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10 Best Window Grills in Singapore (2023)

In Singapore, window grills are like the silent guardians of our homes and buildings. They’re strong metal bars that we put on our windows to keep us safe and secure. These grills not only protect us from accidents and intruders but also come in different styles that add a nice touch to the windows. They’re an important part of Singapore’s buildings, making the city both safe and stylish. With an extensive variety of window grills available in the market, which then are the best window grills in Singapore? In our Best of Home series, we have curated the latest 10 Best Window Grills in Singapore, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Table of Contents:

  • Best Window Grills in Singapore
  1. mc.2
  2. ENDO Grilles
  3. Aluminium Wrought
  4. Window Grill Singapore
  5. A & V Aluminium
  6. SG Window Grille
  7. Meridian Invisible Grille
  8. CSA Group
  9. Wee Ping Aluminium Contractor
  10. M Aluminium & Glass Pte. Ltd

Best Window Grills in Singapore 

1. mc.2

mc.2 - Best Window Grills Singapore
mc.2 – Best Window Grills Singapore

Go-to contractor for savvy homeowners 

mc.2, the go-to brand for savvy homeowners in Singapore, is all about making your living space better without breaking the bank. They’re your ultimate solution for those sleek and subtle window grills Singaporeans love. These grills, also known as “stainless steel cables,” are the secret to stylish safety in condos and offices across the city. Unlike clunky traditional grills, these window grills are invisible from a distance, blending into any backdrop. They won’t cramp your style or obstruct your stunning view. Plus, mc.2 offers free consultations, transparent pricing with no hidden fees, and top-notch craftsmanship to make your dream home a reality. 
Contractor highlights:
  • Free consultations
  • Ethical and transparent pricing with no hidden charges
  • Quality workmanship
Hire mc.2 > 
📍 33 Ubi Ave 3, #01-28 Vertex, Singapore 408868 📞 +65 6634 7333 ✉️ Contact form

2. ENDO Grilles

ENDO Grilles SG - Best Window Grills Singapore
ENDO Grilles SG – Best Window Grills Singapore

Sturdy aluminium options

ENDO Grilles, born from the essence of “endurance,” is your trusted partner in safeguarding your family. They are all about durability, crafting products that stand the test of time. Specialising in a range of window grills Singaporeans love, from the subtle invisible cable grills to sturdy aluminium options. But that’s not all; they offer a suite of other home safety solutions like window restrictors, door guards, and automatic gates. With top-notch service and a track record of 5-star reviews for their prompt and efficient help.
Contractor highlights:
  • Quality service with excellent customer satisfaction
  • 5-star reviews for prompt and efficient service
  • Offers reasonable price quotations
Hire ENDO Grilles > 
📍  8 Jalan Kilang Barat #06-07 Central-Link Singapore 159351 📞 +65 6925 6988 ✉️ Contact form

3. Aluminium Wrought

Aluminium Wrought SG - Best Window Grills Singapore
Aluminium Wrought SG – Best Window Grills Singapore

Smart budget-friendly choice

 Aluminum Wrought is your go-to choice in Singapore for top-notch aluminium solutions. They’re renowned for their exceptional service and premium-quality products. What sets aluminium apart is its combination of strength and lightness, making it the ultimate choice for enhancing the security of your windows, doors, or gates. It is resistant to heat, rust, and chemicals, ensuring long-lasting performance. Plus, the cost-effectiveness of aluminium makes it a smart budget-friendly choice
Contractor highlights:
  • Uses high-end aluminium materials
  • Offers long-lasting and rust-free grills
Hire Aluminum Wrought >
📍  Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 Shun Li Industrial Park Singapore 📞 +65 8337 1277 ✉️ Contact form

4. Window Grill Singapore

Window Grill Singapore - Best Window Grills Singapore
Window Grill Singapore – Best Window Grills Singapore

Ready to tailor your needs

With licensed experts to guide you, installation assistance, and solid after-sales support. Window Grill Singapore is your trusted partner when it comes to enhancing the safety and security of your home. They offer a range of window grills and gates crafted from various materials to meet your safety needs, style preferences, and budget constraints. They’re ready to tailor their offerings to your unique needs with customized designs. 
Contractor highlights:
  • Licensed experts to assist customers
  • Installation assistance
  • Provides after-sales support
Hire Window Grill Singapore >
📍 5 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A Singapore 567760 📞 +65 8503 2719 ✉️ Contact form

5. A & V Aluminium

A & V Aluminium - Best Window Grill Contractors Singapore
A & V Aluminium – Best Window Grill Contractors Singapore

Offers high-quality products and installation services

A & V Aluminium offers a diverse selection of high-quality products and ace installation services, covering everything from sleek aluminium windows and grills to iron window and door grills, plus elegant glass doors and more. As an HDB registered contractor, they’ve got your home’s security in safe hands, prioritizing quality and durability above all else. Expect straightforward with free on-site consultations, and competitive yet affordable rates from A & V Aluminium. 
Contractor highlights:
  • Free on-site consultation
  • Competitive yet affordable rates
  • Quality workmanship 
Hire A&V Aluminium > 
📍 Woodlands Industrial XChange 71 Woodlands Avenue 10 Unit 07-14 Singapore 737743 📞 +65 8157 6772 ✉️ Contact form

