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12 Best Yoga Mats in Malaysia for Comfy Sessions | Best of Home 2023

Yoga is the perfect way to destress and calm the uneasy mind. It can even improve your strength, balance, and flexibility. For unparalleled results, you need to get yourself a trusted yoga mat. After all, you cannot do the most rewarding yoga positions on the cold, hard floor. With an extensive variety of yoga mats available in the market, which then is the best yoga mat in Malaysia? In our Best of Home series, we have curated the latest 12 Best Yoga Mats in Malaysia, providing quality recommendations to suit your home needs and budget. 

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This article was last updated on 27 April 2023

Table of contents 

12 Best Yoga Mats in Malaysia

1. Wolo Yoga Mastery Mat

Mastery Mat - Best Yoga Mats in Malaysia for Comfy Sessions

A durable yoga mat for all your needs 

Yoga is a practice that demands incredible focus and presence, making it crucial for yogis to choose a mat that provides unparalleled comfort and support during their practice. If you are looking for one that will let you practice yoga with peace of mind, we recommend the Wolo Yoga Mastery Mat. Its 4mm thickness offers ample joint cushioning, reducing strain on sensitive areas such as your knees and wrists. Additionally, it is crafted from high-quality natural rubber and leather, giving you outstanding grip and slip resistance which are especially needed when you are working on mindful long holds and complex poses. 

Of course, some yoga sessions could get really intense, which is why the Wolo Yoga Mastery Mat is also designed to keep up with even the most challenging workouts. This mat is moisture-wicking, which means that it helps absorb sweat easily and ensures that you will remain grounded on your mat even if every inch of your body is drenched with sweat. Moreover, this yoga mat boasts a layered technology that promotes excellent ventilation, preventing the build-up of odours and keeping the mat clean and fresh after every use. This also makes the yoga mat easy to maintain, making it an excellent investment for long-term use. 

The perfect balance of comfort and style

With the Wolo Yoga Mastery Mat, you can experience the perfect balance of comfort and style allowing you to focus on your yoga practice without any distractions. Its minimalist design promotes a calm and centred state of mind, while its sleek black, khaki, yellow, white, and blue colour options ensure you can find a mat that suits your aesthetic. Moreover, the yoga mat is not only stylish, but also lightweight and portable, making it easy for you to bring it to your yoga classes or use it on the go. 

Made from sustainable materials 

Not only will you have peace of mind in having comfortable yoga sessions, but also peace of mind knowing that your yoga mat is made from only durable and sustainable materials. Crafted from 100% biodegradable natural rubber and 100% vegan polyurethane leather, you can be sure that your yoga mat is non-toxic and safe for you and your fur babies at home. We also love that Wolo Yoga does not use any chemical additives to cover the smell of natural rubber, so you can use the yoga mat as soon as it arrives!

This initiative of using sustainable materials came from Wolo Yoga’s strong commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability as a company. In addition to using eco-friendly materials, they offset shipping emissions by supporting high-impact carbon projects.

Why buy this:
  • Incredible grip for balance and safe practice
  • Absorbs sweat instantly with layered technology
  • Has 4mm natural rubber cushioning 
  • Made with eco-friendly, durable, and long-lasting materials
  • Easy to maintain
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2. Batik Boutique Atilia Yoga Mat – AquaMarine

Batik Boutique Atilia Yoga Mat - AquaMarine Best Yoga Mats in Malaysia

Yogi approved mat for added power 

Featuring a regal Betta splenden fish from Asia, the Batik Boutique Atilia Yoga Mat – Aquamarine aims to inspire you to become the best person of yourself while on the mat. The beautiful fish means “beautiful warrior” so that the mat can translate immense power for you as you practice yoga. This mat was part of an exclusive collaboration with yogi and artist!, Atilia Haron, Guaranteeing a quality that you will love for your yoga sessions. 

Aside from aquamarine, you can also get this mat in the color ruby to show your fiery passion for yoga or the color onyx variant for a more sophisticated vibe. 

Sustainable yoga mats

Moreover, we love how this yoga mat combines premium quality materials with traditional batik art. Every mat is specially handmade by artisans from both rural and urban communities, many of whom are in vulnerable situations. Thus, your purchase will greatly help them to stay afloat amidst the pandemic. On top of that, the Batik Boutique Atilia Yoga Mat is made from environmentally friendly materials,  that is vegan suede and 100% natural rubber for sustainability. 

