Tool, Reach Under Tool, Multi Angle Brush, and Carbon Filter Soft Dusting Brush, all are stored in its dedicated tool bag.

Why buy this:

  • Very powerful vacuum with 180mph air suction
  • Many additional tools
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head with 360° rotation
  • Specially designed brush for pet hair
  • No need to wash or replace the filter. 
  • Many additional tools and vacuum heads
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5. Xiaomi Dreame V9 Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Dreame V9 Best Vacuum Cleaner Australia

Space 3.0® brushless motor

With Space  3.0® brushless motor, this Xiaomi Dreame V9 start rapidly in less than 0.3 seconds at 100,000rpm spin, providing powerful 20,000Pa suction. On top of that, it utilizes 5-stage filtration and a HEPA filter to capture particles down to 0.03 micron, thus only release back dust-free air. The filter is washable that can be maintained for longer usage. Furthermore, it is also equipped with SmartCool 3.0® system which is designed to blow air around the battery to give extra durability. Packed with 3 vacuuming heads and long-life battery up to 60 minutes, this upright vacuum is a great tool to clean your home easily.

Why buy this:

  • Space 3.0® brushless motor for rapid start and strong suction
  • 20,000Pa suction
  • 5-stage filtration and HEPA filter
  • 60 minutes of battery life
  • Washable filter
  • Three vacuuming heads
  • SmartCool 3.0® system

6. Xiaomi Deerma CM800

Xiaomi Deerma CM800

Dust mite specialist

Annoyed by dust mites on your bed? Worry not, the Xiaomi Deerma CM800 is a great vacuum when it comes to removing dust mites. It uses dual-ways to remove dust mites out of your bed – first by sucting them with powerful 13,000Pa power and by using UV light that can penetrate and kill them instantly. At the same time, 50C hot air is also released to drive them away while keeping your mattress dry too.

Dual filtration

This vacuum also uses dual filtration with Spiral Wind separates air and dust while the HEPA filter captures down to 0.03mm of fine dust. Lightweight and easy to grip, Xiaomi Deerma CM800 is one of the best vacuum cleaners in Australia. 

Why buy this:

  • UV light to kill dust mites
  • Release Hot air with 50C temperature
  • 13,000Pa suction
  • Dual filter – Spiral Wind and HEPA filter

7. Electrolux ZB3311 Ergorapido

Electrolux ZB3311 Ergorapido Allergy Stick Best Vacuum Cleaner Australlia


If you have a person prone to allergies in your home, this Electrolux ZB3311 is will be the best vacuum for you. With its special allergy filter, 99.99% of micro particles will be captured as endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation. On top of that, it is a cordless upright vacuum equipped with the latest lithium HD TurboPower battery, offering up to 48 minutes runtime. If you have a standard Australian home size, you will even finish cleaning with so much battery left.

180° EasySteer™ and BrushRollClean™

Furthermore, 180° EasySteer™ makes cleaning hard corners easier. It also has BrushRollClean™ that take out the hassle of having to clean the brush as it has internal blade to remove entwined hairs and fibres. The 2-in-1 function means you can remove the stick to clean areas like sofa, bed, and even your car easily.

Why buy this:

  • Special allergy filter endorsed by British Allergy Foundation
  • Cordless and has 48 minutes runtime
  • 180° EasySteer™
  • BrushRollClean™
  • 2 in 1

8. Devanti Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Devanti Bagless best Vacuum Cleaner australia



Bagless cyclone vacuum

Next, we have a bagless cyclone vacuum cleaner from Devanti, which is a great affordable option for a heavy duty vacuum. It uses 2800W power to guarantee powerful yet steady suction with multiple power settings you can adjust. Despite not a cordless vacuum, it comes with many features for convenience use – from the ergonomic handle, large rear wheels, retractable 5m power cable, and flexible 54cm long hose with telescopic handle that can be extended up to 84cm.

Washable HEPA filter and 4L dust capacity

Its HEPA filter is washable and has 4L dust capacity, making filter replacement and cleaning less frequent. Moreover, it also has Multi-Cyclonic system to separate large debris and fine dust. Durable and convenient to use, this Devanti vacuum is worth a shot for a powerful vacuum at affordable price. 

Why buy this:

  • Powerful 2800W
  • Washable HEPA filter and 4L dust capacity
  • Retractable 5m power cable
  • Flexible 54cm long hose with extended handle up to 84cm
  • Multi-cyclonic separation system

9. Rockwell Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Rockwell Wet Dry best Vacuum Cleaner australia



Wet dry vacuum cleaner

If you have a basement, garage, or a garden with trees, this Rockwell Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a great pick for you. As it name suggest, it can function to clean either hard dirt or watery messes. Plus, it can easily be turned to blower function to drive away leaves in your garden. Best of all, its all-stainless material gives extra durability and the 20L capacity makes cleaning large areas a handy task.

Why buy this:

  • Clean wet and dry surface
  • blower function
  • 20L capacity
  • Stainless steel material

10. Devanti Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Devanti Handheld Vacuum



Affordable pick

The last on this list is the upright vacuum cleaner from Devanti, which comes at the most affordable price while still offering great quality. It comes with a sleek design, cordless, and does not look cheap, while the 10,000Pa suction power makes cleaning an easy task. Select between the 2-speed options according to your chores need. The HEPA filter captures more than 99.97% of 0.03microns size particles in your home. Finally, it only uses 150W which means it will save a lot of energy consumption compared to other vacuum cleaner Australia. 

Why buy this:

  • Affordable price
  • 10,000Pa suction power
  • 2-speed options
  • 150W power usage only
  • Cordless with a rechargeable battery
  • HEPA filter


Which brand of vacuum cleaner is the best in Australia?

No doubt, world-renowned Dyson is the best brand of vacuum cleaner in Australia. They always come up with the latest innovation to offer handy vacuum cleaners so you can clean your home fuss-free. If you prefer a robot vacuum, Roborock is the best.

Where to buy a vacuum cleaner in Australia?

You used to only be able to buy a vacuum cleaner in Australia in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! eBay Australia is my go-to for kitchen and home appliances. It is also a great place to compare the prices of vacuum cleaners in Australia. 


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners in Australia will help you to buy the best vacuum cleaner in Australia for your home. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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