6. SG Window Grille

SG Window Grille - Best Window Grill Contractors Singapore
SG Window Grille – Best Window Grill Contractors Singapore

Offer a wide range of options

When you’re gearing up for a big renovation project for your doors and windows, consider letting SG Window Grille handle it all. They make sure your window grills are not only top-notch in quality but also installed and in line with all safety regulations. Their secret? They use high-quality aluminium, delivering exceptional value without breaking the bank. But they don’t stop at window grills; they offer a wide range of options like sliding windows, collapsible doors, awning push-out windows, and bi-fold doors
Contractor highlights:
  • No installation fees, hidden charges, and additional costs
  • In compliance with safety requirements
Hire SG Window Grille  >
📍 211 Henderson Road #14-02 Singapore (159552) 📞 +65 6253 5788 ✉️ Contact form

7. Meridian Invisible Grille

Meridian Invisible Grille - Best Window Grill Contractors Singapore
Meridian Invisible Grille – Best Window Grill Contractors Singapore

Invisible grilles come at the lowest price

Meridian Invisible Grille isn’t any ordinary player in the market; they’re the leading experts when it comes to creating exceptional, long-lasting products. When you’re hunting for invisible grills in Singapore, they’re the cream of the crop. Their invisible grilles come at the lowest price you’ll find (with a price guarantee, no less, in case you spot a better deal within 7 days). What’s more, the Invisible Window Grille is the result of 2 years of thorough market research, crafted to cater to your safety and lifestyle needs. 
Contractor highlights:
  • Prices match with other providers
  • Offers good quality grills at a lower price
Hire Meridian Invisible Grille > 
📍  349 Changi Rd, Singapore 419817 📞 +65 6345 2219 ✉️ Contact form

8. CSA Group

CSA Group - Best Window Grill Contractors Singapore
CSA Group – Best Window Grill Contractors Singapore

With cutting-edge technology

When it comes to invisible window grills in Singapore, CSA is a name you can trust. They’re all about customising their products to match your specific needs and preferences. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to top-notch quality. CSA doesn’t cut corners; they stay on the cutting edge of technology and materials to improve their products. What’s even better? They offer free consultations, ensuring you get what you need. Plus, their services are not only fast but also high-quality, backed by a generous 5-year warranty
Contractor highlights:
  • Offers free consultation
  • Fast and quality services
  • Products come with a 5-year warranty
Hire CSA Group > 
📍280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 Block 1 Unit 05-36 Singapore 757322 📞 +65 8588 9339 ✉️ Contact form

9. Wee Ping Aluminium Contractor

Wee Ping Aluminium Contractor- Best Window Grill Singapore

Designed with a sleek and simple horizontal bar pattern

With experience in BTO units, HDB flats, condos, and various landed properties, they’ve got your window grill needs to be covered. They take the hassle out of getting the perfect fit by measuring the grill’s size to precision. Their grills are designed with a sleek and simple horizontal bar pattern, a versatile choice that complements any interior style. Plus, they offer free on-site estimates and a range of grille colour samples, making it easy for you to get exactly what you want without any fuss.
Hire Wee Ping Aluminium Contractor > 
📍 1 Tampines North Dr. 1, #07-23 T-SPACE, Singapore 528559 📞 +65 6100 8266

10. M Aluminium & Glass Pte. Ltd

M Aluminium & Glass Pte. Ltd - Best Window Grill Contractors Singapore
M Aluminium & Glass Pte. Ltd – Best Window Grill Contractors Singapore

Specialises in steel, aluminium, and glass

When it comes to steel and aluminium work in Singapore, MAG is the name you can rely on. They specialise in crafting custom mild steel gates, railings, window grills, and doors for every project. At their dedicated factory, a team of dedicated craftsmen brings to life their mild steel and aluminium framed glass door panels, mezzanine lofts, and windows. 
Hire M Aluminium & Glass Pte. Ltd > 
📍 10 Admiralty St, #03-10 NORTHLINK BUILDING, Singapore 757695 📞 +65 9851 4223 ✉️


What to consider when hiring a window grill provider?

Product Safety

In choosing the best service providers for homes, we need to make sure that the materials are built with safety standards met without compromising aesthetic features. Experts backed by years of experience are highly recommended to make sure that everything is in order and abides by rules set to assure the safety of everyone. 

Product Cost

To avoid getting surprised by bills, contractors should be transparent with regards to the costs, not only of installation but also maintenance and repairs. With transparency, you will be able to spend your money according to your allotted budget.

Company Background

It would be best to do a background check on companies and their people. If possible, you should check their license and insurance as well, so you will be assured that your contractor is following the standard requirements and protocols upon installing the window grills on your home.   We sincerely hope that our recommendations on the 10 Best Window Grills in Singapore have helped you find the best contractor for your home renovation. Please share this with your family and friends if you’ve found it useful. Do look forward to more window guides that we will be releasing soon!