Overall, you’d be helping artisans, the environment, and most importantly – yourself. Just keep on practising! 

Why buy this: 
  • Unique designs and environmentally friendly yoga mat 
  • 183cm x 68cm x 4mm
  • Non-toxic and non-slip
  • Easy to maintain

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3. Manduka PRO® Mat 71″ Solid 

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat malaysia

Top-level performance

The key to a good yoga session is the perfect balance of your body and mind. And the best way to achieve that is when you are extremely comfortable on your mat. This is where Manduka PRO® Mat 71″ Solid comes in. For unmatched comfort and cushioning, this premium yoga mat is the top pick. No worries if you sweat easily as the Manduka brand is well-known for their Closed-cell surface, which prevents excessive perspiration from seeping into the mat. With this, you are sure that your yoga mat will last for a long time. 

High-density cushion 

Thanks to its high-density cushion, you can practice your yoga poses anywhere you like. Whether it’s on your carpeted living room, cemented patio, or hardwood floors – this yoga mat will provide you maximum support and comfort. The surface of this mat improves with use, so just keep on practicing until you finally get the Handstand Scorpion right! Of course, your yoga mat can get a bit dirty, but the Manduka Mat Wash Spray will do the trick. This all-purpose cleaner will help you deep-clean your mat, without damaging its surface or causing you any slippage.

Why buy this:
  • Closed-cell surface to prevent sweat from ruining mat quality
  • High density cushion 
  • No wearing out even with continuous use
  • Non-toxic and 100% latex free
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4. Adidas Yoga Mat

Adidas best Yoga Mat malaysia

Best for travel

Your perfect gym buddy is not that alluring trainer but this Adidas Yoga Mat. It’s light and rollable enough to be carried outside your home – take it to the gym, your friend’s house, wherever you like. Made from high-quality EVA material, this mat is designed to give you a firm grounding for stronger and more rooted yoga poses. All this without compromising the comfort since it’s really thick (8mm). As an Adidas brand, it’s already established that you will get the quality you pay for.

Why buy this:
  • High cushioning and stability
  • Grippy non-slip texture
  • Ideal for transport – light and easy to pack
  • Built for yoga, pilates, and other ground exercises
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5. Decathlon Non Slip Yoga Mat – Domyos 

Decathlon Yoga Mat malaysia

Best for beginners

The affordable price tag of the Decathlon Non Slip Yoga Mat – Domyos makes it the perfect yoga mat for beginners. It is made from conventional PVC, allowing it to endure ceaseless use. If you’re practicing the dynamic yoga variants (like Hot yoga and Ashtanga), then a 4mm thick mat will be good enough for you. It can already relieve pain and pressure from doing those standing and balancing poses. But if you want more comfort and stability, then the 5mm or 8mm version will fit you better.

Why buy this:
  • Affordable
  • Enough support for dynamic yoga
  • High grip
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6. Trident Premium Master TPE Yoga Mat 

Trident best Yoga Mats malaysia

Dual-coloured mat

The Trident Premium Master TPE Yoga Mat is a premium yoga mat that employs dual colour. This does not only refer to the shade of the yoga mat, but actually on the two sets of materials used. So, dual coloured mats tend to be 20% heavier than the usual ones, although having the same thickness. Made from the earth-friendly TPE, this yoga mat provides excellent performance. Imagine the feeling of a foam mat combined with the outstanding grip of a rubber mat. Moreover, TPE mats are waterproof so even though you’re always drenched from sweat, they will be easy to clean. 

Why buy this:
  • Made from recyclable TPE material
  • Fusion of two sets of materials
  • Closed-cell (absorbs moisture easily) and naturally antibacterial
  • Firm grip on the floor 
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7. CAMEL Position Line Yoga Mat

Camel Position Line Yoga Mat malaysia

Yoga mat with position lines

For a nice yoga mat with position lines, check out the CAMEL Position Line Yoga Mat. Your balance and positioning will definitely improve with the printed physical guide map:  horizontal guide line, longitudinal center line, 45o line, center point, and reverse point. The mat itself is wide and long so you can freely practice your yoga poses. What’s even better is that it’s 15mm thick, a perfect cushion for your body on intense sessions. It is made with the soft and comfortable Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) material. In addition, its rebound foam has a honeycomb structure to strengthen cushion resilience. 

Why buy this:
  • Guide map for better stance
  • Extra thick yoga mat 
  • Larger size
  • Made from easy-to-clean NBR material
  • Available in wide variety of colours
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8. Ogival NBR Yoga Mat 

Ogival Yoga Mat

Extra thick yoga mat 

Another high-quality NBR yoga mat to try is the Ogival 10mm NBR Yoga Mat. Its 10mm thickness provides great comfort and stability on your yoga session. Not only can you use this for yoga and pilates, it can also be a good companion for your core workouts. Your back will thank you, especially when you do those rigorous crunches. Moreover, this mat comes with a black net bag so it’ll be easier to carry it around. Perfect if you want to bring your own mat to the gym.

Why buy this:

  • Thick yoga mat ideal for yoga and other exercises
  • Reduces stress on muscle and joints
  • With free net bag
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9. Outtobe Yoga Mat 


Integrated molding technology

For an extremely durable mat at a reasonable price, try the Outtobe Yoga Mat. Manufactured with integrated molding technology, this mat has great tear resistance so it will still look brand new even though you’ve had this for years. It is made from the environmentally-friendly TPE that doesn’t accumulate any stinky odour. If you sweat often, you will be happy to know that this mat has a non-slip wavy pattern, minimizing the risk of sliding while you exercise.

Why buy this:
  • High density TPE material 
  • Non-slip fitness mat 
  • Easy to carry around due to moderate thickness
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10. MR.DIY Yoga Mat


Budget yoga mat

The MR.DIY Yoga Mat is one of the most popular budget yoga mats in Malaysia with a 4.8/5 rating. Also made from TPE material, this yoga mat provides you long-lasting durability and excellent antibacterial protection. It even has an added woven texture design for increased traction. Although this mat comes with a low price tag, its 6.5mm thickness is enough to make your exercise comfortable and enjoyable. Indeed, it’s a yoga mat that’s good value for its price.

Why buy this:
  • Made from eco-friendly TPE 
  • Antibacterial and non-slippery
  • Good value for money
  • Medium thickness 
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11. OneTwoFit Extra Thick NBR Exercise Mat 

OneTwoFit Extra Thick NBR

Best for outdoors

A yoga mat can also function as a reliable outdoor mat – it just has to be thick enough. So for your camping or beach mat needs, try the OneTwoFit Extra Thick NBR Exercise Mat. Its 10mm extra thickness can handle the cold and dampness from outdoor activities. This yoga mat is large in size so you can easily share it with your loved one. It also comes with a free carrying bag and strap, making it ideal to carry around. 

Why buy this:
  • 10mm extra thickness
  • Non-slip and better grip
  • Made from non-toxic NBR material
  • Easy to clean 
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12. Decathlon Fitness Yoga Mat Kids – Domyos 

Decathlon Fitness Kids - Domyos 

Best yoga mat for kids

Yoga moms will love to have their little ones exercising with them. It will also prevent them from bothering you while you try to sync with your inner balance. The Decathlon Fitness Yoga Mat Kids – Domyos is a dream come true for you (and your kid, of course). Made from soft and warm fabric, you’re sure that your kid will be comfortable while he tries to learn the basics of yoga. It is non-toxic, too! Don’t worry if your child can be a little hard-headed since the yoga mat itself has printed animal guides that will teach him how to practice yoga the right way. 

Why buy this:
  • 5mm thickness for comfort
  • Non-toxic material
  • Easy to transport
  • Designed with animals practising yoga poses
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Which is the best brand for yoga mats in Malaysia?

Manduka is one of the best brands for yoga mats in Malaysia. If you want to have the most comfortable yoga sessions, then you should definitely consider getting your mat from them.

Where to buy a yoga mat in Malaysia?

You used to only be able to buy a yoga mat in Malaysia in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee is my go-to for home products. It is also a great place to compare the price of yoga mats in Malaysia.


We hope that our guide on the 12 Best Yoga Mats in Malaysia will help you to buy the best yoga mat in Malaysia. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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